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Is One Piece A Good Anime

Reasons Why One Piece Is The Best Of Shonen Jump’s Big Three

Animes Like One Piece

As the only manga/anime of Shounen Jump’s Big Three still standing, One Piece presents quite a convincing argument for surpassing Naruto and Bleach.

For those not in the know, the title of “The Big Three” was a name given to the three dominating;manga;that featured in Weekly Shonen Jump;during the;2000s.

While an argument could be made that there existed other “big threes” in the past Slam Dunk, Dragon Ball, and Yu Yu Hakusho in the early ’90s and One Piece, Ruroni Kenshin, and Hunter X Hunter in the late ’90s no big three has the long-lasting impact of the current three.

The most recent and well-known big three were;One Piece,;Naruto, and;Bleach, with;many believing that;One Piece was the best. Why this belief? Well, this list;will go into a few reasons for that belief.

One Piece: Unlimited Adventure 67

In certain ways,;World Seeker;is a spiritual successor to;Unlimited Adventure, an adventure game that also features an open-world environment and a new story. Unlike the 2019 game,;Unlimited Adventure‘s campaign makes all the Straw Hats;playable, rather than just Luffy. Each character comes with their own fleshed-out moveset, with new attacks that are unlocked through leveling up. There is even a VS mode that brings in other beloved characters from the series.

Even if the game relies too heavily on repetition and backtracking to pad out its runtime,;Unlimited Adventure‘s impressive roster enables the combat to remain fun throughout the majority of the 20+ hour campaign.

Only Place To Watch Fillers

One Piece is one of the longest-running anime series and no lengthy anime series is without fillers. Many fans dislike the concept of fillers, but to many, it offers a deviation from the intense drama. One Piece is well-known for its comedy and some of the anime fillers provide quite a healthy dose of humor.

The G-8 arc is a fan favorite and it is filled with great characters. The arc is so popular among the fans that no one would mind if the arc was turned deemed canon. One Piece manga does not have any filler content, so the anime is the only way to watch fillers.

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Read The Manga: Straight From Oda

There are many perks to reading the;One Piece manga but the main one is that it’s straight from the hands of the mangaka behind it, Eiichiro Oda. In reading, fans are witnessing everything with no filter cutting off the originator from his work.

Everything from the art, to the dialogue and plot, is coming straight from Oda with nothing changed. Not to mention, there are many times writer notes from him, giving fans a bit more meat than the anime on the side.

My Hero: Ones Justice

One Piece Christmas 2011

Given how popular My Hero Academia has been in recent years, youd expect the gaming market to be flooded with retellings, spin-offs and whatever else anime game cash grabs are associated with. But its been fairly quiet on that front, at least compared to other big-name anime series.

Ones Justice;may not be the best fighting game out there, but its a fun effort and something fans of the series would really enjoy. The best part of the game I being able to play as either hero or villain, giving you the chance to better explore and acquaint yourself with characters who dont always get the spotlight in the anime and manga.

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Anime: The Movies Are Great Starting Points

This might be a bit of a technicality as this entry is not referring to the;One Piece;anime TV series, but rather the anime films. However, they have proven, especially among established fans, to be of great enjoyment. While they are, unfortunately, non-canon to the main story that is told in the manga and the majority of the TV anime series, they are particularly good for people who want to get into the series.

The anime films do a great job of introducing the cast and giving newcomers a feel for what the tone of the overall franchise is.

Watch The Anime: The Music

Besides the story and the characters, one thing that;One Piece fans will never stop talking about is the absolutely incredible soundtrack that constantly backs the scenes of the anime and for good reason.;One Piece easily has one of the best anime soundtracks out there.

It truly seems that with this series, each song tries to top the next and comes together to create a truly amazing experience. This great soundtrack takes the series levels beyond what it usually is, always adding an extra layer of feeling to the already awesome scenes.

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The Art Is So Different

When compared to its brethren series,;One Piece;truly stands out when it comes to art. While;Naruto has its quirks and;Bleach;embraced;a full-on modern style,;One Piece does one thing differently and to great effect.

The manga’s art can be;super over-the-top and exaggerated, while seldom being too overwhelming or difficult to follow. The characters are some of the most recognizable in anime/manga and One Piece‘s;battles feel awesome. The amazing usage of colors helps even more, while the art’s quality has remained relatively consistent despite;One Piece‘s long publication run.

One Piece Treasure Cruise 79

Naruto Vs One Piece: Which Anime Is Better? | Anime Middle Ground

Along with being the most popular;One Piece;game,;Treasure Cruise;also holds the distinction of being the best. As a free-to-play collect-them-all mobile game,;Treasure Cruise‘s mere existence is likely to turn off some fans, an understandable reaction considering the market’s predatory nature.

As progression does screech to a halt after a few hours, Treasure Cruise;is not innocent of all of the genre’s worst habits; however, there is something enticing about unlocking new cards and building your own crew. The simplistic turn-based gameplay is aided by a timing-based system that keeps battles from being completely braindead.

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Anime: Sound Effects And Music Add To The Experience

The overall experience and tone established in the anime, in this case the sound, since it is an actual animated adaptation of the still scenes that make up the manga, is clearly a big enough reason why fans would choose to flock to the;One Piece;anime as opposed to the written and illustrated source material. The sound effects and the music especially are great mood-setters for each scene of the anime.

In fight scenes, sound effects can make each hit land with more weight and overall impact. Meanwhile, the music does a great job to set the tone and the general atmosphere for a scene, whether it is action, more emotional, or a mix of both.

One Piece: Burning Blood 66

Similar to;World Seeker,;Burning Blood;makes the most of current generation hardware. The fighting game’s cel-shaded visuals do a brilliant job of replicating the anime’s aesthetic, with the animation working overtime to ensure every hit feels suitably impactful.

Retelling the;Marineford Arc from multiple perspectives,;Burning Blood‘s campaign falls somewhat flat. More damning is the overcomplicated but frustratingly forgettable;combat, which grows tiresome rather quickly.

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The Basic Story Of One Piece

The main purpose of most of the pirates shown in the anime is to find the hidden treasure One Piece which was a treasure left hidden by the pirate Gol D. Roger who conquered all the sees, unraveled all the histories and mysteries of this world and was known as the king of the pirates. It is known and accepted that whoever finds the treasure that was hidden by the Pirate King himself would become the Pirate King.

The Pirate King became victim to an untreatable disease and decided to surrendered himself to the Maines, who later publicly executed him. But at the time of his execution, he declared that the treasure he owned the greatest treasure ever owned by any pirate and often thought by many as not real exists and that he has hidden it somewhere in the sea. These last words of Gol D. Roger started off a whole new of era of Pirates where hundreds of thousands of people started their journeys into the sea to find this legenderay treasure. Down below is the video showing the last words of the legendary pirate which sparked the birth of a whole new pirate era

One Piece: 5 Things The Manga Does Better Than The Anime

Gambar Anime Luffy One Piece

One Piece might’ve started out as a manga, but there are certain things the anime does better – and vice-versa.

Among the undisputed titans of the anime and manga industry,;if you ask the majority of fans of these mediums, will likely tell you that;One Piece;reigns among the best, most popular, and most important to the overall industry. Even while, at least among the fan base, the anime is generally regarded as the weaker way to experience the series, it still is a solid anime adaptation. Meanwhile, the manga is hailed as some of the best series even among the likes of;Berserk;and;Vagabond.;

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Whichever way someone chooses to dive into this series, chances are high that they will find their next high-quality fix. Having said that, there are still discussions as to which is the optimal way to consume this series. As mentioned, there is a general consensus on which is better, but here let’s go over five things the manga does better and five the anime does better.

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Read The Manga: The Pacing

Another thing that;One Piece fans are always talking about is the highly flawed pacing of the anime adaptation of the series. The;One Piece anime throws in a lot of pace-breaking pieces that leads many fans to the manga instead.

This pacing makes the anime a lot longer and time-consuming than its book counterpart. Not to mention the flashback episodes, something that constantly plagues the world of anime.

Uma Musume: Pretty Derby

Uma Musume: Pretty Derbys second season puts a heart-racing anime twist on the real story of the Japanese racehorse, Tokai Teio. Shes a hard working horse girl who wants to be as fast as her mentor, Symboli Rudolf. Teio is a shoe-in for winning the triple crown, but an unexpected injury trips her up, making things hard for her.

With added drama and a smattering of very well-known voice actresses, Uma Musumes creators manage to pull off an interesting feat: they really make you really care about the horses. I learned so much about real life Japanese racehorses watching this, and some of the episodes had me bawling while I cheered on Teio. They got me good. JL

Uma Musume: Pretty Derby season 2 is available to stream on Crunchyroll.

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Watch The Anime: The New Quality

As said earlier, the first batch of;One Piece;episodes is nothing to write home about, as they were produced in a much earlier age of anime. However, the same can not be said for the newer episodes of the anime, starting;a bit before, and now during,;the new Wano arc.

Nowadays;the;One Piece episodes can honestly be compared to that of an anime movie, making literally every episode a big treat.

‘cowboy Bebop’ Will Premiere On Netflix In November: First Look

One Piece’s NEW Anime Game is…

So much has happened since January 2020 honestly, its been hard to stay in one piece the whole time. Thankfully, Netflix has the cure: the live action version of;One Piece, which finally has an update. After the streamer announced the news over a year and a half ago, they finally shared what appears to be a completed script for the first episode.

No matter how hard or how impossible it is, never lose sight of your goal, the official One Piece Netflix Twitter account with an image of a script.

Dont get too excited about any other revealing news in the tweet: all the image shares is the first episodes title Romance Dawn as well as writers Matt Owens and Steven Maeda, and credits to the original writer, Eiichoro Oda. Were left to our own speculations as per release date, production schedule, cast, and more.

What could that first episode title mean, you ask? We do;have some answers as to Romance Dawn. Per CBR, Romance Dawn was an episode of the original;One Piece;anime that gave us a peek into what the series could have been, had the initial pilot looked a little different. Our beloved Luffy gets a bit of a different storyline: his ambition to be a great pirate is still around, but the treasure has changed and were introduced to a handful of new folks.

No matter how hard or how impossible it is, never lose sight of your goal. #OnePiece#ONEPIECE100#WeAreONE


Stay tuned for more updates on;One Piece.

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Anime: The Vibrancy In The Coloring

Another clear asset that the;One Piece;anime has over the manga–and one that at least most anime have over their manga counterparts–is the level of vibrancy in the use of color. As every fan of the series knows, and even those who have just seen clips and screenshots of the series,;One Piece;is actually a very colorful and vibrant world.

This even applies to the designs of the actual characters themselves as well. For that reason alone, it would be worth it to experience watching the anime adaptation.

The Power Scaling Is The Best

Naruto;and;Bleach;have some creative ways of power scaling, but they can’t touch;One Piece in this department.;One Piece has created what is probably the best version of power scaling in any shonen manga ever.

Even;at 900+ chapters, the series still has the main cast trying to surpass characters introduced in chapter 100. Yes,;Naruto does the same but;One Piece introduces greater consistency and the devil fruit being the main power-up in the series helps make this even more so.

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Anime: Voice Acting Completes The Characters

Obviously, one of the “faults” of reading any written work is that you cannot physically hear any of character dialogue or sound effects going on the scenes. Therefore, one of the assets of any anime adaptation and, by extension, any adaptation of a written work is that you will finally get to hear what your favorite characters sound like.

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This might seem like a fairly minimal factor, but to some this could be a deciding feature that could sway people into the anime. In a way, getting to finally hear the voices of the characters you read about, in addition to seeing them in color and animated, completes the overall image of the character.

Powerful: Marshall D Teach

Good night ð¤£ðª . . . #onepiece #luffy #monkeydluffy # ...

The most recent member of the Yonko, and perhaps the most detested character in all of One Piece, Marshall D. Teach possess more power and potential than nearly any other character. More commonly known as Blackbeard, Teach;eliminated a former crewmate to gain possession of a Devil Fruit that would give him control over the power of darkness.

After gaining this ability, he quickly learned how to use it to steal devil fruit abilities from other characters, such as Whitebears ability to create earthquakes with his bare hands. This makes him the only person in One Piece capable of using multiple devil fruit powers at once, and he uses these fearsome skills to spread his reign of terror across the seas.

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One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2

Musou games are not going to be for everyone, despite the inherent appeal of blowing away potentially hundreds;of enemies with a single punch. Typically, a ‘Warriors’ title is only recommendable if a person is already invested in the main property.

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For the most part,;One Piece;has proven a great fit for the;Dynasty Warriors;formula.;Pirate Warriors 2 eliminates the finicky platforming elements from the series’ original entry, opting to just focus on the simplistic but entertaining combat. A brand new storyline is certainly enticing, but;Pirate Warriors 2‘s expansive roster;steals the show.

Longtime Fans Of One Piece Will Likely Recognize This Title

Netflix has revealed the title for the first episode of its live-action One Piece series, and longtime fans of the anime and manga will likely recognize it.;

That’s because the episode title, Romance Dawn, seems to be hinting at the origin of One Piece.

Netflix Geeked

While the Romance Dawn one-shot wasn’t called One Piece at the time of its original publishing, it was essentially adopted as the origin of One Piece. In fact, it was eventually reprinted in One Piece Red: Grand Characters.

Now, it’s unclear if the first episode of Netflix’s One Piece series will be a retelling of the Romance Dawn arc or if the episode title is simply an homage to the series’ start.

Netflix announced the series back in 2020 as a partnership with Tomorrow Studios and Shueisha “to bring pirate adventure story from Japan to audiences around the world.” Netflix released this note from Oda, the author of the manga series, at the time of the announcement:;

The story of One Piece centers around the Straw Hat Pirates and their captain, Monkey D. Luffy who, after eating the cursed Gum-Gum Devil Fruit, is turned into what is essentially a rubber man. This gives Luffy the power to stretch his body to great lengths. Luffy and his crew are after the legendary One Piece treasure, as whomever discovers it becomes the King of Pirates.;

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