What Is Your Anime Series Title


    This Viral Meme Will Reveal Your Anime Series’ Flawless Title

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    When it comes to naming things, Japan has got a lock on the skill. From movies to manga, creators overseas have come up with some amazing if not absurd titles over the years. In fact, it almost impossible to replicate the talent, but that seems to have all changed.

    Thanks to a fresh meme, fans can figure out the name of their own anime series, and social media is having it out with the chart.

    Not long ago, an appropriately named Twitter user started the trend with an innocent post. MrAnimeRandom shared a chart that gives netizens options naming their own anime, and the options are as over the top as you’d like.

    What is your Anime Series Title.

    Just, check out the following title samples. If you don’t think these would make for one top-notch anime, it is time to reconsider your otaku tastes:

    Vampire Princes DetectivesSpace Phantom ForeverRobo-Hamster 900

    Not only does this chart nod to some of anime’s biggest buzz words, but its countless combinations have legitimately impressed netizens. With thousands of shares, fans are revealing their anime titles and going the extra mile to craft crazy premises which suit them.

    “I got “Death Hamster Memories” to put a Positive spin on that, I’d say an anime about a band named Death Hamster who plays Heavy Metal tracks, and the lives of each band member expressed in memories,” CWCSonichu shared with fans.