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What If Zootopia Was An Anime

Artist Makes A Spectacular Anime Version Of Zootopia

What if “Zootopia” was an anime (4K)

A dedicated fan reimagined what the naked yoga scene from Disneys Zootopia would look like if the computer-animated movie was turned into an anime.

While the original movie shows the characters as animals with human traits, the fan-made clip titled What if Zootopia was an anime and created by Mike Inel depicts the characters as humans with a few animal characteristics remaining.

Lead characters Officer Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde, for example, only possess bunny and fox ears, respectively.

The yoga scene occurs when Hopps and Wilde investigate a case and stumble into a naturalist club, where members perform yoga and live their lives without any clothes on.

In the original Zootopia scene, Disney did not censor the animals bodies, but the fan-made clip went the extra mile.

The following image is Not Safe For Work.

Inel also provided a side-by-side comparative version of the two animations.

There are several Easter Eggs in the fan-made clip, including some favorites from other animated TV shows, movies and video games.

For those who are wondering if they can see the clip without the censorship, the creator of the fan-made video wrote in the YouTube description that an uncensored version is coming soon.


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