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How To Draw Anime Weapons

What Do You Think Is The Best Weapon In Anime

How to Draw Swords Drawing Tutorial

Key to any action anime are the weapons used in them. There are all sorts of weapons, from short ranged daggers to long ranged guns and cannons. Here we’ll cover some of the unique, recognizable, and strong anime weapons. They might not be scientifically or mechanically practical, but they sure are cool!

How To Draw Medieval Weapons Step By Step

Drawing is something that not many people can do. In fact, it is a skill and a talent that is regarded to be rather rare in people these days. This is why when you run into someone who can draw, you tend to get a little surprised and amazed at the same time. Now art has many types and forms and people tend to draw a wide array of items and articles.

One of the things that people look to try and draw is items from the medieval era. This sees them really take things back a notch or two, as they look to create something rather amazing.

The hardest part of this era is to draw the weapons that were used back then. This is because since no one has actually used or seen those weapons first hand, it is always hard to end up creating something based on what you hear or what the books depict were the type of weapons used back then.

How To Draw A Katana Step By Step

This tutorial shows how to draw a Katana in eight steps with illustrated examples and a detailed breakdown of the various parts of the sword.

A katana is probably is one of the most commonly seen weapons in anime and manga. Drawing one is not very difficult but it can be helpful to know its various parts.

The examples in this tutorial are of the side view of the katana. This view makes it easy to see most parts of the sword and is also fairly easy to draw from.

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Image Of Drawn Anime Sword 10 Cool Swords Sword Drawing Sword

How to draw anime sword pose. If you answered no to all of these, then i don’t know, but i can teach you how to draw some. Check out amazing swords artwork on deviantart. Image of how to draw swords fighting poses anime art guide book japan. Image of the best free swordsman drawing images download from 29. Swordsmen are an iconic staple of shonen anime, and these are some of the finest in praise of the noble art, this list will be running down the best sword fighters ever to draw their blades. Katanas are a very common weapon in anime and manga. Welcome back gang to another drawing tutorial here on inuyasha is a well known japanese anime show that began as a manga series by rumiko takahashi. I was wondering if anyone had a good anime with battjutsu,iaido,iaijutsu whatever you want to call it. 6 sword drawing | 1232 x 1728 jpeg 80 . Sword fantasy fantasy art espada anime sword drawing pretty knives armas ninja drawing download this symbolical sword and dagger drawing vector illustration now. These weapons have been a part of japanese culture for centuries the most popular of all swords is the katana sword with the first being developed in the 10th century.

Anime Heroes Who Wield More Than One Weapon

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Some anime characters have just one sword or firearm. Others wield two at once, or have an entire arsenal at their disposal.

Many action shonen and seinen anime series feature characters who fight with legendary weapons, often swords or pistols. Not all series use magic; in some shonen adventures, a sword or rifle is enough to save the day, and for some heroes, one weapon simply isn’t enough. They have two hands, so why not wield two weapons?

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Wielding two swords at once is surprisingly common in the anime world, and some heroes actually have three or more, despite having only two hands, and many characters are also seen with two pistols at once to double their firepower. In fact, some anime heroes are toting an entire armory, and they can draw upon endless knives, swords, pistols or rifles to fight their enemies all day long. Who are these multi-weapon anime heroes?

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Kirito Keeps Adding Awesome Swords To His Inventory

This pseudo-isekai anime, Sword Art Online, takes place almost entirely within virtual game worlds where, sure enough, swords are the rule . The hero, Kirito, is the best fighter in any game server, and he can wield more than one sword at a time. That makes him unusual, and gives him a serious advantage.

Ever since the Aincrad story arc, Kirito has been seen dual-wielding swords, and Dark Repulser and Eludicator were early favorites of his. He became renowned as the black swordsman, and no dungeon boss could stand up to him. Later, he even obtained Excalibur and an off-brand lightsaber.

Sesshomaru Had Two Very Different Swords

InuYasha’s powerful half-brother, Sesshomaru, is a resourceful character who skirts the line between hero and villain. At first, he sought to obtain the legendary Tetsusaiga, his father’s legacy, but that sword was fated to be in InuYasha’s. Instead, Sesshomaru was given the Tenseiga, a sword that heals rather than cuts. It stretches the definition of “weapon.”

Sesshomaru was not happy with this, so he had a new sword forged out of an ogre’s fang. This sword was named Tokijin, and once Sesshomaru dispelled the curse on it, he began wielding it as a true weapon. He doesn’t usually dual-wield his swords like Kirito, but it’s still an impressive arsenal.

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Starting With A Sketch

I suggest you use some reference pictures to understand where you’re going with your sword. I explain everything in detail in the video, but I will also help you here! Find a shape, there are plenty! You can have it as simple as you want, but there’s no need to be afraid to go a little bit over the tip.First of all, let’s select the symmetry ruler: you can find it where the triangle ruler is, in the toolbar. When you’ve selected this tool, you can scroll in the right part, and you’ll find the symmetry ruler. Just trace a straight line into your clean canvas: this will project everything you draw on a side into the other.

Once you’ve selected this tool, we’re ready to start!Find a shape that you like, and feel free to play around with it. I usually settle a theme for myself: this helps me to understand where I’m leading exactly. For this sword, I decided to go for “a Knight of the blue rose”, to settle down what I wanted my design to represent. You can create any sort of symmetrical weapon with this tool, as such as:Swords, longswords, axes, tridents, daggers, bows, arrows, accessories like hats, or even armor of any kind,

Roronoa Zoro Is Famed For His Three

How to Draw Anime – Sword Art Online Asuna | Mei Yu Fun2draw Beautiful Anime Manga Online Art Lesson

Kirito and Shunsui Kyoraku look cool using two swords at once, but the Straw Hat pirate Roronoa Zoro has them both beat with his three-sword style. He has one katana per hand and the third held firmly between his teeth, though in some cases, he can wield just one or two if necessary.

Zoro can use a wide variety of high-speed techniques to slice apart his foes, and one of his greatest goals is to surpass the powerhouse Dracule Mihawk as the world’s top swordsman. At this rate, he just might succeed.

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Erza Scarlet Can Access A Massive Inventory With Her Spatial Magic

Anime characters such as Kirito and Sesshomaru can carry two swords at once, but the wizard Erza Scarlet is another matter entirely. She wields spatial magic, and with it, Erza can access many suits of armor and weapons from a parallel dimension. This makes her incredibly flexible during battle.

Erza’s fighting style is mainly based on her incredible endurance, but that’s not all. She can use a wide variety of swords or even spears in battle, and some techniques, such as Heaven’s Wheel, allow her to attack the enemy with dozens of swords at once. She once did this to destroy countless lacrima all over Magnolia.

Anime Swords Drawing : Weapon Upgrades Part I By Redw0lf777sg On Deviantart

Anime Swords Drawing : Weapon Upgrades Part I by RedW0lf777sg on DeviantArt. How to draw excalibur, sword i. Want to discover art related to swords? Check out amazing swords artwork on deviantart. These weapons have been a part of japanese culture for centuries the most popular of all swords is the katana sword with the first being developed in the 10th century. Begin by sketching the basic form, how you want the character to stand.

Image of action poses 7 swords by shinsengumi77 deviantart com on. | amv sword art online kirito rap 2014. Want to discover art related to swords? I was wondering if anyone had a good anime with battjutsu,iaido,iaijutsu whatever you want to call it. Image of how to draw swords fighting poses anime art guide book japan.

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Sword Positions Can Communicate Emotion

Swords can also be a vehicle that communicates the mood of a scene or a characters current feelings.

Swords at Rest

Although its tempting to jump right into the action of battle, swords can do a lot of communication while at rest. Tip to the Ground and In Ground give the most passive stance. These characters are ready to fight if needed, but could just be talking as in the former or utterly calm as in the latter.

Panels like Back Scabbard remind us that despite the lack of immediate action, the character is armed and ready. Notice that the sword also points in the direction of the figures in the distance, indicating a possible future connection. On Shoulder is a step in a more offensive direction but still has an air of casualty. This character is probably among allies. Across Legs again inches further. These could be temporary allies. The sword is in a passive position but at the ready, if needed. On Hip is the most offensive of all the panels. It shows a sword and hovering hand at the ready and a shot of its intended target. The message here is clear. Sword, meet monster.

How To Draw A Katana

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A katana is a curved sword that was used by the samurai of feudal Japan. Katana have been in use since the 1300s. As trade with Japan increased, these weapons became famous around the world: “Western historians have said that katana were among the finest cutting weapons in world military history.”

Samurai wore their katana on a belt-like sash called an obi. The blade faced up so that the wearer could draw the blade and strike in a single motion. Only samurai were permitted to wear the katana in daisho style, paired with a smaller sword or dagger.

Did you know? During the 1940s and 1950s, making swords was banned in Japan and many swords were confiscated. Today, sword makers must adhere to strict standards and register every blade. Collectors around the world covet both new and historic katanas.

Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

Today, katanas are often seen in Japanese manga comics and anime cartoons. Katana is the name of a DC Comics character. Several forms of martial arts include the use of katanas, generally without a sharp edge for safety reasons.

Would you like to draw a cartoon katana? This easy, step-by-step sword drawing tutorial is here to show you how. All you will need is a pencil, an eraser, and a sheet of paper.

If you liked this tutorial, see also the following drawing guides: Dagger, Knife, and Sword.

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Draw The Hilt Wrap Braid

Katanas usually have a braid like wrap along their hilt. To draw this pattern add a set of evenly spaced rhombus shapes along it.

If you are planning to make a fairly small drawing then you can omit the rest of the details of the handle wrap and stop at this stage. Animators and manga artists can also sometimes do this to just to save time.

If you want to make a more detailed drawing of the hilt then you can move on to the next step.

Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye Always Has A Few Firearms On Hand

Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye has deadly aim with a wide variety of firearms, usually sniper rifles and pistols. She cannot use alchemy, but at this rate, she doesn’t need to, and Riza acts as Colonel Roy Mustang’s assistant, bodyguard and voice of reason.

Hawkeye isn’t afraid to draw two pistols at once, Revy-style, and she can riddle homunculi such as Gluttony with bullets in no time. If her magazines run dry, Riza can switch to a revolver or a rifle and keep up the barrage. She almost never carries just one firearm during a mission.

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Inosuke Hashibira Always Uses Two Jagged Nichirin Swords

The brutish demon slayer known as Inosuke Hashibira invented his own breathing style, beast breathing, and this fighting style is based on dual-wielding swords. Inosuke’s swords are jagged by design, and when he slashes them together, he can imitate the tusks of a wild boar.

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Inosuke’s speed, strength and instincts are all remarkable given his lack of formal training, and when his swords were broken, the Demon Slayer Corps promptly supplied him with two new ones. Then, Inosuke banged on them with a rock to make the edges nice and jagged.

Check Out The Ultimate Anime Weapon

How to Draw An Anime Character with a Sword

And there you have itï¼20 of the most amazing weapons in anime, all bundled up into one amazing article!

But there is one more type of weapon, maybe the most “special” of them all, that we would now like to introduce to you via a video clip from the Samurai Flamenco series. Meet Flamenco and his “lethal weapons”!

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How To Draw Anime Weapons

If you have an inclination for drawing anime characters, then it might be helpful to learn how to draw anime weapons. In animation, the key part of the action is played by the weapons. For instance, weapons can vary according to personalities and powers of the anime characters. Some of the most popular anime weapons are swords, axes, wooden staffs, machetes, rapiers, spears, and scythes.

Pointers On Drawing Anime Weapons

  • Draw the guidelines for the anime weapon. There are weapons that need to be thin and straight such as spears. Use a ruler in drawing these types of weapons. Also, consider in the drawing the material to be used for the weapon, whether it will be made of wood or metal.
  • Add the mechanisms of the anime weapon at the point where the initial line is located. The mechanisms include the arrowhead and metal bayonet for spear and the rounded knife with razor sharp edge for scythe and machete.
  • Sketch the sword handle with short and horizontal lines wrapped around hilt. To accentuate the Japanese look of the weapon, insert symbols or characters at the handle.
  • Create the depth of the anime weapon by adding in glint of light to the metal weapon. Do this by drawing an asterisk symbol at the tip of the sword and shield. Also, you can add some sweeping curves to imply movement of both the character and his weapon. There are also weaponry effects that signify magical powers used by the anime hero.
  • Tips And Reminders

    Adding Color&changing The Lineart Color

    When adding colors, try to remain in theme with the topic of your previous choice. As my choice was “the blue rose”, I stayed with cold, calm tones which are similar with the blue rose. As such as silver, light green, blue itself, blu-ish grey, etc. It makes the piece look more consistent within itself. It’ll make it look even more great and cool. But there’s a but. Sometimes, with light colors and light background, you could kinda struggle to see where the edges of your drawings are. To have a better look at your overall colors and look, try to create a layer of dark color underneath your piece.Do this by creating a new layer underneath the color and lineart layer: what this will do is enhance the piece and make you see every mistake and color combination at best.

    You can quickly fill in with a darker color by selecting one on the color wheel. After this, select the overall area that you want to darken up, and simply click on the bucket. This will instantly fill in the selected color into your selected area. Pretty handy!Now let’s proceed into coloring the lineart:

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    How To Draw A Sword

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    This tutorial will show you how to draw swords.

    Shunsui Kyoraku’s Zanpakuto Is Two Swords In One

    Pin on Weapons

    Strictly speaking, a zanpakuto spirit is is always a singular entity, such as Zangetsu, Zabimaru, Senbonzakura and many others. However, a few Soul Reapers in Bleach wield two swords at once, with both being the embodiment of their zanpakuto spirit. Captain Shunsui Kyoraku is one such character.

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    Katen Kyokotsu is the name of this unusual two-sword zanpakuto, and Shunsui can use its sealed form to great effect in battle. If things get serious, Shunsui can perform shikai or even bankai, and unleash a wide variety of whimsical effects.

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    How To Draw Anime Hands

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    Learning to draw anime can be challenging, but its also a lot of fun! Anime is a blend of real-life and fantasy, so take inspiration from the world around you while also allowing your imagination to run free. Start by making the basic shape of a palm, and from there add the thumb and fingers to create different gestures. Use your own hand as a visual to get the lengths of the fingers correct, and dont forget to draw lines to represent knuckles!

    Image Of The Best Free Swordsman Drawing Images Download From 29

    Image of how to draw swords fighting poses anime art guide book japan. This tutorial shows the basics of drawing one but of course there is a lot more to it are an iconic staple of shonen anime, and these are some of the finest in praise of the noble art, this list will be running down the best sword fighters ever to draw their blades. 1938 anime sword 3d models. Want to discover art related to swords? Image of the best free swordsman drawing images download from 29.

    If you answered no to all of these, then i don’t know, but i can teach you how to draw some. | amv sword art online kirito rap 2014. I was wondering if anyone had a good anime with battjutsu,iaido,iaijutsu whatever you want to call it. Every day new 3d models from all over the world. In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to draw anime women with weapons.

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    Killer Bee Can Use Seven Swords At Once

    The jinchuriki known as Killer Bee is an enormously powerful fighter, and he can take on his foes either bare-handed or with a variety of swords. His primary fighting style is based on kenjutsu, and he can hold seven swords at once. Sasuke Uchiha could hardly believe his eyes when he first fought Bee.

    Killer Bee later obtained the Samehada sword as well, and he declared it the newest addition to his arsenal. Now he has eight swords, with one of them being ravenous for chakra, and this establishes him as one of the world’s greatest swordsmen.

    Thorfinn Karlsefni Fights With Two Knives

    How to Draw ANIME POSES 2 (Anatomy) Tutorial – Step by Step (SWORD)

    Swords aren’t the only bladed weapons anime heroes can wield. Thorfinn relies on speed and agility rather than brute strength to survive in battle, and he can strike any foe’s weak points with his twin daggers. He can topple men twice his size with remarkably little effort.

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    Thorfinn never gave his knives names or special decorations; he’s not that sentimental. He simply stabs his way across northern Europe with them, and he can even take on powerful foes such as Thorkell, who is another dual-wielder – in this case, with axes.


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