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What Does The Fox Say Anime

Formation And Early Works

[AMV] What Does The Fox Say? – Spice & Wolf

Stargate began in 1996 as a song-writing trio in , Norway, consisting of Tor Erik Hermansen, Mikkel Storleer Eriksen, and Hallgeir Rustan . When they first met, Hermansen was a for the Norwegian branch of the record label , Eriksen owned a studio, and Rustan was a before becoming involved in music. One of their first successful productions was with Norwegian R&B singer . Her first album “Curious” was produced in their studio. was signed to the Norwegian branch of the record label . “Need You”, her main hit from this album, was released throughout Europe and gave Stargate attention from the UK music industry. While in Norway, they ventured into the British market, mostly writing songs for R&B-pop performers. At this time they called the team Stargate, a name specifically established for their projects in the United Kingdom.

The team’s initial successes was in the British market. Stargate’s first international success came with British pop outfit , whose 1999 single “” reached No. 2 in Australia and No. 1 in New Zealand. This success was followed with another British pop group, ‘s single “”, which peaked at No. 1 in the United Kingdom in 2001. The team has also produced many Top 10 hits in the United Kingdom for acts such as , and , and worked with European acts , , , and .

Emi Years And Initial Success

In 1927, the acquired a controlling interest in the Carl Lindström Company, including Parlophone. Parlophone became a subsidiary of Electric & Musical Industries , after Columbia Graphophone merged with the in 1931.

In 1950, Oscar Preuss hired producer as his assistant. When Preuss retired in 1955, Martin succeeded him as Parlophone’s manager. Parlophone specialized in mainly classical music, cast recordings, and regional British music, but Martin also expanded the reach into novelty and comedy records. A notable example was The Best of Sellers, a collection of sketches and comic songs by undertaken in the guise of a variety of comic characters. It reached number three in the in 1958. Musicians signed to the label included and .

A consistently successful act for Parlophone was teen idol , who was signed to the label in 1959. The label gained significant popularity in 1962 when Martin signed Liverpool band . Parlophone gained more attention after signing , , and in the 1960s. Martin left EMI/Parlophone to form Associated Independent Recording Studios in 1965.

Parlophone became dormant in 1973 when most of EMI’s heritage labels were phased out in favor of , only to be revived in 1980. During the next decades the label signed , , , , , , , , , , , , , and .

On 23 April 2008, was confirmed as the label’s president.

Dance Music In The 1980s

The emergence of electronic dance music in the 1980s was shaped by the development of several new , particularly those from the Japanese . The notably played an important role in the evolution of dance music, after ‘s “” , made it very popular on dancefloors. The track, which also featured the melody line from Kraftwerk’s , informed the development of electronic dance music, and subgenres including and , and popularized the 808 as a “fundamental element of futuristic sound”. According to , “Planet Rock” “didn’t so much put the 808 on the map so much as reorient an entire world of dance music around it”. The , and similarly influenced electronic dance music such as , and .

In the early 1980s, radio jocks The Hot Mix 5 and club DJs Ron Hardy and Frankie Knuckles played various styles of dance music, including older records , tracks by artists such as , newer , by , , , and , and music by and . Some made and played their own edits of their favorite songs on reel-to-reel tape, and sometimes mixed in effects, drum machines, and other rhythmic electronic instrumentation. The hypnotic electronic dance song “On and On”, produced in 1984 by DJ and co-written by , had elements that became staples of the early house sound, such as the and minimal vocals as well as a and .

Techno, acid house, rave

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Dance Music In The 1990s

states on progressive trance: “the progressive wing of the trance crowd led directly to a more commercial, chart-oriented sound since trance had never enjoyed much chart action in the first place. Emphasizing the smoother sound of or house , Progressive Trance became the sound of the world’s dance floors by the end of the millennium. Critics ridiculed its focus on predictable breakdowns and relative lack of skill to beat-mix, but progressive trance was caned by the hottest DJ.”

Breakbeat hardcore, jungle, drum and bass

Dance Music In The 21st Century

Pin en Yuri

Dubstep is a genre of electronic dance music that originated in in the late 1990s. It is generally characterized by sparse, rhythmic with that contain prominent frequencies. The style emerged as an offshoot of , drawing on a lineage of related styles such as , , , , and . In the United Kingdom, the origins of the genre can be traced back to the growth of the party scene in the early 1980s.

The earliest known dubstep releases date back to 1998, and were usually featured as of single releases. These tracks were darker, more experimental remixes with less emphasis on vocals, and attempted to incorporate elements of and into 2-step. In 2001, this and other strains of dark garage music began to be showcased and promoted at London’s nightclub Plastic People, at the “Forward” night , which went on to be considered influential to the development of dubstep. The term “dubstep” in reference to a genre of music began to be used around 2002 by labels such as Big Apple, Ammunition, and Tempa, by which time stylistic trends used in creating these remixes started to become more noticeable and distinct from 2-step and .

Trap music

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What Does The Fox Say



Ju Sungji is the new recruit in a PC and mobile game development company, Hello Studio. Because of her beautiful face and seemingly cold expression, she’s somewhat unapproachable. The work atmosphere, however, changes when she inadvertently proves she is actually kinder than she looks.

At the welcoming party thrown for her, she meets the manager for the first timejust who is this enigmatic lady that easily gets drunk? The president comes in late and fetches the inebriated manager, but It seems like theres more to them and Sumin than meets the eye.


A stylish adult romance of poignant drama and on another level of sultry and seductive, “What Does The Fox Say” blows all other yuri stories out of the water with it’s hot and heavy intensity, unique yet relatable characters, addictive storyline, and convincing passion. Often compared with Fluttering Feelings, WDTFS is less fluff and instead dives head first into the unforgiving underbelly of love and it’s many different faces; akin to a genuine adult love story. And I’m not just referring to it’s sexual material but also to the way it’s written and drawn.

This is a link on step by step instructions on how to buy the manhwa, on an IOS or android, as well as how to translate the chapters:

What Does A Fox Say

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Association With Recreational Drug Use

Dance music has a long association with , particularly with a wide range of drugs that have been categorized under the name “”. Russell Smith noted that the association of drugs and music subcultures was by no means exclusive to electronic music, citing previous examples of music genres that were associated with certain drugs, such as and , and , and and .

, also known as ecstasy, “E”, or “Molly”, is often considered the drug of choice within the rave culture and is also used at clubs, festivals and . In the rave environment, the sensory effects from the music and lighting are often highly synergistic with the drug. The psychedelic amphetamine quality of MDMA offers multiple reasons for its appeals to users in the “rave” setting. Some users enjoy the feeling of mass communion from the inhibition-reducing effects of the drug, while others use it as party fuel because of the drug’s stimulatory effects. Another drug also known as pink ecstasy, PMA, “Death” or “Dr. Death”, it is similar to MDMA but they can take up to an hour to produce effects, which can result in hyperthermia and subsequently, organ failure. People who take PMA are often mistaken for it being identified as MDMA.

Drug-related deaths at electronic dance music events

Yuri Manga Review: What Does The Fox Say By Team Gaji

anime mix what does the fox say

Title: What Does The Fox Say? Team GajiGenre: Drama, Romance, Yuri, AdultStatus: Ongoing

Just as more or less promised in the last Dont Know What To Read Next post, heres the hopefully long-awaited review of this Manhwa~

Story: 8/10 and Characters: 6.5/10

Despite the weird sounding title that might lead your mind to some very specific places and one very specific song, this mangaor manhwadeals with nothing more and nothing less than sex, romance, and sexy office ladies. Quite promising, I know.

The story starts off with newcomer Ju Sungji getting introduced to her coworkers in her new workplace, a game development company. Her beauty and cold initial appearance leave her standing out quite a lot on her first day alone. However, as were slowly getting to know her better, well see that thats not all there is to her. Especially whenever their stern and quite beautiful team manager Sung Sumin shows up, we get to see her act drastically different.

First of all, I seriously need some nicknames for the 3 main characters. Their names are just far too hard for me to keep in mind, and its already driving me crazy, so here we go:

Ju Sungji will be BlondiSung Sumin will be FoxyBaek Seju will be Pinky

Now that we have that settled, lets get right into my review.

Yeah, what can I say? Im a hopeless pervert.

Art: 6/10Yuri: 10/10

However, if youre only looking for a heartwarming love story between two women , this one might not be the right kind of story for you.

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What Role Do Masks Play In Japanese Culture

Speaking of Inari and Shinto, Japanese masks are closely tied to religion. Although their roots are in dance and performance, over time, those genres began to merge with religious practices. Noh masks are arguably the most well-known, often making their own appearances in pop culture, but many are unaware that Noh masks are just one subsection of Japanese masks, which also include those of Kyogencomedic theaterand Kagura, a Shinto ritualistic dance. In fact, kitsune masks are actually a staple of Kyogen rather than Noh. But given the prominence of Inari and foxes in Shinto, it’s likely that kitsune masks are quite closely tied to Kagura as well.

Kagura performances are traditionally held to honor Shinto deities, particularly around harvest season to pray for bountiful crops. In the more reserved forms of Kagura, priestesses perform graceful, ceremonial dances, but there are also outlandish versions that involve masks and costumes. Since Inari is the deity of rice and agriculture, and many shrines hold festivals in late summer/early fall to coincide with the rice harvest season, Inari has become closely associated with these celebrations, which probably explains why kitsune masks have become such a prominent symbol of Japanese festivals.

In casual settings, there doesn’t appear to be any reason why kitsune masks are worn off the face except that they’re uncomfortable and difficult to see through.

Acquisition By Warner Music Group

On 28 September 2012, regulators approved ‘s planned acquisition of Parlophone’s parent group EMI for £1.2 billion, subject to conditions imposed by the requiring that UMG sell off a number of labels, including Parlophone itself , , , , , and EMI’s operations in Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland. These labels and catalogues were operated independently from Universal as Parlophone Label Group until a buyer was found. UMG received several offers for PLG, including those from founder , , a / consortium, , and .

On 7 February 2013, it was confirmed that would acquire Parlophone Label Group for US$765 million. The deal was approved in May 2013 by the European Union, which saw no concerns about the deal because of WMG’s smaller reach compared to the merged UMG and Sony. Warner Music closed the deal on 1 July. Parlophone Label Group was the old label that included both the Parlophone and the eponymous EMI labels. The EMI trademark was retained by Universal while the “old” EMI Records became defunct and was renamed “Parlophone Records Ltd.”

Soon after acquiring Parlophone, WMG signed an agreement with and the to divest $200 million worth of catalogues to independent labels in order to help offset the consolidation triggered by the merger. In April 2016, the back catalogue of British rock band , who had sued Parlophone and EMI over a dispute in music royalties, was transferred to .

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What Role Do Foxes Play In Japanese Culture

Foxes in Japan are contradictory creatures, seen as either benevolent or malevolent depending on context. In Shinto, one of the primary religions of Japan, the fox is considered a messenger of Inari, the guardian deity of fertility, rice, agriculture, and industry. Shrines dedicated to Inari feature statues of foxes, and worshippers often set out offerings of rice, sake, and other foods to appease Inari’s messengers.

Fun fact: inarizushi, sweet fried tofu stuffed with rice, is named after Inari because fried tofu is believed to be a fox’s favorite food and the corners of the tofu somewhat resemble fox ears.

In folklore, foxes are believed to be shapeshifting tricksters, pranking innocent humans whenever they get the chance. There are stories of foxes taking on the appearances of beautiful women and seducing unsuspecting men, or disguising themselves as monks to swindle some gullible villagers . The term Kitsune no Yomeiri, or Fox’s Wedding, is made in reference to two curious phenomenamysterious floating lights at night and rain showers in sunny weatherand these bizarre conditions are attributed to the tricky nature of foxes. In the folklore sphere, one application of the kitsune mask is in popular reenactments of Kitsune no Yomeiri, in which members of the fox wedding procession don masks.

Team Gaji What Does The Fox Say

What does the fox say

by amy·August 8, 2017

 Team Gaji Genre: Manhwa, Drama, Romance, LGBT, Mature

So Ive fallen into that side of fandom that ends up watching fan-made videos on YouTube, after catching up on +80 chapters in a matter of days. For those who know me, the reason of my finding What Does the Fox Say may seem obvious; I found this and made it my first ever manhwa, which has swiftly opened the gates of fandom shipping like I havent experienced in a decade since The L Word .

What Does the Fox Say follows the lives of three women were introduced to blond 24-year-old Ju Sungji , a new assistant at a mobile game developer studio called Hello Studio; her team managed by team manager Sung Sumin , a black-haired short 34-year-old with a cute complex; and the 34-year-old pink-haired CEO Baek Seju, who used to be classmates with Sumin, as well as her first love.

Just looking at their names and early interactions, it seems as if Sungji and Sung Sumin are already meant to be together; while also establishing the fact that Sumin cant hold her alcohol, which would point at her not being able to hold her Seju, down. And while I agree that Sungji seems to be a good match for Sumin, especially considering the developments during the chapters between 80-to the last one published , I cannot resist Baek Seju and her tragedy because Im a sucker for that.

Oh, yeah. Just like in The L Word, almost every female character is a lesbian.


Music Video And Composition

The video was released on 3 September 2013. It is performed in the style of a typical electronic dance pop song, and the lyrics are sung “with deadpan seriousness”. The video was originally created to promote the brand-new season of Ylvis’ talk show I kveld med Ylvis on TVNorge but after being released on the TVNorge YouTube channel went viral. The video was directed by Ole Martin Hafsmo with cinematography by Magnus FlÃ¥to. The choreography was done by Thea Bay. The video is produced by Fredrik KvÃ¥le Dørum and Jørgen Thue . The forest scenes were filmed in Nittedal municipality, 22 kilometres from Oslo downtown.

The video begins with BÃ¥rd singing at a costume party where other participants are dressed as different animals, whose appearances follow the progression of the lyrics. He gives a summary of animal sounds that “could have been lifted straight from a preschool primer” and asks “what does the fox say?” The group then transitions into a synchronized dance scene in a forest with BÃ¥rd in a bear costume and Vegard a squirrel costume , complete with face-paint and giant, bushy tails.

With the chord progression of Câ¯mâBâFâ¯, the song is written in the key of C⯠dorian, with lead vocal range spanning from Câ¯3 to Fâ¯5.

What Is A Kitsune Mask And Where Did It Come From

The kitsune mask has become a staple of Japanese pop culture, its eye-catching red and white designs frequently appearing in anime, manga, and other artistic channels. Since it’s often seen in the context of festivals, many people think of it as some kind of lightweight prop, but its roots go much deeper than that. Foxes have a special place in Japanese culture, in both folk and religious applications, and as such, the kitsune mask inherits meaning from its ties to the animal itself. Japan also has an incredibly rich history of masks, which explains the actual existence of the kitsune mask as a physical object. Given that the kitsune mask is entwined in both of these threads, it carries a lot more cultural significance than one would initially guess.

Check out the cool kitsune mask that the vocalist of BABYMETAL is rocking in this music video for the song Megikitsune.

What Does

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