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How To Color Anime Eyes With Markers

How To Color Hair With Alcohol

How to Color anime Eyes Using Pencil and Markers

Now for her hair! I used Buttercup, Sunflower and Honeycomb for her blond curls. The dark shade is orange, which contrasts strongly with the light and medium shades which are yellow. This gives her hair a golden, high-shine appearance. When it comes to color blends, try to think outside of the box! It doesnt have to be light blue, medium blue, dark blue. A blue shade can turn more purplish as it gets darker. Orange can lighten into yellow.

We will modify the blending technique we have been using for her hair. Using the same concept, well just be changing our pen stroke. Instead of filling the area with solid color, flick your pen along her hair in the direction of the hair strands. Let your strokes trail off, so it gives the effect of multi-stranded hair. You can plot out where you want the white highlights and shine of her hair to be beforehand with a light pencil if youd like.

Add any final highlights with your white pen, fix up any areas that look streaky or not well-blended and you are all done!

And thats how I color in my chibis! I hope this tutorial was helpful for any beginners out there! Artist markers are such a vibrant, beautiful medium, and so versatile! They take some getting used to but once you get the knack of blending you can achieve amazing results in your coloring! Thanks for reading and have fun coloring!

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How To Draw An Eye In Colored Pencil

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Are you looking to draw an eye in colored pencil? Drawing eyes is fun to do whether you are just doodling or are trying to make it as realistic as possible. Once you’ve gotten the hang of sketching an eye with a regular pencil, it can be fun to experiment with adding color.

Coloring & Shading Order

When coloring and shading a drawing you want to start with the largest areas of the drawing first and work down to the smaller details. You will also want color in your whole drawing before applying the shadows.

If you are going to be drawing on paper be sure to leave the highlighted areas white. If you are going to be coloring digitally you can add the highlights after you color the entire drawing.

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Arteza Everblend Markers For Manga And Anime

Every manga artist needs a really good set of skin toned markers. This 36 piece set comes with all the colors you need for all kinds of tones. Since you have a good selection of items, this set is good for beginners and professionals.

All the colors that you would need to start drawing your manga and anime artwork right away are in this set.

Sakura 50201 Manga Comic Pro Drawing Kit

How to color eyes with Copic by ~RikuYanki on deviantART ...

If you are thinking of making your manga-inspired comics, this 6-piece Sakura drawing kit is a great starting point.

Everything I need to sketch panels for comics is in this set. Aside from the micro-tip and graphic pens, I also get a mechanical pencil and brush pen. The variety of tips come in handy whenever I need to draw facial expressions and color in shapes.

What sets this product apart is the ink. For one, the fast-drying quality allows me to erase the pencil sketches neatly after I ink my drawing. I can use these pens to outline watercolor and marker-based illustrations. For another, the archival properties of the ink safeguard my artwork against signs of aging.

More importantly, the black ink flows so smoothly that it never skips. Thus, I dont have to go back and retrace the lines. Not only does this save me time, it enables me to write or sketch neatly. Despite its rich pigment, the ink does not bleed to the other pages of my sketchbook.

Overall, the pen design makes it possible for me to create a precise rendition of my sketches. The same can be said for the mechanical pencil. Both the body of the pens and the mechanical pencil are comfortable to hold. The tips are held by metals, which makes the pens more stable when drawing.

  • The fast-drying ink allows for neat erasures
  • Stable and comfortable to hold
  • Does not skip or bleed
  • Pressing the pens hard causes the fine tips to widen

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How To Draw The Face

  • Add a crossed line to the circle since its going to act as an outline for the eyes. Position the eyes conventionally and add small curved strokes above them for the eyebrows.
  • Sketch a small curved line for the lips and a tip for the nose.
  • Clean up the drawing and get rid of any unnecessary lines.
  • Since youre done with the face, you need to come up with a hairstyle for your character.

    You can go for something short, long, straight, or curly based on your preferences. To keep things simple, lets go for medium length hair with curved strokes. Feel free to add hair accessories.

    Prismacolor 1759444 Art Markers

    Give your anime-inspired illustrations a beautiful blend of hues with this set of Prismacolor manga markers. Made especially for anime and manga-style illustrations, it is a must-have for professionals and hobbyists.

    When I tested the markers, I loved how they blended seamlessly, which helped me create 3-dimensional illustrations using shadows and highlights. Aside from that, I can produce new hues by blending two different colors.

    Speaking of colors, the selection is versatile. The set gives me ample options for skin tone but I can also make the characters more colorful. Plus, I can add scenery for the background if I want to.

    The double-ended markers from this set are extremely convenient in both sketching and coloring. I find the bullet nib useful for coloring tight spaces or sketching outlines. On the other hand, the wedge nib is useful for coloring large areas.

    Another reason to love these markers is that the nibs are sturdy and hardly frays. Consequently, I can draw intricate details with ease. Even if I use it for a long time, the nibs let me render the same quality of lines.

    • Enables you to seamlessly blend colors
    • Blending two colors produce new hues
    • Has ample color selection for characters and backgrounds
    • Lets you color small and big spaces easily
    • Has sturdy nibs that does not fray despite frequent use
    • Runs out of ink quicker than expected

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    How To Color Skin With Alcohol

    Lets get started! First, her skin. You want to get your light, medium and dark shades at the ready. For this tutorial I chose Vanilla , Soft Peach and Peach . I like to have them all open before starting so I can work at a faster pace.

    I cover the whole area of her leg in the lightest shade, going over the area a few times so the color is even and not streaky. I leave a bit of white on the edges near the lines.

    Then, I grab the medium shade and start shading her leg. Im imagining the light is coming from the top right in my picture, so the shadows will fall to her left. After shading with the medium skin tone, I take the light shade again and go over the whole leg, putting some pressure on the marker in the area where the two shades meet. As they dry they will blend into each other.

    I then take the dark shade and add that into the far left on her legs. Then I blend it with the medium shade, and then blend it all over with the light shade. Keep in mind that you can repeat these steps multiple times. You are building up color! If an area doesnt look right or hasnt blended well, go over it again.

    If you are interrupted and the ink dries while youre away do not panic! Simply go over the whole area with the lightest shade, making the paper wet again, and pick up where you left off.

    Repeat the same technique on the other leg, blending and coloring till youre happy with the overall effect.

    Use the same techniques for the rest of her skin till shes all colored in.

    Easy Anime Eyes Drawing For Beginners

    Marker vs Colored Pencil: How to Color Manga Eyes

    Todays lesson is going to be a step by step how to draw anime eyes for beginners. Well cover both male and female eyes. As well as showing you how to add color using markers.

    Youll learn some different styles for your anime eyes, and how to draw them with some variation. Like with anything, there are many different ways to draw anime eyes. Have fun, practice, and work on developing your own style.

    Learning to draw takes practice and repetition. But the good news is that anyone can learn to draw.

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    How To Draw This Doodles

    Materials: paper and Artistro Acrylic Art Pens.

    If you try these easy drawing ‘step-by-step’ techniques, please share with us by tagging your artworks with a hashtag #DrawWithArtistro on Instagram or Facebook! And be sure to check out our painting on stones step by step guide later.

    Max Fraise

    Max is a professional illustrator and a big fan of Victo Nagi’s talent. Before finding his own style, he experimented with different techniques, from collage to acrylic strings. Max loves challenging projects and a bright palette, he prefers to do illustrations for fiction books.

    Best Markers Pens & Colored Pencils For Manga & Anime Art

    If you are wondering about what the best markers and pens are for creating manga and anime art, you have come to the right place. This list of best tools for manga and anime is great for anyone who is thinking about getting into manga and anime art as well as professionals who want to try something new.

    And if you are thinking of giving a gift to someone who loves to draw comics and manga, you will find this list of products very helpful because these pen and marker options below come in complete sets. Anyone who tells their story through hand-drawn pictures will appreciate any of these choices.


    When you are looking for the best manga and anime drawing tools, there are some general things to keep in mind. Does the marker bleed through? Are the markers archival? Also, even though you may just be starting out, doesn’t mean go for cheap art supplies. They never give you a full-color range and pigments that a professional set will and so, are you really practicing to your full potential?

    Here are the best markers & tools for manga and anime drawing tools from trusted brands in the industry.

    An Introduction To Alcohol

    Artist markers. Theyre nothing like the Crayola markers you used to color with as a kid and getting a nice collection of them will empty your pockets. They are also my favorite coloring medium! In this tutorial Ill be sharing basic coloring techniques for alcohol-based markers, specifically for coloring anime or chibi style characters!

    I will be using Letraset Promarkers, but you can follow along with any alcohol-based markers . They all work in the same way. For this simple blending technique, Ill use three shades for each color: light, medium and dark.

    Testing out your colors and how they blend together on a separate paper is always a good way to start. Artist markers are an unforgiving medium so its best to work out the kinks before you get into the real coloring. For example, while planning this tutorial, I originally tried out Saffron as the lightest skin shade, but felt it didnt provide enough contrast with my medium and dark shades , so I went with Vanilla instead. You can also make note of colors that work particularly well together so you can remember good combinations for future coloring.

    The simple blending technique well be focusing on in this tutorial is quite easy once you get the hang of it. Its key to getting the smooth gradients that make marker coloring so beautiful. I find markers to be more predictable and less messy than watercolors, but there is still that element of speed involved, of needing to work while the media is still wet.

    How To Make Crochet Anime Eyes

    Tutorial Tuesday
    • Pin

    There are just so many different eye options when it comes to amigurumi and Ive done my fair share of experimenting to see which kind I like best. Eyes add so much to your piece and can completely change the outcome/feeling of your finished project and these kawaii/ chibi/ anime eyes will bring out so much character!

    Down below, you can find the free pattern for the anime amigurumi eyes if you would like to make something with this appeal!

    Its sometimes hard to imagine what this may look like on a finished piece, so here is an example:

    Skill Level: Easy

    Too Copic Sketch Marker Set

    It should not come as a surprise that another Copic set made it to this review. After all, this brand is the gold standard for blending markers!

    While the labels say this is a basic set its ink quality helps me produce complex illustrations. In this marker pack, I get skin tones along with blue, green, red, yellow, brown, grey, and black markers. Each color has its own dark and light tones so I can create many smoother blends.

    What I love about this brand is that the alcohol-based inks are well-saturated. Since these are waterproof, I can make mixed media artworks using fine-liners and watercolors. Also, the archival quality of the inks keeps the colors from discoloring.

    With dual tips, these manga brush markers also include chiseled tips on the other side. Usually, I draw small details, such as hair, lashes, lips, and ribbon-like lines with the brush nib. On the other hand, I fill in large areas using the chiseled tip.

    • More expensive compared to other markers

    Design Your Characters Outfit

    Now that youve drawn the characters face and body, you need to come up with ideas for their outfit. You should go for something easy to sketch since youre drawing a full-body character for the first time.

    You can go for a shirt and a pair of shorts, or a shirt and a skirt, among other outfits. There are no restrictions, so you can even draw a uniform if you want to.

    Since the clothes need to be thin and tight, we could opt for a short dress. The dress should follow the outline of the body.

    To complete this outfit, youll only need to draw the lines that indicate the shape of the dress. Always use curves that hug the body and add some folds for a realistic look.

    Keebor Premium Alcohol Art Markers

    Sometimes, an art products price tag can be discouraging and gets in the way of making professional-quality illustrations. Luckily, this is not the case with Keebors marker set!

    After swatching, my first impression of the colors was that they were all vibrant. There is more or less the same number of warm and cool colors. Besides character design and backgrounds, I can create outfits and accessories to make the character easily identifiable.

    In terms of blending capabilities, this set includes a colorless blender. It comes in handy whenever I want to smoothen the gradients. Moreover, these markers are ideal for mixed media because of the waterproof inks. I can apply watercolor on the other parts of the paper and not worry about ruining the areas that I inked.

    Equipped with a bullet point and a chiseled tip, each marker functions as a drawing and coloring tool. This feature allows me to simultaneously draw lines and color shapes using the same shade or hue. Plus, these nibs release ink continuously. Without skipping issues, I get to focus on working on my illustration.

    Design-wise, the markers squarish body is comfortable and light. For those who like to draw for long hours, you can be rest assured that these markers are not a pain to hold. Meanwhile, the caps indicate the color of each marker so I can spot them easily.

    • The ink colors are slightly different from the colors of the caps
    • Has fewer options for skin tones

    Prismacolor Colored Pencils For Manga & Anime Art

    How to Color Anime Eyes with Copic Markers (Beginner Tutorial)

    The Prismacolor colored pencils are also a staple for manga art. These pencils come in richly-pigmented specialty colors that are made especially for manga artists. You can easily make skin tones in all kinds of shades with colors like Cream, Cloud Blue, Chartreuse, and Pale Vermillion. And the softcore lead resists breaking.

    These colored pencils are super easy to blend out colors and the shading you can get by layering adds depth to your work. These manga pencils are lightfast and extremely high quality.

    Characteristics Of Anime Eyes

    Generally speaking, anime eyes are typically big and friendly. Female eyes especially, are larger and look more innocent and friendly than male eyes.

    Manga and anime eyes also have an exaggerated amount of highlights. Often there are four or five highlights added to the eye. And sometimes more than that.

    Male anime eyes are more narrow, but are still friendly. They can still be exaggerated and larger than standard eyes. But they should be drawn smaller than your female anime eyes.

    Anime eyes that do not look friendly will be perceived as a villain or a character that is evil.

    Take a look at this Manga Iconography to learn more about this Japanese art form.

    * Some of the links in this post may be affiliate links. This means I receive small commissions for purchases made through these links at no extra cost to you.

    Drawing Anime Eyes Step By Step

    Step 1-4. First, draw an oval and divide it in half horizontally and vertically. And then divide the formed halves into three more equal parts vertically, as indicated in the picture above.

    Step 5-7. After that, from the edge of the base horizontal line, draw a line along two parts slightly up, along three parts in parallel, and along one part down, closing the base of the central horizontal line on the opposite side. This is how the blade of the upper eyelashes is formed. After that, duplicate the created line slightly from above to create the upper base of the eyelashes.

    Step 8-9. Bring together the lines that form the upper base of the eyelashes on the left side and bring them out a millimeter beyond the edge of the eye. Then outline the lower lashes with a bold line. Erase all auxiliary lines with an eraser. Draw three ovals: the cornea, the iris, and the pupil, respectively. With an additional small oval inside the pupil, draw a highlight inside the eye.

    Step 10-11. Form the curve of the upper eyelid in an arc. After that, outline additional highlights in the form of an oval and sectors inside the iris of the eye. Draw the upper and lower eyelashes. Step by step, anime eyes you drew in the final stage should look like picture number 

    Sketching Male Anime Eyes

  • 1Sketch the upper and lower lash lines. First, draw a horizontal line with a slight curve. Then, draw a line with a slight upward curve coming down off one end of the first line at a 45-degree angle. Make this line about 1/3 the length of the first line you drew. At this point, the upper lash line will have a C-shape, and youll be able to see the outer corner of the eye. To draw the lower lash line, draw a short, horizontal line with a slight curve centered under the upper lash line.XResearch source
  • Male anime eyes are usually smaller and narrower than female anime eyes. The curves on the upper and lower lash lines should be slight so the eye doesnt look too round.
  • Draw the eyes about 1/8th the height of the head and 1/4th the width of the head, if youre drawing one.
  • 2Draw an oval between the lash lines. Center the oval and make the top and bottom overlap with the lash lines so only part of the oval is visible. Make the width of the widest part of the oval about the same as the length of the lower lash line.XResearch source
  • This will be the iris.
  • 3Add a small circle near the top of the oval. Draw the circle on the left or right side of the oval, near the top. It doesnt matter which side, but place the circle on the same side in the second eye if you’re drawing one. Make the circle about 1/10th the size of the iris.XResearch source
  • Youll leave this circle white later on so it looks like light is reflecting off of the eye.
  • Leave the small circles you drew white.
  • Sakura Gellyroll Set For Manga & Anime Art

    How To Draw Anime Eyes With Copic Markers

    We love Gellyrolls so much and use our sets all the time. In fact, we keep them out in the open in a glass jar for easy reach because we use them for our floral tutorials. This set comes with 74 colors! Let me tell you about the inks, they are so smooth. The rollerball just puts the ink onto the paper so nicely. So this set comes with all of the different kinds in one whole set.

    You get the Metallics, Classics, Moonlight, and dual-color Shadows. And if you like to go over darker colors in your manga drawings with sparkle and opaque white, then this is the set you need.

    Learn How To Bring Your Japanese

    • Spanish with subtitles in English
    • 100%Positive reviews
    • 100%Positive reviews
    • Online and at your own pace
    • Audio: Spanish
    • Spanish, English, Portuguese, German, French, Italian
    • Unlimited access forever
    • Certificate upon completion of the course

    Coloring your manga characters with markers requires focusing on blending tones and finishes and employing specific techniques like gradients, lights, and shadows. Artist Tania Oksentiuk, known as Taniidraw, is an expert in creating Japanese-style illustrations, taking inspiration from anime and other traditional Japanese genres that she references in her work.

    In this course, learn how to color characters with markers in the Japanese style of manga. Tania teaches you how to work with strokes of the brush and the pen to achieve harmony and special effects in your drawing. Discover how to color the different elements of your character, including skin, hair, eyes, clothing, and small details, and prepare your final illustration to share on social media.

    Chameleon Color Tops For Manga

    These markers seamlessly blend into one another creating cool fading and blending effects. You can create a gradient from one pigment to another.

    Easily create great effects such as color gradations, highlights, shadows, and shading, with just one pen and now the system includes seamless color-to-color blends.

    Drawing Female Anime Eyes

  • 1Draw the upper and lower lash lines. First, draw a downward curving line for the upper lash line. Add a curved tail at one end , going down and back toward the other end of the line, so the upper lash line is C-shaped. Make the line about 1/3rd the length of the first curved line you drew. Then, make the upper lash line thick and bold with your pencil. For the lower lash line, draw a short, upward curving line centered under the first lash line you drew.XResearch source
  • Female anime eyes are usually bigger and rounder than male anime eyes.
  • Make the eyes about 1/6th the height of the head and 1/4th the width of the head, if youre drawing one. That way, theyll look big and exaggerated.
  • 2Sketch an oval between the lash lines. Make the top and bottom of the oval overlap with the lash lines so the top and bottom are hidden. Make the width at the widest part of the oval the same as the length of the lower lash line. This will be the iris of the eye.XResearch source
  • 3Draw a small circle near the top of the oval. Place the circle off to one side. Later on, youll leave this circle white, and it will look like light reflecting off of the eye.XResearch source
  • Make the circle about 1/10th the size of the oval.
  • It doesn’t matter which side you place the circle on, but it should be on the same side on both eyes if you’re drawing 2.
  • When youre done with your drawing, this circle will look like light reflecting off of the eye too.
  • Remember not to shade in the white circles.

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