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What Is The Most Powerful Anime Character

More Powerful Than God

Top 20 Most Powerful Anime Characters of All Time

In the film tie-in The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, Kyon wakes up in a world with no Haruhi. He still maintains all of his memories, but seems no one else has. None of the members of the SOS Brigade remember him. Asahina is a normal student, popular among all the boys with her own fan club, and Nagato is the shy and introverted lonely member of the literature club. There are no aliens, no time travelers, no espers, and no God.

Haruhi and Koizumi are students at a nearby private school, and most of Kyon’s days are spent in the literature club, developing a close friendship with the human Yuki Nagato, who’s developing a bit of a crush on him, while Kyon tries to unravel exactly what’s going on using a single clue the Nagato of his timeline gave him.

This is because the Nagato he once knew used her powers to create a normal world. That’s right, Yuki Nagato stripped God of her powers, and used those powers to undo everything Haruhi subconsciously did, leaving one failsafe and the decision up to Kyon as to which world he liked better.

Yes, Yuki Nagato is more powerful than God. Though, after this incident, she voluntarily put limits on her abilities. Think of it as rewriting her program so she can only operate within certain parameters, and was assigned a chaperone from the Data Integration Thought Entity to keep her from going rogue again.

“The Surprise of Haruhi Suzumiya” Light Novel artwork

Meliodas The Seven Deadly Sins

Son of a Demon King and the Dragons Sin of Wrath, Meliodas possesses great strength with a command over the flames of hell, as well as being the leader of the Ten Commandments. He also has the power to withstand and deflect magic, while also being cursed with immortality, making him practically impervious to the evil forces that be. Meliodas has the appearance of a young boy, although his dark sense of humour easily gives his adult nature away. That said, he is getting on in age, having lived more than three thousand years old already.

Top 20 Strongest Anime Characters To Date

At some point, every anime fan asks himself the question of who the strongest character is or how certain fights between two characters from different animes would end. It is almost impossible to answer these questions with absolute certainty. In addition to that, our connection to the character is also part of our decision. The more we like a specific anime character, the more difficult it becomes to remain objective. Nevertheless, I have made a list of MY PERSONAL top 20 strongest anime characters and tried to stay as objective as possible.

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The 20 Most Powerful Naruto Characters Of All Time

Although it is not an easy task, we have dared to select the most powerful Naruto characters, either in the Classic phase, as in Naruto: Shippuden, in the OVAs, games Basically everywhere!

We have not only taken into account the Kekkei Genkai, Bij, classifications and techniques to configure this list, but also the historical importance of each character throughout the events of the series.

Edward Newgate Aka Whitebeard

The 15 Most Powerful Anime Characters Of All Time

Is it any surprise that Whitebeard’s name is on this list? Well, I’m pretty sure that anyone who’s seen One Piece can attest to the fact that Edward Newgate is the most powerful character in the entire series, and will certainly give anyone in the show a run for their money.

The Battle of Maniford is one of the most epic moments in One Piece, and it’s easy to say that Whitebeard is one of the major reasons why this arc was all the more special.

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The Truth Fullmetal Alchemist

He punishes people for breaking the taboo. I am what you call the world. Or the universe or God or the truth. Or the whole or the one. And I am you. This being, which an alchemist encounters at the Gate of Truth during a human transmutation, is thus only what it is called. Just as The Gate is in every alchemist, the being is also a part of him. With Edward, the being looked like a little boy, whereas with an older alchemist, it was an adult man or with a woman it took on a feminine form. However, it has nothing but a few shadows and often a broad grin. When it takes something from an alchemist as a toll, it takes it for itself. Just as it later possesses an arm and leg of Edward, but only when Edward faces the being.

The being is supposed to guard the knowledge of the whole world, which is hidden behind the door. After father had already got to know this power, he tries to go further. Just as people live on one planet and have one god, there are countless planets in a universe, which is supposed to have its own god. He tries to call this god with the power of the philosophers stone and absorb it. This perfect being is only callable when the sun and moon meet in the sky. While the sun represents the man, the moon represents the woman. Together they form the perfect existence.

Weakest: A Sibling Tag

Max is the younger brother of May on Pokémon. Known more as a traveling companion since hes too young to become a Pokémon trainer, he often befriends Pokémon, without actually owning any of them. Despite always arguing with his sister May, he cares for her and looks up to Ash as a big brother figure.

Hes also close with Misty, and they often look out for one another. Max has immense theoretical knowledge about Pokémon, and is good at navigating through his Poké Nav, even though he sometimes gets lost.

Max isnt afraid to speak his mind as was shown when he first met Ash. He mocked him for losing in the quarter finals of the tournament and criticized May for choosing a Torchic as her starter.

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Number Twenty Five: Luffy

Starting with number twenty five! Well have another One Piece character come in on the honorable mentions list, but Im really glad our list is long enough to have included Luffy.; Im a big One Piece fan, so each time I was writing it up I was expanding it until I felt he was absolutely warranted and deserving.

Character Name: Monkey D. Luffy

Anime: One Piece

Wiki Bio: Monkey D. Luffy,;also known as;Straw Hat Luffy;and commonly as;Straw Hat, is the main protagonist of the;manga;and;anime,;One Piece. He is the founder and captain of the increasingly infamous and powerful Straw Hat Pirates, as well as one of its top three fighters. His lifelong dream is to become the Pirate King by finding the legendary treasure left behind by the late Gol D. Roger. He believes that being Pirate King means having the most freedom in the world.

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Weakest: Sidekick Of Brain

Top 10 Most Powerful Anime Characters Of All Time

Pinky: Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight?

Brain: The same thing we do every night, Pinky try to take over the world!

Pinky is the adorable and not so intelligent lab mouse sidekick to Brain. Despite being looked down upon by Brain, Pinky was always upbeat and full of annoying joy. Hes often referred to as child-like, joyful, patient, naïve, friendly, loyal, and cute. Everywhere Brain goes, so does Pinky, as the two are practically inseparable.

Pinky knows the names of all the world’s cheeses and can even name what country produces each type of cheese. He even knows his countries thanks to memorizing the lyrics to Yakko’s World. During the rare occasions when Brains plans dont go accordingly, Pinky is known for having good instincts regarding getting themselves out of a jam.

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The Most Powerful Anime Characters Ranked

Anime is a vast, complex landscape of genres, tropes, and subject matter. Want to watch space cowboys contemplate their regrets to a killer jazz soundtrack? Say hello to Cowboy Bebop. How about a surrealist critique of fairy tale archetypes? Enter Revolutionary Girl Utena. Perhaps you’d prefer to immerse yourself in the world’s most high-octane portrayal of ping pong? Here comes Ping Pong: The Animation.

Indeed, the world of anime is a massively varied one. But at the end of the day, even the most sophisticated anime fan has a character they love for the simple fact of their bananas superpowers. From magical girls to gun-toting assassins to alien warriors, anime certainly offers a whole lot of choices in this department. But which anime characters dwarf all the rest? We’re here to answer that eternal question. These are the most powerful anime characters around, ranked from the least formidable to the most massively mighty.

The 15 Most Powerful Anime Characters Of All Time

Who is the greatest anime character of all time?

The wonderful world of anime has presented us with levels of power that we probably would not have been able to imagine by ourselves. Most of us would consider someone who could punch through a brick wall to be extremely strong. After watching a bit of anime, however, our standards for measuring strength are raised high enough that we expect our idols of power to be able to destroy the moon from a million miles away with minimal effort, or at least swing their enemies into mountains that collapse upon impact. In a way, were spoiled by the power levels of our favourite anime characters. Everything else seems so wimpy in comparison. If ever we did see someone punch their way through a brick wall, we would probably yawn right in their face.

With so many powerful characters to choose from, its hard to figure out where to rank them in a list. But we did so, after several months spent thinking about it in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Oh yes indeed, this list is ranked, folks; weakest at 15, going up in strength till we get to the strongest, at numero uno. We understand that doing so will set us up for a cloud of hate mail pigeons blocking out our front yard sun, but were ready for it. The facts speak for themselves, meaning of course that our subjective opinion here is objective fact! Read on to find out how your favourite anime characters stack up in terms of sheer power.

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Weakest: Most Hated Character In Dragon Ball

Mr. Satan in the anime Dragon Ball is annoying and weak. Hes been dubbed the World Martial Arts Champion, only because he fought other humans. Goku and the other real fighters were busy battling on Namek and later against the Androids. He has a taste for fashion and has an affinity for the finer things in life. Hes also quite wealthy.

You cant miss him in the series, as he has a black curly Afro, mustache, and manicured chops. Mr. Satan is often loud and obnoxious. He is skilled, however, in martial arts. But cant hold his own against the other fighters very well. He only stands out if being pitted against a normal human.

Featherine Augustus Aurora Umineko When They Cry

The 15 Most Powerful Anime Characters Of All Time

Featherine Augustus Aurora is the witch form of Tohya Hachijo in the anime Umineko no Naku Koro ni. She is an overwhelming witch, who is on the level of a creator. She is able to create anything, spinning entire narrative worlds.

Some of her powers are:

  • Reality Warping
  • Time Manipulation
  • Immortality
  • Telepathy

Featherine wouldnt have trouble killing every single other anime character in my ranking, even Zeno. She can literally change the plot in her favor, which makes her the strongest of all anime characters to me.

Those were my personal top 20 strongest anime characters. The ranking took me quite some time, and somehow after reading it, I would always change the ranking of one or the other character. How would you place the characters on my list? Let me know in the comments the discussion and different views are what makes this kind of ranking interesting.

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The Strongest Anime Characters Of All Time

In the history of anime, there have been some extremely overpowered characters. Not only do characters boast the strength to achieve incredible physical feats, but other characters have also had the power to destroy civilizations with little more than moving a finger.

For this list, well be making our picks for who are the top 10 most powerful characters in all of anime. With there being thousands of different series narrowing this list down has been very difficult and we will be taking into consideration only the power that weve seen a character display during their corresponding show. Here are our picks!

Zeno Dragon Ball Super

Although Zeno doesnt look frightening, he is the most powerful character shown until now in Dragon Ball. He can erase a whole universe just by snapping his fingers. Zeno seems to be a cute peaceable little being, but in reality, represents the leader of the multiverse.

Zeno is certainly one of the strongest anime characters ever to exist. Personally, I dont like this character at all someone who has such power should not be portrayed as a little child. Maybe its just because I dont think much of Dragon Ball Super in general, even though there were nice scenes. However, the whole story seemed a bit too much with all the gods of destruction and Zeno even for Dragon Ball. But thats just my personal opinion.

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Number Sixteen: Yusuke Urameshi

Yusuke Urameshi JUST missed the top fifteen.; Yu Yu Hakusho used to be one of my favorite anime growing up.; It came out in 1992, so its an older one that I grew up watching the same way I did with Dragon Ball Z.; So to have Yusuke on this list even though it didnt grow to be as big as DBZ is definitely awesome and nostalgic.

Character Name: Yusuke Urameshi

Anime: Yu Yu Hakusho

Wiki Bio: Yusuke Urameshi is the main protagonist of the manga and anime series YuYu Hakusho. He is a Spirit Detective who is tasked with protecting Human World from various supernatural threats over the course of the series and his closest friends as well as greatest allies include Kuwabara, Kurama, Hiei, Keiko, Genkai, Koenma and Botan. He is also the de facto leader of;Team Urameshi;and the general person to look to when the going gets tough. At the start of the series, Yusuke is a teenage delinquent/street fighter with little to no positive qualities to his character. Over the course of the series, he starts becoming a better person, changing into an almost altruistic defender of the Human World.

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Powerful: We Live For Our Friends

I Made The Most Powerful Anime Character of All Time

Erza Scarlet of Fairy Tail may look sweet and innocent in her various armor get-ups, but her abilities are not to be messed with. Erza specializes in Requip Magic, which allows her to switch out armor and weapons at any time. And shes got plenty of both. In addition, Ezra can use sword magic in combination with her various armors giving her an advantage while being on the offensive or defensive. But if thats not enough to shake ones boots, Ezra can perform telekinesis as a combination with her sword magic.

Ezra is an S-Class Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild and possesses a massive amount of magical power. During several battles, she was able to Requip powerful armors in rapid succession without showing any signs of slowing down. Ezra can also Requip her Heaven’s Wheel Armor and over 200 swords. All without running out of power.

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Powerful: Might Of The Pen

Light Yagami from the anime series Death Note, has the power to terminate anyones name he writes in his special notebook. As the main protagonist of the series, hes driven mad by his powers. Light believes he can rid the world of all the criminals in existence, creating a new world in which he is essentially a god.

This world is rotten, and those who are making it rot deserve to be eliminated. Even if it means sacrificing my own mind and soul, its worth it. Because the world cant go on like this. I wonder what if someone else had picked up this notebook? Is there anyone out there other than me whod be willing to eliminate the vermin from the world? If I dont do it, then who will? Thats just it: theres no one. But I can do it. In fact, Im the only one who can. Ill do it. Using the Death Note, Ill change the world. Light Yagami.

First Of The North Star: Kenshiro

Hokuto Shinkens master, Kenshiro, is a powerful soul who is lost in a post-apocalyptic world. He fights against all the evils and those who abuse the defenseless. Kenshiro possesses incredible strength and powers. Fans may know the sharp battle sense, and they must be aware of his ability to end anyone with a correct strike.

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The 15 Most Powerful & Strongest Anime Characters Of All Time

Who are the strongest and most powerful anime characters of all time? We take a look at all the classic and new anime characters.

The earliest anime can be traced back over a century ago, with the first known film dating back to 1917. While animations from Europe and USA were shown in theatres for a while prior to this, the introduction of Japanese anime quickly grew into a phenomenon with the public already bored of the previously popular stop-animation films of the time. Throughout World War II, anime played host to Japanese propaganda for roughly a decade. Thankfully, the 50s introduced a slew of classic anime films and later the creation of a few notable anime film studios, including the likes of Toei Animation and Mushi Production, paving way decades later for the likes of Studio Ghibli.

Having cemented its popularity across the globe covering a wide range of topics and genres, and based on fictional and non-fictional material, a range of powerful fantasy characters have been created over the many decades. Just as there are endless debates regarding the most powerful comic book characters across the DC and Marvel universes, the same argument has spilt over into the anime universe, especially of late.

15. Vash the Stampede Trigun

14. Light Yagami Death Note

13. Ichigo Bleach

12. Akira Fudo Devilman

11. Meliodas The Seven Deadly Sins

10. Naturo Uzamaki Naruto

9. Isaac Netero Hunter X Hunter

8. Eren Yeager Attack on Titan

7. Mob Mob Psycho 100


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