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Why Do People Not Like Anime

The Formality Of Japanese Culture

What NOT to say to People who like Anime

Anime is not all there is to Japanese culture. But anime and manga fans around the world often have an affinity for other aspects of Japanese culture as well. Some like Japanese marital arts, like kendo, judo, and karate. Others like Japan’s more peaceful arts, like bonsai trees, flower arrangement , the tea ceremony, Zen Buddhism, calligraphy, and painting. Still others like Japanese literature, live action films, TV shows, and other fiction. Me? I have a soft spot for Japan’s huggable critters. Some might also like their interesting mythology and folklore. Japan truly is a great civilization, and anime and manga is but one aspect of this glory.

But what is it about Japanese culture that might be especially appealing to autistic people? Quiet, for one. Everything I’ve read on Japanese culture indicates that they’re an introvert-friendly society. They religiously observe quiet in public spaces. People avoid approaching strangers, with the general assumption that people prefer to be left alone. Certainly, if I went to Japan I wouldn’t expect to see my least favorite part of the holiday season someone ringing a goddamn bell in my face every time I go to the store. Sure, they have festivals and noisy pachinko parlors, but probably less of the aggressive street soliciting I have to deal with in Chicago.

Studying Japanese History Language And Culture

Japan is a fascinating place. Since it experienced centuries of isolation, and remains enigmatic to westerners today, learning about it feels like a privilege. Anime lets you put yourself in the shoes of someone else, to experience a different culture from your own and to learn about a fascinating people and their history.

What interests me particularly is the history of the Meiji Era, which is captured beautifully by the stellar anime Rurouni Kenshin. A lot of neat life lessons can be gleaned from the samurai code of ethics and the old Japanese ways.

Modern anime that involve a lot of destruction are commentaries on World War II and its devastating impact on the Japanese psyche. Anti-war sentiment is also fairly common in anime, not as vitriolic hatred, but more about a silent sorrow and deep pain felt from the damage of war on people’s lives. Princess Mononoke and Grave of the Fireflies show the negative impact of war on society, the environment, and individual souls.

A lot of sophisticated and witty social commentary can be found in anime such as Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei and other anime that ridicule certain aspects of Japanese culture. Through shows like this, we can learn about Japanese culture and language.

Symbolic social criticism is often found in futuristic anime, such as Ghost in the Shell. Like western sci-fi, Ghost in the Shell criticizes government policy and society through a futuristic lens.

What Is Anime What Is Manga

In Japan, anime is simply an abbreviation for animation. Outside Japan, anime refers to the specifically Japanese style of animation. So while an animation from anywhere in the world is called anime in Japan, in the U.S. and elsewhere anime means animation created in Japan. Mark Trainer, writer for

You can find anime about pretty much any topic. If you have a Netflix account, log on and select Anime from the shows or movies genres. Youll see Romantic Anime, Goofy Anime, Exciting Supernatural Anime, TV Shows About Friendship, Comedy Anime, etc. Anime is more of a medium than a genre, so almost every genre is represented by this Japanese style of animation and storytelling.

While there are a few adult cartoons , in the US, cartoons are mostly seen as childrens entertainment. Kids like Disney movies. Tweens watch Cartoon Network. Because anime is often intended for teens and adults, it uniquely appeals to teens who want to be treated like mature viewers. It addresses relatable themes like romantic attraction, teen relationships, depression, and the despair that can come when things dont work out the way we want them to.

Anime and manga have a reciprocal relationship. explains:

Both anime and manga are Japanese styles of cartooning. The basic difference is that anime is the video version and manga is the print version.

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Why Do People Hate New Anime: Language Barrier

In the early days of anime, the shows only used to come in the Japanese language, and that too without any subtitles. So, to overcome this problem, fans began to provide subtitles on communities. Hence, most people like to watch shows in their native language as they dont like to read and watch at the same time. Well, they still have to wait for weeks to see the dubbed version of their favorite anime. As a result, they dont like to watch new anime as they have to see it in a foreign language they dont speak.

It Is Just For Fan Service

hehey: December 2012

If you are an avid viewer of anime, you might find it surprising that there are people out there who are turned off by the sight of anime. You may then think to yourself, is anime bad? People have their reasons, and a popular reason is that they think that anime is just for fan service.

It is no secret that there are anime out there that revolve heavily around sex, nudity, and porn. Some anime characters, especially women and people who look very young, are sexualized just for the pleasure of male fans.

There is no shortage of female anime characters with exaggerated body parts or skimpy clothing that leave little to the imagination. This then makes some people feel that anime is only for perverts and those who enjoy erotic material. While some people like watching anime for sexual pleasure, not every anime is like this in the same way that just because there are movies about sex, not every movie is sex focused.

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Why Did People Hate The Ending Of Erased

From what I’ve seen, it’s mainly three things:

  • The villain’s identity being way too obvious

  • The rooftop confrontation being handled better in the manga

  • The MC not getting together with Kayo in the end

  • Edit: got some names confused

    In the manga there was no rooftop scene. The final confrontation happened in a park where the rehab group was on an excursion. The ending of the manga remains the same, but the final confrontation was totally different.

    Yeah, 1 is the main reason for me

    The rooftop confrontation isn’t in the manga haha

    Why is the villain being obvious an issue? The show wasn’t a mystery, more of a thriller where they foreshadow the villain and build up to it. It was more of a surprise for Satoru than us, which I think was intended.

    Never read the manga but the first two-thirds was great because Kayo basically carried the show and it just felt way less interesting once her arc ended and she was gone. Also that rooftop scene was atrocious.

    Personnaly, I hated it because they scrapped the second half of the manga in only 2 episodes, ruining Yashiro’s character, or even Satoru and Airi evolution in this second half.

    But there are idiots who are really spreading hate just because Satoru didn”t end up with Kayo.

    If just didn’t play into the series’ strengths. For a show that had been so focused on relationships, the ending was some silly mind game nonsense with some goofy serial killer shit.

    Iv Encourages Children To Learn & Enhances Creativity

    Picking up habits, interests, and hobbies from the media is a common form of imitation and source of influence. Certain anime like Haikyu!!, Free, Diamond No Ace introduce their audience to sports and the joy of playing. Children who watch these types of shows get passionate about sports and indulge in physical activities, which is always a plus point. Who said people who watch anime are lethargic?!

    Picking interests from anime is not limited to only sports! There are instances where a child refuses to learn the piano like their parents wont, but after watching Nodame Cantabile, the urge to learn a musical instrument is overflowing. This is mainly because the main characters in the anime seem to enjoy and love what they are doing.

    Furthermore, anime is vivid and aesthetic. Wanting to draw those beautiful landscapes and characters with wide purple eyes has motivated many, including me, to learn how to draw. Some people who got into anime as kids are now professional artists who draw for popular sites and apps like Webtoon and Naver.

    These positive experiences become something the children strive to attain constantly, and it motivates them to learn and work towards gaining a better quality of life.

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    People Watch Anime For The Artwork

    Even though you might be used to watching live action films and television shows, creating an anime takes just as much hard work and talent. There are a lot of intense battle scenes, detailed characters, and vibrant background visuals to create.

    Every art style is different, so you could watch a dozen different shows and never seen a character drawn the same way twice.

    Films like Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke have breathtaking character designs and background artwork that looks surprisingly realistic at times.

    However, it doesnt always have to be that way. When it comes to anime, there are endless possibilities. A character can have superhuman powers or shape-shift or have any combination of features.

    There are no limits with anime. The scenes are not restricted to what can realistically be filmed on a set with physical people, which means a show could have ghosts, pirates, samurais, or space cowboys. Anything could happen. And it will look beautiful in the process. It might even inspire you to start drawing yourself.

    I Went To Japan And Everything Changed

    Why I Hate Watching Anime

    I spent six amazing weeks in Japan when I was turning 17, at the apex of my interest in Japanese culture. It was certainly an eye-opening, life-changing experience for me, as I had never traveled abroad nor spent time learning to speak in a language other than English or Vietnamese.

    Something broke in me while I was there. Its not that something terrible happened, but I knew I wasnt the same by the time I returned from the trip.

    Ill have to write more about that at a later time…

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    The World Is Full Of Stupid People

    Yeah I said it.

    Continuing from my last point, this isnt just about anime its more to do with ignorance and sheep mentality.

    Heres how the world works:

    • If everybody likes it, it makes you cool.
    • If you like something different, youre automatically retarded. And youll get hate for it.

    Thats generally how the world works. Bullying is proof of that. So are online trolls.

    Anime and Manga happens to be one of those things not everyone likes.

    And if you do like it? You deserve to be verbally abused!

    Just take a look at these Google searches to prove my point.

    First lets go to Googles homepage

    And now Ill type: Anime is to see what suggestions show up

    Here are some suggestions:

    You get the idea Its common to hate anime and jump on the bandwagon.

    Why do people who enjoy manga anime get so much hate?

    Because when youre ignorant and closed-minded, its normal to hate on those who are different from yourself.

    Simply because youre unable to comprehend it.

    Easy To Read Emotionally

    Relationships and friendships can be confusing to people with autism. Approaching people can be scary. It is hard to understand the subtle ways people communicate non-verbally, too. These skills can improve with therapy and practice, but it is a challenge. Another social problem people with autism face is mistakenly giving offense to others when they didn’t mean to. Sometimes, they just lack the awareness and intuition to know how their actions are interpreted or understood by others.

    Anime helps with this. It is less subtle than real-life human interactions. Emotions are exaggerated. In a picture, you can study a person’s face for a long time, and they won’t get mad at you for staring. People with autism may sometimes need to study a facial expression for a long time to understand it. Manga also gives more clues as to what the characters are feeling. Since the focus is on the visuals, more emotion is conveyed that way. Anime emotions are usually big, loud, and dramatic, making them easier to read.

    Indeed, manga typically caricatures characters’ emotional states angry characters are drawn in grotesque distortions sad characters are shown with tears streaming down their cheeks.

    â Robert Rozema, “Manga and the Autistic Mind” Article by the National Council of Teachers of English

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    Autism In The Anime Fan Community

    You might think all of us anime fans are autistic, but actually only a minority of us are. But, psychologists and special ed teachers have noticed that many autistic adults and children like anime and manga. There’s not official research on it, but people on the autism spectrum may be more likely to be anime and manga fans than neurotypical people.

    Some people might wonder why?

    What is it about anime and manga that makes it appealing for people with autism?

    A few caveats before proceeding.

    First, I do not have an official diagnosis of autism myself. When I describe the experiences of autistic persons, I try to use research, and anecdotes of the experiences of people diagnosed with autism. I am not a primary source.

    Second, of course I do notclaim that all the experiences of autistic people are the same. Nor do I claim that all persons with autism are the same. Any generalization I make is based on psychological research and primary sources, plus what I consider reasonable conjecture. But is not absolute, and will not apply to all persons with autism. But educated and well-researched generalizations, while not matching everyone’s personal experiences, are useful for discussing psychological conditions. Professionals use patterns associated with persons with a particular psychological condition to help those people. We know patterns are not always true, they’re just generally true, enough of the time.

    Important Anime Terms Defined

    Why do people like anime?
    • Otaku: A Japanese word that roughly translates to nerd or geek. In Japan it implies that someone doesnt have a social life because of an obsessive hobby . In the US the connotation of otaku is less negative. Hardcore anime fans refer to themselves as otaku. In this short YouTube video, MVPerry explains the differences between otaku, weeaboo, and weeb.
    • Weeaboo: Someone who is obsessed with everything about Japanese culture . This person may include Japanese phrases in everyday conversations and may want to live in Japan or be Japanese.
    • Weeb: Someone who likes anime. This term can get thrown around as an insult .
    • Normie: A popular person who doesnt have niche interests or opinions. In the anime world, a normie only casually watches the most popular anime. Because theyre more mainstream or cool, they may disown their love for anime if asked about it.
    • Subbed: Anime that is in Japanese with English subtitles, so viewers read along.
    • Dubbed: Anime that is dubbed over by English-speaking voice actors, so no subtitles are necessary.

    If youre interested in the many types of anime characters, this YouTube video unpacks a few of them, and gives insight into anime fan culture.

    • Tsundere: A character who acts cold or hostile toward their love interest at first but warms up as the show progresses. Can violently swing back and forth from angry to sweet.

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    I Can Watching Anime Induce Violent Tendencies Within The Children

    In genres of anime such as Shonen, theres a lot of casual violence portrayed. Children might watch Hunter x Hunter, Inuyasha, or any similar show and find the characters hitting each other in an entertaining manner.

    However, this is not specific to anime. In American animated shows such as Tom and Jerry, or Indian cartoons such as Chota Bheem, etc., such incidents are present. Furthermore, the Marvel comics and movies that the children love depict similar violence. Despite consuming these forms of media, children generally do not develop violent tendencies.

    For example, while kids do watch anime such as Dragon Ball Z that have many fights, they rarely think a Kamehameha will stop their mother from feeding them veggies or friends from poking fun at them. At their age, these fights only serve to captivate them with their array of colors rather than moves.

    If Popeye wasnt able to make kids eat spinach, then anime such as Attack on Titan wont make them eat humans. On that note, please dont let your children watch AOT. Everything mentioned above is only in regards to shows meant for children.

    Like any other form of media, parents should monitor the anime that their children watch and make sure that they dont divulge into shows rated for adults. While kids understand the difference between fiction and reality to an extent, they are still impressionable.

    Theyre Comfortable With Being Weird

    Unless you also watch anime, you probably think anime nerds are a little bit weird.

    Thats okay, we kind of understand because very few of us were born watching anime. Most of us also thought it was weird at one point or another so, in a way, we can sympathize with you.

    Anime nerds are used to being called weird and many of us are actually much more comfortable with ourselves because of it.

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    Why Are Most People In Anime White Or European

    Anatomically speaking Europeans don’t look like that either. But most of the people look more European than Japanese, at least it seems to me … Maybe it’s the round eyes? And the non-black hair in some cases?

    Just like stated in his comment, for the Japanese people, their characters do look Asian.

    There is a really nice article written about this on thesocietypages and as stated there:

    Why do the Japanese draw themselves as white? You see that especially in manga and anime.

    As it turns out, that is an American opinion, not a Japanese one. The Japanese see anime characters as being Japanese. It is Americans who think they are white. Why? Because to them white is the Default Human Being.

    Americans apply this thinking to Japanese drawings. But to the Japanese the Default Human Being is Japanese! So they feel no need to make their characters look Asian. They just have to make them look like people and everyone in Japan will assume they are Japanese no matter how improbable their physical appearance.

    In your question, you also said “Maybe it’s the round eyes? And the non-black hair in some cases?”

    The article above also pointed out something about that:

    Of course, there are also exceptions. A nice example is indeed Dan Eagleman, as stated by @senshin. The moment they need to make somebody look non-Japanese, they will try to design the character more to the American/European stereotype, i.e.

    • Bigger noses

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