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What If Adventure Time Was A 3d Anime Update

What If Adventure Time Was A 3d Anime Game Open Beta Demo Download

NEW UPDATE! | Pt. 1| What If Adventure Time Was A 3D Anime Game [Public Beta 2 Demo] | Walkthrough

What if Adventure Time was a 3D Anime Game, is a third person action adventure fan game, developed by Mike Inel, where you play as Fin. Honestly, this looks and plays better than any official Adventure Time game, aside from the consideration that it has an anime theme to it.

Play the famous cartoon Adventure Time as a 3D action game in anime form!

Download the beta demo on the games GameJolt page.

Update: The game developers have pivoted the development of this game into its own unique-ish game IP, called Hot Glue, thats an adult game, with a .

What If Adventure Time Was A 3d Anime

What if Adventure Time was a 3D anime

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New Things You Might Like:

If the boss hits you so hard, and you die. After youre dead, there will be a window to show up and give you some tips.

Using these tips might help you with the gameplay and also the battle of your adventure.

What if Adventure Time was a 3D Anime Game with a new checkpoint.

This game will send you some challenges and the way to get through it will be to fight. Jack will follow and help you with your fight. But sometimes you need to overcome it by using your brain and sword.

This is where players can save their game. And then come back to continue it! Fangame makes this, so players dont have to end the wave to save it!

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What If Adventure Time Was An Anime

Sup /v/, I just beat the game with Finn and trying to get the secrets with Fiona and stuff, how the hell do you get the star that is under the forcefield as Fiona? And also how do you get the nsfw models?

For the forcefield, do the 4 hit combo with the blood sword then do the fire dash. Repeat until it breaksFor nude models, Hold Q then press Right Up Down Down Down Up Right. Charge the ??? sword by fighting enemies then do the special near characters

> > 357300994You need to smash teh force field after flipping magic man switch. i did it with quick attack upgrade but people are saying you can do it with lightning attack from the blood sword. Probably by hitting it right on the top and getting stuck so you do constant damage.

> And also how do you get the nsfw models?Are you playing 7.0 or 7.1?

Is there a guide out there on how to unlock all the stuff?

How do i get the shower scene

> current year> not playing king of the hill online

Talk to marcy and breakfast princess, eventually Breakfast pranks her by giving her a facial. Talk to Marcy and mention the egg on her face. You can spy on her taking a shower by looking up the ladder

too much effort to unlock everything and theres no sex

there was a guide posted in one of the threads. it was on google docs. i dont have the url however

I legit always thought it was ppl lying. Couldnt find where to peak

How can I check the version?

What If Adventure Time Was A 3d Anime Game

Was wäre, wenn " Adventure Time"  ein 3D Anime wär?
What if “Adventure Time” was a 3D Anime Game
What if “Adventure Time” was a 3D Anime Game

What if “Adventure Time” was a 3D Anime Game , Mike Inel, . , Patreon. . . , .

, .

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The New Things In Update:

You can now come to Fionna. She will bring you some potion. And all you need is to make some money to buy them.

Their potion will help you in the battle and when you are getting ready for bosses.

New tips when dying:

If you die in battle, we will give you some tips. And these tips will be handy. It would be best if you had them for the next time you come back to this fight.

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What If Adventure Time Description

Important: To unlock the sex content you must complete certain game achievements. A guide can be found here.

Based on the earlier seasons of Adventure Time, this 3rd-person action game features six different locations to explore, eight non-playable characters, puzzles, secrets, and epic boss fights.

Advance through the levels to attain cool achievements like weapon and movement upgrades. Master your skills to unlock the hidden NSFW content that only the devs were meant to see.

Unfortunately, the developer decided to stop supporting VR in the latest builds of the game but this version is still compatible with VR. The game has a lot of sexy secrets for those who know how to unlock all of them.

Free Demo, Open World, Story

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What If Adventure Time Was A 3d Anime Game Beta Demo

What if Adventure Time was a 3D Anime Game is a fabulous fan made third person action adventure that transports you into a 3D Anime-styled version of Finn and Jakes wonder-filled world.

In the Beta Demo build you can explore Marcelines home and surrounding area. Its still early in development, so is fairly short,but its great to be able to set foot in the ridiculous world of Adventure Time. Its packed with lots of great humor, easter eggs, unlockables and even some platforming and combat sections.

There have been a few official Adventure Time games made in the past, but What if Adventure Time was a 3D Anime Game is the only one that really nails the humor and actually feels like youre in the world . We cant wait to see more of the game its already an awesome fun-filled and delightfully silly adventure Finn and Jake would be proud of.

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Mike Inel What If Adventure Time Was A 3d Anime Game Beta 85

What If Adventure Time Was A 3D Anime Part 38: New Update 8.5!

About this game:Based from the earlier seasons of Adventure Time, this 3rd-person action game features 6+ locations to explore, 7+ NPCs to meet, puzzles, challenges, and boss battles to fight!New:-Added nude versions of the 2D Waifu hack.-Added a simple text in the beginning for information. -Now showing names inside Custom Viewer File before loading.-Added Video Playback in the Options menu. -Added a very short stop when running to a ledge to give time to jump before falling.-Added tips after dying from a boss battle.-Added Last Checkpoint in the Pause menu to restart from the previous checkpoint.-???

-VR support again. -School gameplay improved.-Significantly improved loading times in Model Viewer.-Flame Princess now has the option to stop following/fighting.-Settings are now saved in a separate file: Settings.dat.-The game now continues with a faulty file instead of overwriting it with a new file.

Bug Fixes:-Breakfast Princess alternate costume now shows in the Model Viewer.-Hair color of Finn/Fionna in the Model Viewer fixed.-In the bomb area, the platform cant be reached using the ??? Sword anymore.-Flame Princess now lets you buy potions correctly.-Fixed a visual error when cancelling a charged attack of the ??? Sword.-Changed the mapping of gamepad controls.

Known Issues:-Missing videos in Mac OS X.

Censorship: None

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What If Adventure Time Was A 3d Anime Game Beta Access

What if Adventure Time was a 3D Anime Game? Well thats what the developer, Mike Inel, wanted to make. A fan made game for the popular cartoon show Adventure Time, and its a third person action adventure platformer, with a unique anime art style.

The games production quality and the custom work put into it is simply astounding. From the action packed fun gameplay and the visual quality to the character interactions and dialogue, this fan made game is all around a better product in its current form than most if not all official Adventure Time games.

Get beta access here.

Played it? Wed love to know what you thought about it.


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