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How To Draw Anime Feet With Shoes

Drawing Anime Feet From Bottom View

How to Draw Anime Feet and Shoes [Narrated Tutorial]

Drawing anime feet from the bottom view is very similar to drawing them from the top view . One thing you may want to keep in mind when drawing feet from the bottom view is that it will most often mean that the feet are not standing on a surface . This means that the small toes may curve slightly more downwards and appear a little shorter.

Draw The Outline Of The Boots

Once you sketch out the outline of the feet draw the outer shape of the boots around them. In this case the part of the shoe around the leg will be pretty close to it as leather is not a very thick material. However boots of this type will usually be more loose around the leg area to help a person get their foot in. To show this you can draw that part farther away from the leg.

Again erase the leg outline once you have the outline of the boots.

Color & Shade The Drawing

The first step of coloring an anime character is not complicated, simply shade in each area with the appropriate color.

The style of shading used for anime is known as Cel Shading. Cel shading means shading a drawing in a way where there are no gradients.

In order to make the shading more believable we will first consider our light source. In this case it will be on the top left of the drawing. This means that the shadows will be on the bottom right.

The major shadows will be on the neck, below the chest and below the skirt as well as on the right side of every part of the body.

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How To Draw Anime Feet

Anime is an instantly recognisable art style that originates in Japan and has developed a large following in Western cultures. Similar to Manga, anime is short for animation, although both moving and still anime images exist. This tutorial will examine the techniques required to master the art of drawing anime style feet.

Here Are Some Variations Of The Front View Shoes

How to Draw Anime Shoes Step by Step
  • 1. Pointed shoes:

Instead of fitting the pointed curve into the toes ellipse, try to extend it down a bit. The tip of the shoe is in the center and slightly towards the thumb. This model has very delicate soles.

  • 2.Sandals:

Draw the thumb and the rest of the toes. Remember that the thumb is placed in the inner part of the foot and it occupies almost the whole space to the Centerline.

  • 3.Open toe shoes:

To draw open toe shoes just add a curve to the bottom. It should reveal the whole thumb and a small part of the second toe.

  • 4. Boots:

Leave some space between the leg and the boot to show that it is thick and not sticking to the body. You can exaggerate the toes bump in boots and sneakers.

Common errors: It doesnt look right! Common mistakes:

Mistake 1: The toes bump is placed too low. Draw the slightly lower than the shoe curve.

Mistake 2: The shoe curve is either too deep or too high. Use the guidelines from Step 2 to help you find the right place for it.

Mistake 3: The sole of the shoe is no longer at the center, shorter at the ends as it should be. It also helps if you make the outer lines slightly slanted towards the center.

Mistake 3: The sole of the shoe is no longer at the center, shorter at the ends as it should be. It also helps if you make the outer lines slightly slanted towards the center.

CC-BY-NC 4.0. Share and re-use for non-commercial purposes only. Always give attribution and a link to I Draw Fashion.

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Sketching An Anime Body

  • 1Draw a stick-figure outline of your characters body. Use straight lines for the arms, torso, and legs. Make the arms and torso similar in length, and make the legs about 1/3 longer. Then, draw triangles or ovals for the hands and feet. Make the hands about 1/5 the length of the arm, and make the feet about 1/6 the length of the legs.XResearch source
  • To get the proportions right, make your stick-figure outline about 7 times as tall as your characters head.
  • Have the arm lines start about 1/5 of the way down the line you draw for the torso.
  • Have the stick-figure outline of your character capture whatever pose you want them to be in. For example, if you want your character to be sitting, draw their legs so they’re bent. Or, if you want your character to be waving, draw one of their arms so it’s bent.
  • 2Outline the general shapes of your characters body. Drawing over the stick-figure outline you made, sketch a rough outline of your characters torso, arms, hips, and legs. Dont worry about making the outline precise yet. At this point, you just want to represent the different parts of the body with basic shapes.
  • Draw ovals for the upper and lower arms and legs, and then draw a circle at each joint for the knees and elbows. Proportionally, make your characters upper and lower arms the same length and size. Make their upper legs thicker than their lower legs.
  • To outline the hips, draw an oval over the point where the torso and upper legs meet.
  • Draw The Facial Features

    There are already plenty of facial feature drawing tutorials on the site so we will not go into the details of drawing faces in the anime style.

    You can see the following tutorials for drawing facial features in the anime style:

    Some things you should be aware of is that since the face in this tutorial is drawn in 3/4 view due to perspective the features on the far side of the face will be drawn very slightly smaller and slightly lower down. You can ignore this small size variation unless you are drawing a very large close-up of the face.

    As the far side of the face curves away form the viewer the far eyebrow and eye will also appear to be horizontally squished compared to the side that is closer to the viewer.

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    How To Draw An Anime Character

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    Anime is a popular animation and drawing style that originated in Japan. Drawing anime characters can seem overwhelming, especially when youre looking at your favorite anime that was drawn by professionals. Fortunately, anyone can learn how to draw anime characters, and the process is fairly simple if you break it down into small steps.

    What To Be Aware Of When Drawing Anime And Manga Feet In Different Positions

    How to Draw Manga Shoes!

    When drawing feet there are two major parts to consider, the foot itself and the toes. While the toes can move individually, during most normal movement of the foot they usually stay together.

    Although we are focusing on feet in this tutorial its also very important to be aware of positions of the legs in relation to the feet. Its easy to lose track of the position of the legs and the rest of the body if you are drawing only the feet but you should keep those in mind. Being aware of everything can help prevent you from making mistakes. If we again use the example of someone standing up on their toes the position of the leg in relation to the foot will not change the more the person stands up on their toes. The legs will remain upright.

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    Female Anime & Manga Leg Proportions

    As already mentioned the proportions of the common style anime and manga legs are very similar to real legs.

    Generally the area of the legs going from the slightly above the bottom of the body to the bottom of the knees will be about as tall as the area from below the knees to the bottom of the feet.

    Please note that the above example takes perspective into account which means that the back leg in the side view example is drawn smaller than the front leg and why the line indicating the bottom of the legs is actually slightly above the toes in the front view.

    For an explanation of perspective you can see:

    How To Draw Anime Hands Step By Step

    Enough theory! Let’s see how to draw anime hands in every pose! For this exercise, it’s good to use a reference. In fact, to learn how to draw hands, you need to practice a lotnot from imagination and guessing, but by analysis of the real thing. This constant exposure to the structure of a real hand will help you develop an intuition, and you’ll start “feeling” the difference between a correct pose and an incorrect one.

    Here I used this from Envato Elements.

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    How To Start Drawing Anime Feet In Any View

    Anime feet tend to be less stylized than some other other anime styled body parts.

    The size and shape of feet can vary based on many factors but the same principles can apply when drawing all feet. For the sake of this tutorial we will draw the feet of what would probably be those of a young adult.

    For feet in any view always start by drawing the overall shape of the foot. Leave the smaller details like the toes and toenails for after you do this. You want to get the overall proportions of the foot first. This will help you avoid mistakes when drawing the details. Drawing a rough overall shape of your subject first is a good rule for drawing in general.

    Anime Feet With Shoes Drawing ...

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    Anime Feet Drawing Refrence Www Topsimages Com

    Learn How To Draw Sonic Sonic The Hedgehog Step By Step Drawing

    Voting With My Ugly Feet The New York Times

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    Clip2art Com Images Drawn Women Foot 13 Jpg

    How To Draw Anime Hands And Feet

    How To Draw Anime Hands And Feet

    Walking Feet Drawing At Getdrawings Com Free For Personal Use

    Royalty Free Cartoon Shoes Stock Images Photos Vectors Shutterstock

    Bianca The Rescuers Animated Foot Scene Wiki Fandom Powered By

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    How To Draw Feet Wearing Wedge High Heels Youtube

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    How To Draw Feet Shoes Front View Male Female Youtube

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    Free Cartoon Feet Download Free Clip Art Free Clip Art On Clipart

    Www Jokejive Com Images Jokejive 26 263a3c20fee305

    How To Draw Anime Hands And Feet

    Intermediate The Drawing Website

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    How To Draw Female Anime Legs Tutorial

    This tutorial explains how to draw female anime legs with a step by step proportions and shape breakdown of the front and side view.

    Generally legs in the more common anime and manga styles are drawn fairly similar to real legs.

    For this tutorial we will be using an example of a more realistic and more common style of female anime legs.

    More stylized anime characters can have completely different proportions. For an example of drawing a Chibi anime character see:

    How To Draw Anime Hands And Feet

    If there’s one nightmare that all character artists share, it’s drawing hands. Even if you’re a manga artist and you tend to simplify all body parts for stylization purposes, hands can’t really be simplified that much. After all, it’s not the details that make them difficult to drawit’s their flexibility. They’re like a character of their own!

    In this tutorial, I will show you how to draw anime hands by explaining the anatomy and structure behind them. I’ll show you how to simplify the rhythm of the hands, how to start the drawing, and how to keep the proportions correct. I’ll also show you how to draw the feet, which are another problematic issue for many artists. If you want to keep things simple, I’ll show you how to draw hands and feet step by step as well.

    This is part three of our series, How to Draw Anime. If you’re interested in drawing manga in general, you may want to check these out, too:

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    Draw The Sock & Shoe Details

    For the socks draw some lines going along the shape of the leg to indicate the patter of the socks. Draw these very lightly. Keep in mind that the legs are round so the distance between these lines should be greater towards the middle area of the leg that faces the viewer and less with each stripe after that as they curve more and more along the leg.

    For the shoes you can simply add the smaller details of their design to make them look more interesting.

    How To Draw Fingers

    How to Draw Feet/Shoes: Front View, Male & Female

    Let’s learn how to draw the shape of the fingers now.

    Step 1

    Draw a big circle at the base of the finger.

    Step 2

    Draw a smaller circle at the second joint. Connect it to the first one. These lines should taper a little. Also, if you draw the bottom of the phalanx, remember to add a curve.

    Step 3

    Drawn an even smaller circle at the last joint. Connect it to the previous one. This phalanx doesn’t have a lot of cushion, so the curve only appears if the finger is bent.

    Step 4

    Draw the tip of the finger in the shape of a smooth wedge. Avoid completely pointed tips, unless you’re drawing your character in a deformed style.

    Step 5

    Add the nails at the halfway point of the last phalanx. They should be very subtletheir outline can’t compete with the more important outline of the whole hand.

    Step 6

    Don’t forget about webbing between the fingers!;

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    Shading & Coloring The Face & Hair

    On the face the main shadows will be cast by the hair, nose and bottom lip. There will also be some shadow on the eyelids. The head will cast a large shadow on the neck as well.

    For the hair the shaded area will be the inner back part of the hair. You can also add some highlights in the hair to give it a more shiny look.

    Tips To Top Off Your Skills

    If starting from scratch sounds like an overwhelming endeavor, tracing is a great way to get realistic results fast. You dont have to start out sketching, says Fernandez. You can use your reference photo and just trace over it if you want to practice, or want to get a feel for the shape of the shoe.

    Also be sure to consider the material of the shoe when it comes to highlights and shading. Plastic and patent leather arent going to behave the same way as suede or canvas. Some shoes are shiny and smooth, while others are matte and textured. Have fun and experiment with different brushes to find the right texture for every shoe.

    Lastly, use these steps as a handy guide for all your shoe drawings, but keep in mind that your tools and techniques will vary depending on what style you choose. From meticulous and realistic digital drawings to futuristic fashion sketches, or even anime and manga, the choice is yours. Find more shoe drawing ideas and get inspiration from other artists on Behance, then start making your own creation.

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    Drawing The Shirt Sweater Vest & Ribbon

    For this particular shirt draw the sleeves fairly loose and draw the collar hugging the neck as it will be held closer to the neck by the ribbon.

    Draw the sweater vest hugging the body fairly closely at the top and a little farther towards the bottom where it will sag.

    When drawing the ribbon once again be aware that the far side will be smaller due to perspective.

    The Anatomy Of Anime Hands

    Anime Shoe Drawing at GetDrawings

    Anime hands, though so smooth and simple, share their basic structure with real hands. If you understand this structure properly, everything will be easier for you! Let’s start with the bones.

    As you can see, the fingers are longer than they appear. They’re “buried” inside the palm, which makes this part less flexible. That’s why for practical reasons it’s better to see fingers as starting where the palm ends. The thumb is an exception hereit’s far away from the rest and can move on its own, not being limited by the palm.

    Each finger has three joints. The sections between them get progressively shorter. The thumb again is an exceptionit only has two joints, and its bones are similar in length.

    Of course, we don’t really need to know the boneswe need to know their function and how they affect the look of the hand. The simplified structure of the hand consists of:

    • the heads of the forearm bones
    • the wrist
    • the palm
    • the thumb base
    • four three-segmented fingers
    • one two-segmented thumb

    It’s very important to memorize this fan-shape rhythm between the joints. It influences the look of the hand, regardless of the pose of each finger. It makes it easier to guess the position of each joint in relation to the others, even the thumb’s.

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