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Highschool Of The Dead Is A Schlocky Zombie Apocalypse

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Following the passing of creator Daisuke Sato, the manga and anime adaptation of Highschool of the Deadwas left in a perpetual state of incompletion. The anime closed on an open-ended note and Original Video Animation , while the manga stopped just as the survivors were on their way to the next safe zone. Despite this, this short-lived zombie apocalypse is worth a watch.

With its abundance of gore and frankly ridiculous excuses for fanservice, Highschool of the Dead isnt for everyone. That said, its the right kind of B-grade fun that fans of schlock can get behind. Straightforward zombie apocalypses are uncommon in anime, and Highschool of the Dead is an entertainingly tongue-in-cheek example of this niche.

The Original Bubblegum Crisis Ova Series Is A Cyberpunk Classic

Bubblegum Crisis is often mentioned in the same breath as Ghost in the Shellwhen it comes to cyberpunk classics, which may make its inconsistent broadcast history a bit of a surprise. Created as an OVA series in 1987, Bubblegum Crisis only released eight of its promised 13 episodes due to production difficulties and other outside complications.

Sequels, reboots,;and remakes were made to continue the AD Police and Knight Sabers fight against GENOMs deadly Boomers, but these always paled compared to the OVAs. As incomplete as they are, the original Bubblegum Crisis OVAs are the best of their franchise and should be viewed by anyone who loves technologically futuristic anime.

Cancelled Anime That Are Still Worth Watching

Despiteand sometimes in spiteof their flaws, these titles can be great time capsules of anime history. They deserve some belated love!

A harsh fact of life in the anime industry is that any series, regardless of how big a hit it may be with fans, can get canceled at any moment. This is the sad case for many anime, both new and old. Some series are fated to become timeless classics, while others are left incomplete forever.

Thats not to say that all of these unfinished anime are bad. Despiteand sometimes in spiteof their flaws, these titles can be great time capsules of anime history. They deserve some belated love and appreciation.

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Stars Align Is Worth Watching

Stars Align, or Hoshiai no Sora, is a 12-episode show that was aired in late 2019. It’s about a boys’ soft tennis club and an attempt to avoid disbandment, while also exploring the characters’ personal hardships and the darker side of growing up in middle school.

I went into this show keeping in mind that the story was cut in half, and immensely enjoyed it for being a grounded drama slice of life, that touched on a lot of family issues in a realistic and refreshing way. It is clearly made with heart and has a lot of potential – so give it a shot!

It is surprisingly refreshing due to a sense of realism, using the soft tennis club merely as a backdrop to tell a drama about the characters.

It’s hard to describe the vibe I get from this show, but “refreshing” comes to mind. It doesn’t feel like other shows – it captures the comfy and carefree attitude the characters have towards each other and the sport, and contrasts that with the idea that everyone has shit they’re dealing with behind the scenes, regardless of how big or small.

One interesting thing to note is why soft tennis was picked – according to an interview with director Kazuki Akane , it’s not really a professional sport. Stars Align works best as a slice of life – it’s a group of teens that are just trying to have fun playing soft tennis, while also acknowledging other aspects of their life and how they deal with it.

It’s only half the story, so don’t expect a conclusive ending.

Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt Is Pure Insanity

Watch Stars Align Season 1 Episode 2 Sub & Dub

Basically animes answer to Adult Swims crass brand of absurdist humor, Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt;followed the eponymous angels as they fulfilled their crazy missions and carnal desires. After its successful debut, rumors of a Season 2 made the rounds until 2018, when its demise was sadly confirmed.

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In a Reddit Q&A, creator Hiromi Wakabayashi confirmed that legal internal issues were blocking the making of more episodes despite his teams desire to revisit Panty and Stocking. Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt is a relentlessly insane comedy that every anime fan needs to see at least once. If it helps, the weird cliffhanger ending is incredibly in-character for the anime.

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Newsstars Align Anime’s Director Shares Updates On Sequel Plans

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Kazuki Akane reported on Twitter on Tuesday that he has been unable to find a company willing to fund the production of a sequel to the series. However, he is still planning to make episodes 13-24 of the anime someday.

Akane adds that the 13th episode will help viewers understand the “Special Fan Movie’s” new footage that is set two years after the anime’s finale. Akane clarified that there are no plans for a full-length feature movie.

The “Special Fan Movie” shortpremiered in May 2020. The “memorial promotional video” with new footage is set two years after the television anime’s finale, when Maki Katsuragi, Tma Shinj, and others are now in high school. The short is the fourth entry in the website’s “Production Note” column that promotes the anime’s home video release.

Akane had said on Twitter in December 2019 that the series’ story would continue in some form, although not necessarily as an anime. The series was originally planned with 24 episodes, and the TV anime’s ending reflects that structure.

Stars Align

Stars Align Was A Promising Sports Drama

Originally slated for a 24-episode run split into two cours, Stars Align was suddenly canceled in the middle of its first half. The official reasoning behind this may not be revealed any time soon, which is a shame since the anime was slowly but surely growing into a noteworthy addition to the modern sports anime lexicon.

The anime follows Shijou Minami schools lackluster soft tennis club, which gains an unexpected second wind when prodigy player Maki Katsuragi joins. Those who adored the emotional drama at the core of sports anime like Haikyuu!! will appreciate what Stars Align did for its core athletes, even if the twelfth episode left their individual stories dangling.

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Deadman Wonderland Is A Good Example Of A Bad Anime Adaption

Deadman Wonderland is rightfully remembered for being one of the most botched adaptations of a popular manga ever made. For whatever reason, the anime cut entire chunks of story and characterization, leading to mass audience dissatisfaction and the anime’s eventual cancellation. For these reasons,;Deadman Wonderlandneeds a rewatch.

Ganta Igarashis detainment in the deadly amusement park-turned-penal colony is flawed, but its both fascinating and worrying to watch. Narrative flaws aside,;the series;boasts good production value and an interesting premise, meaning not all is lost in one of the biggest anime misfires of history.

Tokko Is A Forgotten Action

Stars Align is TOO real for a Tennis Anime

Tokko follows Shindou Ranmaru, a fresh graduate of the anti-supernatural taskforce Tokko. Together with Sakura, Shindou solves grisly murders that may be connected to a prophesized Armageddon. Tokko has its moments of scares and gory action, though its better known for having one of the biggest cliffhangers in anime history.

Simply put, Tokko ends by announcing that the end of the world is two years away. The anime was canceled before this was ever addressed. There is a manga-only sequel in Tokyo Zero, but its set a decade later and ignores the aforementioned end times. Unintentionally hilarious legacy aside, Tokko is a fun flashback to edgy early 2000s anime thats worth a nostalgic binge.

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Interspecies Reviewers Is A Silly Fantasy & Adult Comedy

Interspecies Reviewers gained notoriety when it was abruptly pulled from airwaves in early;2020. This was, unsurprisingly, because of its premise and comedic beats that were just a few steps away from being a full-fledged adult anime. Here, adventurers Stunk and Zel venture into the kingdom and grade every woman of every fantasy race they sleep with.

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Beyond its initial infamy, Interspecies Reviewersisnt too different from the racy comedies of the 90s to the early 2000s, such as American Pie and its ilk. Fans of these kinds of hijinks will get a kick out of the anime, especially since it doesnt pull any punches. While its difficult to stream online, Interspecies Reviewers will be getting a DVD release;in 2021 from Right Stuff.

Slam Dunk Is An Anime & Sports Fiction Classic For A Reason

Believe it or not, Slam Dunk was canceled at the heights of its popularity. Slam Dunk ended earlier than expected because of creative differences between mangaka Takehiko Inoue and Toei Animation. Reportedly, Toei wanted to make Shohoku win the final nationals tournament, which Inoue disagreed with since he wanted to preserve the teams underdog status.

As a compromise, the anime ended in underwhelming fashion with a practice match between Shohoku and their rivals, plus some movies featuring anime-only storylines. Before the new Slam Dunk project gets released, theres no better time than now to revisit Sakuragis growth from delinquent to basketball genius.

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Newsstars Align Anime Streams Memorial Epilogue Short Set 2 Years Later

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The official website for the television anime began streaming a “Special Fan Movie” short on Wednesday. The “memorial promotional video” with new footage is set two years after the television anime’s finale, when Maki Katsuragi, Tma Shinj, and others are now in high school.

Stars AlignKazuki Akanereported on Twitter on Monday that the series’ “special fan movie” is complete. The short is the fourth entry in the website’s “Production Note” column that promotes the anime’s home video release. Akane had said on Twitter in December that the series’ story would continue in some form, although not necessarily as an anime. The series was originally planned with 24 episodes, and the TV anime’s ending reflects that structure.

Stars Align

Stars Align Director Offers Sequel Update

Watch Stars Align Season 1 Episode 11 Sub & Dub

Director Akane Kazuki confirms that he still has plans to continue his sports anime Stars Align, despite its ill-timed cancellation.

There are still plans to continue Stars Align.

Clarifying his previous statement that there were “no plans to produce more episodes” after the scrapped episode 13, director Akane Kazuki tweeted, “I’m very sorry to say that I still haven’t found a production company or a company willing to fund the production of the sequel to ‘Stars Align.’ Therefore, I have not been able to gather the animators to produce ‘Stars Align.’ However, I am preparing to make episodes 13 to 24 someday.”

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To the overseas supporters of “Stars Align”.I have received many Twitter direct mail questions from overseas fans of “Stars Align” regarding the episodes after episode 13.

Akane Kazuki

While production on the anime has come to a halt because of a lack of funding, based on these tweets, Kazuki clearly still plans to complete the anime’s story and even has some unused animation and material from later episodes at the ready.

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Patalliro & Princess Knight

The earliest Shonen Ai to ever appear on Japanese television, Patalliro! paved the way for many shows with gay characters that came after. It’s hard to define this series as one about espionage or slapstick because of how seamlessly comedy and drama are intertwined. It may have been released back in the 80s but it’s still an incredible anime to this day.

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Those wanting to go back to something even older might also enjoy Princess Knight. Known as;Ribbon no Kishi in Japan, this anime is based on a manga produced in the 50s and featured a girl “born with the blue heart of a boy and the pink heart of a girl.” Yes, the transgender vibes are real in that story.

Stars Align Episode 1 English Dubbed

Stars Align Episode 1 Episode 1

Episode Title: Episode 1

Stars Align Episode 1. A single-parent boy who has been transferred to Shijo Minaminaka, Tomoki Katsuragi reunites with Shinma Shinma, who was a childhood friend. Tsuji who does all the housework for her working mother.

Episode 1. Unlike Tatsumi, Tsuji, who is the manager of the mens soft tennis club, struggled to rehabilitate a weak team that had recently become only seven due to the departure of a retired person. However, if we do not win at least in the summer tournament, it will be decided that it will be abolished. At first glance, Makoto invites you to club activities.

Episode Here;

DisclaimerI do not own the copyrights to the image, video, text, gifs or music in this article. All credits go to the respective owner of the contents.

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Claymore Deserves A Second Shot

Despite gaining some infamy for diverging greatly from the manga near its end, Claymore remains an underrated gem among older anime viewers. In this dark fantasy, the titular Claymores are supposedly soulless half-human/half-demon warriors, but theres a lot more to them especially the protagonist, Clare.

Claymore isnt immune to detrimental flaws, but its since been reevaluated as one of the better loose adaptations of the 2000s. Like many anime of the time, the manga wasnt complete, so the anime had no choice but to tell its own story. Though it doesnt reach the same heights as the first Fullmetal Alchemist anime, Claymore benefited greatly from hindsight.

The Flowers Of Evil Is A Compellingly Dark Slice

Stars Align Ending Theme Kago no Naka no Bokura wa

Known for its unique rotoscoped animation and intense nihilism, The Flowers of Evil only adapted the first act of Takaos strange love triangle thats defined by degeneracy and perversion. While the anime works perfectly well on its own, its ending was obviously hinting at more storylines and trauma for Takao, Sawa, and Nanako.

In the past, anime director Hiroshi Nagahama expressed his desire to animate the rest of the manga for a hypothetical Season 2, but this never came to be. Despite this, The Flowers of Evil is still worth seeking out not just for its intentionally creepy animation but because theres simply nothing like it.

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Stars Align Season 2 Plans Currently At Standstill

Stars Align is a Japanese original anime television series written and directed by Kazuki Akane at Studio 8bit . The series aired from October 10 to December 26, 2019.

Kazuki Akane;explained;via his Twitter account that he has received many messages from international fans of the series who wanted to inquire about the current state of the sequel. For those who may have fallen victim to a;false translation,;he explained the current situation once again in English.

Since the end of the TV broadcast of the original anime, he could not find;a company;willing to take over the project in order to produce a Stars Align Season 2. As a result, he has not yet been able to recruit animators.

Although it is not good for a sequel at the moment, which is supposed to tell the story originally planned for 24 episodes, Kazuki Akane is preparing to one day produce the episodes 13 to 24 and then present them to the fans.

Stars Align was broadcast on Japanese television between October and December 2019 and was shown in the simulcast with English subtitles on Funimation. A;two-minute fan movie set two years after the TV series was released in May 2020.

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Season 1

Constantly outperformed by the girls club, the boys soft tennis club faces disbandment due to their poor skills and lack of positive results. In desperate need of capable players, Toma Shinjou is looking to recruit, but he fails to do so. Enter Maki Katsuragi, a transfer student who demonstrates great reflexes when he catches a stray cat, Instantly capturing Tomas attention. Toma ambitiously asks Maki to join the team but is quickly rejected, as Maki doesnt wish to join any clubs. Toma refuses to back down and ends up persuading Maki only under the condition that Toma will pay him for his club expenses.

As Maki joins the team, he immediately outshine the rest of the team. This gives rise to conflict among the team, Maki challenges his fellow team members to devote themselves to the game they once neglected.

This story focuses on the boys soft tennis club and their discovery of their own capability, while also enduring the darker side of growing up in middle school.

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