Why Do People Hate Anime


    Connie Springer’s Lack Of Defining Details Turn Him Into Expendable Fodder

    Why Do People Hate Anime?

    The problem with Connie is that he’s just a character who struggles to stand out. Not only does he not get a lot of time on screen, but there’s nothing about him that makes him stand out as a character.

    He’s not part of the main trio, he’s not an extremely good or courageous soldier, he’s not exceptionally good looking or charming, nor does he have an interesting back story. He simply exists as one of the most average characters the series has to offer.

    Why Do People Hate Naruto

    ;Sasunaru120 posted over;a;year;ago
    Because everyone has their own opinion
    lumforever;said:Well for starters are characters are just too… boring…? I know their so unique but that is a little too creepy looking.The story is just so unoriginal. We”ve ALL heard of a ninja anime right? I can name 5 right off the top of my head!The fans!! The fans are just out of control!! “SUSUKE IS MINE!! ITACHI IS MINE!!!!!!” And OF COURSE look at you! “WHY DO PEOPLE HATE NARUTO THIS THINGS I JUST CANNOT GET IT WHY!!!!!!!!!” Look at how you react?! it’s just a damn anime. If you going to be a “Fangirl” Then please control your self! When I hear people talk shit about InuYasha yes I wanna punch them but I don’t type nonsense things like you! The Episodes!! There are what over 300 episodes? Wait till it’s over 9,000!Everyone has their own opinion. For you just don’t bother even listening to us. Overall Naruto isn’t that great when summed up. Don’t you hate it when people say “The only REAL anime out there is Naruto!” or when you say “anime” to someone and they automatically say back “Naruto!!” Yeah I pretty much do. And probably a lot others too!!
    Because we all have different opinions.
    I don’t watch it. DBZ is better
    and Sasunaru120 has a right to be pissed, and she can “fangirl” all she wants problem?

    It Is Just For Fan Service

    If you are an avid viewer of anime, you might find it surprising that there are people out there who are turned off by the sight of anime. You may then think to yourself,;is anime bad?;People have their reasons, and a popular reason is that they think that anime is just for fan service.;

    It is no secret that there are anime out there that revolve heavily around sex, nudity, and porn. Some anime characters, especially women and people who look very young, are sexualized just for the pleasure of male fans.;

    There is no shortage of female anime characters with exaggerated body parts or skimpy clothing that leave little to the imagination. This then makes some people feel that anime is only for perverts and those who enjoy erotic material. While some people like watching anime for sexual pleasure, not every anime is like this in the same way that just because there are movies about sex, not every movie is sex focused.;

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    The Style Is Not Their Cup Of Tea

    Some people feel that the whole style of anime is just not for them. Whether it be in 2D or 3D animation, the anime style is not their cup of tea. They feel that the topics discussed, the way the story is told, or how the characters act just feels off to them.;

    Try as they might, they just cannot get into it. It is expected, though, that not everyone is going to appreciate the medium of anime and how it is told. They might think that anime is too boring, or it is not exciting enough. They fail to realize, though, that there are many categories of anime out there, some meant to be slow burns while others fast-paced and exciting.;

    Attack On Titan: The Anime’s 15 Most Hated Characters Ranked


    While there are a lot of characters in Attack on Titan that fans love, there are also a lot that most fans hate.

    There’s just no denying it – the more popular a series is, the more hate it accrues. Attack on Titan;has concluded its manga and its anime is now in its endgame, which is certainly a long enough time;for people to nitpick the series and its characters into oblivion.;Attack on Titan has been full of thrilling narrative developments and unbelievable twists that have helped it remain such a suspenseful adventure at every moment.

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    The world of Attack on Titan is full of loss and betrayal, which has resulted in many individuals hardening or breaking under the pressure. That being said, this discussion also covers some major spoilers, so only those with full;Titan;experience should proceed!

    One area in which Attack on Titan excels is that the roles of heroes and villains are consistently in flux, to the point where its hard to tell where some end and others begin. Characters are committed to do whatever is necessary in order to survive in Attack on Titan, which can lead to the creation of legends, but also feared and hated enemies.

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    Yukiteru Amano From Future Diary

    The future of the world is in the hand of 12 individuals who are playing in a battle royal to see who will be the god of time and space. Each player or Diary Holder, has a phone that has a unique ability, either predict the future or show available escape routes.

    In such a high stakes game, the main character should be cunning, quick on their feet, and mentally stable. Unfortunately, Future Diarys protagonist, Yukiteru Amano, doesnt have these skills. At the beginning of the series, his actions and emotions are understandable. Hes a shy 14-year-old kid who unknowingly gets sucked into a murder game. However, this drags on for quite a while, with him crying in almost every episode.

    Also, his ability to make wise and life-saving decisions is another factor that has earned the fury of fans. In a series about murder and deceit, Yukiteru takes the coward approach. We see this when he decides to stay with Yuno Gasai; despite her homicidal sociopathic tendencies because shes the only who can protect him.

    His lack of emotional stability and reluctance to make obvious decisions are self-inflicted and as a result, has earned him the wrath of anime fans. Thankfully, towards the end, Yukiteru becomes more capable and strong but his decision-making skills are still lacking.

    Mikasa’s Passive Commitment To Eren Can Sometimes Annoy More Than It Excites

    If there’s one thing about Mikasa, it’s how devoted she is to Eren. So much so that when she thought he’d died, she went on a titan killing spree, hoping to eventually die in the line of fighting.

    However, what some view as loyalty, others view as an unhealthy obsession. Considering the fact that she’s an excellent soldier, she could have honored Eren’s memory more by killing as many Titans as possible, instead of becoming a martyr to her own feelings for him.

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    Finding Difficulty In Social Communication And Social Interactions

    Many autistic people struggle to understand the nuances of non-verbal language or we find difficulty in matching intent to words. This is a bit of a problem in day-to-day life, where people love to say everything other than what they mean but, its also why, with anime, we can find a haven.;

    Put simply, this is because anime does not do things by halves. If a guy slightly likes a girl, you can be sure that the Vesuvius of a nosebleed will make that known. If a character is angry then, after the hard cut to their steaming expression, this will be evident. Even in more quaint affairs, there is usually some kind of inner narration where the protagonist explains their thoughts and, as such, the stories are easier to follow.

    This ease of viewing isnt coincidental though, as ensuring that viewers of any background can enjoy anime is often high up in the minds of the studios commissioning the movies/series. This is perhaps most evident in the translation process where, in place of a simple one-to-one translation, teams will work to consider cultural differences within areas of origin and areas of viewing. They will then use this to improve dialogue where cultural differences occur .

    This isnt to say that anime stories arent complex though . Instead, it highlights that these often incredibly rich narratives are going to incredible lengths to invite viewers from any background.

    Gabi Braun Has Her Reasons But Still Gets A Target Immediately Put On Her

    Why Do People Hate Anime?

    Reiner’s cousin was posed to be Eren’s foil and was one of the many main protagonists of the manga. However, fans were not happy with this as;Gabi’s bratty, entitled nature came off as more unlikeable than cute.

    She’s overbearing, disrespectful, domineering, and threatens to punish her fellow Eldians the moment they disagree with her. Her terrible attitude, along with her lack of any redeeming qualities, easily make her the most hated character from the Attack on Titan series.

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    Animes 5 Most Hated Main Characters

    Not every main character is everybodys cup of tea. There are few, for one reason or another, who are seriously loathed by anime fans. But why is that? Who are these characters that have gained such infamy? Ranging from their inability to make decisions to dragging the team down, these are animes most hated main characters.

    Women Empowerment In Sao

    This bit is very elusive. When the show starts Asuna is shown as a very powerful character. Just like Kirito, she also plays the game without joining any guild. Shes a sole player just like Kirito. The scenes in which they fall in love are really cute. What concerns me is when shes with Kirito, her character development takes a backseat.

    She isnt shown as an independent strong woman. Shes clingy and needs Kirito to protect her and is basically reduced to a damsel in distress. Throughout the anime, Kirito and Asuna live an amazing life inside the game. Both of them are happy going on side adventures and exploring the world of Sword Art Online.

    But then season two arrives and the first thing you notice is that Asuna is trapped inside a cage and is being molested by Nobuyuki Sug who wishes to marry her.

    Asuna becomes pretty useless when Kirito is around. Asuna is helpless during most parts of the second season, which is drastically different from how she was portrayed in the first season.

    Another reason why people dont like Sword Art Online is the hype. Sword Art Online has a rating of more than 8 on MyAnimeList. The fanbase of Sword Art Online is huge and essentially wherever you go they will be arguing about why its not worth it. Some people just hate anime for the sake of hating it. It might annoy some otakus that people have gravitated towards Sword Art Online while theres a ton of quality alternatives that guarantee a good time.

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    Why Do People Hate New Anime: Unnecessary Fan Service

    One thing fans hate the most about any anime series is its unnecessary fan service. There are some really weird anime shows that are full of this kind of content. Theyre practically standing at the thin line between anime and hentai. These kinds of shows are one of the main reasons why people who dont watch anime never give it a chance.;In fact, there is still a lot of stigma around such type of content in many parts of the world. Finding a good anime without forced fan service is quite hard these days which a reason why people hate new anime.

    Why Do People Hate New Anime

    Re: Why Do People Hate Anime?

    byMay 7, 2021, 1:36 pmupdated May 7, 2021, 1:37 pm1.3k Views

    Anime is a Japanese term that is used to define computer-originated animation series that are produced in the country. When the concert was initially introduced, it wasnt as popular, but has become mainstream now. The anime industry is growing at a tremendous pace. Fans all around the world have begun to adapt to the anime culture as well. However, there are some people who dont like anime, and there are some who dont like to watch new anime. Well, both of them have their fair share of reasons. So, Why Do People Hate New Anime? Here are some of the reasons.;

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    Yelena Becomes Obsessed With A Narrative That Takes Over Her Life

    Some very dangerous individuals enter Attack on Titans endgame, plenty of which are humans with radical ideals as opposed to destructive Titans. Yelena is a determined revolutionary who has Marleyan roots, which she promptly turns her back on after she experiences an epiphany upon seeing the glory of Zeke and his Titans.

    Yelena starts the Anti-Marleyan movement and exhibits zero difficulty with taking the lives of whoever opposes her wishes or gets in Zekes way. Its Yelenas unwavering conviction towards her cause that makes her so scary and reviled.

    Zoe Hange’s Lighter Touch Can Sometimes Interfere With The Series’ Tension

    Zoe’s hyperactive nature, her disregard for rules and regulations when it comes to the capture of Titans, and her overall “quirky” nature is seen by many as nothing but a sad attempt at injecting humor in a series that is largely morbid in nature. These attempts at levity may annoy some of the fan base, but they’re just as essential to other viewers.

    Her ability to appreciate the simpler aspects of life, particularly the wonders of food, represent an important dose of earnest humanity in Attack on Titan.

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    Eren Jaeger Is Forced To Make Impossible Decisions That Many Must Question

    He’s hot-headed, lets his emotions get the best of him, cries and shouts a lot, and he cares about nothing else once he’s set his mind to something. These traits have been emphasized again and again, showing how;strength alone rarely help Eren win any fights.

    If anything, all of his friends and comrades end up cleaning up the messes he creates, and often end up giving up their own lives in order to save his own.

    Floch Forster Represents The Worst Of Humanity And An Abandonment Of Values


    Floch Forster begins as a benign, almost forgettable presence in Attack on Titan, only to transform into a major and despicable player during the final arc of the series. Floch simply snaps after a lifetime of following orders and becomes one of Erens main helpers during the Jaegerist revolution.

    Floch becomes convinced that Erens plans for humanity are the only way that any semblance of peace can be attained. Hes willing to kill old friends and completely corrupt his former values to accomplish these goals. Its a terrifying transformation, especially with how much purpose Floch finds from it.

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    Most People Grew Up Watching Subbed Anime

    Most kids in American grew up watching subbed anime. Before the anime boom in the early 2000s, the only other way to watch anime was to either buy online and hope that it was not a bootleg version. You would also have to go to New York or California or an Asian neighborhood where anime was exported. I remember right here in Connecticut Trumbull mall there was a guy who sold Asian movies for $5 to $10 a pop. Everything from Kung Fu movies to the Japanese stuff. Me and my friend would pick up movies from that guy.

    Remember the days of VHS tapes for those millennial out there. Sorry Gen Z, but you probably dont know. Back then it was hard to find dubbed anime unless it was translated by Cartoon Network. When we did find a dubbed anime we could tell that there was something wrong with the translation.

    Millennial anime fans grew up with subbed anime and then we shared the knowledge with generation Z. We are so used to subtitles that listening to the dubbed almost sounds unnatural.

    Why Do So Many Anime Fans Hate English Dubs

    We have all seen it. When you watch Naruto for the first time in the early 2000s and read the subtitles. Naruto would always say datteba yo! which means for real! or seriously! However, in the English translation they changed it to believe it! Which then ruined it for the people that watched the original Japanese version. This happened with many translations and as a result many anime fans ended up hating dubbed anime. That being said, not all dubbed anime sucks. It depend what company is translating them.

    What you have to understand is that there is a lot cultural differences with the Japanese and English language. The way they Japanese speak and how they form sentences can be confusing when translated. Also on the translation end of the deal, so American media companies just love to sensor the shit out TV shows that come from other countries. You have to remember, that America and other western countries were on puritan values. So what is normal to the east is not always normal in the west.

    With that being said, here is why anime fans tend to hate English dubbed.

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