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Why Is Anime So Expensive

One Piece God Enel Statue

Why Is Anime So Expensive Compared to Mainstream TV?

One Piece has been the most popular anime in Japan for a long time, so it has a ton of merchandise. It also has a ton of episodes, which means more characters,;and even more figurine possibilities.

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Here we have, Enel, the former “God” of Skypiea. He is the main antagonist of the Skypiea Arc. It is no wonder it is over one thousand dollars, as a ton of detail went into each piece that surrounds the character.

Will Anime Die Because Of The High Costs

No, it won´t! Dont worry, Anime cost a lot of money to make but why do you thing Animation studios still create them today?

They are actually creating and releasing more Animes now than ever. Because even though they cost a lot of money, they also bring in a lot of profit! The Anime-Industry is huge in Japan and in a lot of western countries as well.

So Anime won´t die that fast. In fact, I think the Anime Industry is going to grow even more especially in other parts of the world!

What Is Figma Anime

Figma is a series of Japanese action figures produced by Max Factory and distributed by Good Smile Company. The goal of Figma is to create super-sized portable figures of anything from celebrities, to Japanese anime series. Figmas include various accessories, interchangeable faces, and other optional parts.

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Why Are Anime Series On Dvd So Expensive

I really dont get it. Cowboy Bebop has something like 26 half-hour episodes. To own it on DVD , there seither an out-of-print $200 box set or you have to buy 6 individual discs at $30 each. Same for Samurai Champloo with 7 discs retailing for $30 each. And Fullmetal Alchemist with 51 half hour episodes has 10 discs sold individually.

In comparison, a recently released US live action series such as House retails for $60 for 22 one-hour episodes. Thats 220 hours of program for $60 compared to 13 hours of program for $200.

I dont understand the huge pricing disparity. Granted for an anime series, you have to buy the rights, hire decent transaltors, and do the dubbing. But I cant believe that costs anywhere near the cost of a full-production crew, writers, name actors, etc.

And, of course, anime has a much smaller market than a hit series but I would assume most of the costs would be recouped through the airing rights and most of the DVD sales would be extra profit. And yeah, anime fans tend to be a bit obsessive and some will pay anything. But a fot of anime fans also tend to be younger without a lot of disposable income. IF the discs were cheaper, theyd sell a more. No wonder the ebay bootleg market is thriving.

Anyway, anyone know the logic behind the pricing? Theres mutliple titles Id love to own but Im just not willing to pay these insane prices.

Here is your answer:

FLCL, by the way, is the most egregious – 2 25-minute episodes per disc at $30 a pop.


Compare That To The Average Cost Of Anime Merchandise

Why Are Anime Figures So Expensive?

The average product costs more than the average Anime merch.

Even if we compared TVs by themselves, the average price is still much higher than Anime figurines .

And yet almost every one of us owns a TV, phone, computer, or even a gaming console.

Of course, there are rare exceptions when Anime costs £500-£1000. But thats not typical or the average cost either.

Now weve cleared that up, here are 6 possible reasons why Anime

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What Is The Plot Of Tangled

Disney animation of a classic tale. Beautiful princess Rapunzel has been locked away in a tower since she was captured as a baby by an old hag. Her magical long blonde hair has the power to provide eternal youth, and the evil Gothel uses this power to keep her young. At the age of 18, Rapunzel becomes curious about the outside world, and when a prince uses her tower as a refuge, she asks him to help her escape.

Valorant Skin Pricing: The Type Of Content That We Make Isn

Oct 24, 2020 Valorant skins are expensive. Take, for instance, the Elderflame set, released in July, which costs roughly $100 for the full collection of;

Oct 28, 2020 Valorant Skins are not too expensive, according to Riot Since the release of Valorant, a question arises: are the skins too expensive? The;

May 19, 2021 How Much Are Valorant Skins? The Elderflame collection costs around 9,900 Valorant Points. Most bundled collections cost the same and will;

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The Cost Of Packaging

If youve ever gotten an anime figure from Japan, you may have noticed how high in quality the box and packaging were.

Anime production companies want to make spectacles out of the packaging that the anime figures are coming in because theyre excellent for marketing.

As a kid, how many times did you receive a present from an older relative that was from a show you didnt watch?

Oftentimes, grandparents, uncles, and aunts see a toy or collectible that looks like something youve watched because they dont know Goku from Space Dandy.

The designer of a products packaging is counting on the flashy, distinct packaging to catch their eye.

Some packaging for anime figures is even interactive.

You may be able to turn the packaging into a set or backdrop for your figure.

This makes the packaging even more valuable, especially to anime figure collectors.

Having intact packaging for an item will increase its resale value greatly.

The packaging that your anime figure comes in can also be useful!

Many collectors who have anime figures with accessories keep their accessories in their original box to keep them from getting lost.

Dragneel Fairy Tail Resin Statue

Why Animation is so Expensive and Difficult (Toei Animation)

A detailed and large anime statue is one thing, but one that glows like its actually on fire is on a whole other level. This Fairy Tail statue is all that, as it has Natsu;along with Fire Dragon Igneel. IF you see the statue fully, you can see that LEDs make both the flames and dragons’ eyes glow.

This is the sort of flex piece that a friend will compliment, and then you can turn off the lights to show how it glows and they will lose their minds in envy.

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First Of Is The Concept Phase

In this Phase, the Animators will draw concepts to the characters.

They will do little test Animations and work out how the characters move. Then they will start to conceptualize the backgrounds, lighting, and style of Animation.

In this phase, they will also settle on an overall mood and color to match the story. This phase is the most creative and also the one phase where most Projects just straight out die.

How Many Chapters Does One Manga Have

On average, A single manga consists of 5-10 chapters but the number of pages per chapter can change these numbers.

Basically, Publishers release chapters in two ways.


This type of manga releases a new chapter every week with 20 pages. In a single volume, there are about 10 chapters here.


The second type of manga releases a new chapter every month with 50 pages. In a single volume, there are about 5 chapters here.

These change in manga chapters depends on three factors,

  • Story type
  • Publisher convenience
  • Note: These numbers may vary for some manga

    To get an idea, Weve listed out the top 5 Manga along with the number of sales, volumes, and chapters.


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    Why Are Anime Figures So Expensive Part 2: The Answer

    why do anime figurines cost so much?;And, in case you missed it, make sure you check out our first part to this question where we take a look at how anime figures are made. Why is production of anime figures relevant to the question at hand? Because understanding just how time-consuming and demanding the process behind making figures is makes it clearer why they end up costing what they do.;

    Death Note Light And Ryuk Resin Statue

    Why Anime Figures Are Expensive

    This 48cm high statue;has both Light and Ryuk from Death Note. Light is holding not a Death Note, but an actual Grim Reaper-looking scythe. He is also holding an apple in his other hand. Of course, Ryuk’s eyes are on the apple.

    If you do not buy this on eBay, you may have to get on a waiting list. This figurine may be expensive, but it has a lot of interest.

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    Out Of Print Anime Is Expensive Especially If The Title Was Popular

    Anime is already more expensive than the average television show released on DVD or Blu-Ray because its an import item unless its a mainstream anime like Naruto, Bleach, or One Piece, it can be very pricey to collect unless you know how to look for really good sales online at RightStufAnime or Amazon.

    Even my favorite franchise, Fullmetal Alchemist wasnt cheap for me to buy, but I got it because it is my favorite anime. Still, being an anime collector costs about the same price as being a gamer, but unlike buying video games which depreciate very quickly where you can find new games for $20.00-$30.00 a year after the release, it takes anime a very long time to price drop to be decently affordable for casual fans.

    And once any of these popular titles go out of print, the price will skyrocket because price gougers know that people who really want to collect these titles will pony up the money to purchase them.

    Aniplex USA knows people are willing to pay more for anime because their DVDs and Blu-Rays do sell. I love Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works 2014 and Fate/Zero, so I imported the DVDs from the UK because theyre so expensive.

    Why Are Anime Dvds More Expensive Than Western Animation

    Cody asks:

    I have a question about retail price differences between Japanese animation and Western animation, specifically regarding series. For example, if I wanted to buy MAOYU on Blu-ray from Amazon, I’d be paying $34.77, yet season four of Legend of Korra is only $20.45. I understand that different publishing companies will charge different prices for their respective merchandise, and I never really cared to notice about the price differences before. However, after reading some of your articles that talked about the cost differences to produce Japanese animation and Western animation , the retail price differences seem odd to me. Basically, it sounds like, of the two, Western animation is more expensive to create and sells for less, whereas Japanese animation is cheaper to create and sells for more.

    You’re talking about two different series from in two different countries, made with vastly different business models, and produced by companies with vastly different approaches to the market.

    MAOYUfranchise. They had to buy the time to air it on television like an infomercial — there’s no money coming in from advertising or broadcast at all. Since the series is niche, there’s not a whole lot of merchandise: mostly high end figures that’ll only sell a few hundred units each. Although the show budget isn’t as big as an American show, it’s far, far, far more dependent on DVD and Blu-ray sales to make its budget back.

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    Eren Vs Armored Titan 1/3 Scale Statue

    Attack on Titan has had incredible commercial success, both in and out of Japan. It is most loved for its brutal action between giant titans and humans. There are also titans who fight titans, and all this detail and brutality has been put into this statue.

    The statue could be pre-ordered;for $1,899.99. However, as with most of these figures, it is sold out. That means re-sellers are on sites like eBay, making a profit for a higher price.

    How To Earn Valorant Points For Free Amazon Aws

    Why Animated Movies Are So Expensive? – PJ Explained

    Valorant Ignition Battle Pass weapon skins, buddies and price explained Everything you Though this is a very expensive and mostly cosmetic pack, it is.

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    Aug 1, 2020 As a result, acquiring the Radianite points needed to acquire every skin a player might want is virtually impossible without spending real money;

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    With What Do Anime Studios Make The Most Money

    This is a complicated question to answer. But one thing is sure, they don´t make a lot of money off the Anime airing on television or on any streaming service!

    One big money maker for the Anime Industry is selling DVDs of their shows but it isn´t really the biggest income they have.

    I don´t have exact Numbers here but I am going to say, that the most money, like with other American IP´s, is coming from the merchandise. So selling figures, prints and other officially licensed products from the Anime. The money made from merchandise can easily go into the millions, depending on how successful the Anime is.

    Why Is Manga So Cheap In Japan

    Manga is really cheap in Japan. The reason for it is, Manga originates from Japan and is neither translated to another language nor imported from other countries.

    The Japanese people love Manga and bring heavy profits to the company by huge sales which ultimately encourages the publisher to put a decent price tag.

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    Anime Figures Concept And Design Process

    Before a single anime figure is made, someone has to design it.

    The designer of the toy must decide how to create every detail of the anime figure.

    These designers have to think about the size of the figure, the dimensions, whether or not itll be able to be posed, if it will need a stand or stand independently, which version of the character theyre going to create, and whether or not the figure will have additional accessories.

    All of these decisions take time to think through.

    If a figure is freestanding, then the figure designer has to consider where and how they will balance the weight properly.

    Accessories also need to be carefully considered.

    They need to fit onto the figure naturally without interrupting the characters design.

    The average anime figure designer is making anywhere from $31,000 per year to $69,000 per year.

    Their average hourly wage is $23 per hour.

    Anime production companies and merchandise companies consider the designer or designers salary into how much they are charging for their products.

    The designers are an extremely important part of the merchandise-creating process and deserve to be paid for their hard and mindful work.

    What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About Your Relationship

    Why Are Anime Figures So Expensive?

    According to a study done by relationship psychologist Corrine Sweet, couples that sleep back-to-back without touching are connected and secure in themselves. This position shows both closeness and independence in the relationship. Its also popular, 27 percent of couples prefer this sleeping style.

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    The 10 Most Expensive Anime Merchandise You Can Actually Buy

    Every anime fan knows that sometimes the fandom can border on fanaticism. This list of expensive anime merchandise shows that the fandom has no limit!

    Any anime fan knows that its an expensive hobby to collect anime merchandise. This is especially true if you do not live in Japan. Getting a DVD of your favorite series can easily cost more than 100 dollars. However, it is when you get into statues and figurine collecting that your money can quickly disappear.

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    The reason figurines can be so expensive is that there are many that are limited edition. That means there are only a few of its kind in the world. This is the sort of merchandise that sells fast. It already starts out expensive, but then many buyers re-sell them for an even higher price to get a profit. The price can also depend on how popular the anime is, as well as the size and detail of the figurine. Here are 10 pieces of some of the most expensive;anime merchandise you can buy online.

    Does Holding Hands Mean Love

    Holding hands invokes a positive feeling about one another, so you both feel sexy and wanted. Its almost like foreplay. Cue all the feels: Just like massage, kissing, and hugging, research shows that touch, like holding hands, releases oxytocin, a neurotransmitter that gives you that feel-good buzz, says Coleman.

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    Why Is Anime Merch So Expensive

    Anime merch comes from a place that supports the show and the whole franchise. Even if the merch comes from third-party vendors, anime merch might still be expensive because it is very detailed.

    The more details there are, the more expensive the product will turn out to be and thats the main case with anime merch.

    But if youre a really big fan and youd like to support anime, getting a couple of merchandise products wont break the bank in the long run!

    Why Do Anime Discs Cost So Much In Japan Compared To Other Countries

    Why Japanese Swords Are So Expensive | So Expensive

    Buying DVD and BD from Japan seems to be a lot more expensive in Japan than overseas in a country like the US.

    It might cost someone in the ballpark of $70 for 2 episodes are in a DVD for a new series in Japan. While in the US, $45 for 4 episodes for the same series…

    Even if we compare Western release to Japanese ones in the same market. The domestic Japanese version come at a higher price per disc/length than western releases:

    Why is the cost so high? Although it’s nice to see your favorite shows in 1080p with less compression, that alone can’t be worth the price tag…

    • Just FYI the 2-episode discs from Japan are of higher quality than the 4-episode discs commonly released in the US.Jun 26 ’13 at 15:19
    • 1Note that some companies distributing in the US seem to be trying to change this… … much to some people’s annoyance.Jun 26 ’13 at 16:43
    • 1Comparing US movies, which are released in theaters first then on DVD/BD, and Japanese anime, which are mostly released on TV or stream on Web first, then on BD/DVD is a bit unfair, IMO. The income for a US movies comes from both theaters and BD/DVD sales, while for Japanese anime, it only comes from BD/DVD sales. I think it is better to show the price disparity on equal ground.Jun 26 ’13 at 19:06
    • 1;EuphoricJun 26 ’13 at 21:29

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