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What Anime Characters Are Infp

Aurora From Sleeping Beauty

INFP Anime Characters

Many individuals believe that INFPs, regardless of gender, are similar to Disney Princesses. This is due to their ability to be gentle, dreamy, and compassionate. Essentially, they are the types of folks that would sing to the birds and small animals in an open field while dancing to no music.

No one would be surprised if an INFP began singing about their dreams in the middle of an enchanted forest, like Aurora did. It’s just part of their personality. Furthermore, as INFPs, we cherish our sleep time. Most people of our kind had previously been dubbed as “sleeping beauties” since we sleep more than most. It’s possibly because we have such a strong need to fantasize.

Dwayne Hoover From Little Miss Sunshine

Dwayne from Little Miss Sunshine is an INFP who is youthful and trying to figure out who he is and what his mission in life should be. His ultimate ambition in life is to become a pilot, to the point that he refuses to speak until his parents allow him to begin training. He’s a calm, clever, and creative individual who stands out among his strange family.

On their disastrous journey to the beauty contest, he discovers that he is colorblind and may not be able to pursue his ambition of becoming a pilot. Although he’s sad, he’s hopeful that he’ll work things out.

Rimuru Tempest Has Introduced Many Tribes Collectively

Rimuru Tempest is many issues isekai hero, fighter, politician, pal, Demon Lord, and extra, and he embodies a number of MBTI personalities accordingly. His most defining character kind just isnt Protagonist or Consul, however Mediator, and that is how he constructed his personal nation from scratch.

Rimuru can fight, and he often does, however diplomacy is his #1 asset in this wild isekai world. By way of empathetic and good diplomacy, Rimuru has introduced many feuding tribes and events collectively, beginning with goblins and dire wolves. Then, the ogres, lizard-men, orcs, and dryads joined the crew.

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Takemichi Hanagaki Should Maintain Everybody Completely Satisfied

At first look, the juvenile delinquent Takemichi looks as if a completely completely different particular person from Tohru Honda, a tricky child with dyed hair combating different punks on the streets. However that is only a facade. In actuality, Takemichi is a mild and type boy who does not have a delinquent bone in his physique, not like Mikey and Draken.

Takemichis mission is to return to 2005 and make peace between the numerous associates, rivals, and enemies within the Tokyo gang underworld, and it helps that hes naturally a form and empathetic one that genuinely needs to assist others. That is the one solution to save Hinatas life.

Naoya Nifuji Loves Serving To Others

Infp Anime Characters : amv peronsality infp anime ...

Naoya Nifuji is one other anime character who embodies a couple of comparable MBTI sorts directly, together with Mediator, Defender, and Consul, and his Mediator facet has proven itself greater than as soon as. It appears to be his defining trait, actually, and he will not relaxation simple till everyone seems to be joyful. He is actually completely different from his brother, Hirotaka.

Naoya is fast to cheer different folks up and understands their wants, and hes fashionable as a consequence of his sharp social expertise and delicate character. Each time Ko Sakuragi is upset or agitated, Naoya will drop every thing to assist her, for instance. Anytime theres an argument or somebodys upset, Naoya shall be there to assist out.

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Katarina Claes Has Embraced Her Mediator Facet

Katarina should use her diplomacy abilities to verify everybody within the Fortune Lover world is blissful and glad with their lives and relationships, that means Katarina has reforged herself right into a Mediator to construct wholesome and significant relationships between everybody. Regardless of being so dense, she does her greatest to look out for her associates, and he or she will not let anybody maintain a grudge or undergo alone.

Intp Anime Characters Pdb

PDB stands for Personality database, and it is the premier place for any information regarding personality related information like MBTI or enneagrams, and a brief list of INTP anime characters according to PDB are:

  • L: Death Note
  • Conan Edogawa
  • Shiro

On PDB, INTP anime characters, as well as other personality types across fiction and anime, are decided based on votes and comments from the users, and these are some of the best voted and best commented upon INTP anime characters on PDB.

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Dolores Abernathy From Westworld

Dolores Abernathy is an amazing character from the sci-fi show Westworld, and she displays some great features of the INFP function stack.

Dolores is calm, quiet, and shy, and she gets things done in a quiet and unemotional manner.

This INFP fictional character has a rather interesting arc, and she is one of the few INFP villains in fiction, but she carries it brilliantly and the introverted feeling function that characterizes the INFP is seen in her character over and over again.

To begin with, her character is driven by her, ideals and her belief system she does not want too much, she doesnt even want to hurt others for the sake of it, but she does want what she is owed and she will go to any length to get it.

An INFP is very idealistic and sometimes even possibly naive about how they see the world, but sometimes when their illusion breaks they may feel a sense of anger and horror, first at the fact that it wasnt real, and then at the fact that they believed it.

Even though INFPs are generally sweet and nice, and incredibly inclined to helping others and trying to make a difference, the feeling of being jilted and realizing that their inner world does not match the outer world at all and that they may have been created by the world that appeared ideal for so long, they may act out in dark ways.

Some people choose to see the ugliness in this world. The disarray I choose to see the beauty. To believe there is an order to our days, a purpose.

Makomo The Gentle Teacher

Peronsality INFP | Anime Characters Edit

Makomo possesses one of the most gentle and calming eyes in anime. Her personality is very quiet with very gentle tone of voice. Patient and kind, she trained Tanjiro to use his sword properly and effectively in the battle. Just like most of the INFP characters, she is also very mysterious and often talks in metaphoric and abstract way while teaching Tanjiro.

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Hange Zoe Is A Smart Confident Leader

Hange Zoe, from the anime series Attack on Titan, is the smart, confident “leader type”, though because she’s prone to sharing her feelings with others, she’s probably more of a Te dom than a Ti dom, which makes her an ENTP, all things considered.

Based on her performance in the Survey Corps, she seems to be at least at bit confident in her achievements, and she appreciates it when others believe in her as well.

Intp Anime Characters Kakegurui

The only INTP anime character on the show Kakegurui is Rin Obami, who has the typically odd and eccentric yet brilliant attitude of a typical INTP individual.

Rin has a polite demeanor, and usually speaks calmly, but at the same time he is a swindler, and his calm demeanor is often nothing more than a facade used to gain others trust while simultaneously looking down on them, which is quite possibly the most INTP thing in anime.

Rin often gets an evil look when he is being his real self and that is also when he speaks his mind, and is even able to startle Kirari Momobami.

Like a true INTP anime character, he is very intelligent and will mentally back his enemies into a corner by exposing them, simply to win and by his own admission, he likes to investigate his enemies and know them better, in order to beat them.

The most INTP anime character-like qualities in Rin are his inflated ego and his great ambitions and the way he believes that he is the better person to lead the Momobami clan and thus does anything he can to trounce Kirari from her seat.

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Anime Characters With Your Personality Type

Some anime characters I like who are supposedly ENTP’s are:- Izaya – Haru Yoshida – Hangi
Joined: Jul 2016 Posts: 6299 This is classified information which will be on my blog in April and comes from my own analysis. I’m not going to post all of them.ESTP- Apachai – Revy Click on tags to filter my anime list.
I’m an ISFP! I guess Spike and Gintoki can be taken into consideration here.
Joined: Dec 2018 Posts: 2970 The online test i just took said i was an INTP-t whatever that means. Apparently Lain, L and Shikamaru also have that personality type so take that how ever you want.
Posts: 0 Ok, so I took a test rn, and turns out Im an INTP-T.I also googled characters who have the same personality and the list is – Armin Arlert from AoT- Yuu Koito from Yagate Kimi ni Naru- Yuki Nagato from Haruhi SuzimiyaCant say any of this characters are my favorite but I definitely like them. Now that I think about it – they do kinda have traits that are close to my real personality I only show to close friends and family.
I’m ENFJ, apparently the anime characters with that type of personality are:-Minato Namikaze -Kiyoshi Teppei -Arata Kaizaki
Posts: 0 Dude, you made me take a personality test.INFP type, I don’t know if that’s such a good thing, but here are the characters:Alphonse Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist Taiga Aisaka from ToradoraNunally Lamperouge from Code Geass Hinata Hyuuga from NarutoNatsume Takashi from Natsume Yuujinchou

Okabe Rintarou Is A Smart Social Mad Scientist


Rintarou Okabe, the main protagonist of the anime series Steins Gate, is an ENTP to the core. He’s smart and social, but can be a bit of a mad scientist. In terms of functions, he definitely seems more of Te dom than anything else, although some have argued he leans more towards being a Ne dom.

Overall, he’s the free-thinking, investigative type, which makes him a good person overall, though he can be prone to fits of incredulity.

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Dr Kenzo Tenma Monster

We are starting dark but beautiful. Monster is another different kind of anime. It is grim and serious because of its distinctive art style, compelling storyline effect, and brilliant theme. The work is by Naoki Urasawa. The entire feel of the show is faithful to the events that occur in the story.

Dr. Tenma is the protagonist. Hes a successful and excelling neurosurgeon at the beginning of the story, if not at the top-INFP. He has highly skillful hands, the right mindset while operating, and shows an all-around good nature towards his patients. On observation, Kenzo Tenma is a gentle and highly talented young man whose life is appropriately escalating.

Things went very smoothly at first. Tenma is favored by the directors daughter and praised by the director himself. Tenma had successfully operated on a famous opera singer, which led to the rise of the hospitals reputation being enunciated in the news. Tenma doesnt mind to the point of a self-bothering degree that he wasnt mentioned in the news as he tends to go blissfully with the flow of his life. However, he does seem to recognize laughably that the news was all about the hospitals director instead of him, Tenma, and his miraculous work on the opera singer that gave the hospital its reputation.

Hinami Fueguchi Quick & Steady Learner

Hinami is also one the most cutest INFP anime characters, who always strived to read & keep learning new words everyday. She had a very humble and soothing voice. She would often shy away from guests and new people in the cafe.

Yet, she was very open and would often talk freely in front of Touka and Kaneki as they were her best friends. She had a good friendship with Kaneki. She would often ask for his help when stuck with the meaning of a particular word, as she didnt attend school.

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Will Mikasa Kill Eren

The final chapter verifies that he was slain this time for real. As the dust clears, Mikasa lifts his head to Armin, who weeps with her over their loss. She then takes it off the battleground, knowing that Eren will not be given a decent burial because of the devastation he inflicted with The Rumbling.

Kawora Nagisa From Neon Genesis Evangelion

INFP Anime Characters | Volume 2

Kawora is a more unusual choice for this article, partially because he is more angel than human. He also isnt featured for a very long time in the series. However, his demeanor is distinctly INFJ. He speaks in universal rather than personal terms and seems focused on understanding humanity and the various perspectives of others. He appears warm and emotionally open, making Shinji comfortable as a result. He is also fascinated by issues of human pain and loneliness and wants to understand the deeper feelings of others. His big-picture focus and curiosity about the psychology of others is a trademark INFJ characteristic.

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Akane Tsunemori From Psycho

Set up in a dystopian Japan, Akane Tsunemori is introduced to us as a shy and naive recruit who grows to become a brave inspector later in the series. Her character is of an idealist who slowly comes to understand more about the corrupted Sibyl System.

As the story progresses, we see her growing more and more composed and level-headed, even in stressful situations, continues to keep her Psycho-Pass under 100. She is also a very humble, compassionate, and kind person who deeply cares for her companions. However, sometimes her emotions can take the best of her as she can be headstrong and get angry and upset with people for doing things with which she philosophically disagrees.

Her brave yet compassionate nature with a strong introspective and philosophy is definitely something an INFP can relate to.

Alphonse Eric From Fullmetal Alchemist

Im sick of watching people die and I cant just sit back and take it anymore. I wont let anyone else get killed, not when I can protect them. Alphonse Eric

Caring and idealistic, Al does his best to help whoever crosses his path. His gentleness and inner sense of morality guide him in all his endeavors, and he often serves as a verbal conscience to his brother Edward. Als integrity and protective nature will be relatable to many INFPs. Al never likes to leave someone suffering behind. In fact, he hides small, stray cats in his armor to protect them from harm. Can you get any more INFP than that?

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Armin Arlert On Titan

Armin may not be considered as one of the strongest characters in the series. However, his sharp thinking always helps the scouts to tackle any critical situation. Meek yet level-headed, his analytical approach in dire situations has helped his comrades time and time again. With his knowledge, judgment, level-headedness, and ability to plan further, he can come up with plans that are usually out of the box. He is also good at improvising as well. He may get hopeless at times but tries his best to look at the cruel world positively. He still wants to see a world with true freedom, but current circumstances are not helping him.

Even after being such a wise person with great analytical skills, Armin also has a huge inferiority complex and is emotionally sensitive. He may have a lot of trust in his comrades, but he considers himself a useless person when it comes to himself. He gets anxious when put in the spotlight and feels like he is unworthy of the titles he has achieved. Time and time again, he has been shown as a person who ready to throw his life away because he is not good enough.

Despite all that, he still believes that morality is relative, and it is no good and evil. Armins personality traits- being knowledgeable, level-headed, curious, kind, and selfless while being understanding towards other people, shows how much of a relatable INFP he is.

Azusa Aizawa Is Everyones Mom

Pin by MusicWierd on Mbti in 2021

Azusa Aizawa is an isekai heroine who doesnt dream of killing the demon king or building her own nation or reverse-harem. In fact, she actually befriended the demon king, and she has built up a group of friends and foster daughters, not lovers. She wanted the easy life, and she got it.

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Azusa is a true Mediator whenever her colorful friends are in trouble or are upset, and Azusa will rush to the rescue no matter what. She also likes to talk things out and negotiate, and she helped the feuding red and blue dragon tribes come to an understanding. Thus, she befriended both Laika and Flatorte and made their rivalry healthier.

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An Epic List Of Infp Famous People And Fictional Characters

Imagine your favorite celebrity or fictional character.

Are they calm, intuitive, and harmony-oriented?

If so, they could very well be an INFP personality type. This type makes for some of the most caring, nurturing, and emotionally rich characters and famous people. INFPs are not always easy to spot, as they like to blend in with their environment, but anyone who knows what INFPs personality traits are can accurately categorize many famous people and fictional characters into this type.

Below you will find the most comprehensive list of those believed to be INFP. From Kurt Cobain through William Shakespeare, all the way to Vincent Van Gogh well not only list as many famous INFP people and characters as we can, but well also cover some of the features that make them stand out or not! People of this type can be obvious if you have an understanding of the 16 personalities theory but, due to their shy nature, they can still be elusive.

So, lets take a deeper look at the INFPs who have shaped the world we live in.

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