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What Does Baka Mean In Anime

What Is The Difference Between San Sama Kun And Chan

What Does Baka Mean (Not What You Think)?

In Japan, when talking about other people, one uses honorific titlesafter their name. The most common title is san . It meansall of Mr, Mrs, Miss, and Ms. Mr Tanaka is referred to asTanaka-san, as is Mrs Tanaka, and their unmarried daughter. Othercommon titles include sama , a more polite version ofsan, sensei , for teachers, kun andchan. These titles also come after the name.

Correct use of titles is very important in Japan. Calling somebody byjust their name, without adding a title, is a form of bad manners,called yobisute .

Although titles are usually added to peoples names, there are someexceptions. They are not used when talking about a family member, oranother member of ones in-group, to someone from outside thegroup. At work, Ms. Shimizu calls her boss Tanaka san when she talksto him, or about him to other people. But when she talks to a customerfrom outside their company, she calls him just Tanaka.

Review On The Viral Slang Word Baka: Extras

Well, its not that the social media platforms are actually promoting slang. Though the term Baka is an offensive word, it is mostly being used in a joking manner on the Tiktok application. Users are using it differently. Some are mocking, some are considering it as cute, and some are using it as per the real meaning.

Nowadays, more or less everybody uses Tiktok. There are very few people who arent on the social networking platform called Tiktok. So, if you are one of those big-time Tiktok creators, as known as Tiktokers, I have a question for you. Have you used the term bake in any of your videos? Nowadays, people go much more with the trend. Be its something bad or good. Baka has been viral all over Tiktok, and the creators are often using it with the hashtag in their videos. Are you one of them?

What Does Lewd Mean Anime

What does lewd mean anime? Lewd is an adjective often used to describe something of erotic nature, or otherwise obscene or indecent. It is generally being used to represent the reaction of a character who is ingenuous or timid. Origin.

What does it mean to lewd a character?;Lewd has to do with sexual behavior or remarks that are highly inappropriate or obscene, often because of whats done or said is in public or to someone who does not want that kind of attention.

What does lewd mean?;1a : obscene, vulgar lewd remarks. b : sexually unchaste or licentious lewd behavior. 2 obsolete : evil, wicked.

What does no Lewds mean?;lewding means to make something that wasnt lewd, lewd. If you draw an anime character naked or doing something lewd, you are lewding the character.

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What Is A Baka In Tiktok The Slang Goes Viral

In todays article, we shall cover the meaning of the term Baka, which is going viral on the Tiktok platform. Well, when it comes to Tiktok, it has been five long years from when the social networking platform got released. Tiktok is a great platform where a person can showcase his talent and skills and gain much recognition and much popularity. If you are a big-time social media fanatic, then Tiktok is exactly the best place for you. Many things go on in Tiktok, including filters, terms, trendy songs, challenges, etc., which go viral.

People love using these trendy things on Tiktok and earn several likes and followers based on their performance. Well, many Tiktok creators use these trendy features without even knowing the real meaning. Though the cases are low. Most of them already know, but there are some rare cases as well. In this article, we shall discuss one such term whose meaning is not known by many users and has gone viral on Tiktok.

Multiple users are using the term Baka on their videos, and it has gone viral on the social media platform, Tiktok. Whats the real meaning of the word Baka? Some often dont know the real meaning and considers it a fake meaning. You must be interested to know about the meaning of Baka, which went viral on Tiktok. Right? So without further ado, lets begin.

Using San After Common Nouns To Make Proper Nouns


The honorific suffix san can not only be used with a persons or companys name, but also with occupations, titles, workplace nouns, and some other common nouns such as foods or animals to turn them into proper nouns.

A company president can also be called Kaichou-san . A baker can be called Panya-san , and a foreigner can be called Gaijin-san to address them more politely. I have also heard my favorite vocalist call their stage lightning designer Shoumei-san at one of their concerts.

Other common examples of this are food items, ingredients, and animals. Fish, for example, is called Sakana in Japanese. If you attach san and say Sakana-san you turn a fish into the fish or Mr. Fish aka a proper noun. However, this usually sounds childish.

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Is It Okay To Use Baka In English

While the word baka should never be used lightly in Japanese, due to cultural differences it can be okay to use baka with your friends in English. It is not okay to use the word with strangers or as an insult, but it can be used in a joking or teasing way with someone you know well.

Personally, I dont think it is good or nice to label someone dear to you as baka aka fool or stupid even in a joking way. The word might not have the same impact since it is Japanese and when your friend or partner is into anime they will probably just laugh. But still, what you are actually doing is belittling them.

There are so many other common and useful Japanese words that you can start integrating into your daily English such as yabai senpai , or one of the Japanese honorifics like, for example, chan . Even the slightly naughty ara ara might be a better choice.

But well, this is just my opinion.

Attached To Peoples Names

The most common way to see and hear the word san used is attached to the end of someones name.

Its always spelled in hiragana as and is roughly equivalent to adding the word Mr. or Mrs. to someones name in English.

  • konnichi-wa satou san.
  • Hello, Mr. Satou.

This is done to show both politeness and respect to the other person. Generally speaking, you would use this word for people who are equal to you or above you in social status.

So that means youd attached it to the name of your co-workers, your boss, and people whom you have just met and are your acquaintances.

It also means that you never attach it to your own name since that would come across as kind of pretentious. The rule for Japanese society is to be respectful towards others and humble about yourself.

The word is usually attached to someones last name, but if they become close to you through work, school, or just hanging out a couple of times, then you can start using it with the other persons first name.

This word also gets used with a lot of non-human things such as animals and job positions. Lets go over these next.

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What Does Sussy Baka Mean

So, someone has called you the sussiest of bakas online and you want to know exactly what they mean before you retort with something equally damaging. Well, its a strange one.

Sussy and sus are words used in the videogame Among Us to describe someone shifty or suspicious, whilst baka means fool in Japanese. So to be a sussy baka is to be a suspicious fool, presumably although it appears that the meme has taken this meaning and ran with it a little.

The phrase was popularised by TikToker Akeam Francis after he made a number of videos, firstly including the term baka and then sussy baka as above and the audio took off:

original sound Akeamfrancis2

From here the phrase became a meme in its own right which is why youve seen it all over TikTok .

And that really is it. Prepare yourself to be saying it at least five times a day. Seriously.

Origin And Meaning Of The Word Baka

What does baka mean?

We have already made it clear what baka means in its basic Japanese sense. But there are still other details that were not clear. To understand, we need to take a closer look at the origin of the word baka. There are several theories about the source of this word, lets look at a few things, and you can decide for yourself.

Some believe that it all started when a eunuch named Choko planned a rebellion against the Kogai emperor of the second Qin dynasty in China. He took a deer and presented it to the Emperor, saying it brought a rare horse. Some agreed out of fear of him. Those who disagreed were killed.

Another theory comes from the word mora , which means ignorance and illusion. It is believed that the monks have begun to shift from reading backwardness to baka. Another theory suggests that the word baka emerged from the expression wakamono , meaning young people. Others say the word comes from the expression bankrupt family , which in Zen scriptures is pronounced baka.

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Euphonic Suffixes And Wordplay

In informal speech, some Japanese people may use contrived suffixes in place of normal honorifics. This is essentially a form of wordplay, with suffixes being chosen for their sound, or for friendly or scornful connotations. Although the range of such suffixes that might be coined is limitless, some have gained such widespread usage that the boundary between established honorifics and wordplay has become a little blurred. Examples of such suffixes include variations on -chan , -bee , and -rin .Note that unlike a proper honorific, use of such suffixes is governed largely by how they sound in conjunction with a particular name, and on the effect the speaker is trying to achieve.

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Used As Part Of Other Words

Since this word can be used for things that are seen as cute, youll often hear it added onto other words.

But the thing you have to keep in mind is that these words require that be a part of them. Its not like names where you could use or instead.

For example, the Japanese word for dog is . But the sound that dogs make when they bark in Japanese in . Because of this, it is common to call dogs or puppies in Japanese.

Another word that you see used on is one of the Japanese words for baby. There are quite a few Japanese words for baby, but this one is by far the most common.

In this case the word is which adds onto the Japanese word which means red.

I assume this is because babies are reddish when theyre born? Thats what Im going with, but I dont have facts to back that up.

The last word that Ill talk about here is; which is an interesting word because its exclusively used for boys. The nuance that you have to understand is that its only used for young boys who are innocent or ignorant of the ways of the world.

Perhaps a young rich lad who has been pampered his whole life and doesnt know what the real world has in store for him.

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What Does The Word Baka In Tiktok Mean Everything We Know About The Term

The term Baka is a Japanese word that means stupid, idiot, or dumb. It has been used in several anime and manga series to insult someone. Though the word is slang, it depends on the tone one uses it. Some consider it cute, but thats not the actual meaning.


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In the social media networking platform, Tiktok, Baka is often used in a joking manner. But you must make sure nobody uses the term Baka on you in a joking way because it can be subjective as well. Its an offensive word that most of the Tiktok creators are now using on their videos with the caption #baka. As per the research, videos with #baka have garnered more than 1.4 billion views and several likes. The origin of the term Baka maybe has been from the anime and manga series. Thereafter it became viral on social media platforms like Tiktok.

The word Baka is flooding all over Tiktok. People are using it as its trendy. Several people are using #baka in several ways. But the meaning remains the same. Though some people are considering it cute, it means the opposite. To mock at someone, to insult someone, one uses the term Baka. Some users in Tiktok are posting videos with several ways of expressing and using the term. Isnt it weird? Baka is the latest slang word that is on-trend, and it seems like it will stick around the platform for quite some time.

Baka, the term going viral on Tiktok

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What Does The Term Baka Mean


According to Urban Dictionary and Coto Academy, baka is a Japanese term that means idiot or fool. This is used as a derogatory term and has made its way into the Western vernacular from Otakus, who are people who like anime and manga, according to Know Your Meme. This pejorative term is used both ironically and unironically. The Japanese word baka can be represented as and is sometimes written in katakana as . This term has a wide variety of connotations depending on context, and can range from a playful insult among friends to an extremely offensive term.;

The term baka uses two different kanji to represent it, . means horse , and means deer . The reason for using these kanji is unknown. It if acceptable to call your friends baka if they are doing sometime dumb or silly. This is a playful insult along the same lines as dummy or silly goose. However, dont overdo it any insult gets old after a while and your friends may tire of being called stupid.;

The term baka can also be used as a positive adjective or adverb, similar to the English terms extremely or ridiculously. In this case, you would put the word baka in front of the adjective in order to increase the intensity of it. This usage is colloquial and informal and should only be used with friends and family. It is similar to the slang terms dummy or hella in this context. For example, someone could say something is baka good just like they could say it is hella good or dummy good in English.;

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Do: Call Your Friends Baka Playfully

OK. Here is an example of a situation where you can use baka: with your friends.For example, maybe your friend is doing something stupid like trying to catch a fish in a pond.; Ope, he/she slipped, now they are all wet.And then you help fish them out because thats what friends are for.; Very playful, very appropriate.But you dont want to overdo it.; Calling your friends baka too much might not be very nice, so you want to use discretion in how often you use this word.

What Does San Mean In Japanese

One of the most common words in Japanese is san and the sooner you learn what it is, the better off youll be when reading or listening to Japanese. Its especially important to use correctly when speaking or writing, but what does san mean in Japanese?

The first usage is related to people, and the second is related to animals. Then well talk a little bit about when this word appears in set phrases, and then finally well talk about some common words that are read as san but all have different meanings.

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How To Use Baka

The meaning of baka is so varied , it’s no wonder that it’s usage is equally complex. You can’t just scream “” and expect it to be taken the same way by every person in every situation.

To better understand how and when to use this ultimate Japanese swear word, we’ve broken the baka usage into three parts.

What Is The Meaning Of Baka On Tiktok Trending Word Goes Viral

Best BAKA compilation in anime

The word Baka has been flooding the TikTok comments section on posts and live streams for some time now and many users are still questioning the meaning behind it.

Baka has been trending on the platform and even content creators are questioning what fans mean when they comment the word on a video.

Read on to find out the real meaning behind the popular TikTok phrase.

One Summers Day Smyang Piano

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The Use Of The Term Baka In Anime

The modern terminology of baka simply means “fool” or “stupid,” but it can change depending on the context. For instance, using it among friends in a playful manner is meant to be in good jest, equivalent to how English-speakers might call a friend a “dummy.” Baka can even be used positively, with phrases like “baka umai” meaning that something is ridiculously or “stupid” good.

However, calling a stranger baka will likely be seen as an insult. After all, it’s not exactly pleasant to be called a fool by someone you don’t know, even if they were joking. Likewise, those who are seen as elders or superiors should definitely not have the term thrown their way. In many ways, the rules for calling someone “baka” are the same as calling someone a fool in English.

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Of course, the term has shown up in anime quite a bit, becoming a common term of insult in the fandom. Its prominence can be traced back to its frequent use in; the foundational anime;Neon Genesis Evangelion, where Asuka Langely-Soryu; would constantly refer to Shinji as “baka Shinji.” This was due to her immense dislike of Shinji, which was based mostly on the fact that she found everything that he did to be either stupid or annoying in some way. The fact that she also saw him as more childish and immature also relates to the more youth-oriented uses of the term.


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