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A Silent Voice Anime Movie Watch

A Silent Voice 2 Movie


After Shoyo endangered his life to save Nishimiya, things took a turn for the better good. We see a total change in both their characters, and the will to live is reignited in them. This was beautiful to watch, considering what the two of them had to go through all their life. It was a painful beginning for both of them, especially Nishimiya. But they fought through them all and finally gave up due to the unbearable pain until they learned about reality from the accident.

The picture shown above was the turning point in the entire movie that made a strong impact on both the characters lives and the viewers. Another strong teaching taught in this movie is the importance of friendship. It shows all the advantages of having good friends surrounding you and the disadvantages of friends who encourage wrongdoings. In the end of the fans are eagerly waiting to release A Silent Voice 2 .

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A Silent Voice: The Movie

As the most successful work from one of anime’s most prominent female directors, Naoko Yamada, A Silent Voice has an impressive reputation on its own terms. However, comparisons to Your Name were inevitable on account of the proximity of the two films’ debuts, and the occasionally similar thematic content found in both.

A Silent Voice doesn’t share much of the spectacle and supernatural bombast that Your Name has, and instead presents a harrowing interpersonal drama of redemption and understated romance. However, the dramatic love stories included in both bear a certain resemblance, making A Silent Voice a frequently recommended title for Your Name fans.

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Snow White With The Red Hair

Disney’s;Snow White is a much darker film than it seems. The evil witch tries to murder the innocent princess for no remotely sympathetic or relatable reason. Meanwhile, Snow White herself needs to journey through a menacing forest to get to the dwarves’ cottage.

Snow White with the Red Hair;isn’t nearly as dark. Nor does it have any dwarves. In fact, Snow White in this family anime is Shirayuki, an herbalist with rare red hair. She runs away from her home when she’s forced to be a concubine for Prince Raji. While there is a poisoned apple, it’s not a major part of the story. Furthermore, there’s more character development with this Snow White than the original.

Talk To Your Kids About

A Silent Voice Movie Review
  • Families can talk about how bullying is conveyed in A Silent Voice: The Movie. Did it seem realistic? What does Shoya learn after he takes his bullying too far?

  • What does the movie say about redemption, of trying to make amends for the bad things someone has done in their past?

  • Does the movie’s depiction of a deaf tween and teen seem realistic to you? Why or why not?

  • On DVD or streaming: September 17, 2016
  • Cast:

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A Silent Voice Tells A Powerful Story Of Redemption Exploring Themes Of Disability And Mental Health

Contrary to popular belief, anime isn’t just for kids. Part of what makes “A Silent Voice” so beloved is that it’s willing to go to some dark and relatively unexplored places, while still carrying a positive and hopeful message. It also provides positive representation for the deaf community Shoko’s English voice actress is deaf herself, an inspired bit of inclusive casting that should have Hollywood sitting up and taking note. It also won multiple awards, including “Best Animation Feature Film” at the 2016 Japanese Movie Critics Awards and “Anime of the Year” at the Tokyo Anime Award Festival.

The film holds an impressive 94% rating from 36 critics on Rotten Tomatoes, and a 93% audience rating from over 2,500 people. Among those reviewing the film, Charlotte Harrison of VultureHound;wrote that the film will be especially resonant “for those who feel lost on their journey, afraid of the big and scary world they are being forced to enter, haunted by their all to recent past to move forward with their present. What could be more universal than that?”

“A Silent Voice” came to Netflix in June 2019, where it is still available to stream in the United States.

Violet Evergarden: Eternity And The Auto Memory Doll

Based on a series of manga named “Violet Evergarden” and a TV adaptation of the same name, “Violet Evergarden: Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll” is the first movie to come out of the franchise in 2019. It follows the titular character, Violet Evergarden, in her work as an Auto Memory Doll, which is a very fancy way to describe a ghostwriter. The film plays out in two parts. In the first half, Violet assists Isabella York, a young lady related to the royal family who needs help learning manners. Violet helps Isabelle write a letter to her estranged younger sister, Taylor. In the second half of the movie, Taylor tracks Violet down and becomes a postman at the place where Violet works.

The post-Edwardian style used in the characters’ designs is stunning and makes for a unique anime. The movie is meant as an introduction into the franchise’s world, while the second movie “Violet Evergarden: The Movie,” which came out in 2020, is a more complete offering. Nevertheless, “Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll” is an excellent film that is sure to make you want more.

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Best Anime Movies Like Your Name

Fans of the anime Your Name won’t be disappointed when looking for other movies to watch, because there are many to choose from. These are the best.

The enormously successful anime film from director Makoto Shinkai,;Your Name;swept the world following its release in 2016. Shattering box office records both in Japan and internationally, it;rapidly became one of the highest-grossing anime films ever produced, owing much of its success to its spectacular visuals, brisk pacing, and affecting love story.

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Naturally, Your Name‘s popularity has fans searching for more. Including the other works of Shinkai, there are a number of highly regarded anime films out there that deal with similar themes or share similar aesthetic sensibilities. Be it a coming-of-age tale with a supernatural twist, or a story of love overcoming all odds, the anime film industry has a lot to offer for fans of Your Name.

The Dramatic Anime Hidden Gem Everyone’s Watching On Netflix

A Silent Voice | Anime FMK at the Movies

You don’t necessarily need a subscription to a dedicated anime streaming service such as Crunchyroll to watch some fantastic anime these days. Mainstream platforms such as Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix have plenty of fantastic anime movies and series to watch. One such movie is “A Silent Voice,” a powerful and beautiful story of two high school students learning to cope with the difficult hands they’ve been dealt.

The film centers on Shoya Ishida and Shoko Nishimiya , two students at a high school in Japan. Based on Yoshitoki ima’s manga series of the same name, which ran from 2013 to 2014, the 2016 film by director Naoko Yamada follows the two students as they navigate their early lives. Shoko is deaf, and Shoya must come to terms with the way he bullied her for her disability. The film is a powerful exploration of themes such as disability and alienation, all set to an enchanting soundtrack by Kensuke Ushio and gorgeous visuals by Kyoto Animation.

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    The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

    The Girl Who Leapt Through Time is an earlier work from Mamoru Hosoda, famous for his directorial role in the original;Digimon movie. The story follows a girl who suddenly gains the ability to travel and quite literally leap through time. She soon realizes that time travel isn’t quite as simple as it may seem and must face the consequences of her actions.

    There’s a sort of summery coming-of-age vibe here that should feel familiar to those who love;Your Name, as well as a similar supernatural gimmick that keeps the plot moving forward. It’s not quite as overtly romantic as Your Name, but Hosoda is able to utilize the time travel plot to bring about some emotional ends just the same.

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    Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day


    Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day features Jinta Yadomi who’s being bothered by his friend’s ghost. Wanting to help her pass on, Jinta contacts his old friends to help with his friend Menma’s journey into the afterlife.

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    Like A Silent Voice, Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day is an anime that’s not afraid to make fans cry. Both anime also have similar plotlines regarding rekindling old relationships and centering a female as the cause of an event. If fans liked A Silent Voice, then Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day’s worth viewing.

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    Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End Of Evangelion

    If you’re an anime fiend, chances are that you watched, or at least heard about, the classic sci-fi anime series “Neon Genesis Evangelion,” which came out in 1995 and 1996. The 1997 movie “Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion” picks up right where the series left off, offering an alternate ending to the beloved show.

    The series is set in the city of Tokyo-3, 15 years after aliens known as “Angels” first attacked the city. Angels are gigantic extraterrestrial lifeforms that humans combat with the help of NERV, an organization that has built some colossal mechs known as Evangelion, or EVA. The EVA units are piloted by teenagers: The main character in the show is Shinji Ikaru, estranged son of NERV commander Gendo Ikari, and pilot of Evangelion Unit 01. He’s accompanied by teenage girls Rei Ayanami, who pilots Unit 00, and Asuka Langley Sryu, who pilots Unit 02. Both the show and movie explore themes surrounding frustration, sexual angst, and coming of age, as well as;philosophical concepts like transhumanism and individuality.

    “Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion” is not a standalone movie by any means, so watching the series first is necessary before diving into this parallel ending. The strongest point of the movie is without a doubt the visuals, which were strong for the time and have aged well. The mech fights are beautifully choreographed, and director Hideaki Anno plays with some striking experimental animation in the second half of the movie.

    Will There Ever Be A Sequel To A Silent Voice 2 Everything You Need To Know About The Movie

    A Silent Voice 2 Who knew these specific words would actually spurt joy in weebs across the planet. The entire anime community is very well aware of the movie A Silent Voice or Koe no Katachi. This movie showed us what sadness really is and how a person can appear normal on the outside but be completely broken on the inside. If you didnt cry watching this anime, regardless of being a boy, are you really a human being?

    Koi no Katachi is a solid movie filled with emotions, friendship, twists, turns, etc. But the character development throughout the movie takes the viewers on a journey. It clearly shows us that our past cannot be forgotten nevertheless forgiven, but we can at least accept it and learn from it. The Shape of voice will always cease to impress its viewers no matter how many times you tend to watch it.

    Due to these facts, fans around the world are eager to know all about A Silent Voice 2 Movie, Will There be A Silent Voice Sequel? But dont worry. We got you covered here at Spoilerguy. Make sure to read this article till the very end to know everything about the possibility of a sequel to A Silent Voice.

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    Anime To Watch If You Like A Silent Voice

    A Silent Voice is a dramatic and emotional anime movie. For those who enjoyed it, these 10 anime movies are a must-watch.

    Naoko Yamada’s A Silent Voice is a dramatically driven Japanese animated film that examines the relationship between a bully and their victim. It features Shoko Nishimiya, who is bullied for her hearing disability and leaves her school. To seek closure, the bully, Shoya Ishida, wishes to find Shoko and apologize.

    A Silent Voice received immense praise from many critics and is one of Kyoto Animation’s most beloved anime. Therefore, here are ten anime to watch if you liked A Silent Voice.

    Berserk: The Golden Age Arc


    Another anime-TV-show-turned-movie series, “Berserk: The Golden Age Arc” is a trilogy which was adapted from the manga of the same name more precisely, the manga’s “Golden Age” arc. The TV show, which aired back in 1997, consisted of 20 episodes, and while the movies explore some of the same stories as the show, the movie trilogy starts from the very beginning. All three “Berserk: The Golden Age Arc” movies are currently on Netflix, making it easy to binge-watch the trilogy right away.

    The story of “Berserk: The Golden Age Arc” focuses on a mercenary called Guts, who is forced to join the Band of the Hawks after being defeated in a duel with the group’s leader, Griffith. Guts becomes friends with Griffith, as well as another member named Cona, and the first movie explores their relationship with each other, playing up themes like loyalty and betrayal. The “Berserk” movies are known for being extremely violent and gory, as well as containing sexually explicit themes and images. The CGI animation can be lacking, too. Nevertheless, the “Berserk” trilogy is very entertaining, and should thrill both newcomers and fans of the original material.

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    Grave Of The Fireflies

    Grave of the Fireflies is about two siblings named Seita and Setsuko Yokokaw, who are civilians enduring the conflict in World War II while having to live without their parents and home due to bombings. Thus, the anime details Seita and Setsuko’s lives during this heartbreaking time.

    Like A Silent Voice, Grave of the Fireflies isn’t afraid of making fans shed tears while watching the film. Both anime highlight humans’ ability to handle mental and physical health-threatening circumstances like bullying or surviving a catastrophic event. If one loved how A Silent Voice approached these ideas, then Grave of the Fireflies;is;worth watching.

    What Parents Need To Know

    Parents need to know that A Silent Voice: The Movie is a 2016 coming-of-age anime in which a teen boy who mercilessly bullied a deaf girl when they were tweens tries to make amends. There are many scenes of bullying throughout the movie. Shoko, the deaf girl, is physically and verbally bullied until her mother transfers her to another school. Kids punch and kick her, call her names, and even repeatedly pull the hearing aid out of her ear and break them. Other kids are physically and verbally bullied as well. There’s an attempted suicide that results in a coma. Talk of suicide. Scenes of mourning during the funeral of one of the character’s grandmothers. Occasional profanity from tweens and teens includes “a–hole,” “s–tty,” “bulls–t,” “crap,” “dumbass,” “hell,” and “douchebag.”

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    Watch A Silent Voice On Blu

    Of course, for the best quality possible, you will have to check out the Blu-Ray version of the movie. Not only does the Blu-Ray disk set come with a lot of extra content, and the quality of the movie is also significantly better. You can buy the Blu-Ray disk set for pretty reasonable prices from the following websites.


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