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What Anime Is Lily The Fox Mechanic From

What’s Crackin’ Guys We’re Back Here With Some More Lost Pause Wiki

Run After Dark – Lily Found The Internet OST

Lost Pause is a channel about playing video games and Noble being a big dummy. So if you enjoy a good laugh, two to three video updates a day, an awesome community full of awesome people, then lose that pause button and subscribe, you lovable son of a gun.

He does livestreams Saturday and Sundays at 12pm. P.S.T .

Lily The Fox Mechanic

:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
Getting paid in bishies, filming the Chief in compromising/embarrassing scenarios and positions

” Hey Chief! ” ^^ < 3

She was one half of the two sprites sent by Winged Cloud to Noble from Lost Pause.

Lily quickly grew within the community, becoming the biggest icon in the fanbase. Within the first few months, there were over hundreds of renditions Lily that were drawn by the fans, not to mention the renditions of Lily that edit her original sprite, which display different emotions, stances, etc.

Noble a built a lore of sorts around Lily, stating on multiple occasions that she both edits videos as well as tending to his Twitch behind the scenes when he goes live.

According to Noble, she is a deredere and works behind the scenes in Lost Pause. She also happened to entirely take over Noble’s Twitter and out-best Panterbell in popularity.

“My favourite colour is red- just like the Chief’s blood.. I’m kidding! I mean like his hair ””

I Made Lily The Fox Mechanic In Shmentai Game

Can I get the card please and thank you.

She has “shark” teeth that needs to be change to normal head in character maker. I already fixed it, but didn’t upload that version.

Thats cool and all but where is the video

We will watch your career with great interest

Today I’m retiring. That career was short and fruitful.

We all know where this is going.

in what language does reads as “Koikatu”? I’m not a player so I am asking out of curiosity

Japanese, it’s written in Katakana. Normally you should say Koikatsu, but usually people say Koikatu because there is anime/manga series called Koikatsu and I do believe it was already trademarked or something.

Hey, uhh, this is not Nux’s so you don’t have to say shmentai. We call it “offbrand” here.

Anyways, what will you do to Lily?

  • Caress

But I do really like shmentai as a word, that’s why I used it. And what will I do to Lily? Probably nothing, since I only made her and did few normal scenes. I can post link with her card if people will want her, not that I made her for myself to head pat.

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