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When Is The Next Anime Con


Anime Video Game And Cosplay Festivals

Upcoming Southeast Anime Conventions 2014-2015

AnimeCon festivals are about more than anime! They are international festivals for fans of anime, cosplay, games, manga and popular culture. To stay informed about the latest news, subscribe to our newsletter . However, we’d like to emphasize: This is a one-time 2-day AnimeCon special. The normal 3-day festival will be held in June 2022, so your 3 days of summer fun will still be there again. Your opinion is important to us in order to decide what kind of AnimeCons we will organize in the future! Share your thoughts on our Discord and Facebook Groups.

United Kingdom Comic Conventions Dates & Schedule

Looking for comic con dates in UK? Comic cons are no longer niche gatherings for superhero loving fans but an inclusive celebration of comics, sci-fi and geek pop culture fandom. They offer fans of all ages a chance to meet artists, actors, and creators. They also offer you a chance to pickup exclusive toys, rare merchandise and collectible action figures. Check out upcoming comic cons, anime conventions pop culture conventions, expos, and fandom shows across United Kingdom, including England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland. You can also search any comic con related event.

Our 2021 Charity Partner

Over the years, SPJA has supported organizations such as the Japanese American National Museum, Animator Dormitory, and Japan Society Relief Fund through its annual Anime Expo Charity Auction. SPJA is now expanding its charity recipient program to a year-long partnership, starting with the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center in Little Tokyo.

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Eastern Championships Of Cosplay

The Eastern Championships of Cosplay have been held at New York Comic Con since 2014. They are one of the stops in ReedPop’s global Crown Championships of Cosplay circuit. The top three winning cosplayers receive cash prizes and the overall winner, the Eastern Champion, is entered into the final held at Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo. Costumes are judged in four skill categories and then in an overall category. The skill categories are:

  • Needlework

Purchasing By Regular Mail

Upcoming Worldwide Anime Convention Schedule

The Deadline for purchasing Anime North 2020 admissions through regular mail is April 10, 2020. We will not accept registration forms postmarked after this date.

Admission orders submitted through the regular mail take at least 3 weeks after mailing to process. Attendees will then be emailed confirmations of their Anime North admission purchases.

Payment is made by cheque or money order made out to: “Anime North Japanese Animation Convention”. Post-dated cheques are not accepted. All failed cheques will be subject to a $5 processing fee.

Download the Anime North Registration Form , complete it and mail it back to the address provided with payment.

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Anime & Cosplay Conventions Schedule

Anime conventions are comic cons that primarily focuses on anime, manga and Japanese pop culture. Just like any expo or convention, anime cons often have panels, which are open ended discussions involving some pre-determined topic around anime and manga culture. Some events include screenings of actual anime shows that can last all day long. Another big part of anime culture is cosplay, where fans dress up as their favorite anime characters. While anime cons are not necessarily cosplay conventions, they might as well be since cosplay is a huge part of the convention culture with dedicated contests and panels to cosplay. Where can I find anime conventions near me? Right here of course. See listing below. You can also view anime conventions by state or search by calendar view.

What Is Youmacon

Youmacon is a celebration of Japanese animation, videogames, popular culture and costuming, and its influence on our own culture over the past few decades. Common themes throughout the event are Anime , video games, Japanese-style artwork and comics, and the rising Internet culture influenced by all of the above. Youmacon brings a unique all-ages mix of interactive games, celebrity guest panels and live musical performances to downtown Detroit.

Now in its 17th year, highlights for Youmacon 2021 will include large video game and table-top gaming rooms, a Charity Masquerade Ball, national bands and DJs and a massive 150,000 sq. foot dealers room for shopping Anime, artwork, figures and other collectibles.

Youmacon, the u-flame and y-flame logos, and all related assets are trademarks of Youmacon Enterprises / Defying Conventions.

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