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A Bloody Kiss Tonight Anime

My Life: The Next Season

When she so STRONG you Can’t RUN AWAY ~~ Beautiful Anime Girl With Her Suprising Strength

‘So…. where am I going,’ you ask. Well, I’ve taken up a position with Bandai America Inc as a Brand Manager, Anime Import Collectibles. You can connect with me on my personal Facebook , and my twitter . Take care, and I’ll see you soon at a convention in your area. Go to Bandai’s booth, and ask for ‘The Keep’.


  • Phone: 1 721 – 9379
  • Email:

A Bloody Kiss Tonight

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The End Of Power Anime Thank You And Good Bye

My website will no longer be used for new customers, but will still stay up for existing customers as the login will grant access to the members section. Products can no longer be purchased as I have deactivated the checkout process.For anyone who still has pre-orders with me, please log into the website and leave a comment at the bottom of the order details so we can may proper arrangements for fulfillment or a refund.

Like any great anime, our store’s finale was spectaclular! If felt good to jump back into the retail swing with customers once again, for the final time, strolled through my entire warehouse and found some amazing deals, lost treasures, and big smiles. I can’t really put into words everything I feel, everything I remember, everything that molded me to this moment. It was my mission to bring the Japanese culture to the curious youth through the lens of anime as I had done and in doing so, I not only showed this gateway to thought to the childhood’s of my customers, but PowerAnime itself became an icon of childhood as claimed by some of my most adoring fans.

The adventures of Power Anime now live in its fans. Keep believing, and it will live forever!

If there’s any advice that I’d give after this experience, it’d be: Do what you love, or die trying! It’s worth it!

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