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A Wise Man’s Grandchild Anime

Wise Mans Grandchild Blu

Wise Man’s Grandchild Episode 2 | The Unconventional Student

The anime got released on three disks in Japan. Unfortunately, the average sales per volume were less than 1000 copies, it was 900 and we must tell you that the anime which get an average sales of less than 1000 copies has a poor chance to be continued.

However, Blu-ray is a thing of the past now and most of the viewers have switched to digital and streaming platforms. Still, 900 copies is a poor number. Anime series like Wise Mans Grandchild need decent Blu-ray sales.

What Will Be The Plot Of Kenja No Mago Season 2

The story of Silver Links popular isekai anime centers around a young salaryman who loses his life in a car accident. However, he is soon reincarnated as a child in a strange world filled with magic and demons. A patriot hero, Merlin Wolford, also called the Sage, picks him up and raises him as his grandson. Renamed as Shin, the salaryman soaks up his grandfathers teachings. This earns him some irresistible powers, yet, he has no common sense as the Sage forgot to teach him. Hence, as recommended by the king of the Earlshide Kingdom, Shin is sent to a Magic Academy.

The first season of Magis Grandchild anime series ends as Shin, Sicily, and the Ultimate Magicians prepare to fight Schtrom and his demons. Hence, the new season will possibly feature the much-awaited fight between Shin and Schtrom. Fans will also get to watch how the wise mans grandchild handles the demons plotting. Since the debut season covered the first three volumes of the light novel, Kenja no Mago Season 2 will adapt the next three. Hence, the upcoming installment will consume the plot of Volume 4 through 6 of the popular LN series.

Does The Story Ever Get More Political The Series Transitions From Slice Of Life To Political Drama In Later Chapters

In the anime, much of the series is based around the shenanigans that Shin and his friends in the Ultimate Magicians are able to do. But this isnt something that can be sustainable as a long-term story.

The series gradually starts to switch to a story thats more about the Ultimate Magicians using their power to combine all of the nations in the country together to help them battle against the villains in question.

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Has Silver Link Renewed Wise Mans Grandchild Season 2

The first season of Kenja no Mago was the talk of the town when it was released back in 2019. If though its critic ratings were average, the anime did well with the audience. Many viewers reviewed that the isekai series was an overall entertaining watch and had an engaging storyline. Given that the storyline was left incomplete after Season 1s finale, fans are eager to know what happens next in the sequel. However, despite its popularity and good audience response, neither Silver Link nor any other producers of the show have confirmed its return. Almost two years have passed, yet, we are all still waiting for the green flag.

Even if Silver Link has not greenlit Wise Mans Grandchild Season 2, the chances for its return are relatively high. However, many factors play crucial roles in the renewal of an anime series. Hence, here are the things we need to check to see if a Kenja no Mago sequel is possible.

Is Kenja no Mago Popular Enough To Get A Renewal?

Well, one of the main factors that a studio considers before renewing any show is if their previous season was successful enough. Fortunately, Silver Links Wise Mans Grandchild was popular enough to be noticed by its producers. Given that the Kenja no Mago light novels and manga series were already famous before the animes release, a lot of readers came in to watch the adaptation.

Commercial Success & Sales Of Its Source Material

Is Magis Grandchild Source Material In The Run?

What Happened So Far In Wise Mans Grandchild

Wise Man

Modern-day Japan: an unnamed salaryman gets unexpectedly killed by an expected Truck-Kun and is reincarnated as a baby in another world. Found by the national hero and powerful mage Merlin Wolford, the orphan is named Shin and taken in by the Wolford family. Shin then receives the best training in magic and martial arts one could dream of and shows an unparalleled potential and talent for his young age. His prowess is due to the fact that he actually retained all the memories from his past life, making it easier to process information and mix some of his extra knowledge in.

On his 15th birthday, Merlin notices that for all his power, Shin lacks in several departments: he has no social skill, no common sense, and no sense of responsibility. Following the advice of King Diseum, sovereign of the Earlshide Kingdom, the young man is sent to the Magic Academy, where he is tasked to hone his skills and properly grow up among other teenagers.

However, he quickly becomes a budding celebrity thanks to his massive power and does not go unnoticed. Navigating between normal school life and his newfound friendships, Shin will have to also take care of the evils looming in the shadows and threatening the city.

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Did This Need To Be An Isekai The Series Doesn’t Need To Be An Isekai But Shin’s Overpowered Abilities Come From Him Being From The Real World

One of the major complaints about isekai series lately is that most of them never needed to be an isekai in the first place. More often than not the main character forgets theyre from another world or its never brought up again. With Wise Mans Grandchild, this is more up for debate. Shins incredible magic power is a result of him understanding science in his home world and merging this with his understanding of magic.

However, its never explained how Shin is using science to augment his abilities, so they could have easily simply made him a vastly stronger mage than anyone else, but with the popularity of isekai its no surprise the sub-genre is used so often.

Wise Mans Grandchild Manga And Light Novel Series Compared To The Kenja No Mago Anime

The story for the anime is based on the Kenja no Mago light novel series by author Tsuyoshi Yoshioka and illustrator Seiji Kikuchi. The story originally started in January 2015 as a web novel, but it was quickly picked up by publisher Enterbrain .

The Wise Mans Grandchild book series is up to Volume 10 as of June 29, 219. Kenja no Mago Volume 12 has not yet been announced on the official website.

Starting in March 2016 the light novel series story began being adapted into the Kenja no Mago manga. Published in Young Ace Up magazine, the manga is written by the original creator and illustrated by Shunsuke Ogata .

Although Funimation has produced a Wise Mans Grandchild English dub for the anime series, no publisher has announced an official English translation for either the manga or light novel series.

However, there are multiple fan translation projects, including an English web novel.

The anime has been faithful to the essence of the story. Certain details are almost always cut, but the anime version is fairly close to the manga version. The parts that were cut from the anime make a major difference in the tone of the story.

Besides bones and entrails, the manga doesnt shy away from showing victims who were raped and strangled to death.

Warning: Some anime spoilers ahead.

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Do We Have Enough Source Material For Wise Mans Grandchild Season 2

Almost every anime series use existing source material which usually is manga, light novel, or mobile game.

For Wise Mans Grandchild, the source material is the light novel of the same name. Written by Tsuyoshi Yoshioka and illustrated by Seiji Kikuchi, it began serialization online in January 2015 on the user-generated novel publishing website Shsetsuka ni Nar.

In order to confirm whether there will be more anime seasons, we need to check, how many light novels have been released so far. Is the story coming to an end? If the story is ending, there is a little possibility of continuation like what happened to Air Gear Season 2.

The next thing we need to check is how many light novels have been adapted in making the first season of Kenja no Mago. Maybe there isnt enough source material or novels left to make a sequel like what happened to No Game No Life Season 2.

What Is The Plot Of Wise Man’s Grandchild Season 2

Wise Man’s Grandchild (Anime-Trailer)

The last episode of “Wise Man’s Grandchild” Season 1 concluded with Shin rebuffing the Demonoid army led by Schtrom. Even so, Schtrom still poses a threat to the various kingdoms around the world. As a result, Shin decides to lead his team on a quest to form alliances with the other kingdoms in order to combat the Demonoid threat.

Based on the manga synopsis published on the online manga site, Bookwalker, this series of events only covers the first handful of the 17 volumes that have been published. In the event of a second season, Silver Link will have more than enough source material to work as the basis for its adaptation.

These volumes cover a variety of events, from Shin’s short beach vacation following the aforementioned battle, to his further efforts to unite the world’s various countries into a World Union. Unfortunately, it will likely be some time before fans get to see these events play out. Until then, the manga and light novels are the only place where “Wise Man’s Grandchild” where fans can have their questions answered.

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Is There Enough Source Material For Season 2

The Kenja no Mago is based on a Japanese light novel series of the same title, which currently has nine books.

Just like most of the Isekai animes, this one is also an adaptation of its reference material, which is a light novel series. The narrative of the show followed the story of the light novels chapters.

The first season of the show used the first three books of the novel. And the authors have published a total of twelve volumes so far. The latest one was issued on March 30, 2020.

The fans will get some more volumes in the future as it is still continuing. The first season of Wise Mans Grandchild utilized books 1-3 of the light novel.

So, the makers can adopt 9 out of 12 published light novel volumes in the anime series. It suggests that Wise Mans Grandchild Season 2 might begin with volume 4 of the light novel series.

And this means the producers have all the needed content to make Kenja No Mago Season 2. With that much reference material, they can make three more sequels of it.

What Are Fans Saying About Wise Mans Grandchild Season 2

The community is really small. The anime did not encounter much success and the light novel and the manga have never been picked up for licensing in the West. The manga is being translated by fans, but no one is working on the novel. There is a subreddit that does not seem to be updated and the title is mentioned , but barely and for unrelated topics. The Discord Server does not seem to be active anymore either. Not much interaction from fans can be found. Wise Mans Grandchild received passable scores on Anilist, IMDB, MAL and Crunchryroll.

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Who Are The Characters In Wise Man’s Grandchild Season 2

In the original Japanese version of the anime, the role of Shin was played by actor Yuusuke Kobayashi . Shin is not alone in his adventures, however, and is joined by a cast of characters attending the same magical academy as the protagonist. This includes Shin’s best friend and prince of the kingdom, August von Earlshide and Sicily von Claude , a fellow academy student and Shin’s love interest. In the English dub, these characters are played by Daman Mills, Brandon McInnis, and Lindsay Seidel, respectively.

This main trio is joined by a litany of other characters populating the strange fantasy world Shin inhabits. For instance, there is Shin’s magical tutor and guardian, Melinda Bowen and Merlin Wolford , Shin’s original magic teacher and father figure.

All of these characters, and more, could appear in “Wise Man’s Grandchild” Season 2. The identities of any new characters have yet to be revealed.

Chances For A Movie Adaptation

Wise Mans Grandchild

Well, as compared to other shows, anime rarely get the chance to return for sequels. Animation studios often release sequel movie adaptations of their anime, in order to complete the story. While this tends to happen a lot with other studios, Silver Link has only produced a few movies in its decade-old history.

Their most recent anime film was Non Non Biyori Vacation, one of the sequels to their popular comedy series Non Non Biyori. Hence, there is a slight chance that the studio could produce a movie adaptation of the Kenja no Mago in case they cancel Wise Mans Grandchild Season 2. It could wrap up the plot of the first season and provide closure to the animes fanbase.

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How Long Is The Series Been Running Kenja No Mago Has Been Running Since 2016

Wise Mans Grandchild has been running in Young Ace Up since March of 2016. As of early February 2020, theres thirteen volumes available. The light novel has twelve volumes available.

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Both the light novel and manga series are published at fairly slow paces, as Young Ace Up is on a monthly schedule, but they are both well ahead of the animated adaptation which only received twelve episodes.

Wise Mans Grandchild Season : Release Date

Silver Link has quite a lot of projects lined up for 2021. However, sadly, the list does not include Magis Grandchild sequel yet. Well, given that the studio hasnt greenlit the series, the new episode might take a while to hit the screens. Although, if they announce the renewal this year, the production process might only take a year to complete. Hence, in favorable conditions, the release date of Wise Mans Grandchild Season 2 might fall sometime around late 2022 or early 2023. We will update this section once Silver Link confirms an official date.

What were your favorite moments from the first season of Kenja no Mago? Do you think there should be another season of the isekai anime? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi To Akashic Records

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: April 2017 – June 2017

Alzano Imperial Magic Academy has a new star instructor. Hes brash, arrogant, lazy, and apparently cant beat his students in a magicians duel. Glenn Radars might seem incompetent, but when sinister forces target his students Sistine and Rumia, he springs into action. Wielding a comprehension of magic that leaves his opponents caught off balance, whats the secret to this lazy teachers skills, and where did he come from?

Both Kenja no Mago and Akashic Records are set in a prestigious magical academy. Shin and Glenns command of magic might be completely different, but theyre both standing out in different ways at their new schools. Although between one blowing parts of it up and the other gaining a perverted reputation were not sure which the students and faculty prefer.

Will There Be Wise Mans Grandchild Season 2

Shin show his Power!! (Wise Man Grandchild)

Wise Mans Grandchild started as a light novel in July 2015 and is still ongoing today with 17 volumes out. It is written by Tsuyoshi Yoshioka and illustrated by Seiji Kikuchi. Yoshioka has also written 3 side-stories novels and a oneshot. The manga is illustrated by Shunsuke Ogata and started in March 2016 . In 2020, Funimation released the complete series in a boxset .

The anime is not that old so goodies are still available. You can find t-shirts, acrylic stands, booklets, keychains, plushies, etc. Some of these are out of stock, but customers can order a restock which might mean that, instead of wasting money restocking something when the title is not that popular, companies wait for the demand. is further exposing the lack of popularity of Wise Mans Grandchild over the last 12 months with a graph that tends to lay on the deceased side. Weird peaks are observed towards the end, but they are pretty sudden and quickly lose their momentum.

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Plot Of Kenja No Mago Season 2

Even though we do not have much information about the second installment of the anime television series, however, we do know that the first season of the anime covered the magical beach volleyball scene. However, manga Chapter 26 consists of additional sunscreen shenanigans, breast suffocations, and delinquent Grandpa fishing, which we hope can get covered for the second installment.

Characters And Cast Of Kenja No Mago

Yuuki Wakai

Shin WOLFORD is the main character of Kenja no Mago. After dying of an unknown cause, he reincarnated into an unknown world carrying with him a vague memory of his previous life in his previous world. He is the leader of the Ultimate Magic Research Society and ranks 1st in the first-year S-Class.

Sicily VON CLAUDE A beautiful, timid soft-spoken blue-haired girl being called a Saint, and is the third daughter and fourth child of Viscount Claude, who works at the Finance Bureau. She has two older sisters and an older brother. Sicily excels in healing magic and thanks to Shins tutoring her forte is now only second best to Shins. She is the 4th S-rank and received the title Holy Maiden for being a savior of Swedes Kingdom civilians increasing her popularity, including her and Shins engagement. Shes now targeted by Zest and his scouts, as she is deemed to be Shins weakness.

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