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How To 3d Print Anime Figures

Localizing Production Of Items

Making a 3D Printed Yuri Figure (Doki Doki Literature Club)

3D printing can also be used to localize production of items, resulting in a massive change to supply chains and logistics.Rather than supplying from a single factory outlet, a company will be able to establish much smaller production units all over the areas which they serve, thus minimizing transportation costs. This will be a great advantage to multinational companies that serve at a global level. Smaller batches could be created at strategically-placed locations to effectively cover all the countries while reducing the logistical expenses significantly.

The increased efficiency offered by 3D printing will also pave way for greater customization for consumers. Also, instead of outsourcing, the local production of items will bring back manufacturing to domestic soil. Although such complex economic discussions are beyond the humble authors of this book, we think that the potential for a true renaissance of manufacturing in countries such as the United States and United Kingdom is immense and all thanks to 3D printing.

Before the 3D printing technology can bring about significant changes to the manufacturing industry, it first has to establish itself as being ready for mass, mainstream manufacturing with the rates at which the technology is improving, the day may not be far when instead of buying products, people buy design blueprints and print the products using their desktop 3D printers!

Chapter 3

Our 3d Printable Materials Specially Designed To Nurture Your Little Ones Design Aspirations & Make Them Come To Life By Utilizing 3d Technology

Full Color


Full Color Sandstone is a gypsum based powder, similar to plaster. Each layer of powder is colored, glued together, and then the printer sweeps back over to build the next layer.

Full Color Glass Fiber Composite

Full Color Glass Fiber Composite is a lightweight industrial thermoplastic capable of producing very strong and durable parts.

Full ColorAcrylic Resin

Full Color Acrylic Resin use UV curable inkjet technology to produce photo-realistic objects. Our acrylic resin offers a hardness similar to ABS prints.

The Anatomy Of A 3d Printer

You dont necessarily have to learn about each and every individual part of a 3D printer in order to use it. However, learning about the basic hardware and construction of one can help you if you ever have to troubleshoot a problem This knowledge will also be of a great help when you go out to actually buy a printer.

There are various types and methods employed by 3D printers to create objects and we have already discussed them in the previous chapters of this book. In this chapter, our emphasis will be on Fused Deposition Modeling technique that is the most common among desktop 3D printers used at home. This method can be considered to be the same as the glue-gun method. The glue-gun method consists of heating up a filament to a point where it melts this melting filament is then placed in thin layers and the object is created layer-by-layer.

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Different 3d Printing Processes

The term 3D printing technically refers to the development of any object from the ground up. This offset of additive manufacturing makes use of different processes to help accomplish this job. Regardless of the process used, the idea behind the creation of objects using 3D printing technology remains the same starting from the production of a 3D model using computer-aided design software to the setting up of the machine. However, the actual process used to create the physical object varies.

There are four different types of 3D printing processes that you are likely to encounter, and they are as follows:

  • Stereolithography
  • Multi-Jet Modeling

How Can You Make Your Own Models

3D Print Your Own Anime Figures

There was a time when Computer Aided Design software was designed by engineers, for engineers. This software used to be extremely complex and no one except those with the proper training could use CAD software effectively.

CAD software has a steep learning curveTimes have changed, and the latest in CAD software is aimed at general users. The best thing about modern CAD software is that it is not as difficult to learn and use as it was previously however, the learning curve is still pretty steep, and you would need to dedicate quite a bit of your time and effort to fully grasp all the concepts of 3D printer-ready design using CAD.

In order to learn the basics of CAD designing software, check out Autodesks 123D Design and Inventor Fusion. Both of these programs are free for limited licences. You can use the free versions of these software tools to design models for printing.

One thing to bear in mind, however, is that the free/limited/student versions of CAD software do not generally allow you to sell your printed objects, or to sell the files you create. As always, you need to do your own due diligence and investigate the licensing for any software you download.

If you plan on 3d printing as a business, then you really do need to invest in a commercial software licence.

We will talk more about software later in the guide.

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Best 3d Printing Technologies For Miniatures

All 3D printing technologies use a process called additive manufacturing. 3D printers create three-dimensional parts from computer-aided design models by successively adding material layer by layer until a physical part is created. Prop makers, game designers, and hobbyists can use the following 3D printer technologies to create various props, miniatures, and figurines.

Creature and concept designer Jared Krichevsky uses a stereolithography 3D printer to facilitate bringing digital models to life at Aaron Sims Creative.

Fast Batch Printing Speed Improve Production Efficiency

3D printed objects can now be made directly from the CAD data within a few hours compared to the traditional model-making process that can take weeks. In hours, you can produce around 3 to 5 small action figures. Such a faster turnaround time will enable the manufacturers to enhance their time-to-market factor.

Besides, they can develop a superior product within a shorter time period. With the prototypes created by 3D printers, the designers can come up with iterations of the prototype regularly, enabling the testing of 10 to 15 new iterations of design at the same time. A business can easily design objects, manufacture them in-house using a professional printer, and then within a few days.

If you create a design of the object manually, then there can be a few errors. Besides, hand-made moulds are also challenging to create. But with 3D printing, one can create error-free models. Whats more? You can easily change the design. When there is a low chance of errors, it will significantly influence the production efficiency. On the other hand, in the enhanced frequency of model design iterations, creators will have more time to improve the designs while offering them before the deadline.

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The Anime 3d Design Files

To 3D print anime figures, you need a 3D print design which comes in the form of a file that you download to your computer and then copy it to your 3D printer. There are many free files that users have submitted on websites such as Thingiverse.

You can find Pokemon, Bleach, Naruto, and My Neighbour Totoro files for free. But, less well-known anime generally arent there.

You can design any anime character you like. But, it does take a bit of learning and practice before you can do it.

Use Perfect Scanning And Model Software

Anime figure 3d print making process / Attack on titan – Female Titan anime figure

You have to research various scanning and model software before finalizing any. The interface and features should be easy to use. If you are not getting the desired model, then you must look for another option.

Many applications are available, but it is hard to detect the best one. It is crucial to go through the instructions and understand its functioning. Get the desired model with perfect applications.

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Can Make More Elaborate Figures

When it comes to producing figures with a maximum level of details, you wont find a better option than 3D printing. The traditional figure production process can create low designs, leading to low-quality prototypes. Think about the cake baking process. Here all the ingredients need to be mixed together properly and then place in an oven and baked at a certain level of temperature.

If the elements are not combined properly, you may see air bubbles in the cake. Well, the same thing can happen with an injection or subtractive methods. There is no guarantee about the quality. Besides, the manual production process is not a perfect option to create a figure with fine details.

But 3D printing has made it possible. For example, no matter how intricate the design is, an LCD 3D printer can easily convert the design into a physical object. As the machine produces the object layer by layer, it further guarantees the enhancement of product quality and design.

The 3D printer uses the level of complexity that can be produced in physical shape through the conventional manufacturing method. You can print any parts having highly complex patterns and structures that can be robust and lightweight. You will get a perfectly optimized part.

So, get the machine now and enjoy a faster production of high-quality and complex action figures.

Now create unique toys and action figure that will sell

Mynt3d Professional Printing 3d Pen With Oled Display

  • See a different side of Pokémon in a new photo-snapping adventure, only on Nintendo Switch
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Do You Really Need A 3d Printer

Desktop 3D printers can now be purchased at affordable rateshe first and foremost question that needs to be answered is whether you really need to get a 3D printer of your own. There are a great number of online resources that can print models and deliver them to you.

So if you only need to get something printed occasionally, then it would be best to simply send a blueprint of the object to one of these services, and avoid all the hassle completely.

Getting Started What You Need To Know

3D Print Your Own Anime Figures

Getting started with 3D printing can be baffling, to say the very least. With so many new things to learn, newcomers can find it extremely hard to figure out where they should begin There are many questions that need to be answered before you actually take the plunge and enter the world of 3D printing.

This chapter will focus on answering the common questions that perplex a novice such as yourself when they attempt to understand the complexities of the 3D printing technology.

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Where To Download 3d Models

Every 3D printing project starts with a 3D model. The only question is where is the model going to come from? If you just want to get to the 3D printing step as quickly as possible, then you can simply download models from any of these sites.

For those who are looking for professional-grade 3D models that were designed specifically for action figures, we have two recommendations. Toy Forge is a relatively new site that hosts high-quality 3D models for action figures. These are some of the most intricate action figure models weve seen with a lot of articulation points. The only drawback is that their selection is quite small right now there are only four unique models.

CGTrader is another good option for downloading professional-quality 3D models. This site hosts a wide range of high-fidelity models with a much wider selection including toys, figures, and architectural models, among others. Not all of the models are ready for 3D printers, so make sure to check the tags before downloading.

Both Toy Forge and CGTrader offer high-quality models at a price. Models generally dont cost more than $20, but there are a few particularly expensive ones. The quality, however, is almost always top-notch.

Analysis Of The Advantages Of Using 3d Printers To Make Figures

It is a fact that 3D printing technology has come a long way after its introduction back during the 80s. Once considered as the method of rapid prototyping, 3D printing has developed to a stage where many different applications are perfect, covering the production of end parts. Popularly known as additive manufacturing, the technology now exists in the fast-changing environment, where new applications, equipment, and processes are being developed with time.

Even though it is quite popular in different industries, one of the most benefited industries is the toy or action figure making industry. Technology has changed the way the figures were used to produce earlier. It has made the entire process faster, cheaper, and smooth. Using an action figure 3d printer, you can quickly produce intricate models, which is impossible with the traditional figure-making process. Lets discuss some major benefits of using the best 3D printer for figure creation.

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If You Do Which Printer Should You Buy

Lets be honest here you will probably want to buy a 3D printer of your own its one of the most exciting purchases you will ever make! You will need to choose between buying a pre-assembled machine, and getting one that you have to build yourself. Both routes come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. If youre blessed with do-it-yourself skills and a fair bit of technical knowledge, you may find the latter option more appealing. Building your own 3D printer will also cost you less, but it sure isnt for the faint hearted.

One thing to bear in mind with constructing your own kit set 3D printer is that anything goes wrong with the 3D printer down the track, youll already have the necessary experience to disassemble it and put it back together again.

However, because this is a guide aimed at beginners, the best, and recommended course of action would be to purchase a desktop 3D printer in the first instance. The cost of 3D printers has reduced significantly over the past few years however, you should still expect to spend around $1000-1500 to get a decent desktop 3D printer.

On 3D Insider we have a regularly-updated guide to 3D printers for sale. This is the best place to start when it comes to looking for your first 3D printer.

You can always contact the 3D Insider team on and we will be more than willing to help you pick your first 3D printer as well.

For your information, we started out with a Solidoodle 3 3D printer. Heres a print we did in action:

What Is 3d Printing

Honkai Master: the Making of Yae’s 3D Print Figure – Honkai Impact 3rd

3D printing is also known as additive manufacturing, or desktop fabrication. It is a process in which a real, physical object is created based on a 3D design blueprint. 3D printing is an emerging technology that first was introduced in the year 1986 however, it wasnt until the 1990s that it began to draw serious attention from all corners of the technology world.

For many, 3D printing is no less than a technology right out of Star Trek or some parallel universe. The ability to create objects from the ground up is really astonishing for a great number of people.

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Dont Buy At The First Opportunity:

Sometimes you may feel pressured to make a purchase right away, but this isnt always the best idea. If youre not sure that this is the right 3d printer for anime figures for you, dont buy it! There are many other 3d printer for anime figures out there with similar features and benefits that are available for a much lower price. Its better to wait and save your money than to spend it on something that youre going to regret later!

Anime Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki Ken Action Figure Awakened Ver Toy Doll Statue 3d Model Hight 23 Anime Fans Lovers Desktop Decoration Gift

  • The toy statue is made of high-quality environmentally-friendly PVC material with beautiful colors.
  • Size: about 23 cm high, hand-made in environmental protection, will not cause any harm to the human body, it is a very worthy collection of anime models for anime fans.
  • Description:This model Jin Muken restores his handsome and handsome image in the story, showing the four tentacle-like sharp Kagatsu transplanted by Kandari Risekos bag.
  • Feature: The perfect shape with 360° no dead ends, the cute toy collectors model is lively, charming and practical, very suitable for any fan of this animeChic and handsome appearance, hard to conceal domineering.

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D Print Your Own Anime Figures

Why buy anime figures when you can make your own? 3D printers have dropped in price, so I decided to buy one to experiment with. I used it to make print blocks so I can play around with making my own ukiyo-e and other prints. My workflow involved drawing the design with ink, scanning it, using Inkscape to convert it to a vector, building the block on Blender 3D, and finally slicing it in Cura for printing. Making a 3D figure would involve a similar process, or you can do what I did and download a model a nice person uploaded to Thingiverse! I wont go into the details of 3D printing. Theres tutorials all over the Internet for that. Plus I am still a beginner and dont want to lead you astray. I learn by experimenting and breaking things, which may not suit your learning process.

I used the support setting to create the scaffold you see around the figure. My printer requires such supports. Fortunately, they are thin and easy to remove by hand and by X-Acto knife. My printer left rough areas on the underside of his arms and on his neck from where the scaffold bridged. I shaved these areas down with the knife and sanded them. At the finer print settings I surmise they wouldnt be as rough looking. Fortunately, they appear on the undersides of the model so they hide well. By the way, Goku stands 6 inches tall with the base.


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