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How To Color Hair Anime

The Complete Guide On How To Draw Anime Hair

[TUTORIAL] How to Color Anime Hair: THE SEQUEL

Like clothing, anime hair can help you bring out your characters personality.

There are several hairstyles you can choose from, and you can also color them however you want. In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to draw hair for both .

Although both characters can have long or short hair, we opted to sketch short hair for the and long hair for the .

How Anime Hair Is Shaded

Generally anime and manga hair is shaded without gradients and has hard transition between its light and dark areas. This makes the shading process much faster but at the same time a little tricky as it can be difficult to figure out where the boundary between light and dark should be placed.

Where the actual shading is placed depends on the lighting conditions the artist wishes to show.

Anime characters are generally shaded in two ways:

  • Generalized shading where there character or object are well lit from most sides
  • Shading with strong one directional light source
  • This particular tutorial will focus on the more generic shading as its very common and can be used in most scenes. Please note however that even in the well lit lighting setup the strongest light will generally comes from somewhere above . This means that shadows will tend to form towards the bottom parts of the hair.

    Dont however confuse this with a one directional light source form above which would be more like shining a flashlight down on someone in a dark room.

    For examples of shading in one directional lighting see:

    Finally also keep in mind that anime/manga style shading does not need to be perfectly accurate or overly realistic. The goal is to have just enough basis in reality so that it looks believable.

    Top 10 Anime Hairstyles For Men

    Anime hairstyle has reached a new level in recent time. Once it was only about the Japanese people, but the blessing of the internet has successfully introduced the anime characters to the whole world. And guess what? These characters have become immensely popular to both men and boys. Some people are so obsessed with anime that they want to get a haircut resembling their favorite anime characters. Here are our top picks from the realm of anime hairstyles for men and boys.

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    How To Draw Anime Boy Hair

    The first few steps are similar to the ones we followed when drawing anime hair for girls.

  • Repeat steps one to three. Although for the bangs, you could choose to draw three.
  • Sketch the rest of the hair. Were going to draw short spiky hair, so you should sketch a few thick distinct spikes that extend away from the head. Start drawing them from one end of the hairline arch to the other.
  • Give the hair more depth by adding some detail inside the outline. Add some lines to break up the hair sections.
  • Remove the guidelines carefully.
  • Finish the drawing by coloring or shading the hair.
  • How To Draw Anime Hair

    Fresh Anime Hair Color Meaning Stock Of Hairstyle ideas ...

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    This tutorial will show you how to draw male and female anime hair. Anime hair is what makes anime heroes unique and beautiful as with real humans, it’s the crowning beauty. Let’s begin!

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    How To Draw Anime Girl Hair

  • First, youll need to sketch the head, since you cant have hair without a head. in the shape of an inverted egg because it needs to be narrow at the bottom. You can add some ears as well.
  • Next, youll need to draw the hairline. The hairline will guide you when youre drawing the front and side sections of the hair.
  • Measure 1/5th of the height of the head and draw an arch from one side of the head to the other. Make sure you follow the curvature of the head as you draw.

    Settings: Min Size 100%

    Create a new layer and set it to Luminosity mode . Use the Airbrush tool at low opacity and brush the areas with highlights to bring them out more and strenthen the sense of volume. Use the colour of each section for this step! To make the characters blend in with the background and not look copypasted into it, I used blue and purple in the dark areas of the hair and skin using the airbrush tool on the layer we set to Luminosity.

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    Alternative Male Anime Hair

  • 1Draw a sketch for a man’s head to provide framework for the hair.
  • 2Draw the hair using simple curves or strokes which extend reaching the shoulders.
  • 3Draw the details for the hair using short straight lines and also curve lines.
  • 4Trace with a pen and erase unnecessary lines. Add details for the face.
  • 5
  • Digital Soft Hair Coloring Tutorial

    [TUTORIAL] How to Color Anime Hair!

    Program: Clip Studio Paint

    Hey guys! Some people have been asking how I color hair, and my old tutorial is outdated, so I decided Ill make a new one.

    Note: Just know, this is not the correct or right way of doing things, but just one way I do it. Ill also be teaching from CSP, but as long as your program has the same or similar features, you should be able to apply this to your own.

    So without further ado.. heres the tools I use with this particular style. First, I line with the texture tool. But any tool for lining works.

    Next. I use the mapping pen, which is a sharper version of the g-pen.

    Then, I use the standard watery brush, for smoother application.

    And the last tool I use is airbrush.

    Now, Ill quickly teach you the terms youll need to know to understand the rest of the tutorial. First, clipping. Clipping is when you take a layer or a folder and make it so that whatever is clipped on the layer above will not go over the edge of the layer underneath. To do this, all you have to do is press the can-looking button right here, and a red line will appear next to the folder or layer if it is clipped.

    Lastly, color balance. Ill only briefly mention this at the end, but in order to color balance.. well, just look at the picture below. It will bring up a menu of notches that you can adjust to change the color. If you press shadow or highlight in that window, you have more control over the overall look.

    Step 1: Draw the line art

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    Beginner Guide To Picking Colors When Drawing Anime & Manga

    This is a an extensive beginner guide to colors with a focus on anime and manga. If you dont know much about the color wheel or different color combinations then this is a must read. These are the same principals used by professional artists, designers and animators.

    The colors of anime and manga characters or even entire scenes are not chosen at random. Certain colors go better together then others.

    Step 1 Adding Base Colors

    Note: you need to work on a single layer throughout the painting process, you cant create extra layers or else the colors wont blend in the way theyre meant to. Dont worry, its very easy to do. You only need to make sure you dont go out of the lines OR that the hair layer is blocked to prevent you from colouring out of the base layer.

    This should be an easy and straightforward step! Fill in the hair with your base colour of choice. Since Im using one of my favourite fanarts of Darkiplier and Antisepticeye, Ill be using their official colors: black + red & green + brown.

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    Applying Colors To Anime Characters

    shading black hair by kouriiko

    In the below examples you can see how colors and color combinations can be applied to an anime style character in different ways.

    Please note that for these examples the colors will only be changed on the hair, eyes and clothes. The shaded half of the color circles represent the color used on the shaded areas of the character.

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    Anthocyanin Creates Colors Blueberries Are A Blue Fruit

    Red, blue and yellow are kno. Anthocyanin creates colors blueberries are a blue fruit. There are three main categories of colors: These are the three colors that can’t be produced when blue and yellow are combined, green is the result. Discover the history of color film, from early processes through the development of technicolor. While all shades of blue carry some of the same symbolism, certain attributes are stronger for dark blues. This might be the biggest debate of our time. It’s commonly thought that older movies are in black and white and newer movies are in color as if there is a distinct dividing line betwee. When blue and yellow are combined, green is the result. Primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. They obtain their color from high concentrations of an. How does the colorization process work? Learn about the meanings of these shades.

    Learn more about the color blue and its status as a primary color as well as how to create different shades and discover complementary colors. These are the three colors that can’t be produced when blue and yellow are combined, green is the result. Blueberries are a blue fruit. The three primary colors are red, blue, and yellow. Primary, secondary, and tertiary colors.

    Settings: Min Size 0%

    Lets get painting! Select a darker hue of your base color for this. To make it look more interesting, I didnt pick pure dark red. Instead, I used a dark red with a slight tint of pink to give it a purplish feel . That helps bring out the hue in the base color. For the green, I opted for a darker green with a blueish tint to it. You can do this through the color wheel.

    The most important thing in this step is that you follow the flow of the hair! Notice how the shading follows the shape of the hair and head, curving noticeably at the roots. Follow a pattern to know where to place the shadows: shadow base colour shadow base colour shadow. Repeat that combination throughout the hair.

    Notice how each section of shading goes up and down, almost resembling an M or W letter? Doing that helps the shading look more dynamic and realistic.

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    How Anime Hair Is Draw

    Anime hair is generally drawn in large clumps with a lot of it based on real hairstyles.

    When drawing hair it can be helpful to break it down into the front, sides, and back/top sections as shown in the red, green and blue above. This is also how to hair will be broken down in this tutorial.

    For examples like the one above of all of the hairstyle used in this tutorial as well as general instructions on drawing anime hair see:

    Step 2 Adding The First Layer Of Shading


    Now that the base colors are set, its time to have fun!

    Before we begin, I have a few tips for you:

  • This may go against your instinct but Whenever possible, make sure to paint the background of your image first. Why? Simple: it will help you know where the light source is and you will be able to adapt the colors to match the ambient light in the piece. For example, in this piece, its a stormy night in a softly lit bedroom. Therefore, the colors arent as bright and vivid as they would if they were at the beach in a sunny day. Also, since the background has a lot of blues and purples, adding these colors to the overall shading will help the characters feel like they belong in that setting, rather than look like they were copy-pasted in it.
  • Set your light source from the start! Think of where you want the light source to be and shade your piece accordingly. If each shade points to a different direction, it will break your piece. Know where the light source is and place the shadows in the places that light doesnt reach.
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    How To Shade Anime Hair Step By Step

    This tutorial teaches the basics of anime and manga style hair shading with step by step examples of twelve different hairstyles.

    Above you can see a preview of the different hairstyles shown in this tutorial. Even if you are only interested in some of them it may be a good idea to read over the entire tutorial as certain hairstyles have more detailed explanations on shading particular parts of the hair. Its set up this way to avoid some repetition.

    Use Painter As Your Anime Drawing Software

  • Draw the front section of the hair. There are different ways to approach this step, depending on the hairstyle you want. For this tutorial, were going to go with swooping bangs.
  • To achieve this look, youll need to draw a few spiky sections. The sections should come down from the hairline and curve to one side.

  • Outline the top, sides, and ends of the hair. Sketch curved lines along both sides of the head, down to where you want the hair to end. The lines should start at the center, slightly above the head.
  • Start by following the curvature of the head, and then straighten each line once youre halfway down. Afterward, connect each end of the hair to the hairline using a line.

  • Add some details to the hair by drawing several lines from the roots to the ends of the hair.
  • Get rid of the lines that indicate the head and the hairline. These lines are usually not visible since theyre covered with hair.
  • Color or shade the hair, and youre done.
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    Anime And Manga Hair Color Meaning

    Now, anyone that has seen any anime ever probably knows that these shows tend to have characters with a variety of different hair colors, some of which are quite rare in real life, not to say extreme. This has pretty much become a tradition as far as anime is concerned and fans have now become used to such visuals. It is important, though, to note that these colors arent really a reflection of any realistic situation but have a symbolic meaning they are not there to represent any racial, ethnic, social, religious or any other group.

    Also, another thing, anime hair colors dont always convey the symbolism youll be reading about in the text. Sometimes, theyre just hair colors, without any specific meaning , so when interpreting these facts and all the accompanying symbolism, be careful to avoid assigning meaning where there is none.

    But, as stated, they usually do have a meaning and in todays article, we have decided to give you an interpretation of these colors with some notable examples from the history of anime. Each color usually represents the characters personality in some way and that is what we are going to explain in our text. Enjoy!

    Drawing Anime Pony Tail /tied Back Hair

    female anime hair coloring tutorial

    Another fairly common anime hairstyle is the ponytail. You will notice that there is basically no side hair in this particular example . So the hair can pretty much just be splits into the front and back sections. The back consisting of the hair over the top of the head and the pony tail.

    Draw this type of hair as follows:

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    How To Color An Anime Character Step By Step

    This beginner friendly tutorial explains how to color a character in the anime style with detailed step by step examples and explanations.

    The coloring style used in anime is known as Cel Shading. Cel shading is a technique generally used in animations and manga/comic book style art as well as 3d renderings where there are no gradients used between the shaded and normal areas.

    To keep this tutorial beginner friendly it will focus on applying the bare minimum shading generally used in anime in most normal lighting conditions.

    You can also apply the tips in this tutorial to drawing other anime characters. You can simply add more steps if you want to color a more complex character.

    For help with picking a color combination for your character you can see:


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