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How To Draw Anime Feet

Drawing Anime Feet From Back View


When viewed from the back the heel portion of the foot will be wider towards the bottom and narrower towards the top. Draw the overall shape of the back of the foot with that in mind.

Draw a curved shape on each side of the back of the foot above the heel to indicate the bones. Be sure to draw the bottom of the heel with a light curve. Next draw the front part of the foot . The toes will not be visible in this view as long as they are resting on the ground and the foot is close to eye level .

Finally you can also draw a line above the heel to give a hint of the Achilles tendon.

Drawing Anime Feet From Side View

Artime character’s feet is probably the last thing you need to worry. Draw anime & manga hands and feet : Since you rarely see in manga or anime tv shows, because the feet is . Draw better anime, manga characters with this how to draw feet book: When drawing the foot from the small toe side all of the other toes will be visible regardless of the view angle. Like hands, feet are an important part of drawing a full body of any character. Drawing anime feet from side view. One thing you may want to keep in mind when . Anime focuses heavily on shape over form so you want to practice good shape design as you create hands and feet. Drawing anime feet from the bottom view is very similar to drawing them from the top view. Drawing the feet involves breaking up the foot into three basic geometric shapes, drawing in the arch of the sole, and then further refining the drawing with . You don’t have many chances to draw legs, so when it comes to drawing, it should be difficult to understand how to draw. Manga drawing tutorials & drawing & how to draw anime & manga comics illustrations .

How to draw manga hands and feet for beginners. Draw anime & manga hands and feet : Even if your shapes break the form, . You don’t have many chances to draw legs, so when it comes to drawing, it should be difficult to understand how to draw. Even if you’re a manga artist and you tend to simplify all .

Draw The Outline Of The Shoes

Around/on top of the shape of the feet draw the outlines of the shoes with their largest and most important details.

Running shoes often have soft padding through them and thus tend to be somewhat thicker than other shoe types. For this reason you should draw their outline shape some distance away from the foot.

Erase the part of the foot covered by the shoes so that you have a clean drawing like the one in the above example.

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Drawing Anime Hands A Step

The glove/mitten method stems from the fact that most of us can better imagine and draw a glove or a mitten than a detailed anime hand.

You dont have to worry about drawing in fingers. With this method, you only worry about the general shapes. Controlling general shapes is basis for all good drawing. That is to say, every great drawing starts with the artist having full control of the general shape of what they are drawing.

Start drawing anime hands with a simple boxy shape of a glove or a mitten. With this type of simplification fingers are indicated with one rectangular shape, then the simplified form is drawn over with more detail and by adding divisions of the fingers.

Above is a good example of how the glove/mitten method works.

When you draw the simplified form, think about the general shape of the hand, its proportions, the general gesture. Worry about the details on the second pass.

Above is an example of a very simplified form drawn for the fist. Note that, although the fingers twist down, I was able to draw that in later.

It was easier to draw because the general shape and perspective of the drawing was resolved in the simplified and boxy under-drawing on the left.

Note that all of the drawings of anime hands I made for the tutorial start with the general shape of the palm.

Below are two more examples.

Proportions Of Anime Hand

Tom &  Liam

There are certain proportions that you need to know to draw a correct hand. You don’t need to be strict about them, but keep them in mind and try to follow them.

First, the length of the index finger is roughly equal to the whole palm .

The ideal proportion of the joints on the index finger is: a half for the second joint, then again a half for the third. However, in reality, the second joint often lies at about 40% of the finger’s length. Feel free to chose the proportion that you like morein stylized anime hands, the difference shouldn’t be that visible!

The thumb is as long as or slightly shorter than the little finger, but for me it’s best measured through its relation to the first fingerthe thumb’s tip doesn’t reach its second joint.

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How To Draw Anime And Manga Feet From Different Views

Feet are comprised of many irregular shapes making them one of the most difficult body parts to draw. Anime feet just like many other body parts drawn in anime style are simplified versions of real feet.

This tutorial provides some useful tips along with examples that can help you learn how to draw feet in the anime anime and manga styles from different views.

Drawing Anime Hands Start With A General Shape Work General To Specific

In both method we will cover below to draw anime hands, the glove/mitten method and the simple form construction method, we will start with a very basic shape for the palm of the hand.

It is a boxy and concave shape. Check the diagram above, then try to make different hand gestures and observe your own hands as well, and observe how this shape changes from one gesture to the next.

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Draw Feet From Different Angles

Anime legs tend to be less stylized, looking closer to being true than other body parts.

The size and shape of the feet may vary based on many factors, but the following general principles can be applied when drawing all feet. For this article, we will take the example of a young man’s foot.

To draw the foot from any angle, we will start by drawing the general shape of the foot, smaller details such as toes, toenails . will be drawn later. This will help you reduce errors when drawing details. Sketching the general shape of the first object is always a general rule when starting to draw.

This Is A Fun Group That Provides Useful Resources And Tutorials To Draw Feet From The Legs Ankles Arches Soles Dirty Footprints And Even Socks

How to Draw Anime Feet and Shoes [Narrated Tutorial]

Anime feet how to draw. – You can also be able to draw different types of drawing feet from drawing Cartoons To Anime To realistic feet. DRAW WITH MIKEY. Sketching An Anime Body.

However sometimes an artist need to draw the feet for certain scene. There are quite a lot of great res. 1 Draw a stick-figure outline of your characters body.

How to draw anime shoes step by step. This form includes both the heel and the rounding on top of the foot. Then draw triangles or ovals for the hands and feet.

Notice how the grounded foot has connecting. Use straight lines for the arms torso and legs. Artime characters feet is probably the last thing you need to worry.

Anime focuses heavily on shape over form so you want to practice good shape design as you create hands and feet. Since you rarely see in manga or anime TV shows because the feet is usually cover by the shoe. There are onty a.

Make the arms and torso similar in length and make the legs about 13 longer. Level yourself up from becoming a beginner to being a super pro at it. Even if your shapes break the form dynamic shapes can really drive interesting design.

Anime Art Reference Tutorials On Instagram Drawingtips Drawing Tips Feettips Figure Drawing Reference Hand Reference Drawings

Anime Feet Google Search Feet Drawing Anime Drawings Eye Drawing Tutorials

A Tutorial With Tips On How To Draw Feet In Different Positions In The Anime And Manga Style Feet Drawing Manga Girl Drawing Anime Drawings

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Consistency Between Different Views When Drawing

Remember to keep the proportions of the foot the same between different positions.

It is also very important to stay consistent between different views of the same object. For example if the foot you are drawing is at a certain angle when shown in one scene of a manga you want to keep that the same when showing the same foot from a different view in a another scene .

For drawing legs see:

Understanding Basic Hand Anatomy To Draw Anime Hands

I published a very detailed tutorial that covers drawing and anatomy of the hand. This tutorial can be found at the following link.

Below, lets cover the very basics we need to understand about the structure of the hand for anime and manga drawing.

The metacarpals create the palm of the hand, fingers stem from these bones.

Phalanges are the bones of the fingers, notice how each finger has three joints one at the knuckle one in the middle and one closer to the tip.

Notice also that the thumb has only two phalanges. The third joint is at the metacarpals back at the wrist area. This will become important when you draw the thumb, as it will have only two visible joints compared to the three for the fingers.

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How To Draw Fingers

Let’s learn how to draw the shape of the fingers now.

Step 1

Draw a big circle at the base of the finger.

Step 2

Draw a smaller circle at the second joint. Connect it to the first one. These lines should taper a little. Also, if you draw the bottom of the phalanx, remember to add a curve.

Step 3

Drawn an even smaller circle at the last joint. Connect it to the previous one. This phalanx doesn’t have a lot of cushion, so the curve only appears if the finger is bent.

Step 4

Draw the tip of the finger in the shape of a smooth wedge. Avoid completely pointed tips, unless you’re drawing your character in a deformed style.

Step 5

Add the nails at the halfway point of the last phalanx. They should be very subtletheir outline can’t compete with the more important outline of the whole hand.

Step 6

Don’t forget about webbing between the fingers!

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The Anatomy Of Anime Feet

Whew, that was intense! Luckily, feet are not as complex as hands. They’re built for stability, so they don’t change shape that much. But if you take a closer look at the bones, you’ll see the same ones as in the handwhich explains why in my language and in many others, the toes are simply called fingers.

What To Be Aware Of When Drawing Anime And Manga Feet In Different Positions

When drawing feet there are two major parts to consider, the foot itself and the toes. While the toes can move individually, during most normal movement of the foot they usually stay together.

Although we are focusing on feet in this tutorial its also very important to be aware of positions of the legs in relation to the feet. Its easy to lose track of the position of the legs and the rest of the body if you are drawing only the feet but you should keep those in mind. Being aware of everything can help prevent you from making mistakes. If we again use the example of someone standing up on their toes the position of the leg in relation to the foot will not change the more the person stands up on their toes. The legs will remain upright.

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One Break Down The Foot Into Three Simple Parts

Break up the heal into a separate section, it steps out from the leg as it descends down. Breaking it up into a separate section will help remember to watch out for the change in angle.

Takes pictures of your foot or look in the mirror, the heel does not continue straight down from the leg, it extends out. This is an important feature to get right and will help you draw more believable looking feet.

Why break the foot up in three parts for drawing? This divides the foot into movable sections with various shapes as the foot moves and twists.

Lets focus on understanding and representing the shape of the foot correctly when drawing. To do that, we break the shape down into simple smaller parts so it is easier to analyze. We can then focus on the shape of each part before drawing in the details of the form.

Position & Draw The Ears


Position the ears with their tops slightly below the top of the eyes and their bottoms slightly below the bottom of the nose. For this particular character the ears will be drawn slightly smaller and slightly lower down than is recommended for other character types here on AnimeOutline.

For the other placement example as well as more information on drawing ears see:

In this case most of the ears will be covered by the hair so there is not much need for drawing their inner details.

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Drawing Anime Hands Joint Divisions

We looked at the phalanges in the skeletal structure of the hand at the beginning of this tutorial. The phalanges define the separations or the joints between different parts of fingers.

Note that each finger has three joints, one starting at the knuckles and two more down the length of the finger. Indicating these joints in the correct place will provide solid structure to your drawing of anime hands.

How To Draw Anime Hands Step By Step

Enough theory! Let’s see how to draw anime hands in every pose! For this exercise, it’s good to use a reference. In fact, to learn how to draw hands, you need to practice a lotnot from imagination and guessing, but by analysis of the real thing. This constant exposure to the structure of a real hand will help you develop an intuition, and you’ll start “feeling” the difference between a correct pose and an incorrect one.

Here I used this from Envato Elements.

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Four Use The Underdrawing Of The Foot As A Guide

Now that the basic structure of the foot is drawn, and you worked out where the arch is and sorted out the bony bits, it is time to go over the drawing with organic lines. Doing so will make the drawing appear more natural.

Pay attention to how shapes wedge into each other by looking at references of the foot, you can indicate those connections with overlapped lines. If you are looking for references to draw from, I collected some drawing references on my .

Check out the step-by-step process implemented in the video below. In the lateral view, the arch of the foot is often hidden and therefore should be drawn subtely.

Even Though There Are Only A Few Differences The Way You Draw Each Will Impact The Way You Draw Female Poses And Male Poses

Feet Study by Naviira on DeviantArt

How to draw female anime feet. How to draw anime feet in perspective. Most of the foot can be simplified to little rounded shoes, or a water balloon. Draw the iris vertically stretched .

This form includes both the heel and the rounding on top of the foot. Inside the iris draw the pupil tracing the shape of the iris but smaller. The feet of an anime comprise the toes and the foot.

Let’s take a closer look at the 3d forms building the feet. Keeping all of the proportions and curves in mind you can draw the outer shape of the legs and then add the smaller details such as hints of the knees and ankle bones. Drawing anime feet from the bottom view is very similar to drawing them from the top view.

Since you rarely see in manga or anime tv shows, because the feet is usually cover by the shoe. Draw poses and putting clothes on top. In this new tutorial i will show you with tips and steps on how to draw anime feet easy.

Theres more awesome tutorials coming up a. In the above example you can see the position of the foot when inside this type of shoe. Basically an oval with the top and bottom hidden by the eyelids.

You may also want to check the the how to draw anime and manga feet from different views tutorial before looking at this one if you have not already done so. Have you ever wanted to draw feet. Welcome to the drawn feet wiki a collective database archiving barefoot scenes from illustrated media such as comics and cartoons and video games.

Learn How to Draw Shoes


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