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How To Get Anime Hair

Anime Girl Hairstyles: 25 Looks To Copy In Real Life

How to Get ANIME Hair – TheSalonGuy

Are you a huge fan of manga and Japanese anime? You will have noticed how dreamy the anime hairstyles always look. Anime girl hairstyles come in a wide range of look, from the sweet and simple to the edgy and dramatic. It is no wonder that many women get their inspiration to style their tresses from their favorite books and shows.

Whether you are a hardcore cosplayer or are merely trying to emulate the beautiful look of a character you admire on a daily basis, there is an anime girl hairstyle for you that matches your aesthetic preferences and your lifestyle.

Create Big Gravity Defying Anime

This tutorial builds on the knowledge gained from my previous tutorials, and provides a more in-depth discussion on creating big anime-style hair for your characters, as well as including four individual six step walkthroughs on creating each hairstyle. Although the styles were created in Adobe Photoshop, if youre familiar with Adobe Illustrator or other vectoring programs, you should find it easy to do. So lets begin!

Ichigos Fringe With Graduated Bob

Sharp, angular, choppy lines with plenty of asymmetries bring this look together. The asymmetric fringe may have gained traction with the emo movement but has been around in anime well before that. The edgy nature of peeping out from between swathes of hair appeals to fans of anime, as it is a trait often shared with their favorite characters.

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How To Shade Anime Hair Step By Step

How to Get ANIME Hair

This tutorial teaches the basics of anime and manga style hair shading with step by step examples of twelve different hairstyles.

Above you can see a preview of the different hairstyles shown in this tutorial. Even if you are only interested in some of them it may be a good idea to read over the entire tutorial as certain hairstyles have more detailed explanations on shading particular parts of the hair. Its set up this way to avoid some repetition.

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Anime Hair Design For Adults

;;When you are looking at anime hair styles for adults, you can take a little bit of everything from the other styles and combine them together. This can give you something unique to give your face some personality. This is often the style that people use when they are about to get married.

There are many anime hairs styles to choose from. If you want something that is very unique, then you can look online to get it. There are tons of websites that will help you design your own hairdo for an anime look.

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Easy Steps For Drawing Anime Hair

Anime Hair Tutorial ~ Messy Updo

Hirsute figures, anime hairs styles that cover much of the head or the simple dots are all favorites of many women. With their long flowing locks, there is a huge variety of ways in which you can modify anime hairs styles to make them a little different from your usual style.

For drawing Anime & manga hairs styles, simply divide it into multiple sections such as the side and front/back . For example, how to draw an anime character such as Kaguya-senpai is represented as multiple sections for a more defined look.

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Best Cartoon Photo Editor How To Turn Picture Into Anime Drawing

Todays photo editors bear lots of cool and awesome filters, and people tend to capture lifes moments and apply special filters to the photos before sharing them on social media. In order to impress their friends and attract more followers on social emdia platforms, the netizens, especially the younger ones love to make their photos look funny and awesome by adding funny elements like rabbit ears or applying fantastic filters to turn their photos into a form of art, such as paintings, sketches, and anime drawings.

As we have explained how to turn photo into watercolor painting and convert photo to pencil sketch in our previous articles, today we will focus on how to turn a picture into cartoon with cartoon photo editors for mobile.

Before we start:

To make your own cartoon is just very easy, all you have to do is to have a clear portrait of your face. And in your photo, if there is any unwanted object that you want to remove before cartoon yourself, then Jihosoft Photo Eraser is the ideal tool which you can use to remove unwanted beard and mustache, persons, watermarks, texts, and even censored parts can be removed from the photos. Now, we will enlist the best 12 Cartoon Yourself apps for Android phone that help you turn photo into anime drawing.

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Select The Layer Mask

A great feature of adjustment layers in Photoshop is that they include a built-in layer mask, and whether weve known it or not, weve been using the layer mask ever since we added the Hue/Saturation adjustment layer. Photoshop used our initial Lasso Tool selection to create the mask for us, and we can see the layer mask thumbnail in the Layers panel.

Notice that the thumbnail is filled mostly with black, with only two tiny areas of white. Black represents the areas where the Hue/Saturation adjustment layer is having no effect on the image. In other words, those areas are still showing their original color. The two small white areas are the selections we made around the eyes with the Lasso Tool. Those are the only areas in the image that are being colorized by the adjustment layer.

Notice also that the thumbnail has a white highlight border around it. The border tells us that the layer mask is currently selected. If youre not seeing the border around the thumbnail, click on the thumbnail to select the mask:

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How To Draw Anime Hair

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This tutorial will show you how to draw male and female anime hair. Anime hair is what makes anime heroes unique and beautiful as with real humans, it’s the crowning beauty. Let’s begin!

Top 10 Anime Female Hairstyles

Anime Hairstyles Angles

#1 Erza Scarlet Blinding Bangs

Unbelievably long and luscious hair accentuated by blinding bangs is a widely popular appearance trope in anime. Erza Scarlets long red hair coupled with bangs completely obscuring her eyes conveys a lot.

She is a fierce femme fatale who is also detached from her surroundings. The act of partially or fully covering eyes reflects a certain sense of vulnerability of the character. Major Olivia Armstrong covering her eyes with a mop of hair adds a layer of mystery to her gorgeous face. However, she is also a cold-hearted woman often unable to express her emotions.

Blinding blasts partly or fully hiding your eyes look mesmerizing and will easily make you stand ouy. If you wish to add more depth and dimension to your hair, color your hair red like Erza and be the center of attention in your next cosplay. You can also style your bangs with streaks of blue, green and pink to jazz up your CQ.

#2 Ponytails

Anime-inspired ponytails look formal, elegant and classy. It is often the go-to hairdo for strong-willed women like Hitagi Senjougahara, Eri Ayase and Mion Sonozaki who live their lives on their own terms.

It shows their commanding nature in the Manga series. If you have long hair, tying a ponytail will keep your locks from tickling your face while you are at the gym or working on an important office presentation.

#3 Sailor Moon Buns

#4 Akebi Sasaki Slicked Back Hair

#5 Mari Kurihara Side Swept Hairstyle

#6 Hana Midorikawa Short Hairstyle

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How To Draw Anime Hair For Boys And Men

Need help drawing Male Anime/ Manga Hair? Here are step-by-step instructions with illustrations on how to do just that. Drawing Anime hair might be daunting at first, but when you break it down to simpler steps, youll see how easy it could be.

This tutorial consists of 6 basic and most popular Anime hairstyles. After youve learned the basics, you will be able to create many more hairstyles of your own. Ready? Lets get started!

Important note

  • When drawing hair, keep your strokes light and always have a curve to it
  • Your lines should always taper to a point.
  • Dont draw every hair strand individually. Anime/ Manga hair is drawn by clumps. These clumps are drawn with two curved lines to form a cone-like shape.

Keep practicing these lines till you get the hang of it.

Quick Links

Draw A Slanted Line A Curved Line And A “w”

draw the volume of the hair around the head. anime male character step by step drawing male anime character face drawing step by step. For this, our application was created, with the help of which everyone can understand how to draw anime step by step. Manga hair can often be tricky to get looking right. Drawing anime isnt just for older teens its also for kids that love drawing their favorite characters who also happen to be from anime. The last phase of drawing hair is to make the hair support the character and make the character lively. Begin by drawing a circle. draw a slanted line, a curved line, and a "w" ⺠posted at 3 days ago draw two curved lines meeting at one end to separate the areas of the hair and the face. how to draw hair step by step image guides ponytail drawing how to draw anime hair anime hair. The hair fluffs off into tinier pieces until it fades into skin. The hair should be drawn after the shape of the head is ready, first we draw the shape of the anime character's hairstyle, and we measure lock by lock, add shadows, highlights, shading.

how to draw orange with pencil shading: Now, go into each hair section and draw each individual hair going in the direction determined by your section. Again draw some volume around the head. It includes a large collection of drawings classified by level of difficulty. We invite you to look to understand how to draw cartoon characters.

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Chouchou Virtual Hair Try

The first among the best apps you can use to change your hair color is ChouChou, an iPhone-exclusive app. It does more than just changing colors, though, allowing you to try out several different haircuts.

If youre a fan of Japanese culture. ChouChou might be even more appealing: the app was created by a beauty salon franchise in Tokyo to test the hair cuts and dyes they want to perform and use on their clients.

Which means that, beyond testing new colors, it is always up to date about hair trends in Japan. The whole process is done via a 3D representation of your face. Check out more on App Store!

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Anime Hair Texture And Color


If you are using an anime character for a drawing, try to match the anime hair texture and color to the actual anime character. For example if its a female, it will be different from an anime male, so try to match the anime hair color to the color of the outfit, and the eye color too. Some anime characters will wear eye-clips and accessories so try to match those too, this may help you find inspiration for your own.

If you are a beginner to drawing, then take it slow, practice a few times and move on. You dont want to get frustrated and become discouraged while trying to draw your own anime hair style.

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Paint Around The Iris In Each Eye

Paint around the iris in each eye to clean up any problem areas. For best results, use a small, soft-edge brush. You can adjust the size of your brush from the keyboard by pressing the left bracket key to make it larger. To change the hardness of the brush, press and hold Shift while pressing the left bracket key to make the brush edges softer. Holding Shift while pressing the right bracket key will make the edges harder.

Since were painting on a layer mask, not directly on the image itself, we dont see our brush color as we paint. Instead, the new eye color disappears from the areas weve painted over:

We also dont want the color to appear inside the pupil , so resize your brush if needed and paint inside the pupil with black to remove the color from that area. Once youre done with the first eye, move over the other eye and clean it up as well:

Fixing Mistakes

If you make a mistake and accidentally paint away some of the color in the iris, press the letter X on your keyboard to swap your Foreground and Background colors. This will set your Foreground color to white. Paint with white over the area to restore the color. Then, press X again to set your Foreground color back to black and continue painting.

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How Anime Hair Is Shaded

Generally anime and manga hair is shaded without gradients and has hard transition between its light and dark areas. This makes the shading process much faster but at the same time a little tricky as it can be difficult to figure out where the boundary between light and dark should be placed.

Where the actual shading is placed depends on the lighting conditions the artist wishes to show.

Anime characters are generally shaded in two ways:

  • Generalized shading where there character or object are well lit from most sides
  • Shading with strong one directional light source
  • This particular tutorial will focus on the more generic shading as its very common and can be used in most scenes. Please note however that even in the well lit lighting setup the strongest light will generally comes from somewhere above . This means that shadows will tend to form towards the bottom parts of the hair.

    Dont however confuse this with a one directional light source form above which would be more like shining a flashlight down on someone in a dark room.

    For examples of shading in one directional lighting see:

    Finally also keep in mind that anime/manga style shading does not need to be perfectly accurate or overly realistic. The goal is to have just enough basis in reality so that it looks believable.

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    Extremely Long And Loose Locks

    Anime characters with long locks are not as common as most of us would expect. However, that is not because they dont look cool with long hair. In fact, they are the coolest guys among the anime characters. That is why we get surprised when not so many of them rock long locks. Take, for instance, anime characters such as Ushio and Inuyasha from Tora and Kotarou Katsura from Gintama. These characters look great with their anime hair.;

    Generally, long hair is used here as a simple of raw power and authority, which is the main characteristic of the mentioned characters here. Extremely long locks are also regarded as a symbol of wild and primeval, and that is what is portrayed by these characters. For instance, Ushio and Inuyasha have very long hair, and we would be wrong if we say that these characters with long locks can hardly be civilized.


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