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Is This Girl For Real Anime

Touka Nanami Touka Is Full Of Surprises As She Learns To Love Yuu


Touka Nanami is the dependable and outgoing Student Council President, but in truth, this is all a facade. She dislikes showing any signs of weaknesses and hides her insecurities, so she doesn’t truly form a bond with anyone.

That’s until she falls in love with Yuu Koito after she joins the student council. Touka;can act like herself around Yuu and not worry about what mask she should wear. Sometimes childlike, sometimes mischievous. Touka is a wildcard for her actions toward Yuu, which makes her the perfect girlfriend to surprise her beloved.

Mai Sakurajima Mai Is A Realistic Yet Doting Girlfriend

Mai Sakurajima from;Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai;appears as a typical tsundere and kuudere at first, but her character has a surprising amount of depth. After Sakuta resolves her appearing invisible to others, they begin to date after he confesses to her.

What ensues are;some of the most normal, yet endearing, moments between them. Mai is a no-nonsense type of person, but she still shows glimpses of affection towards him. As the story progresses, it’s also shown that she is both indebted to him for accepting her for who she is and vice-versa.

Fate/kaleid Liner Prisma Illya

Unorthodox title aside, there is nothing remotely generic about Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya.

It may start off like that.

But after a few arcs you get subjected to unwitting philosophy lessons around evey corner.

Youd be questioning what makes a person, and youll watch as characters face tough decisions like whether or not theyd be able to destroy all of humanity just for one person.

This is one anime series that will definitely keep you up all night.

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Kotoko Inagawa Kotoko Loves Kuro Despite His Supernatural Imperfections

Kotoko Iwanaga is from the mystery romance anime;In/Spectre. After falling in love with Kuro at first sight, Kotoko;doesn’t beat around the bush;and immediately confesses to him. Although Kuro is suspicious of the;small Goddess of Wisdom, they become a couple;after a year.

Unlike Kuro’s ex-girlfriend who thought of him as a monster for his instantaneous healing abilities, Kotoko thinks nothing of it and loves him all the same. With Kotoko herself missing one eye and one leg, she knows what it feels like to be judged for her imperfections, which is also a factor in why she loves him. Because of Kotoko’s pure love and affection, she;is one of the best;girlfriends in anime.

Bob With Pointed Bangs By Serval

The Real

Whether the pointed bangs are part of the overall animal look that is often seen in anime or a style in their own right is up for debate. This isnt a style that is often seen in the real world but it would be simple enough to achieve. Often bangs are pointed to one side but could just as easily meet a point between the eyebrows to achieve this niche, cartoon-like look.

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Anime You Never Knew Were Actually Inspired By Real Life Events

Plenty of anime feature fantastical elements, but, believe it or not, these 10 outlandish anime were actually inspired by real-world events.

Anime may seem to be a medium that’s based on truly larger than life at first glance. Many of the series in this genre of media seem to be based on grand adventures in foreign fictional lands that only slightly resemble our own. However, much like western media, there are stories in anime that are based on real-life events as well.

There is actually a large amount of anime based on real events, whether they be large scale or events that simply happened to the author.;Let’s take a look at some far-fetched anime that were actually inspired by real events!

Best Girlfriends In Anime Ranked

Forget waifus and husbandos, today we’re going to be ranking the best girlfriends in all of anime. There’s plenty to discuss, so read on!

There have been husbando wars. There have been waifu wars. There’s even been best girl and best boy wars, ultimately dividing various fandoms about who deserves to take each crown. But we’re going to be doing something different by ranking the best girlfriends in anime.

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Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to take a look back at the virtual girls who captured our hearts as well as their love interests’ attention. Whether they’re a shy dandere, a prickly tsundere, or an obsessed yandere, these are the anime girlfriends who we deem the best out of the bunch for their beloved.

;Romance and anime go hand-in-hand however, many romance anime don’t display characters dating at all. This is because most anime have 12 to 13 episodes that have the characters confess in the end, right before it can show the audience that they have begun to date.;However, there is the rare instance where the two main characters start to date and some with better girlfriends than others. There is an abundance of best girls from all different genres, from doting girlfriends to ones that would ruthlessly defeat her partner in a swordfight.

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Usagi Tsukino Usagi Crosses Over Time For Mamoru

Usagi Tsukino and Mamoru Chiba’s love has transcended time and centuries, solidifying them as one of the best couples in anime, but let’s not forget about the other half. Although she appears as a spoiled crybaby initially, with the help of the other Sailors Soldiers and Mamoru’s love, she grows into a great woman.

She cares deeply for Mamoru, affectionately calling him Mamo-chan, and lets it be known how much she loves him at all times. Whenever he’s in danger she comes to his rescue, and she’s always supportive despite them having limited time to see one another.

Ichigos Fringe With Graduated Bob

Let’s Build an Anime Girl in Real Life

Sharp, angular, choppy lines with plenty of asymmetries bring this look together. The asymmetric fringe may have gained traction with the emo movement but has been around in anime well before that. The edgy nature of peeping out from between swathes of hair appeals to fans of anime, as it is a trait often shared with their favorite characters.

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Hitagi Senjougahara Hitagi Is A No

Hitagi Senjougahara is neither a;tsundere nor a;yandere. She’s both by her own admission, although she would qualify as a kuudere. After Araragi saves her from the Heavy Stone Crab, an apparition that took her weight away, Hitagi confessed she loved him and they began to date.

If he’s acting foolish, she’ll pull out her signature stapler and threaten to staple his mouth shut. Despite her sharp-tongue and expressionlessness, she loves Araragi and would do anything to help him, and ensures everyone knows she’s 1# despite the harem surrounding him. Hitagi’s faithfulness is;a great aspect.

Kyouko Hori Kyouko Loves Izumi For His Personality & Doesn’t Judge Him Like The Others

Horimiya;was one of the most anticipated manga to receive an anime adaption, and one of the reasons was because of the two leads’ relationship. After Kyouko and Izumi both discover their true personalities outside of school, they begin to hang out.

It’s not long after that they realize they like each other, and they begin to date. What’s great about Kyouko, in the beginning, is how she is clear to show her feelings of affection towards Izumi. She apologizes for any misunderstandings and pushes him to be the best version of himself, showing her to be one of the most supportive girlfriends in anime.

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Ulysses: Jeanne D’arc And The Alchemist Knight

The story of;Jeanne d’Arc and the Alchemist Knight is that of the very exaggerated genre. It’s focused on the main character Montmorency, a young alchemist on a journey to find the sacred philosopher stone. He meets Jeanne d’Arc, and, after saving her once with the stone, vows to protect her life as she protects France.

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All of this story takes place during the very real Hundred Years War which was part of the Anglo-French Wars. The character Jeanne d’Arc is also based on the real Joan of Arc, the hero of France during the Hundred Years War.

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Pin On Anime Art

Pin On Aromatic Anime

Pin On Neptunia

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Long Locks With Bows And Asymmetric Bangs

Theres a lot going on in this look because illustrators often use anime girl hairstyles to showcase the characters personality. Just like real people, characters often have many aspects to their personality, hence the many aspects of the look.

Bows and long hair are meant to demonstrate innocence and youth whilst the asymmetric fringe adds some depth and darker emotion to the character and look.

The 20 Most Beautiful Anime Girls Of All Time

Anime girls are something that you will come across in every anime series. Whatever your preference may be, theres always a sexy anime girl out there who youre sure to take a liking to.;

In this list, we will look at the 20 most beautiful anime girls that will leave you wishing they were your waifu!

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Iroha Igarashi Iroha Loves Hikari Despite His Faults

Iroha Igarashi from;3D Kanojo: Real Girl;is one of the most overlooked girlfriends in anime.;After meeting Hikari Tsuitsui while cleaning the pool and agreeing to go out with him, she brings out the best in him despite him thinking of himself as nothing but a creepy otaku.

Iroha always stands up for Hikari when others make fun of him. She’s kindhearted, takes their relationship seriously, and wholeheartedly loves him for who he is as a person. Even though their relationship has a contingency of 6 months, Iroha’s love for Hikari doesn’t change at all, making her one of the most loyal girlfriends in anime.

Ruri Gouko & Kyousuke Kousaka Ruri Puts Up With Kyousuke’s Siscon Ways

Meet the Real Life Anime Girl

Oreimo;has many layers to the series, with one of them being Kyousuke and Ruri’s more well-known by her nickname Kuroneko relationship. They begin to date after Ruri confesses to him, and they have;a fulfilling relationship.

Despite being a few years younger than Kyousuke, she is a mature older sister and an otaku who hides behind her cosplay to express her true feelings. She even puts up with her frenemy and younger sister’s verbal abuse towards Kyousuke, Kirino although their relationship ended because he;Kirino;over Ruri.

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Newsis This Girl For Real Manga To End In 8th Volume

posted on

The seventh volume of Is This Girl For Real?! manga announced on Friday that the series will end in the next volume. In a message dated “a certain day” in December 2014, Mutsuki made the announcement in the romantic comedy’s latest volume.

The creator said in the message that he hopes fans enjoyed the manga. He remarked that he would have liked to add another 10 or 20 volumes.

Mutsuki (began releasing the series online in English in January 2014.

Crunchyroll describes the story:

Rinko Yamamoto Rinko Falls In Love With Takeo’s Kindness Not His Appearance

There’s probably no;girlfriend as pure as Rinko from;My Love Story. After being saved by Takeo from a molester on the train, Rinko falls in love with him and promptly asks him to be her boyfriend afterward. This is a very unlikely thing to occur in anime and real life, so that gives her bonus points for taking the initiative.

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Despite Takeo’s towering stature, Rinko loves him for the kind person he is, not his height or what others would deem ugly face. Rinko is a girlfriend able to look past appearances and accept someone for who they are, making her top girlfriend material.

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Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Speaking of the devil

If youre tired of the cutesy transformations and the child-friendly plot of a lot of magical girl anime, then maybe its best to turn your attention here to Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

This specific series challenges every preconceived notion you may have of what a magical girl is.

Yeah, it still has that cheerful character design and that usual premise.

But after a few episodes of Madoka, you will come to learn that it isnt anything like that.

So if youre looking for something to watch with your younger siblings, maybe check out the next choice on my list.

However if youre up for truth bombs and the darker side of magic then this is a must-watch.

Misa Amane Misa Is A Loyal Yet Dangerous Lover To Light

Real Life Anime Girl

Although Misa Amane from;Death Note;looks like a cute girl with a fashion sense for all things goth,;fans would be sorely mistaken. Misa is in love with the notorious Kira, the alias of Light Yagami, because he inadvertently killed the man who murdered her family. He didn’t do this for herhe did it for his plan.

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Misa would do anything for Light, whether it’s an accomplice to murder or acting as a decoy to allow him to escape. She went as far as;shortening her lifespan multiple times to gain Shinigami Eyes, the ability to learn a person’s name by looking at them, to aid him.

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Rindou Kobayashi With Deep Red Hair

If a character has hair this deep red color you can almost guarantee theyre going to have a dark and dangerous side. If thats something youd like to allude to then this color is a pretty popular one to dye hair.

Something about the depth of the red enhancing natural tones has made it so, but anime has picked up on the cultural connotations of the color and exploited it to demonstrate characters personalities.

Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch

Cards on the table, the story line of Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch is messy.

The goal is to unite the seven sea princesses, but for most of the show its just the three main girls Lucia, Hanon, and Rina fighting villains with their high-pitched voices.

In this anime, the singing is the fighting. Its chaotic, scattered, and unapologetically cheesy.

But Im willing to ignore all of that to rank it high up here because of its incredible entertainment factor.

Prepare to sing along to some of the catchiest songs to have ever been written for an anime and buckle up for an exciting journey underwater.

The last time I watched an episode was 11 years ago, but I still have all the words memorized.

This is the unparalleled influence of Mermaid Melody: Pichi Pichi Pitch.

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Short Red Spikes Of Kallen Kozuki

Colors are obviously especially important in anime as they are all symbolic, and that is true when it comes to anime girls hair color too. Adding depth with burgundy reds demonstrates something about the characters nature, so you too could play up your personality with the colors you choose to enhance your hair.

Read Is This Girl For Real Manga

Real Life Anime Girl Makeup!

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