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What Anime Is Astolfo From


Which Grand Order Part Does Astolfo Appear In

Astolfo Best Waifu

ive just watched apocrypha and ive found out he also appears in grand order but i see theres different parts where some are movies and some are actual seasons and im just curious which one of those astolfo appears in, thanks

His major appearance is in the agartha chapter of FGO with some minor appearances in various events. None of which have been animated

Just watch apocrypha. He’s a main character

As far as i know, astolfo only appear in the mobile gacha and apocrypha

Astolfo doesnt show up in any of the fgo anime out so far, and will not show up in any of the upcoming anime.

He makes a lot of event appearances. He appeared in I believe the first Christmas event, I believe he was in the White Day Limited Quest with Child Gilgamesh and Amakusa Shirou, and he was a major ally in Agartha, thank you CRtwenty for pointing that out. A shame, he is my favorite Rider in the Fate series. Oh yes, he does of course appear in the Fate/Apocrypha crossover event. The first has already passed NA, but we should see a rerun someday. You can check on the FGO wiki . Keep in mind, JP events generally come two years before NA events.

Ermm Please Take Good Care Of Me

Astolfo, sometimes called Rider of Black or just Rider, was one of Charlamagnes paladins and an English prince. He is in constant pursuit of the pleasures of the world, which matches his optimistic albeit somewhat daft personality. His motivation is also somewhat shifty, as it mostly depends on how much he likes his Master.

Perhaps one of the most striking things about Astolfo is his androgynous appearance. His Fate/Grand Order profile listed his gender as being a secret, per his request. He usually wears his bright pink hair in a long side braid and claims to dress as he does since he likes cute things.

Astolfo In Orlando Furioso

When first introduced, Duke Astolfo is trapped in the form of a myrtle tree by means of the evil sorceress Alcina’s magic. When Ruggiero attempts to tether his hippogriff to the unlucky man, Astolfo protests, lamenting his fate. Although the two converse at length, Ruggiero does not heed the duke’s advice to avoid Alcina and he soon becomes bewitched as well. Both are, however, rescued and returned to normal by Melissa, the good sorceress.

Astolfo possesses various magical equipment which he employs throughout his adventures. His magic lance can knock his opponents from their horses with the slightest touch, and his magic book contains spells capable of breaking any enchantment. He also owns a magic horn whose blast is so loud that it causes all enemies to flee in terror and rides upon a horse named Rabicano. This magical horse is made of hurricane and flame, feeds on air and it treads so lightly that it doesn’t leave footprints in the sand, and when it runs at full speed it can run faster than an arrow.

Astolfo uses his magic horn to capture the giant Caligorante, and then parades the giant from town to town, forcing him to act as his beast of burden. He also defeats Orillo, a robber who could not be killed because he was enchanted to regenerate from any wounds he received. Even severed limbs would reattach themselves. Astolfo loans his golden lance and Rabicano to Bradamante for a short time while he rides the hippogriff in search of Orlando’s lost wits.

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