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Cosplayers find community at Anime Expo in LA
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By Diego Hernandez / July 4th, 2021

The Anime Expo 2021 weekend is finally here, and with it Sekai Project brings great news. The wonderful publisher took the virtual stage yesterday to unveil not just one or two titles, but six! Six titles coming west, with some of them being fan favorites. It truly makes you feel good to know that as a visual novel fanatic, well have plenty of things to look forward to. They had so much to announce that they couldnt fit it in all during the presentation. It really is encouraging stuff to see theyre hard at work on so many intellectual properties. That being said, a couple of these are sequels to titles that are already on Steam and if you want to try them, check them out during the Steam Summer Sale. Without further interruption, lets jump in to the announcements!

First, from the beloved Whirlpool, Slobbish Dragon Princess 2! To clarify, this ones coming this year!

Next, from PURESIS, the ever-so enchanting QUALIA ~The Path of Promise~! This ones also coming this year.

After that one a super cute visual novel for the soul from Cabbage Soft. Thats right its Amairo Chocolate 2!

Following that is none other than a promising sequel from Escu:de! As Re;Lord 3 ~The demonlord of Groessen and the final witch~ makes it journey west! In addition, bundling with confirmation that Re;Lord 2 will be releasing in 2021.

And now for something completely different, from Chloro, its 2236 A.D. Secretary Stories! Another 2021 release!

Things To Check Out At Anime Expo

This weekend, Los Angeles hosts the 20th Anniversary of Anime Expo, the biggest anime expo in the country, with over 105,000 visitors attending the four-day convention last year. And that number didn’t include all the various outdoor activities in the immediate vicinity, like the annual Battle of the Bands, Masquerade, and Idol Singer competition that occurred across the street from the L.A. Convention Center at Club Nokia and Nokia Theater.

Anime Expo 20th Anniversary PanelGiant Robot RumbleReal SteelRoyal RumbleBattle of the BandsFault, Sounddrug, Little Alto, Dream Rush, Black Crystal Midnight ShinigamiAnime Expo AX IdolAmerican IdolBandai EntertainmentGundamGundam 00 MovieK-On! K-On!Cosplay Chess! Heroes vs. VillainsDeath Note MafiaDeath NoteFUNimation Sneak PeekYuyu HakushoFull Metal AlchemistAfro SamuraiTrigunCity Under SiegeNoir The Sword With No NameNaruto Shippuden: Dreamers Fight Sneak PeekYuyu HakushoInitial DDragon Ball ZBleachCowboy BebopDeath NoteInyushaPrince of TennisVIZ Media PanelThe Borrower ArriettyStreet Fighter IVTekken 6Capcom vs. Marvel 3Mortal KombatLike it? Share it:

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Movies And The Performing Arts

The city’s has become recognized as the center of the and the Los Angeles area is also associated as being the center of the . The city is home to major film studios as well as major record labels. Los Angeles plays host to the annual , the , the as well as many other entertainment industry awards shows. Los Angeles is the site of the , the oldest in the United States.

The performing arts play a major role in Los Angeles’s cultural identity. According to the USC Stevens Institute for Innovation, “there are more than 1,100 annual theatrical productions and 21 openings every week.” The is “one of the three largest performing arts centers in the nation”, with more than 1.3;million visitors per year. The , centerpiece of the Music Center, is home to the prestigious . Notable organizations such as , the , and the are also resident companies of the Music Center. Talent is locally cultivated at premier institutions such as the and the .

Anime Expo Welcomes Creators And Trade Professionals Across Anime And Japanese Pop Culture Industries And Is Happy To Provide An Industry Badge For Approved Individuals

I saw this at the anime convention in Sydney Yesterday and ...

If you wish to attend as Industry, you must apply online completing the full application by the due date. Applications submitted after the due date may not be reviewed. Please be sure to fill out the application as much as possible to ensure a smooth review process and improve the likelihood of getting approved for an Industry badge.

We;encourage anyone interested in applying to apply early as the number of Industry badges is limited. Applications are reviewed individually in the order that they are received. Decisions are final and at SPJAs sole discretion.

Please be aware that there is no onsite registration for industry badges.

We are unable to provide industry badges to non-relevant industries, students, cosplayers, or support staff such as administrative staff, facilities, IT, operations, QA, HR, or convention volunteer support staff.

Interested in meeting your fans at Anime Expo? Find out more information on how to make an appearance at AX.

Industry Badge

For individuals who are part of the creative process of Japanese pop culture, content or related industries such as production design, writing and editing, and other Japanese pop culture business professionals like marketing, sales, business development, producers, and executives.

  • Provides all the same access as a 4-day attendee badge.
  • Includes access to the Industry Lounge and priority entrances throughout the event.

Deadline to Apply:;TBA

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Pronunciation Of The Name

The English pronunciation of the name of the city has varied. A 1953 article in the of the asserts that the pronunciation was established following the 1850 incorporation of the city and that since the 1880s the pronunciation emerged out of a trend in California to give places Spanish, or Spanish-sounding, names and pronunciations. In 1908, librarian , who argued for the pronunciation with , reported that there were at least 12 pronunciation variants. In the early 1900s, the advocated for pronouncing it Loce AHNG-hayl-ais , approximating Spanish , by printing the under its masthead for several years. This did not find favor.

Since the 1930s, has been most common. Meanwhile, there are still a group of people still using different pronunciation in mid-20th century which can be found in many videos and movies. In 1934, the decreed that this pronunciation be used. This was also endorsed in 1952 by a “jury” appointed by Mayor to devise an official pronunciation.

Financially Sustainable Since Their First Invoice

When CDS went professional, some artists in the doujin circle were glad to support its new development by joining full time.

Among them were 33-year-old Low Zi Rong, also known as WaHa, and 27-year-old Tan Hui Tian, also known as Space Penguin.

Others who didnt go on board with the studio full time continued to contribute on a personal level outside of their own jobs.

All our artists and myself started out working with our studio on a freelance basis, KC says.

We only started paying our artists through a monthly payroll system after our first year, when we became more confident of our financial standing.

However, he says the studio has been able to sustain itself without any external investment since the time they invoiced their first client.

They were originally based in a co-working space, *SCAPE HUBquarters, and went through one shift before settling into their current home.

They now occupy a unit at Pearls Hill Terrace, which they share with ARTBLOVK, a gallery opened by the founder of the doujin circle, Eddie Ching.

While KC declines to reveal how much the studio earns, he says the revenue is sustainable for its team of four full-timers, and the artists who continue to freelance with them.

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Anime Gift Guide: 8 Pieces To Add To Your Closet

Published by: Anime Expo

Hot Topic celebrates the art and creators of anime every day with Anime & Beyond!;In this post, check out some of;our picks for anime shirts and more.

Plus, join the Discord community for;giveaways, AMAs, karaoke, and more!

Peace and Love T-shirt;$23.90

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. All net proceeds from the purchase of this tee celebrating AAPI Heritage Month will go directly to Asian Americans Advancing Justice, now through the end of May.

Haikyu!! Hinata & Ushijima Girls T-Shirt $22.90

Rep the rivalry between Karasuno and Shiratorizawa with this black Haikyu!! tee. Printed with both Hinata and Ushijima in;their team uniforms under the shows title in white.

Banana Fish Ash & Eiji Chibi Photo Girls T-Shirt $24.90 ;Hot Topic ExclusiveWear cutie versions of your favorite investigators with this Banana Fish tee! Printed with a photo-style design of chibi Ash and Eiji with stars in the background and their names below. Only available at Hot Topic!

Hunter X Hunter Pose T-Shirt $22.90

Add more anime apparel to your tee collection with this one from Hunter x Hunter. Printed with Gon, Killua, Kurapika, and Leorio and the shows title on the front.

My Hero Academia Shota Aizawa T-Shirt $22.90

Add more anime apparel to your tee collection with this one from My Hero Academia. Printed with Shota Aizawa, aka the Erasure Hero, mid-fight with his name above and down the side.

Anime Expo Has Arrived

Anime Expo Coming To LA Convention Center
Badges will be mailed out in advance! Don’t forget to bring it with you!

If you missed the cutoff date for badge mailing or are visiting from outside the US/Canada, you will need to pick up your badge onsite:

  • Bring the following with you:
  • QR Code Confirmation
  • Valid, government-issued photo ID
  • If you are under 18, please bring your parent or legal guardian with you to pick up your badge.;If youre 13 and under, the adult present when you pick up your badge must also have purchased a badge and accompany you throughout the duration of the event.
  • IMPORTANT: With the exception of Child badges, each registered attendee must pick up his/her own badge.
  • Head to the appropriate badge pick-up area. Check out the Hours & Maps page for more information.
  • TIP: Be careful not to lose your badge! If you do, getting a replacement will cost an additional fee.

    Need help with locating your registration info or transferring/upgrading your badge? Check out our Support Center;for assistance.

    Planning to go to a ticketed event? Don’t forget to pick up your ticket!

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    Designing For The Biggest Anime Conventions

    To get work, KC says, We are relatively;aggressive in seeking out new B2B opportunities and cultivating ties with new potential clients.

    We look out for companies that can use our visuals for their marketing, branding, or customer experience design.

    He also says that their studios capabilities have spread by word-of-mouth within the anime industry.

    Over the years, they have been able to work with Loot Crate, Anime Festival Asia, Ikeda Spa, Anime Coin, and Anime Expo.

    Since 2016, Collateral Damage Studios has been providing the merchandising art for Anime Expo, the largest Japanese pop culture convention held in Los Angeles.

    This October, as Anime Expo collaborates with the famous New York Comic Con, they were also engaged to create key visuals for the event.

    With these notable clients in their portfolio, CDS work is often featured in the digital art magazine, ImagineFX.

    They are especially known for designing mascots that lend their personalities and become well-recognised representing brands and events.

    While we are best known for our anime art, we are also not afraid to expand beyond that to full animation, western comic book covers, art tutorials, and even realistic medical illustrations.

    Manga Monday: Anime Expo 2014 Report Part 2

    Everybodys talking about Comic-Conbut why be trendy, when theres still so much to say about Anime Expo? ^_^ AX is considerably smaller than Comic-Con, with only about 80,000 people attending. But Im doing those Dr. Evil air quotes around only, considering that Anime Expo has reached those numbers without any boost from the Hollywood premieres and celebrities strongly associated with San Diego.in part 1 of our Anime Expo reportSatoshi Kons OPUSOh My Goddess!Super Manga BlastNeon Genesis EvangelionNeon Genesis Evangelion: Comic Tribute

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    Godzilla: City On The Edge Of Battle

    In this interplanetary struggle for survival, humans and robots face off against the biggest Godzilla ever in this reimagining of the classic franchise. This is the sequel to Godzilla: Planet of Monsters.

    Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle will be released on July 18. Koubun Shizuno and Hiroyuki Seshita direct based on a script by Gen Urobuchi for Polygon Pictures and TOHO.

    How To Buy Tickets Onsite

    Autographed enju board. I won this at anime expo in a ...
    • Go to the Ticketing Booth

      Types of Payment Accepted:;Cash, American Express, Discover Card, Visa, and Mastercard

    • When you get to the counter, tell the AX Ticketing Volunteers which event youd like to purchase a ticket for.
    • AX Ticketing Volunteers will assist you with the purchasing process and issue you a ticket.

      We highly recommend purchasing tickets online, when possible.;As long as the event is not a WILL CALL ticketed event, you will NOT need to visit the Ticketing Booth and stand in line, giving you more time to spend enjoying the convention!

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    Everything You Need To Know About Ax 2020 Badges Going On Sale August 16th

    Published by: Anime Expo

    As some of you may have seen in our AX 2019 program guide, Anime Expo 2020 Early Bird badges will go on sale Friday, August 16, 2019!

    In this post, well outline everything you need to know about the on-sale date so that you know what to expect.

    When and where is AX 2020?

    Anime Expo 2020 will take place at the Los Angeles Convention Center from Thursday, July 2 through Sunday, July 5.

    When exactly will badges go on sale?

    Friday, August 16, 2019 at 12 PM PDT

    Where do I go to buy badges?

    The link to the registration page on Eventbrite will be available via the Register page.;While the Eventbrite link may be accessible prior to August 16, you will not be able to purchase badges until Friday, August 16 at 12 PM PDT.

    Badge;purchasing on Eventbrite will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

    What badges will be available and how much will they be?
    • AX 2020 Premier Fan Perks will consist of:
    • 4-Day Access to Anime Expo
    • Badge mailing with exclusive lanyard
    • Premier Fan Swag Bag Package featuring art by PICPICGRAM
    • Designated Premier Fan Hotel Booking Block
    • Exclusive Ticketing Pre-Sale Purchase Period for Select Events
    • Exclusive Advanced Reservation for Select High-Demand Events
    • Priority Entry Access to the Convention Center
    • Priority Entry to Select Panels & Events
    • Early Entry to the Exhibit Hall on Day 1
    • Designated Premier Fan Line for Exhibit Hall on Days 2-4
    • Premier Fan Lounge Access
    • Discount on Official AX Merchandise

    Already Purchased A Registration Ticket And Want To Purchase A Concert Ticket:

    • Go to the registration website:;

    • Select the Concert Ticket.

      You will see this box appear.

    • Enter the Order ID from the confirmation email you received when you purchased your Anime Expo Lite online pass.

      If you do not have your confirmation email, you can log into your Tixr account and select |My Orders.

      Note:; See Logging Into Your Tixr Account section if you need help.

      Under Orders, click on Anime Expo Lite 2021.

      Your order number will be in the upper right corner.

    • Once you have entered your Order number, you can select a concert ticket, then proceed to checkout and pay for your ticket.

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    Reedpop’s Anime Fest At Nycc Faces Controversy

    In fact, the event is actually the return of the New York Anime Festival, a ReedPop-organized anime and manga show that ended in 2012; it is now being revived with a few key changes. Fans had the option to buy tickets for just the Anime Fest or to combine them with their NYCC badges at a slightly reduced price, but the discounted tickets for NYCC badge holders are now sold out. And ReedPop, which organizes NYCC, also announced that it will be partnering with the Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation to provide fans the ultimate East Coast anime festival and celebration of Japanese pop culture.

    Weve been thinking about revisiting the New York Anime Festival for some time now, says ReedPop event director Mike Armstrong. And it just so happened that everything came together this year. The AX crew and the SPJA have proven to be great partners when it comes to identifying and locking in Japanese talent. Theyve also helped us identify show features that have performed well at their show in L.A., that we could potentially bring to Anime Fest.

    Armstrong described added attractions and programming to this improved version of NY Anime Fest. The previous iteration of Anime Fest leaned heavy on panels, music, and other entertainment presentations on stages and on retail, he says. This time, the team is focused on creating show features that are more experimental than what we see at other events.

    Just Fun And Freelancing For 6 Years

    Manga Fans Come Out to Cosplay at Anime Expo

    One of the earliest members, 33-year-old Ng Kian Chuan, shares with us about how Collateral Damage Studios was birthed from a doujin;circle in 2007.

    Hes better known as KC, and also goes by the artist moniker, Komicer.

    The Japanese term doujin simply refers to a group of people who share the same interests.

    Artists in the circle came together to practice their art, help each other improve, and participate in artist alleys together, while most of them held full-time day jobs.

    In the same year as their inception, they released an original art book, Superscenic, and took part in their first convention, Kaleidoscope 2007.

    As the doujin circle grew, they began to get noticed and received freelance work from all over the world.

    Back then, we had discussed among ourselves whether we wanted to form a professional body, but we felt that we werent ready.

    So we continued to operate as a loose association of freelancers, KC says.

    The turning point came six years in, when they netted a huge client.

    In 2013, Microsoft took notice of fan art that they had done for Internet Explorer, and approached them to turn it into a proper mascot.

    In order to take up the project, Collateral Damage Studios had to be a registered company.

    At that;point of time, I happened to be at a crossroads of my career, KC shares.

    I had just completed a Diploma in Creative Entrepreneurship, so it felt like a right time for me to take the risk.

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