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What Is The Best Anime

How We Choose The Best Anime Series On Netflix

Top 20 Best Anime of the Decade

The goal is to have a list of great anime series that span many subgenres. We’ve included a mix of popular classics like Evangelion and Fullmetal Alchemist, along with relatively more obscure titles like Ouran High School Host Club and The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. Whether you’re a complete anime newbie or a hardcore otaku, there’s something for everyone here.

Code Geass: Lelouch Of The Rebellion

If you cross Game of Thrones Littlefinger and The Crows Eric Draven, you might get Lelouch vi Britannia: an intoxicatingly skilled political manipulator with mind-control powers who is on a mission of vengeance against his family, which rules the world. Code Geass has sci-fi combat, bureaucratic backstabbing, teen comedy, and a future in which imperialism and caste systems keep the populace underfoot. Like practically every revolutionary in history, Lelouch isnt particularly noble in his pursuit to overthrow the power of the family he is estranged from, but he is fascinating to watch.Watch it if you love:Cruel Intentions Shakespeares

Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

In a similar vein to Cowboy Bebop, Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood is one of the most iconic and influential anime of the past few decades. The series follows two brothers, Edward and Alphonse as they try to heal the damage inflicted on them both during an ill-fated ritual.

The series has some of the most intense action, compelling characters, and heartbreaking episodes in anime history, making it a perfect contender for someone’s ‘first anime’.

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Dragon Pilot: Hisone And Masotan

In Dragon Pilot, dragons hide inside aircraft and are piloted by young women from inside the dragons esophagus after getting swallowed whole. They also love eating cell phones and look adorably cuddle-worthy. No other anime series looks quite like Dragon Pilots uncluttered character designs, and its grainy backgrounds that call back to vintage film photography. The flight sequences typically feature intricate, fully animated jet-to-dragon transformations, and the scale and speed that the artists manage to convey in each episode is intoxicating.Watch it if you love: How to Train Your Dragon The Right Stuff

Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

The 10 Best (And 10 Worst) Anime Of 2018

Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day , which is also called just Anohana, is one of the most heartwarming anime in Japan. Its story begins with this plot: Jinta Yadomi, whose nickname is Jintan, plays video games instead of attending high school.

One day in summer, his childhood friend Meiko Homma shows up before Jintan as a ghost though she died in an accident years before. The moving anime is brought to an end with just 11 episodes.

Air Dates: 2011

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Best Anime To Watch On Crunchyroll 2021

10 Most Recommended Crunchyroll Anime Series 2021

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Where can you watch anime in English? There are quite a few anime streaming sites all over the world these days. Crunchyroll is one of the most popular anime sites among English speakers especially in the United States.

Crunchyroll has been loved by Otaku people outside Japan since it was found in the United States in 2006. You can watch all of the thousands of anime with the free plan and upgrade to the premium plan from about $7 per month, which enables you to watch anime without ads. If you live outside Japan and want to see anime with subtitles, Crunchyroll is one of the most recommended anime sites without a doubt.

If you are wondering which anime to watch on Crunchyroll, here are 10 best anime to watch on Crunchyroll now. From the classic franchises to the recent series, enjoy watching many authentic anime on Crunchyroll!

The Pet Girl Of Sakurasou

Okay, I know the title seems a bit wrong, and honestly even when I give you the synopsis it will seem a bit odd but you just have to believe me that the show knows what its doing.

Basically, our male protagonist really wants a cat. But since he cant just make any place his kittys home, he has to move to Sakurasou.

But in Sakurasou, all the oddballs also find their refuge. Most regarding quirks and such, alongside a girl who cant seem to take care of herself.

The duty then falls on our MC to help this fair maiden out, while sparks fly as per usual.

Again, give it a watch. Its not as smutty as it sounds, not in the slightest.

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Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress

If your looking for some steampunk and zombies then go for this. The main character is more of a weird kid experimenting with mechanical stuff , trying to develop a weapon to kill zombies.

Then there is a girl who is super fast and a hybrid. This anime has good plot , fight scenes and everything. But still feels a bit lacking. But still definitely worth watching.

The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya

Top 10 Best Anime Series of All Time

The slice-of-life anime The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is one of the best anime after 2000s. It is initially published as a light novel in 2003, which was adapted into anime in 2006. Before releasing the anime, there had been already a large number of fans of the light novel. The first season of the anime never bored them by broadcasting the stories out of order, which were not chronological.

The anime represent the daily life of SOS Brigade which is the school club established by the main heroine Haruhi Suzumiya. But, she is not just a human

Air Dates: 2006-2009Genre: Sekaikei, Slice of life, Comedy, Science Fiction, Time loopRecommended for Beginners/Anime Fans

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Vivy: Fluorite Eyes Song

Director: Shin WakabayashiAnimation production: CloverworksFollowing 14-year-old Ai Ooto as she fights to protect the souls of dead teenage girls housed within the eponymous “wonder eggs,” the high quality of Wonder Egg Prioritys animation proves immediately striking, full of spectacular, high-flying, and allegorical action. While it covers ground that other stories have before it, in detailing how girls are preyed upon under specific social structures that leave them vulnerable, for a time at least, it felt unique in the combination of imagery and visual language used to portray the girls reclamation of their own agency, and their retribution against their abusers, with various dreamscapes and nuanced character acting mixing with thorny meta-commentary on the narrow line between publicizing and discussing such traumas and exploiting them.

Top 10 Most Popular Anime Of All Time


I am a huge fan of anime. I love sharing the best series with others.

These are the most popular anime of all time, so you can’t miss them! If you are a true fan of anime, you probably know all of them. I have selected these titles based on their iconic status and how much they have resonated with anime fans. These entries are just my personal opinion, but I am sure most fans will agree with my choices. If you are new to these addictive Japanese cartoons, this is a perfect list for you. Millions of fans all around the world love these anime series. They are often rewatched and recommended to others.

Top 10 Most Popular Anime of All Time

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Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

Wow,wow,wow. The MC struggle you see in this anime is unprecedented. He keeps loosing ,loosing and loosing.

He cries and makes a comeback then looses again. This anime took the world by storm and it will take you too. Without giving any spoilers , just go watch it. Its worth every second of your time. Specially if you enjoy MC struggle and comeback.

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The Anthem Of The Heart

10 Best Isekai Anime (According to IMDb)

Living in your own little fairy tale is all fun and games until it impacts real life.

Our protagonist had to learn this the hard way, as her naivety leads to a secret getting out in the world and hurting people really close to her.

She now has a curse, or more like a seal, that prevents her from ever speaking again.

But then the school pulls the classic calling on someone who didnt raise their hand move, and she gets chosen to take part in a musical.

Its there that she meets mister Rockstar Sakagami, and as they say, the rest isa spoiler.

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Top Ten Greatest Anime Of All Time

Nigel, AKA Bubblegum Senpai was voted most likely to die due to accident involving a cuddle pillow. Haruhi Suzumiya for Life.

Anime has been around for a long time, entertaining young and old for almost 60 years! I’ve been writing about anime on several different websites for almost six years now, and could you believe that in all this time I’ve never done one of these “All Time Top Tens?”

Now, my ranking is based on several things. I’ll be factoring in overall popularity, historical contribution to anime, and of course, personal opinion – which will be the largest factor. So if you’re one of those folks that may be allergic to opinions you disagree with, than consider this your warning.

Now sit back and get ready for some old-fashioned clickbaity goodness!

Speed Racer helped introduce the Western hemisphere to anime.

Speed Racer, Tatsunoko Productions, Trans-Lux

Re: Zero Starting Life In Another World

First aired: 2016 | Episodes: 41 Where to watch it: Crunchyroll

The isekai genre of anime is filled with characters who end up transported to another world and are instantly gifted with all of the strength any good power fantasy deserves. While there have been other isekai that twist that formula slightly, it’s hard to beat the sheer terror that Re:Zero manages to convey so regularly.

It’s tricky to discuss Re:Zero without spoiling any of it, but it’s basically a very dark version of life in another world. The hero, Natsuki Subaru, is incredibly obnoxious at times, but his struggles throughout the series turn him into a fairly likeable protagonist.

There’s a lot to love about the lore of the world as well, which is revealed steadily throughout each episode. This isn’t an anime for the feint of heart, but for those willing to grit their teeth when things get tough, this is a must-watch.

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The Best Anime To Watch If You’re An Anime Newbie

“Anime” is a small word for what is a vast, complex world of media. Genre, visual style, and demographic targets vary wildly from production to production: Both “Ping Pong the Animation,” which explores adolescence through the nail-biting world of table tennis, and “Thermae Romae,” which follows a time-traveling architect as he uses modern Japanese technology to build the greatest bathhouses Ancient Rome has ever seen, fall under the same anime umbrella, yet couldn’t be more different. This immense diversity means that being an anime fan is never boring. Unfortunately, it also means that becoming an anime fan is an increasingly intimidating challenge.

Should an anime neophyte start with series set in the real world, or ones that embrace the field’s most out-there instincts? Is it better to jump in through movies or series? Which older productions are suitable for a complete newbie, and which are better enjoyed once one has the lay of the land?

All of these questions are worth asking, yet all are capable of overwhelming a curious newcomer. Luckily, we’ve considered them for you, and assembled this guide for all prospective fans in need of guidance. These are the best anime movies and series to watch if you’re an anime newbie.

Phantom: Requiem For The Phantom

Top 5 Free Anime Websites You Should Use Right Now!

This is an anime I watched a long time ago , but it still has a deep impression on me. I still go back for the music , some songs are just so mesmerizing. This is an anime about mafia , power , assassination and somewhat love. It will depend on how you interpret the anime , but the highs in this anime are great. You will just get immersed in the world of Phantom. Highly Recommended!

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Fist Of The North Star

When you see this face, you are soon to be already dead.

Fist of the North Star, the series

Fist of the North Star is an 80’s action anime. In a post-apocalyptic wasteland kind of reminiscent of Mad Max, Kenshiro travels from town to town, defeating the gangs and thugs that have taken over the cities and liberating the citizenry, while gathering information and allies to help him defeat some demons from his own questionable past.

This anime has a cult following in the west, notorious for it’s gory details even by today’s standards. Kenshiro is a master of the “Hakuto Shinken,” a pressure point based fighting style. Kenshiro would often strike multiple pressure points on his opponents, which were almost painless at the time he’d strike, before leaving him with his meme-famous line “You are already dead,” as his opponents would laugh before often exploding or even fall apart in pieces.

But this isn’t just a simple bloodfest. Kenshiro is a strong character in his own right, as his motivations and history slowly catch up to him in each town, with amazing hand-animated landscapes that really help one see the despair left behind in the wasteland. Certainly not for everyone, this cult classic has certainly left it’s mark on this top ten list.

The Best Anime On Netflix To Watch Right Now

Japanese animation has become a major influence on Western cartoons, contemporary cinema, and even fashion design. Despite its reputation as lowbrow and nerdy, anime remains one of the most boundary-pushing genres in contemporary visual arts. However, it can be hard to get into it if you choose the wrong series from the get-go. The good news is Netflix has some of the best anime series of all time streaming on its service. The bad news is the streaming service also has a lot of really bad TV shows to sort through.

Luckily, weve done the hard work of sorting through the platform and finding the hidden gems youll want to watch. From beloved classics to next-wave Netflix anime brilliance, here weve gathered the best anime on Netflix for August 2021.

Weve also found the best anime on Hulu and the overall best Netflix series if youre interested, or take a look at our guide to watch cartoons online.

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Best Anime To Watch On Netflix

Best Anime on Netflix Right Now from the classic series to the latest titles

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How do you watch anime? There are several ways to enjoy watching anime such as TV, DVDs, YouTube and other anime streaming platforms. Anyway, it has got easier to access Japanese and international anime from your home recently. Here, I would like to recommend Netflix as one of the cool ways to watch anime and best anime to watch on Netflix.

Netflix allows you to watch anime and other movies and TV programs unlimitedly just for around 10 dollars per month, offering its service in over 190 countries. By downloading your favorite anime on Netflix, you can watch them anywhere without worrying about Internet data usage.

There is a wide range of anime on Netflix from classic anime series loved for a long time to the latest titles. Netflix invests substantial resources in making its own anime and distributing them exclusively. It is decided to add the famous Studio Ghibli anime movies to the Netflixs collection all over the world except Japan, United States and Canada.

This is the list of 20 best anime to watch on Netflix, which will help you to find your next target, Of course, it will be an opener for beginners to start watching anime. Each anime below is recommended for three types of people: Beginners , Anime Fans or Anime Freaks .

Please be noted that there would never enough time for you to watch anime on Netflix if you are obsessed with them!

The Best Anime On Netflix Right Now

Top 10 Most Amazing Frenemy In Anime World â Anime &  Manga

Since becoming the dominant force in streaming and now, amid the global COVID-19 pandemic that stunted most other entertainment entities, Hollywood itself Netflix has been slowly expanding its vast library of original and curated titles, including animation. While the streamer studio develops more original animated titles, it has also been acquiring assets left and right to become a prime destination for anime.

Traditionally, anime refers to Japanimation, i.e. animation of a unique and vibrant style of animation that spans hand-drawn and computer-generated artistry. But Netflix’s roster as in, titles that populate Netflix’s dedicated anime genre also incorporates anime-inspired works. Altogether, there’s a lot to sift through and titles come and go with the ebb and flow of the acquisitions tide.

Here is EW’s curated list of the best anime on Netflix right now.

*Titles added for fall 2021 are denoted with an asterisk.

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Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex

The “Ghost in the Shell” franchise has made a major impact on global culture: The Wachowskis and James Cameron have both cited it as a major influence on their work . While the 1995 film is many fans’ starting point, the 2002 anime series “Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex” offers newbies an even more ideal introduction to Major Motoko Kusanagi’s world, and cyberpunk anime in general.

Kusanagi is a member of Public Security Section 9, an elite group of soldiers, hackers, detectives, and scientists tasked with investigating high-level intelligence and security threats. Given the fact that Section 9 exists in a future where nearly everybody is a cyborg with a “cyberbrain” directly connected to the internet, they have a lot on their plate. “Stand Alone Complex” tackles the kind of high-minded concepts sci-fi dreams are made of: Identities are obscured by hacking into people’s vision, robo-tanks debate the nature of sentience, and false ideologies are spread by cyberbrain virus. But beneath all this artificiality lurks an indisputably human wealth of emotion, rich with tragedy, perseverance, loneliness, and love. This makes the series a genuine classic of the genre, and a wonderful entry point for newbies even at its most speculative, “Stand Alone Complex” remains tethered to its multifaceted characters. Plus, it has the Tachikomas, who are definitely the cutest combat vehicles you’ll ever encounter.


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