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Which Anime Girl Type Are You

What Anime Character You Are & Which Anime Character Do You Kin

Which Anime Girl Character Are YOU???

There are various types of characters in an anime series that can give you a wonderful feeling and the connection between you and the character can be something unique. There are also Red Flag anime characters which is another story. If you are truly an anime lover, then this anime character is the one that you surely have to go through to find out your anime kin and anime character. If you are looking for more quizzes, we have a anime quizzes category at your service!

This way, you will know exactly where your connection lies and also find out which character is the perfect choice for you. The whole idea of taking the quiz is to get to know how a certain character can affect you and your real-life situations. So take this anime quiz and find the anime character you are connected to. Do not forget to share on comments Which anime character you are and who do you kin?

Bored Just Love Anime Find Which Girl Character You Are

I know…I know…Basic question but….What is your FAVORITE color?


I like colors that make people feel happy…

Ok. What do your friends say to you the most?

Are you a hippie? All you do is love and give “peace”

Thanks for cheering me up!

Your advice really helps me.


You are depressing…and kind of scary…

When are you going to stop eating?

If someone threatened to kill you, but you don’t know who, what would you do?

Eat as much as I can before I die.

Convince them I am nice! Easy!

HIDE, CALL 911!!!

Hunt them DOWN!!!

Hack into the email that they sent me somehow, find their location, and kill them first…

What kind of anime would you like to be in?

An anime that I CAN FIGHT!!!

I want to be able to play music…


Somewhere that will show that I am SMART!!!

Some COOKING anime I guess…I am hungry…

Would you fall in love?

DEFINITELY…But no one would be interested in me…

My friends tell me I should…

Eh…too much trouble

They HAVE to understand me…and be SMART!

What guy would best suit you?

Honest, caring, strong, loving…..

Handsome, and cute, and handsome…did I say handsome and cute yet?

One that will make me feel special.


One that LOVES TO EAT!

Almost done! What do you like to do on your free time?


I don’t got no free time….

Talk to myself…I am my only friend…

Make myself even more GENIUS!!! INVENT STUFF!!!

LAST QUESTION!!! What is your reaction to this word?~Iridocyclitis


Goudere Are Forceful About Their Feelings

Goudere is one of the rarer dere types and there aren’t too many around, but it’s an interesting archetype to look at. “Gou” can refer to a few different Japanese words, such as gouki , but it’s most often attributed to the phrase “gou gou” which means something along the lines of “boisterous.”

Goudere characters are fanatical about impressing their love interest, up to the point of making comical mistakes in their efforts to please them. Tohru from Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is a great example of a goudere who goes out of her way to anticipate her love interest’s every need and fulfill it, whether Kobayashi wants her to or not.

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Sadodere Want To Manipulate & Tease Others

Sadodere characters love to manipulate others in sadistic ways. Just as the “kuu” in kuudere comes from an English word, the “sado” in sadodere refers to the Japanese pronunciation of the English word “sadomasochism.” Sadodere characters get pleasure from putting their love interest in tough situations that cause either pain or humiliation, whether it be physical or emotional. Sadodere characters lack empathy for others and only take interest in those they value.

An example of a sadodere is Kurumi Tokisaki from Date A Live. Kurumi often manipulates Shidou Itsuka throughout the series and feels that she is the only person who’s allowed to do so. Kurumi saves Shidou in different situations, but usually with the intention of hurting him later.

Unique Anime Girl Names

Favorite Dere Type

A few people like to be a little more unique when it comes to naming their girl characters. Whether it is anime, manga, novels, gaming or other artistic platforms, there will always be that handful that prefers more unique names. Here is a list of some unique anime character names for your female anime characters.

81. Akihiro â translates to the âgreat brightnessâ.

82. Amaterasu â means âshining heavenâ.

83. Arata â there are two meanings to this name, ânewâ or âfreshâ.

84. Atsuko â atsuko translates to âkind childâ.

85. Atsushi â means either âdirectorâ or âleaderâ.

86. Ayaka â means a âvibrant flowerâ.

87. Ayame â is the translation for the âiris of the eyesâ.

88. Ayumu â means âvisionâ.

89. Chie â mean either âintellectâ or âwiseâ.

90. Chiharu â means âa thousand seasons of springâ.

91. Chinatsu â means âa thousand seasons of summerâ.

92. Daiki â is the Japanese word for âvery noble and greatâ.

93. Daisuke â means to be âvery helpfulâ.

94. Emi â translates to âgreat blessingâ.

95. Emiko â means âblessed childâ.

96. Etsuko â means âhappy childâ.

97. Fumiko â means âbeautiful childâ.

98. Hideko âmeans âexcellent childâ.

99. Isamu â translates to being âcourageousâ.

100. Itsuki â is the Japanese word for âtimber treesâ.

101. Junko â means to be an âobedient childâ.

102. Kiku â is the Japanese word for âchrysanthemumsâ.

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Cute Girl Anime Names

If you want to have your pick at cute or âkawaiiâ anime girl names with significant meanings, here is the list for you. These names can be used for a wide range like naming your future baby to naming your gaming character.

67. Ai â is the Japanese word for âloveâ.

68. Ayu â which means âgorgeousâ. This name is perfect for a girl character.

69. Chinatsu â this name can mean âthousand summersâ or âwise summerâ.

70. Fubuki â this name translates to âsnowstormâ.

71. Kanna â means âsummer wavesâ.

72. Kobato â is the Japanese word for âpigeonâ.

73. Latifa â this name can either mean âgentleâ or âpleasantâ.

74. Madoka â this name has three meanings, âcircleâ, âflowerâ or âaromaâ.

75. Naru â means âto becomeâ.

76. Nene â means âtranquilâ.

77. Rika â means âalways strongâ.

78. Rikka â means âtranquil leaderâ.

79. Uiharu â translates to âearly springâ.

80. Yui â means âconclusionâ.

Hiyakasudere Coyly Flirt With & Tease Their Love Interests

This is another of the more unheard-of archetypes, but that may be due to the fact that they overlap with other dere types like tsundere and sadodere. “Hiyakasu” references a Japanese verb meaning “to banter, make fun of, or jeer at.” Accordingly, hiyakasudere characters take pleasure in teasing and flirting with their love interests.

They’re not cruel like sadoderes, nor are they prone to embarrassment like tsunderes, meaning this archetype can stand on its own. Holo from Spice & Wolf is a fantastic example of a hiyakasudere. She’s always picking on Lawrence and having playful battles of wits.

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Anime Quiz: What Type Of Dere Are You

Are you a big fan of anime and are wondering what type of dere you are? The quiz below is designed to give you the best answer, and it will be based on your personality so all you have to do is be as truthful as you can be. Dont forget to share what you get, and I got Tsundere!

  • Where would you rather be?
  • A.& nbsp
  • You witness someone stealing something at a store. What do you do?
  • A.& nbsp
  • Make it obvious that I see what I see.

  • E.& nbsp

    Scare him/her away with a couple of threats.

  • F.& nbsp
  • What would be your choice of weapon?
  • A.& nbsp
  • I’d rather use my fists.

  • G.& nbsp
  • Do you think you have the heart to manipulate people?
  • A.& nbsp
  • Depends…who am I going to manipulate?

  • E.& nbsp

    No, thank you. I’d rather not.

  • F.& nbsp

    I would probably try to but end up failing.

  • G.& nbsp

    Meh. If the person deserves it.

  • 8. Would you rather be the main character of a story or a minor?
  • A.& nbsp
  • I don’t really care as long as I have enough screen time.

  • D.& nbsp
  • Any sounds fine to me.

  • F.& nbsp

    I’d rather be the main villain.

  • G.& nbsp

    A really, really minor character. Like the background people or something.

  • 9. If you could have any superpowers, what would it be?
  • A.& nbsp
  • If you were to die, how would you want it to be?
  • A.& nbsp

    In an epic sort of way! Explosions and all that.

  • B.& nbsp

    Quietly, surrounded by my loved ones.

  • C.& nbsp

    A quick and painless death.

  • D.& nbsp
  • I don’t care as long as it doesn’t involve pain.

  • G.& nbsp

    Demon taking my soul away.

  • H.& nbsp

    A beautiful death would suit me just fine.

  • A.& nbsp
  • A.& nbsp
  • The Best Anime Girls’ Character Names

    The 9 types of anime girls

    Japanese animes have had many strong female characters starring in their series. Here are the names of some of the best girl characters in anime history that you will love.

    15. Akeno – this name can mean either âin the morningâ or âbeautiful sunriseâ.

    16. Asuka â this name means âtomorrowâ, âsmellâ or âperfumeâ.

    17. Erza Scarlet â Ezra means âgift of Godâ and Scarlet means âredâ. She is most probably the best anime girl with the strongest spirit in comparison to the others.

    18. Fujiko â this name is derived from Fiji which means âwisteriaâ and ko which means âchildâ.

    19. Kushina â the common meanings for this name are âaspireâ and âbeautiful black stoneâ.

    20. Lucy – this name means âborn at dawnâ or âborn during daylightâ.

    21. Mikasa â this name is a combination of a few words. Mi which means âbeautifulâ, sa meaning âblossomâ and ka meaning âflowerâ or âfragranceâ.

    22. Mononoke â Mononoke are usually spirits or natural forces.

    23. Motoko â mhe most common meaning for this name is âresourceful childâ.

    24. Revy â meaning ârich with kindnessâ or âgolden heartâ.

    25. SeibÄ â the name means âtruthâ.

    26. Touka â the common meaning for this name is âincenseâ or âperfumeâ.

    27. Usagi â meaning ârabbitâ.

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    Quiz: What Type Of Girl Are You

    Which of these is the best component of your wardrobe?

    If you want to go out on weekends, what will you choose?

    I’ll go to the movies. Or to an exhibition

    I’ll probably spend all day doing domestic cares

    I’ll make an appointment with a hairstylist while there’s time

    I’ll invite friends, we’ll have a high time together

    What subject did you like at school most?

    Math or physics

    Lunch-break, when you can discuss a classmate’s new dress

    Literature or foreign language

    I don’t know, I went to school just to meet friends

    How many times did you fall in love this year?

    What’s your hobby?

    What could be the job of your dreams?

    DJ in a night club

    The head of a big company

    Fashion designer

    To spend the evening in the noisy crew – how do you like it?

    When you wake up in the morning, what do you do first?

    A glass of water, charger, book

    I recall what happened yesterday and why I have a headache

    I lie in bed and think about something

    I make a face mask

    What you cannot do?

    A guy you like is passing by. What’s your action?

    I’ll give a smile and wink

    There’s nothing to be done

    I’ll look at him until he notices. Then I’ll pretend as if nothing happened

    I’ll just come up to him, we’ll have a chat


    Queen of beauty

    Business lady

    Romantic dreamer

    My Second Quiz Yay Or Not Anyways I Hope You Guys Like It

    Hi! Nice to meet you all! I am sooooooo Excited!!


    Now how would you react to this?

    Hhm maybe if I was the one being choked….

    Gosh as silly as it may seem that is quite dangerous.

    Im so the blue haired one!


    OOH! This is gonna be fun!

    Black star?! Why are you hurting Soul?

    RP time! If you saw a small cat and it was eh lets say … suffering, what would you do?

    Keep it. I need a friend

    I will make flyers

    Play with it, then feed it some food

    Yeah! A friend to play with!

    It’s so cute, definitely keep it

    Leave it.

    Make it strong so we be rough all day!

    I will look for its owner and then keep it if that does not work


    That made me a bit happier.

    Natsu’s hand and Kakashi’s hands are not posed the same.


    95% true. u: I have my ways…


    I don’t really use the internet.

    Poor kid, getting lied to.

    Eh, kids gonna learn anyways.


    If someone insulted you, you would…….?

    Cry I can’t take the pain anymore

    Use smart words to insult them back

    Run around them calling them names

    Practice soccer by using them as the ball

    Walk away

    “Your ass, bitch.” is what id say

    knock them out cold

    Say that they are wrong and leave

    Out of these, which looks more appetizing?


    Sayonara, Adios, by-


    Thank you for the quiz! Bye!



    You got sad anime girl. You are always trying to look happy in front of others. But when you are alone your tears won’t stop flowing.




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    Cool Anime Names For Girls

    The best anime girl names are always cool. Here is a list of some of the coolest anime girl names for your female anime characters.

    28. Aiko â this name means âlittle loved oneâ.

    29. Aimi â the meaning of this name is âbeautiful loveâ.

    30. Aina â this name means âforeverâ.

    31. Aki â this name means âautumnâ, âbrightâ or âglisteningâ depending on the written script.

    32. Ami â this name means âbelovedâ.

    33. Asami â this name can either mean âhempâ or âfutureâ.

    34. Aya – this name means âwoven silkâ.

    35. Chickako â this name has multiple meanings, âthousandâ, âsmellâ and âperfumeâ.

    36. Chiyoko â this name means âthousand generationsâ.

    37. Chouko â this name translates to âbutterflyâ.

    38. Dai â this name means âgreatâ.

    39. Eri â the meaning of this name is âdrawingâ.

    40. Faye â there are two meanings to this name, âloyaltyâ and âbeliefâ.

    41. Haruka â this name can either mean âfarawayâ or âdistantâ.

    42. Hitomi â Hitomi is the Japanese word which means âpupil of the eyeâ.

    43. Honoka â there are three meanings to this word, âspikeâ, âearâ and âheadâ.

    44. Hoshi â this name translates to âstarâ.

    45. Izumi â the two meanings for this name are âfountainâ or âspringâ.

    46. Kaeda â this name translates to âmaple leafâ.

    47. Kamiko â the meaning of this name is âlittle goddessâ.

    49. Kaoru â âfragrantâ.

    Bakadere Are Clumsily Affectionate Toward Their Love Interests

    Anime Girl Types

    Bakadere is a more rare archetype that refers to a character that is clumsy and often doesn’t make smart decisions due to a lack of common sense. “Baka” is a Japanese word for “stupid” or “idiot.” Bakadere characters commonly overlap with other dere types, but there are some pure bakadere characters out there. Bakadere characters are most commonly seen in slice-of-life anime.

    Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket is a classic bakadere character . Her affection for Kyo is expressed with pure joy and charming clumsiness.

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    What Type Of Anime Character Are You

    The experiences each character goes through either human or from the other demonic world, all of them connects to your own experiences at some point. In this case, you might feel an urge to find an answer to “What anime character am I?” question. We are here to help you to find out what anime character you are belong to. This anime character quiz will tell you which anime character lives beneath you and the reason why you feel so connected to that character. You will find out “What anime character are you?” in this anime kin test.

    Dandere Watch Over Their Love Interests From A Distance

    Dandere characters are composed and typically non-emotional, sometimes due to crippling shyness. “Dan” refers to the Japanese word “danmari,” meaning to keep silent or taciturn. Dandere characters usually don’t speak unless spoken to, and even then they’ll likely say very little.

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    Dandere characters aren’t necessarily mean or cold, they just don’t choose to express themselves in words and might be asocial. The “dere” part kicks in around their love interests, as dandere characters can be quite chatty around the right person. Hinata Hyuga from Naruto is an exemplary dandere character.

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    Which Anime Girl Is Your Waifu

    Lets be honest: Havent we all had a little crush on some anime or manga girl once in our lifetime? If you stumbled upon this quiz, Im sure you have! Often, anime girls are near perfect with a little twist. Some may look like an angel but go mad in a matter of seconds, for example. Thats what makes them charming to us. And there are girls of every description: Cute girls, young girls, mature girls, feral girls, you name it! So if you want to find out which anime chick is right for you, dont hesitate any longer and take this quiz!

    Quiz: What Type Of Anime Girl Do You Like

    The 9 types of anime

    Anime girls are some of the best when it comes to Manga or Naruto series. Do you have an idea of who your favorite anime girl might be? Do you like her because of how she reminds you of you, or is it because she is a good fighter or plain adorable? Take up the quiz below, and let us show you who your favorite girl is. Have fun!

    • What size of breast do you prefer?
    • A.& nbsp
  • How tall is your ideal girl?
  • A.& nbsp
  • Same as yourself due to your height inferiority complex

  • C.& nbsp

    Short as a little plant

  • 3. What swimsuit do you prefer ?
  • A.& nbsp
  • What age group is your target?
  • A.& nbsp
  • Same as me, or whatever…

  • C.& nbsp
  • What is your favorite female hairstyle?
  • A.& nbsp
  • What kind of personality do you want in a girl?
  • A.& nbsp
  • What is your favorite sport?
  • A.& nbsp
  • What type of glasses do you prefer ?
  • A.& nbsp
  • How much do you like violence?
  • A.& nbsp

    I think Berserk almost satisfies my thirst, but not quite

  • B.& nbsp
  • ARIA needs to be censored

  • 10. What is your favorite weapon?
  • A.& nbsp
  • What kind of underwear would you buy a girl you like?
  • A.& nbsp
  • What favorite food do you imagine your ideal girl having?
  • A.& nbsp
    • Sample QuestionWhy did you take this quiz?The Giant Peephole in my belly button told me that their house is on fire and they said “our pet rainbow told us to tell you to take THIS test!”To see if I could get a better result than THAT person.Because I like Anime and I wanted to see which girl I am most like. ^^Just for fun.

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