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What’s The Anime With The Most Episodes

Oyako Club: 1818 Episodes


Oyako Club loosely translates to parent and child club. It is a long-running anime series that aired on Fuji TV from 1994 to 2013, making it one of Japan’s and the world’s longest running animes. The series features Rompa and Lun, two aliens who join a human family.

Oyako Club details the humorous yet heartwarming interactions between the aliens and humans.

Pokemon Season 2: Adventures In The Orange Islands

The Pokemon Company

A lot of Pokemon fans dislike Adventures in the Orange Islands with a passion but I like it so much that it’s actually my sixth favorite season!

The season’s strength is in its originality and willingness to be different from the previous story arcs. Adventures in the Orange Islands stands apart from a lot of the other seasons by not really being set in a region. It’s set in an area called The Orange Islands. It provides a great change of scenery and storyline with Ash not training for a Pokemon League but instead being on a serious mission for Professor Oak with Misty to deliver a mysterious Poke Ball to him.

Unlike most of the other seasons, the Orange Islands arc stands completely on its own, thus is a lot easier to rewatch as opposed to the Johto and Sinnoh arcs which span several seasons.

Manga Nippon Mukashi Banashi 1494 Episodes

One of Japans longest-running TV series, this anime series features anime adaptations of Japanese folk tales. Its Group Tacs second TV series .;

The series rule was that the creative staff changed each episode.;

In the future, later anime series would attempt the same though none of them would last as long or be as successful.

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Longest Running Animated Tv Shows Of All Time Ranked By Duration

From The Simpsons to South Park, these are the animated TV shows that have been gracing screens for the longest time.

Animation, or cartoons, as they are often called, were first created to accompany;movies in the early days of Hollywood. Since then, animation has moved to the television landscape making quite an impact on audiences around the world.;And while animated;movies;still remain heavily marketed towards children, animated television is quite the opposite. In fact, many of the longest-running animated shows of all time aren’t children’s shows in the slightest.

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One of the many benefits of animated shows is that the characters don’t age which allows the series to stay on the air much longer than live-action shows would be able to. And they definitely take advantage of this with some animation shows spanning multiple decades and hundreds of episodes.

There are several classic shows that most fans will recognize and most likely grew up watching on Saturday mornings since these shows have been on the air for years. The shows follow animated animals, younger children in shows directed toward younger audiences, or older protagonists in more adult animated shows. Here are the longest-running animated TV shows, some of which are still on the air, according to how many episodes have aired so far in these longest-running cartoons.

Nintama Rantaro 2190 Episodes

Jamie and the Giant Blog: Kampfer episodes 1

Rantarou, Shinbei, and Kirimaru are ninja apprentices at the Ninja Gakuen. Still, money, food, or playing has more interest for them.;

The show shows the daily adventures of our heroes in two episodes in a 30-minute show. Additional cast members include teachers Doi-Sensei and Yamada-Sensei and the nintama Kunoichis, and the evil Douptake Ninjas.

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Longest Running Anime Lists

  • Length of Episodes: 25 min.
  • Aired: Feb. 15, 2007 – Ongoing

Naruto: Shippuden is the continuation and ongoing sequel to the original Naruto series.Naruto: Shippuden continues the story from the 28th volume of the manga. The series is about a young boy who becomes the host of a great power known as the Nine-Tails of the Tailed Beasts. Not knowing of this power inside him, he is treated like an outcast by the village until he can gain their trust and fulfill his dream of becoming the next Hokage. Finding out he’s not the only one playing host to these Tailed Beasts, a dangerous group sets out to gather all nine of the Tailed Beast to unleash the powerful Ten-Tailed beast and bring about the destruction of mankind. As new complications arise, only time will tell if mankind can work together and stop the powerful force seeking to destroy them.

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  • Length of Episodes: 22-25 min.
  • Aired: Apr. 15th, 2005 – Ongoing

The 2005 version of Doraemon is the most recent series which is based on the Fujiko Fujio manga under the same name. This anime is about a cat-like robot who suddenly appears in the present to guides a young boy towards the right path in his life in order to secure his future. Follow the young boy and his friends through an experience of life events surrounded by dumb and naive decisions.

Not Worth It: Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail;is junk food. Now, there is nothing wrong with enjoying something like that, but there are better meals out there. As far as shounen series go,;Fairy Tail;starts strong but loses a great deal of momentum as it goes along. Although always present, the anime eventually;begins to focus too much on fan service while seldom providing much in the way of consequences for the characters’ actions.

Fairy Tail hits a couple of high points but it becomes very inconsistent after the first hundred episodes.;While not the worst show out there,;Fairy Tail;gets old pretty quickly.

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What We Love About Black Butler

  • The story has extreme depth, is very cerebral, and doesnt pull its punches whatsoever. Its dark, horrid in places, yet very well written in all of its aspects, including the minute details in the intricate plot.
  • The characters are extremely flawed, but well written in every aspect of their personalities. No one character is overworked or overemphasized, and they all balance each other out in the best ways possible.
  • The animation and art is beautiful. Everything flows well when it needs to, and during the fights, movements are tight, skillfully drawn, and every aspect is well done.

Ping Pong The Animation

Top 25 Most Disturbing Episodes of Kids’ Cartoons

You know how I said Five Leaves art style was refreshing?

Well get prepared to crank that up by several notches. Just like in every sports anime, the sport itself is more like a tool to tell the story, rather than the main focus.

You dont have to have played ping pong in order to fall in love with the show, its message, or the characters. Its a very well-written show about passion, what it means to strive for the number one spot, as well as a coming of age story.

I strongly advise you not to turn the show away because of the unorthodox art style and animation. You get used to it rather quickly.

After all, the ratings dont lie, this show is an absolute gem.

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What We Love About Naruto

  • Despite being accused of being overrated, Naruto does extremely well with the way it portrays martial arts. The technique has substance, quality and all of the training arcs really showed the defining elements of how ninjutsu worked within the naruto universe.
  • What Naruto often focuses on is friendship and the bonds between said friends. Through these friendships and bonds, this show explores themes of revenge, hate, bonds, and sorrow to a very astounding degree.
  • Naruto is one of the original shonen animes, and it serves as an effective inspiration for those that came after it. It also serves as a major source of nostalgia, and whether you love it or hate it, you cant deny that it is a major staple of the anime community.

One Piece 965 Episodes

Monkey D. Luffy is a boy whose body takes on the rubbery properties of rubber after accidentally eating a Devil Fruit.;

Luffy explores the Grand Line with his pirate crew, the Straw Hat Pirates, searching for the worlds most valuable treasure, One Piece, to eventually become the next King of the Pirates.

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Action/sportsoriginal Anime With Less Than 50 Episodes

Cowboy Bebop

These are the very best original anime series with less than 50 episodes, in order of release date:

1. Cowboy Bebop

3. Psycho-Pass

4. Yuri!!! On Ice

I made a separate category for the anime titles listed above because these are all anime originals and are short anime series spanning 22 episodes or more. Also, there are a lot of stand-alone episodes in Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo. Unlike most of the anime listed earlier in this Hub, these series are already completed and were given a proper ending . It is important to note that Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo are both Shinichiro Watanabe creations.

I recently added Yuri!!! On Ice on this list, the only sports anime in the category. I was actually hesitant at first because Yuri On Ice appears to be fundamentally different compared to the other titles listed here, but I didn’t want to go through the trouble of adding a new original anime category with only one entry. Compared to other titles, Yuri On Ice’s strength relies more on character growth, relationships, and emphasis on details.

Konosuba: Gods Blessing On This Wonderful World

Top 10 Most Controversial Anime Episodes Ever  Max@Play

KonoSuba: Gods Blessing on this Wonderful World! is a popular comedy Isekai anime, based on the light novel written by Natsume Akatsuki. The first season of KonoSuba was released in 2016 and the second one in 2017. The story starts after a teenager Kazuma died in an accident and was sent to another world with the goddess Aqua.

The new episode was made into a movie with the title of KonoSuba: Gods Blessing on this Wonderful World! Legend of Crimson , focusing on the 14-year-old archwizard Megumin.

Air Dates: from 2016

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Pokemon Season 7: Advanced Challenge

Continuing their journey in the Hoenn region, Ash, May, Max, and Brock had a few adventures in Advanced Challenge but none of which really stood out as that memorable. None, except for the classic two-parter that saw the return of Misty and Togepi; The Princess and the Togepi and A Togepi Mirage.While these two episodes were truly epic, they still couldn’t boost the season higher than number 10.

What We Love About Hunter X Hunter

  • The characters are definitely one of the shows strongest points. Even the horrible ones are well developed, well portrayed, and generally, voice acted to perfection. Their designs are exceptional, and theyre unlike any other animated characters out there.
  • The world itself is very well done. The story is complex, nothing feels contrived, and the story manages to be quite endearing once you get used to the characters and their slightly over-exaggerated personalities.;
  • The plot itself moves pretty quickly, for the most part. The beginning may feel slow, but the rest is well done, and the story feels authentic in every way as if it was written with emotions and its audience in mind. Hunter x Hunter is a genius at this and does it very well.;

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Why Do Guys Get Nosebleeds When They See A Hot Girl

If a guy gets aroused, the increased blood flow supposedly causes the veins in your nose to burst, resulting in a nose bleed. Plus, its much more tasteful than outright showing kids a raging hard-on. Epistaxis is the medical term for it. When we go into an excitement phase of any kind , our blood pressure goes up.

Long Anime That Are Worth The Time

What’s up With: The Sonic X Anime!

While most anime cannot buy a second season, others last forever. Which long-lasting anime series are worth the time?

A second season is quite an elusive beast in the world of anime, at least, when it comes to most series. While some cannot move past a single cour of 13 episodes, others seem to last for years on end, producing hundreds upon hundreds of chapters.

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Time is a valuable commodity, and quantity does not equate to quality. Even if these anime proved popular enough to warrant all of the episodes in the universe, that does not necessarily mean they justify their length. Here are five long anime worth watching, along with a few series that are not.

Disclaimer:;To qualify, an anime must have at least 50 episodes.

Anime is a medium that never rests. With each season welcoming a few dozen new shows and a couple of continuations, audiences;should nearly always be able to find something that suits their needs. While juggling multiple shows at once can be exhilarating, there is something especially appealing about starting an anime that spans years, especially when a;conclusion;happens to be in;sight. As anime is always evolving, this list also needs to be;updated;so it can keep up with the industry.

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What We Love About Death Note

  • The concept in general is incredibly creative and discusses righteousness, death, and vanity in one of the most original ways an anime has ever done. The violence perpetrated by emotions and the inner workings of Lights mind, making the world seem smaller in an interesting way.
  • Ryuk is one of the best anime characters of all time. Hes funny, is the main catalyst for the whole show, and gets along well with Light to the point where their relationship is sometimes comedic. He is definitely the best character in Death Note and definitely makes the story.
  • The voice acting is on point, especially for Light and Ryuk. Two very talented voice actors are portraying two complex characters and their personalities, and overall, it works in the shows favor. They arent the only talents of course, but they both ultimately steal the show together.;

What We Love About My Hero Academia

  • The premise itself is unique and new compared to other anime that focus on superpowers among humans. Izuku is your typical underdog, but the way the show has him interact with his powers sets him apart from other protagonists like him.;
  • My Hero Academia has an all-star acting cast, and that works well in terms of its popularity. The voices are talented, well trained, and they give expert expression to characters with complicated and intertwined personalities.;
  • The fighting is one of the best parts. The battles dont feel long or drawn out, and theyre very interactive and keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time. The action is entertaining to the point where you cant take your eyes off of it.

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Not Worth It: Detective Conan

Making its anime debut in;1996 and still ongoing, Detective Conan;is approaching its 1000th episode, which is quite an impressive feat for an episodic series. It should be said that;Detective Conan is generally well-written and watchable, but this is an anime that almost completely ignores its overarching narrative in favor of weekly mysteries.

While the anime has hundreds of entertaining;storylines, a lot of;Detective Conan‘s content is disposable. As such, it is the type of series that is good for the occasional watch when someone is looking for something short and to the point. As a long-running anime,;Detective Conan;is hard to recommend.

Top 10 Most Popular Anime Of All Time


I am a huge fan of anime. I love sharing the best series with others.

These are the most popular anime of all time, so you can’t miss them! If you are a true fan of anime, you probably know all of them. I have selected these titles based on their iconic status and how much they have resonated with anime fans. These entries are just my personal opinion, but I am sure most fans will agree with my choices. If you are new to these addictive Japanese cartoons, this is a perfect list for you. Millions of fans all around the world love these anime series. They are often rewatched and recommended to others.

Top 10 Most Popular Anime of All Time

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How Long Is The Longest Running Anime Series

I know that the Pokemon anime has over 800 episodes, and One Piece has 600+ episodes, but I’ve heard that they are not in the top 10 of anime with the most number of episodes.

So what anime is longest?

  • 4It’s worth noting that the Pokemon anime is generally not considered a single anime, but rather to be broken up into distinct seasons – the original series , followed by Advanced Generation , DP , and Best Wishes . The longest of those is the original series, clocking in at a “mere” 276 episodes.;senshinFeb 24 ’14 at 21:22

Sazae-san holds the Guinness World Record for the longest running animated television series at more than 7071 episodes. For a list of runner-ups, check this list.

  • and since 1969 too, so time-wise it’s much longer than any other series

The longest series is ‘Sazae-san’. It has 2255+7071+ episodes.

Shima Shima Tora No Shimajiro

Original run: December 13, 1993 March 31, 2008Episode runtime: 24 minutes

Next on this list of anime is another slice-of-life anime: Shima Shima Tora no Shimajiro. In English, the title is Striped Island Tiger Shimajiro. This anime is comedic, with children as the target audience. The story follows the adventures of a young tiger named Shimajiro, and his friends. His companions include Mimirin the rabbit, Torippii the parrot boy, and Ramurin the sheep girl.

This anime is also educational for children as it teaches them important life lessons. This includes topics like making friends, saying sorry, and resolving fights.

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