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How To Draw Anime Swordsman

How To Draw Sword Poses

How to Draw Kirito- Sword Art Online- Video Lesson


This time, Id like to draw a figure standing with a sword in his hand.It may seem easy enough to just hold a sword in your hand, but this time lets try to make the pose more characterful!Lets compare the finished product and see what kind of difference it makes.

First, lets do some prep work.A good prep will make the rest of the work easier.

After placing a new canvas of the desired size, select the Pen brush tool.

After selecting the Split brush, press the gear symbol to open the brush settings and set the Vertical Split and Horizontal Split values to 2 respectively.

Now, press a button anywhere on the canvas.The canvas will then be neatly divided into four sections.Choose a color that is easy for you to understand, considering that you will be overlaying a draft on top of this.

The image has a black outer frame for clarity.The canvas can be portrait or landscape.

We will use this center point as the waist of the person.We dont need to make it the center of the canvas this time, but this method is convenient because you can always easily find the center point of the canvas.

If you want to know how to use the tool, check out this page.

You can also learn more about how to use it on your iPad or other screen.

This time, create a new layer, change the Split Brush setting to Vertical Split 9, and click on the canvas again.You should now have a screen like the one shown in the figure.

Drawing Specifics Of This Tutorial

For the more generic/common styles of anime and manga the bodies tend to be drawn similar to those of real people. This is how the examples in this tutorial will be drawn as well. The only real difference is a slightly larger and rounder head .

This means drawing as follows:

  • Head similar in shape to an egg
  • Hands drawn with fingers combined into one shape
  • Feet drawn as one combined shape

Though its quite common to start the drawing of a person from the head the examples in this tutorial will start with the torso. In more dynamic poses getting its bend and/or twist first can make it much easier to place the rest of the body parts.

Another important thing you should do is draw light lines that you can easily erase . This will make corrections easier in case you make a mistake and it will also let you more easily erase parts of the mannequin if you want to add all of the details mentioned earlier over top of it. The lines in the examples have been made dark just so that they are easier to see.

Drawing The Arms And The Handle Of The Katanas Blade

The arms of our character should be sketched slightly extended from the body and they should be drawn using a 3/4 perspective. This entails the right arm being bigger in size than the left arm because the right side faces the viewers.

Having laid that out, the upper arms should be started off in the form of big tubes and should reduce in size as they get to the elbows. Then they should extend out at the point of drawing the lower arms and should further reduce as you get to the wrist. Having drawn that, draw the hands as seen in the picture. When drawing the hands, draw the fingers of the left hand clenched as it holds on to the handle of our characters sword. The katana handle should be drawn by using two short and slightly distant from each horizontal lines. Then a short vertical line should be drawn at the tip of the handle. Finally, draw the arms biceps and triceps by drawing the horizontal lines seen in the image.

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Rin Okumura Blue Exorcist

Rin is the main protagonist in the show, but he is a little different in that he has powers inherited from Satan himself. He is able to slay demons with his katana called kurikara. Unsheathing his katana causes him to transform from his human form into his demon form. Complete with pointy teeth and a tail, Rin has to fight away the evil spirits, though one resides in him.

Blue Exorcist is also known as Ao No Exorcist, and it follows a unique cast of characters who go to a special school, training to become exorcists.

Tanjirou Kamado Demon Slayer

Learn How to Draw Kirito Black Swordsman from Sword Art ...

The whole family of Kamado consists of skilled fighters and swordsman. But Tanjirou is the one to bear to the burden of supporting his family after his fathers untimely demise. Tanjirou and his sibling join the Demon Slayer Corps after returning to a horrifying sight at his family home. Leaving to sell coal at the village to make ends meet was the point at which Tanjirous world was left in ruins.

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Hyakuya Seraph Of The End

Taken in by an orphanage, Hyakuya was able to keep his smiling and optimistic demeanor growing up. His bright personality meant he could easily make friends in the orphanage, but he was also shown as having a cunning side. Hyakuya wields a powerful sword, and it gains power from blood, Hyakyuas own blood.

Also known as Owari no Seraph, Seraph of the End is set in a world where vampires have made their presence known and have taken over. With a virus that kills adults, these vampires have promised protection to survives in exchange for blood.

Satsuki Kiyurin Kill La Kill

As the school council president, Satsuki is both feared and somewhat respected by the rest of the students. She fights with her sword, Bakuzan, and is able to defeat those with Ultima Uniforms with this weapon. This proves that even without an ultima unform, Satsuki is one of the most powerful people around.

Kill la Kill is an anime set in a strange high school. What is so strange about this school? It is ruled by the School Council President and the elite four. Classes only gain special treatment if they are looked upon well by these prestigious students.

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The Best 19 Stance Anime Swordsman Poses 2020

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    How to Draw Anime – Sword Art Online Asuna | Mei Yu Fun2draw Beautiful Anime Manga Online Art Lesson

    There are tons of good sword fighters in anime manga and games but this is just honeys updated list of the top ten not including any of the ones from the previous list. Yamamoto is an excellent swordsman even utilizing two katanas which for those who dont know are rather top heavy leading to clumsy movement without excellent control without trouble.

    Hd Wallpaper Guts Short Hair Warrior Anime Anime Boys Black

    11 Amazing Anime Series With Hidden Powers Bakabuzz

    Mazjojo Image 1344505 Zerochan Anime Image Board

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    How To Draw A Sword

    wikiHow is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, 63 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 282,421 times.

    This tutorial will show you how to draw swords.

    How To Draw Anime Poses Step By Step

    This tutorial explains the basics of drawing different poses. The instructions it provides can apply to anime and manga or to more traditional art styles.

    Drawing an anime or manga character in a given pose can be quite challenging. To make things simpler this tutorial shows examples from fairly easy to draw angles. It also show how to use mannequin like characters for getting the pose without any of the details such as the facial features, clothes, hair, etc

    The mannequin approach mentioned earlier lets you draw various poses quickly making it easier to find the right one for the character you want to draw. It can also help avoid having to do excessive erasing in case of a mistake.

    If for example you fully draw out the details of the head and then move on to the body you may realize it does not quite have the right angle. This means now having to erase all of the facial features when you could have caught the mistake much sooner if you were to draw a basic outline of the entire body.

    For more common drawing mistakes and good practices also see:

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    Drawing The Katanas Blade

    The blade is one of the most important features of our characters outfits and according to whats depicted in the above picture, the katana blade should be drawn using two long horizontal lines with a small distance between them. The blade should connect to the handle earlier drawn and its tip should be pointed as seen in the above-attached image. ;

    Drawing The Armor Plates

    Swordsman by Lungsun on DeviantArt

    Heres where we get things to look a little more realistic. We would include the armor plates into our characters drawing by sketching all the lines as shown in the image. Majority of the lines are horizontal and are closely placed. This means that when you are drawing, you should be sure to draw horizontal lines that are not too distant from each other.

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    Unlike High Fantasy Stories That Tell The Tales Of World Engaging Conflicts The Swords And Sorcery Stories Will Typically Feature A More Heavy Emphasis Of The Personal Battles Of The Sword And Magic Wielding Heroes

    Fantasy male anime swordsman. He can also devise skills on the spot allowing him to overcome more strategic foes. Fantasy anime fantasy male fantasy armor high fantasy fantasy kunst character design challenge character design sketches fantasy. Another majorly underrated swordsman.

    The main character who wields the sword usually occurs in the anime with the theme of fantasy medieval and there are also stories that enter the modern era. If youre in the. The small community is very friendly eg.

    If you want to support us and the anime industry please consider buying rakudai kishi no cavalry complete collection httpsamznto2rueqsr please sub. My favorite swords man in anime. Next to the forums all anime world includes a fan art and fan fiction page.

    No flame wars and likes to help out with any problem you have. Anime using a sword most of the genre action anime usually the main character or character has a special weapon used as the main story. Keeping this in mind we have put together an updated list of top 10 sword and sorcery anime that shine a spotlight on that anime which strike a balance some more than others with the plot character and fantasy elements.

    The sword weapon is the weapon most often chosen as the main weapon because it seems bold and cool. All of these sword fighters have worked hard for their spots either through talent skills or hard work. All anime world is a one stop website about anime and manga.

    Anime Boy Sword Temaju Kepek Stockfotok Es Vektorkepek

    Sword Positions Can Communicate Emotion

    Swords can also be a vehicle that communicates the mood of a scene or a characters current feelings.

    Swords at Rest

    Although its tempting to jump right into the action of battle, swords can do a lot of communication while at rest. Tip to the Ground and In Ground give the most passive stance. These characters are ready to fight if needed, but could just be talking as in the former or utterly calm as in the latter.

    Panels like Back Scabbard remind us that despite the lack of immediate action, the character is armed and ready. Notice that the sword also points in the direction of the figures in the distance, indicating a possible future connection. On Shoulder is a step in a more offensive direction but still has an air of casualty. This character is probably among allies. Across Legs again inches further. These could be temporary allies. The sword is in a passive position but at the ready, if needed. On Hip is the most offensive of all the panels. It shows a sword and hovering hand at the ready and a shot of its intended target. The message here is clear. Sword, meet monster.

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    Most Popular Swordsman Action Anime Poses Male

    Swordsman action anime poses male. Wwwebbewaxincom follow me on. I used clip studio paint and a wacom cintiq 22hd. I didnt include any anime with more than 50 episodes or the ones that are already hugely popular like the big three one piece naruto bleachthese are anime with strong male characters listed in no particular order.

    And the plot is so awesome that you stop caring about the plot. He is to swordsmen in anime what amuro ray is to mecha pilots. What list of great swordsmen would be complete without kenshin himura.

    Kenshin is another of those characters that gets by on raw skill. Apr 30 2018 this pin was discovered by rob cook. His tough guy character his 3 sword trademark the first mate of the most famous mangaanime team his legendary moment of risking his life to save his captain.

    Here you will find the most beautiful picture that will fascinate you when called drawing poses anime. Anime sketch manga action poses manga animecosplay. Stay safe and healthy.

    Swordsman poses pack azizla swiftwind on patreon. Watch and possibly learn as i draw 20 different dynamic samurai action poses that you can use for reference in manga comics. Drawing reference resource practice human body anatomy tutorial male androgyne sword swordsman poses standing how to draw.

    A regular hand to hand action combat to space battles with huge robots.

    Male Anime Swordsman Pose

    How to Draw An Anime Character with a Sword

    Pin By Marilin Chip On Art In 2020 Anime Poses Reference Art Reference Poses Art Reference Photos

    Kirito Excaliber By Kurodoppelganger On Deviantart Kirito Sword Art Online Sword Art

    Chibi Dance Ych Closed By Li Az On Deviantart In 2020 Art Reference Poses Anime Poses Reference Drawing Base

    Https Colopl Co Jp Shironekoproject Lp 6th Anniversary Campaign Assets Img Items Wp Wp 314 Jpg Trong 2020

    Artstation Cigs N Katanas Andoru Art Samurai Art Anime Character Design Concept Art Characters

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    Ling Yao Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

    Ling dual-wields daggers and is incredibly skilled at using these blades. Part of his reason to become so skilled at fighting is the many assassination attempts made on his life. Despite not being an antagonist, he has a strong rivalry with the main protagonist of the show, Edward Elric.

    Ling Yao is only featured in the animation of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, not Fullmetal Alchemist. Some fans have stated that their preference for the remake comes from the inclusion of this character.

    How To Draw Anime Swordsman

    by Ethel Leslie / in Lifestyle

    Anime is a Japanese illustration style, also described as manga, for the name for Japanese comic books. Many manga and anime films feature violent storylines or historical and fantasy settings that contain sword fighters of both genders, who might favour Western or Asian weapons. For example the ronin, or samurai, of Japanese history would be found wielding a katana, or the smaller wakizashi and very short tanto, while the variety of broadswords, sabres, scimitars and other blades might be found in the hands of a western fighter in different periods of history.

    • Anime is a Japanese illustration style, also described as manga, for the name for Japanese comic books.
    • For example the ronin, or samurai, of Japanese history would be found wielding a katana, or the smaller wakizashi and very short tanto, while the variety of broadswords, sabres, scimitars and other blades might be found in the hands of a western fighter in different periods of history.

    Research the type of character you would like to draw. A knight during the Crusades uses a very different set of equipment and fighting stances than a ninja assassin during the Edo period of Japan. Where possible find visual references of the poses and grips used. Museums may contained preserved weapons and because of the creative license taken with replicas, a real sword is superior to a toy or display model.



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