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Where To Buy Used Anime Figures

Tips For Saving Money On Used Anime Figures

Where to Buy Anime Figures // NEW AND USED

Collecting anime figures becomes a feasible hobby if you opt for the secondhand alternative, which provides a hugely accessible avenue for getting into the collecting scene. To pros, this tip may seem obvious, or even heretical to some. However, its worth noting for any aspiring collector, casual or not, that there are three specific ways you can adjust your searching habits while on the hunt for figures in Japan. While none of these are secrets, per se, keeping these three points in mind will help you balance your wants with your wallet.

Shop For Japanese Collectibles Online

At these prices, you can start a brand new collection from scratch today! If you have any questions about our Japanese anime figures, send an email to , or send us a message through our site.

Finding your favorite anime characters can be tough for collectors, but we make it easy. Choose from a huge selection of the best Japanese figures, action figures, dolls, and other toys and collectibles at Plaza Japan.

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Keep An Open Mind When Browsing For Characters

The final, and perhaps most subjective point, is setting expectations for what anime characters to look for. Though the cost of a given animes license and high-quality production standards of premium manufacturers may result in the high retail price, its the;characters popularity;that determines its later market value, especially in the used-figure scene. High prices derived from this phenomenon can take two distinct forms: 1) popular anime characters sold by well-known brands demand a premium fee; 2) fewer goods are produced for a less popular anime results in more proportional demand.

For example, here are a few listings from online shopping sites Mercari and Amazon for cost variance you can expect due to character premiums or downright scarcity.

The trick is to find a happy medium. Find a series or character you like that is popular enough to warrant a large production of those collectible goods to avoid bidding wars, but not so popular that it demands a premium. Youre likely to find entire lines of anime figures that fall into these categories, including classic titles like Lupin III. Be aware that youre more likely to come away with a steal if youre not looking for one particular character or series, and that keeping an open mind during your hunt is your best bet. Knowing is half the battle!

Bet You Cant Collect Just One Nendoroid

Kotobukiya Kotomi Ichinose Figure anime CLANNAD official ...

Anime Nendoroid figures measure in at around 10cm , and these Chibi figures have a disproportionate head-to-body size to really up the cute factor. Each figurine is articulated so that you can pose and replicate a number of scenes with your favorite character. Add in some bonus props like weapons, outfit accessories, or pets and youll find that theres no limit to your imagination.

The Nendoroid anime figures community is huge, mainly because the figures also include swappable faceplates so your figure can have a number of different expressions. A stand and base are included for stability when posing. Were sure youll fall in love with these adorable little figures!

The very first anime character to be sold as a Nendoroid was;Nendoroid Neko Arc, from the popular Tsukihime visual novel, which was released;in early 2006. The original creator of this figure series was the amazing Tsuyoshi Oda. Now, due to the popularity, several people work on the series under the collective name;Nendoron. Because so many people work together on a single Nendoroid, it would be almost impossible to credit each individual, which is why a collective name is used. The planning and production of a single figure are;handled by over ten people on the Good Smile Company team.

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Collect Display And Play

Calling all Chibi lovers! Created by Good Smile Company, the;Nendoroid figure;series is the ultimate collection of charming Chibi;figures;from some of the most loved animes, mangas, and video games. With over 1,000 Nendoroids to collect, youre sure to find your favorite characters shrunk down and ready to strike a pose!

Where To Buy Secondhand Anime Figurines

Secondhand anime figurines are a cheap option for someone that really wants a figurine but cant afford it at all. Also it exists some anime statues that companies dont produce anymore, so the only option is buying them used. Before buying an used anime figurine check this:

How to buy used figures?

First check the reliability of the vendor

Buy from Amazon or Mandaraka

Be 100% that the figure is not from China

Look the technical description of the figure and compare it to the second-hand one. That way you will avoid any swindler doing the bait-and-switch scam.

Ask the vendor to send you a video of the figure.

Buy the anime figure!

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Find What Youre Passionate About

Dont know where to start? Here are some examples: figma, attack on titan, walking dead, nendoroid

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Premium quality action figures

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Hidden Costs Of Anime Figures At Arcades

Where to buy anime figures – Authentic and cheap

With all this said, purchasing figures at retail value is not the only way to pick up new releases, though the alternatives can be just as scary. If youre familiar with the Japanese arcade scene, youve probably seen the countless rows of crane games that line an arcades various floors for, generally, ¥100 a try. Or perhaps you might be familiar with the multiple raffle systems at Japanese arcades, retailers, and convenience stores that guarantee a random prize for a fee of ¥500¥1,000. While ¥100 or ¥500 may seem like a far cry from the thousands youd be spending on some new figures at retail, these systems are designed to get you coming back and can be deceptively expensive over time. .

But for those who arent willing to invest their lifes savings into collecting figures, theres another option: buy used!

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# 2 Pokmon Center Online

If youre a fan of Pokémon, chances are that youve heard about Japanese Pokémon Centers. These stores are filled to the brim with everything Pokémon with new products constantly being released. Pokémon fans can browse through the Japanese Pokémon Center website to find a full list of many different kinds of merch for practically every Pokémon thats been released!

Locate Stores That Sell Low

First and foremost, you need to know where to look. There are numerous popular chains in Japan that either specializes in or are especially popular for their selection of used figures. Lashinbang has been my go-to store, but there are numerous large chains with a focus on otaku goods with reasonable prices, such as Mandarake, Sofmap, and Surugaya. While Tokyos Akihabara and Osakas Den Den Town are particularly well-known for both these sorts of chains and smaller mom-and-pop stores, you can find Lashinbang located all over Japan. All of these stores sell a variety of anime-related goods.

Knowing where to look for collectibles alone will be enough to get you started. But, as I mentioned in our article on collecting retro games in Japan, Japan also has no shortage of large, secondhand chains that sell items well beyond collectibles. Book Off and Hard Off are two such examples. Less-specialized stores like these, which sell a bit of anything and everything, can sometimes have the best, albeit most hidden, gems for those willing to do a bit of digging.

Most of these stores, specialized or not, have some sort of online storefront as well, and numerous other websites allow you to purchase directly from individual sellers, such as Yahoo Auctions and Mercari. However, while these can be the most economical choice, theyre not quite the most friendly option if youre a short-term visitor.

Okay, but after youve found the location, whats the next step?

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A Guide To Buying Anime Figures Online

My Hero Academia THE AMAZING HEROES vol.2 Shoto Todoroki ...

August 23, 2010 by Nopy

When it comes to collecting anime figures, I am by no means the biggest collector around, but I do have a sizable collection. Every now and then I will get someone asking me how and where I buy my figures, so I thought Id write a short guide to buying anime figures based on my experiences. If you are relatively new to the world of anime figures, these tips should help you on the right track.

Buy From Reputable Shops

Many first-time figure buyers end up buying bootlegs simply because they cant tell whether a store is legitimate or not. Sometimes buyers may not realize theyve bought a bootleg until they see an authentic figure up close, and by then its too late to return it. Generally, stores that sell figures for less than MSRP are selling bootlegs unless they have a special promotion or the figure is on clearance. If you arent sure what the price should be, check the manufacturers website.

Preorder Your Figure

If theres a figure that you really want, theres probably a good chance that a lot of people really want it too. This is why, if the figure hasnt been released, its a good idea to preorder it. Unlike toys, which are continually manufactured to meet demand, figures are released in limited quantities and when they sell out, youre going to have a tough time getting your hands on one. Some stores also offer discounts for placing an order early.

Shop Around

Check The Bargain/Clearance Stock

Used Figures

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Decide What Quality Youre Looking For

Once you know where to look, it goes without saying that you need to know what to look for. Like enthusiasts of many hobbies, anime figure enthusiasts naturally have a greater concern for more minute details. These details I mention refer not only to the make of the figure but the quality of its preservation. Is it missing the original box? Does it have a few scuffs? Is it outright broken and in need of some glue? Each of these faults can have an exponential impact on the final selling price. While some may feel it is worth paying premium rates for a figure in mint condition, you need to decide how much these details mean to you.

Many casual collectors out there are only interested in displaying their figures, not in preserving or reselling them. I am certainly one of them, and wouldnt usually go out of my way to purchase a damaged figurine despite the significant price cuts they warrant. However, I would be more than happy to buy an anime figure without a box if it means spending less.

By opening up your search to figures that dont have their original packaging, you have more options to look at through the walls, racks, and bins of used models sold in bulk at stores like Book Off, as pictured above.

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Have You Ever Wonder How The Name Came About

The word desu is a Japanese grammar copula. It is commonly used at the end of a sentence as the predicate, or to make a sentence sound more polite. This translates out to to be or is.

In popular anime culture and online communities, desu has become a word that defines Japanese linguistics in a viral way. Take care desu!

The Scary Expense Of Collecting Anime Figures

Where to buy Anime Figures AmiAmi and Solaris Japan. save money, buy used products!

The anime figure collecting scene tends to turn a few heads when the price tag enters the picture. Premium figure releases for popular series and characters can start at the ¥10,000 and go up from there. For example, the currently-airing My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFUs Yui Yuigahama or Sword Art Onlines 10th-anniversary Kirito and Asuna, offer preorder periods months ahead of release and retail at the ¥10,000¥40,000 price range, and can even justify television advertising. Even if some lower-premium-grade models arent quite this expensive, spotting price tags like these online or on the shelf of a brick-and-mortar retailer like Animate can make it difficult to blame someone for not feeling enthusiastic about the hobby.

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# Why Buy Anime Goodies On Japanese Online Stores

If you dont live in Japan, the selection of anime merchandise is limited to what is actually available and for sale. By buying your goodies from a Japanese store online, you can shop from thousands of options as well as pre order to guarantee that you will get that coveted new merchandise up for release. If youre looking for something rarer or an older product, you can search from many trustworthy stores that sell gently used second hand goods as well.

Finding Authentic Anime Figures

Want more cool geeky collectibles? Loot Crate has unique monthly boxes for fans of video games, anime, movies, and more. Learn more about Loot Crate!

You cant just trust any site that sells anime figures, especially when youre looking for used figures. Fortunately, the above shops are some of the most reliable on the web.

New to the world of anime figurines? Make sure you know the best anime figurine brands before you make your first purchase!

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All About Anime Figures And Merchandise

To bring authentic and high quality anime figures and merchandise directly to Singapore from Japan. That is the mission of Desudesu.

In Singapore, the anime figures scene is very fragmented. Many shops are competing against each other aggressively.

No single shop dominates the physical or online presence in Singapore. A long time ago, Singapore had a franchise called Comics Collection but it has since closed down and replaced by PlayE.

In Singapore, we feel that customer service at many shops can improve their information flow. The customer service can be better in many ways.

In retail shops, customers like you can physically check their anime figures for defects before buying. The purchase should be fuss-free and quick. Otherwise, it would be better for you to purchase your anime figures off overseas websites such as Amiami or Hobbylink Japan!

Therefore, we pride ourselves in offering attractive prices and service in the market. Check out the products yourself and stay tuned to our social media pages for the latest information! Click here to start shopping now!

Shop The Best Straight From Japan

Traveling Bones » Japan, Ten Years Later

Weve figured out how to give our customers a world-class shopping experiencecarry the best Japanese anime figures at budget-friendly prices! We have all the big names like Good Smile Company, Kotobukiya, Medicom, and so many others. We only sell authentic, high-quality figurines that you can be proud to own and display, so place your order with complete assurance.

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