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When Is Jojo Part 6 Anime Coming Out

Jojos Bizarre Adventure Part 6 Plot

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 6 (Stone Ocean) Teaser Trailer Reaction w/ The Anime Boys

The sixth edition is set near Port St. Lucie, Florida in 2011. The story follows our protagonist Jolyne who is framed for murder. She is the daughter of Stardust Crusaders Jotaro Kujo. She is held at Green Dolphin Street Jail. Its a maximum-security prison that gained the nickname The Aquarium. Similar to Alcatraz, it was built on an isolated island.

Things look grim for her as she is manipulated into serving a longer sentence. She is ready to accept her fate, but her situation changes when she pricks her finger on a piece of the magical bow Dio once possessed. This material is used to give Stand powers to other characters. Jolyne awakens her latent Stand powers, which is Stone Free. Stone Free looks like a cyan-blue Android wearing shades. It represents Jolynes tenacity to get out of Stone Ocean, her nickname for the Green Dolphin Street Jail.

Stone Free & JoJo

Stone Free possesses incredible power and speed. Additionally, Jolyne can unwind her body into an elastic thread. She uses this ability to slice foes or eavesdrop by picking up sound wave vibrations. She is equipped with the powers to free herself from this wretched prison. However, in her escape attempt, there are some bizarre phenomenons as well as epic battles.

Jojo Bizarre Adventures Stone Ocean Part 6 Release Date : When Can We Expect It

Stone Ocean part 6 was confirmedto be animated. On live telecast on April 4, 2021, during JoJos Bizarre Adventure the Animation Special Event: JOE STAR Inherited Soul, this exciting news was announced. The anime will star Ai Fairouz as Jolyne. Heres what she said about the confirmation:

I cannot live without JoJos Bizarre Adventure series, and it is also what inspired me to take on voice-acting as a profession. So when I heard that I was going to be able to participate in the series, I was lost for words and surprised that Even a Stand would be blown to the moon. I cried so much as it was literally the moment my dream came true, which I have chased over for 12 years.

I love and admire Jolyne as a character and her beautiful, strong nature gave me strength especially during my student years, so I am grateful for the opportunity to voice Jolyne.

When the whole world is fighting a global pandemic of deadly coronavirus, it has been hard to continue making the series with core presentations.

The sixth installment of JoJos Bizarre Adventure will be available on Netflix in December 2021. Surprisingly, part 6 will be available on Netflix globally before it airs on Japanese television in 2022.

Jojos Bizarre Adventure Part 6 Synopsis

Netflix provided an official synopsis for part 6, and its included down below.

2011, United States, Florida When Jolyne Cujoh and her boyfriend get in an accident while out on a drive, she is framed for the crime and sentenced to 15 years in prison. Will she ever be free from this prison this stone ocean? The final battle in the century-spanning, intertwining fate of the Joestar family and DIO begins!

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Jojo Part 6 Stone Ocean Anime Listed For Monthly Release On Netflix

Here’s everything you need to know about the latest Netflix listing.

By Shivam Gulati

Last month, Netflix announced the anime adaptation of JoJos Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean. We also got a new key visual and a trailer revealing the release date for the anime, and now, some more details about the Stone Oceans release surfaced online. Well, heres everything you need to know about it.

As the title suggests, Stone Ocean is the sixth story arc of JoJos Bizarre Adventure. Written and illustrated by Hirohiko Araki, Part 6 focuses on Jolyne Cujoh, who is sent to prison after being framed for a murder.

The manga was serialized in Weekly Shnen Jump back in 2001 and concluded two years later with 17 volumes. And now, everyone is excited to experience Jolynes story through Netflixs anime adaptation.

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JoJos Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean | Official Trailer | Netflix

Jojos Bizarre Adventure Part 6 Stone Ocean

Pin de KrissBs en Jojo

Jojos Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean is set to premiere on Netflix has been given an official synopsis by the platform:

Florida, U.S.A, 2011 After an accident while on a drive with her sweetheart, Jolyne Cujoh falls into a trap and is sentenced to fifteen years. She is sent to the state-run maximum-security correctional facility Green Dolphin Street PrisonAKA the Aquarium. On the verge of despair, she receives a pendant from her father that causes a mysterious power to awaken inside of her.

There are things in this world that are more terrifying than death, and whats happening in this prison is definitely one of them. A message from a mysterious boy who appears before Jolyne, inexplicable events that occur one after another, the horrifying truth told to her by her father when he comes to visit, and the name DIO Will Jolyne ultimately be set free from this stone ocean they call a prison? The final battle to end century-long fateful confrontations between the Joestar family and DIO begins!

The return of Dio is always inevitable. The Joestars are yet again supposed to face off with Dios Evil and if it wasnt evident enough, her father is Jotaro Kujo, seen before in Stardust Crusaders and Diamond is Unbreakable. The trailer also has the awakening of Jolynes Stand: Stone Free. The action adrenaline elements of Jojo never fail to impress!

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Jojo Fans Have Been Delivered Some Huge News This Weekend With The Release Date For Part 6 Of The Bizarre Adventure Anime Pencilled In For December 2021 The Jojo Stone Ocean Anime Will Debut Globally On Netflix And You Can Watch The First Trailer Here

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The release date for JoJo part 6 has been revealed this weekend, with a trailer debuting for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean. The next instalment of the hit shonen anime created by Hirohiko Araki will debut globally this December on Netflix. And in the run-up to the highly anticipated JoJo part 6 release date Netflix has revealed a trailer for the Stone Ocean adaptation.

Jojo Part 6 Stone Ocean Trailer

Here, we have embedded the official trailer of Jojo Part 6 Ocean that will help you to explore more about this anime. In a single tap, you can enjoy streaming the recent trailer. After knowing Jojo Part 6 Anime Release Date 2021, lets explore its official trailer that will help you to know more about this anime:

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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Part 6 Release Date Characters And Plot

Fans of the bold, brash, and bizarre world of “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” should rejoice. The popular anime based on the original manga by author Hirihiko Araki is not stopping anytime soon. The last season of the anime aired around two years ago. In the ensuing time, fans were uncertain that they’d see a continuation of Part 6 .

Thankfully, they will. “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean” is currently in the works, and there’s a lot for fans to learn before the show finally sees the light of day. After all, every installment of “JJBA” is an opportunity for something new. There’s always a new protagonist, and you can definitely count on seeing some unique and interesting designs for Stands. That being said, let’s cover what we know so far about “Stone Ocean.”

: This list has been updated to report on the new trailer and release date for “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean.”

Jojo Part 6 Stone Ocean Anime Release Date Confirmed Story And More Updates

Jojo Part 6 Anime CONFIRMED | BREAKING Anime News

JoJos bizarre adventures part six-story the Stone Ocean. Is written and illustrated by Hirohiko Araki. The series was first serialized in Weekly Shonen jump from 1st January 2000 to 21 April 2003. It was collected into 17 Tankobon volumes. The original series was known as Jojos bizarre adventure part 6 Jolyne Gujoh. Jojo Part 6 Stone Ocean was announced to receive an anime television series in April 2021.

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Jojo Part 6 Anime No Longer Listed As Monthly Release

On October 9, several JoJo fans on social media noted Netflix updated the listing on its media center. Previously, it stated that JoJo Part 6 will have each new episode streamed monthly.

However, the new listing has removed the monthly mention, hinting episodes will be released weekly like any usual anime broadcast in Japan. As you can see in the Netflix screenshot below.

In the past, Netflix regularly did monthly releases or released whole seasons altogether. Most of the time by renaming one cour / 13 episodes of an anime into a single season, even if the Japanese original listing considered 26 episodes to be one season. This makes certain series slightly more complicated to follow, as the listing of seasons is different on Netflix and in Japan.

However, Netflix is more and more starting to do simulcast, weekly releases. As seen with the upcoming art-themed anime Blue Period, which will be released weekly. So it looks like JoJo Part 6 will be one of the few series trying this out. This is definitely cooler for anime fans, used to waiting a week for one episode rather than one month for four.

JoJos Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean will begin streaming exclusively on Netflix on December 2021, but no specific day was communicated yet.

Purple Haze Feedback Ova Anime Possible

For huge JoJo fans, the elephant in the room is whether a Purple Haze Feedback OVA anime will ever be made. Purple Haze Feedback is a light novel written by Kohei Kadono and illustrated by Araki that was released as part of the JoJo 25th anniversary project VS JoJo.

The reason why a Purple Haze Feedback anime makes sense at this time is because the plot of the book is set in Milan, Italy six months after the ending of the Golden Wind anime. Pannacotta Fugo is the main protagonist this time and Guido Mista orders Fugo to assassinate a bunch of people to prove his loyalty.

As it so happens, fans at Anime Expo 2019 asked the anime staff about the possibility of Purple Haze Feedback. Warner Bros. Japan producers Takamitsu Sueyoshi and Hiroyuki Omori responded by saying that a Purple Haze Feedback OVA episode is possible if David Production and Araki are open to the idea.

This response jumpstarted rumors that the PHF OVA is happening. To be clear, their answer was not a confirmation of a Purple Haze Feedback OVA episode. But anime fans should feel heartened that its being discussed openly.

For more details about the Purple Haze Feedback anime please see our full article.

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Who Is The Cast Of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean: Part 6

UPDATE: The JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean main cast has been revealed. The voice cast includes Fairouz Ai as Jolyne Cujoh, Mutsumi Tamura as Ermes Costello, Mariya Ise as F.F., Atsumi Tanezaki as Emporio Alnino, Yuichirou Umehara as Weather Forecast, Daisuke Namikawa as Narciso Anastasia, and Daisuke Ono as Jotaro Kujo.

Stone Ocean will introduce a variety of new characters in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Season 6. Casting includes Ai Fairouz as Jolyne. No other voice acting cast has been confirmed for the series.

Is Jojo Part 6 Confirmed

Day 12 of translating a quote from every JoJo episode into ...

No, JoJo part 6 is not yet confirmed. No matter what you have come across on the internet, there has been no news about JoJo Part 6 getting an anime adaptation yet! David Productions has not released any new information about JoJo Part 6. None of their producers, as some misleading news articles might make you believe, have released any public statement regarding JoJo Part 6: Stone Ocean getting an anime adaptation.

But Even though the anime adaptation has not been confirmed or even hinted towards by David Productions. JoJos Part 6: Stone Oceans anime adaptation may just get delayed until 2022, or it may just never even happen.

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Jojo Part 6 Stone Oceans Storyline

Jojo manga & anime series follow the mysterious adventures of Joes family. Previously in the fifth part of the anime, Jolyne Cujoh was accused of murder charges in Florida.

As the season progressed, we found out through her father that it was an old-school trap to kill Cujo. He told the complete strategy of her murder. At the time of the season finale, we witnessed a murder attempt by Enrico Pucci.

Now, the next season will have to answer the remaining questions. Once the new season releases, well find out whether Jolyne will save her and her fathers life or become more vulnerable to them?

What do you think about this? Do share your view in the comments section given at the end of this post.

Jojo Part 6 Cast Members: Who will be in it?

Just like the previous seasons, Jojo Part 6 will have the following cast members:

  • Bruno Bucciarati by Ray Chase.
  • Diavolo Kellen Goff.
  • Giorna Giovanna by Philips Reich.
  • Guido Mista by Sean Chiplock.
  • Leone Abbacchio by Mick Lauer.
  • Narancia Ghirga by Kyle McCarley.
  • Trish Una by Lizzie Freeman.

How To Watch Jojo Part 6 Stone Ocean Anime For Free

If you want to watch Jojo Part 6 Stone Ocean anime for free then you can watch it on different types of top sites. You can watch this anime on Hulu, Crunchyroll, and much more. With few taps, you can easily watch this anime on your device and have fun while watching it. You can also watch Jojo Stone Ocean Part on Netflix.

It is adventurous anime where you can enjoy the fantasy as well as a supernatural realm. This part is full of fun that you can watch in your free time. It comes under the adventure, fantasy, and supernatural genre. Shueisha is the publisher of Jojo anime. It has 129 volumes. Hirohiko Araki has written JoJos Bizarre Adventure. It is a great Japanese manga series.

We have explained the complete information regarding Jojo Part 6 Anime Release Date 2021. You can stay tuned with us for further information.

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Jojo Part : Stone Ocean: Cast And Characters

The animated series will certainly have new characters, but most of the old characters will return. The main characters of the series, Jolyne Cujoh as the original protagonist of Stone Ocean, Enrico Pucci as the main antagonist or arch-nemesis of Stone Ocean, Ermes Costello as a close friend of Jolyne who is now in prison among others.

But since this is an animated series, there will be no delay in introducing new characters. Well have to keep our eyes on this screen for any information we can get.

Jojos Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean Trailer: First Look At The New Season


The first trailer for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean is here, and it’s the perfect primer for things to come.

It charts the early life of Jolyne Cujoh before the events of the upcoming season. Namely, she’s been sentenced to 15 years at Green Dolphin Street Prison after being framed after a car crash.

There’s even a rundown of all the major players that will feature in Stone Ocean. That even includes a returning face: Jotaro Kujo. The Stardust Crusaders lead had a part to play in Parts 4-5, and will be back again for Stone Ocean. Plus, one bonus extra for fans: a quick glimpse at Jolyne’s Stand power, Stone Free.

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The Official Announcement Of Jojo Part 6 Stone Ocean

JoJo Season 5 or Part 6 is coming to our screens soon, as the shows creators have officially confirmed the expansion. Season 4 which brought us the animated version of Part 5 titled Golden Wind ended on July 28, 2019. We are all looking forward to the next episode of the series, namely Part 6. Confirmation of the coming of part 6 is certainly delicious news.

Netflix Lists Jojo Part : Stone Ocean For Monthly Release

Recently, a Netflix listing surfaced on the internet, confirming that Jojos Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean would stream new episodes monthly.

Its doubtful that Netflix will go with one episode per month instead, the streaming platform might release multiple episodes monthly. And if its true, we might get 3-4 Stone Ocean episodes each month on Netflix. Anyway, the streaming platform will reveal more details about the release in the coming months to clear up all the confusion.

Mostly, Netflix releases all episodes of an original show simultaneously, so this definitely comes as disappointing news for JoJo fans.

For the unacquainted, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean is scheduled to premiere worldwide on December 2021. However, Netflix has yet to give us an exact release date for the anime.

Also, last month, the entire manga community said goodbye to Jojo Bizarre Adventure Part 8: JoJolion. For a short while, everyone thought this is the end of the road for the JoJo manga series. However, the author surprised the community by confirming a Part 9, tentatively titled JojoLands.

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