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Where To Buy Anime Figures Online

Shop The Best Straight From Japan

Where To Buy Anime Figures Online? Tips & Tricks To Buying Online!

Weve figured out how to give our customers a world-class shopping experiencecarry the best Japanese anime figures at budget-friendly prices! We have all the big names like Good Smile Company, Kotobukiya, Medicom, and so many others. We only sell authentic, high-quality figurines that you can be proud to own and display, so place your order with complete assurance.

How To Buy From Surugaya

Suruga-ya is one of the leading online and retail store selling cultural products in Japan. It is the perfect shop for collectors of Japanese CDs, Blu-Rays, books, manga or anime figures. Even though they mainly sell products from Japanese pop culture, this company based in Wakayama, south of Osaka, has five a history dating back to the 15th century.

Figures And Merchandising From Your Favorite Animes

In our shop, you can find the best figurines, merchandising and collections from your favorite Animes and Mangas. In our catalog, you will see from the most popular series, such as Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece or Death Note, to others more unique like Hunter X Hunter, Evangelion, Bersek and many others. We are constantly working in order to increase the number of figures we sell. With the objective of satisfying the demands of our consumers. If there is any Anime, character or collection you would like to see in our store, you can contact us, and we will add it as soon as possible.

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# Why Buy On Surugaya

In addition to being a chain of stores that has existed for a very long time, Surugaya has one of the most comprehensive websites to buy Japanese cultural products. Here, you will find many products related to J-Pop, anime or Japanese cinema.

An entire section of the site is dedicated to second-hand items. For this reason, this is the perfect place to find rare Japanese products that you could not find elsewhere. As with many other sites where used products are sold, we advise you to check regularly if there are any new good deals on Suruga-ya.

You may hesitate to buy second-hand products from Surugaya, because they don’t show any pictures of the actual product. They just mention “Used” when the item is not a new product. That’s not a problem since Surugaya guarantees the quality of used items sold on its site. Thousands of Japanese consumers buy products on this website every day. So, you should not have any bad surprises when you buy on this famous Japanese online store.

Top 5 Websites For Buying Japanese Anime Figures : Buy Sword Art Online Anime figures Yuuki ...

If youre someone who loves anime and all things Japan, it is very likely that you are also someone who loves anime figures! Out of all anime merchandise, anime figures are certainly some of the most sought after merchandise. In Japan, anime figures can easily be bought at local anime stores, whereas outside of Japan this isnt so easy. However, there are actually many online stores that sell anime figures and ship internationally! In order to make it easy for you, weve decided to write this article showing you 5 websites selling authentic anime figures!! If youre looking to buy Japanese snacks or Japanese fashion, make sure to check out our article showing you the top 5 websites for Japanese candy HERE and the top 5 websites for Japanese fashion HERE.

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# Use A Proxy Buying Service To Get Your Items From Animate Online

If what you want to buy isnt for sale on Animate International, we recommend using a proxy buying service like White Rabbit Express to shop on Animate Japan. International shoppers are also unable to create their own account on the Japanese online store if they do not have a Japanese address. However, if you are fairly confident in your Japanese, a forwarding service that assigns you a Japanese address to use, like Blackship may be the option for you!

# Step : Tell Us What You Want To Buy From Animate

If youre done shopping and are ready to order, heres where we can help! All you need to do is go to the White Rabbit Express app. Once youre there, you will be prompted for the URL of the product page. To get the URL, you can highlight the link of that pages address bar, right-click with your mouse and select copy, or press Ctrl+C on your keyboard. After copying, just paste it into the field on the White Rabbit Express app that asks for Product web page and then click Next.

After clicking next, you will be redirected to a page where you can fill out more information about the product. The first field asks for the name of the product. To locate the products name, it will be on the product page in a bigger font and directly to the right of the product photo. Copy the original Japanese name and paste into the product name field. If your webpage is translated, all you need to do is hover the mouse over the translation and a box will pop up with the original text that you can copy.

Then let us know the price and how many of the product youd like to buy. The price is listed under the product name and is in red font with the tax already included. If you are buying an item with different sizes or options all listed on the same page, just let us know which one you want by filling out the field for size, color, and description.

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Latest On Salebrowse All

  • Sanrio Characters My Best Flavour Hello Kitty Plush$39.00
  • Sanrio Characters My Best Flavour Pompompurin Plush$39.00
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  • Hatsune Miku Artist Master Piece Birthday 2021 Happy Cat ver$39.00
  • Hatsune Miku Artist Master Piece – Alice$39.00
  • BiCute Bunnies Figure – Hatsune Miku$39.00
  • Saint Seiya Cosmo Memoir Aries Mu$35.00
  • Love Live! Superstar!! Keke Tang$39.00

# 4 Animate Online Shop

Where I Buy Anime Figures

The largest retailer of anime, manga, and video games in Japan is Animate. They have over 100 physical store locations and almost everything available there is up for purchase on their online shop as well. They have products available for hundreds of series such My Hero Academia, Love Live!, Uta no Prince-Sama, and much more. With a variety of goods offered such as figures, jewelry, clothing, as well as DVDs, the website is full of exciting things to buy. There are also exclusive goods that can only be bought through Animate, so the Animate Online Shop is definitely one place to check out!

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AnimeXtreme current COVID restrictions – Please Read

Jan 4, 2022.These past 2 years have been very difficult for us. Thankfully with your continued support through this pandemic we’re still here.Our customers health and safety are top of mind. So if you’d rather shop online, we are still offering curbside pickup. Please be sure to type in “CURBSIDE” in “Notes” during checkout. Please see earlier posts for further curbside details.Our store hours will be Mon-Sat 12-6 Sun 12-5Mask or face covering is required. NO EXCEPTIONS.AnimeXtreme will be operating at reduced store capacity.Maximum 6 people in-store at one time with a maximum 10 minute time limit.No loitering, so PLEASE try to plan your visit in advance. Most items pricing/availability is online.ALL SALES ARE FINAL. NO REFUNDS. NO EXCHANGE.Due to the… Continue Reading

Quick Links

# Step : Go To Suruga

The design of the Surugaya website may seem old-fashioned with its blue hypertext links, but it is one of the most visited e-commerce sites in Japan. The main product categories are displayed on the horizontal menu under the store logo. You will also find a more detailed list on the left sidebar. This second menu is soberly titled ” “.

You can translate the website in English using the Google Translate Chrome extension. This browser plugin will automatically translate the site into the language of your choice. But this translation will not affect your search queries.

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# Does Mandarake Ship Internationally

Mandarake can deliver some of its products abroad. Indeed, the website of this famous chain of stores offers two online shops targeting otakus of all kinds. One is reserved for Japan, while the other offers products available for export.

The site for foreigners is available in English, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Chinese.

Obviously, some products available on the Japanese store are not displayed on the international site. That’s why we always recommend to browse the site in Japanese, then check if the product you want to import is also available on the international version of the website. If this is not the case, we invite you to use our proxy shopping service, White Rabbit Express. We can buy the products you want on your behalf then sent them at your place.

Are Anime 20 Figure Products Available And Ready To Deliver In Mumbai Delhi Chennai Kolkata Bengaluru : Buy Anime Girl Sword Art Online Action ...

Desertcart ships the Anime 20 Figure products in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru and more cities in India. Get unlimited free shipping in 164+ countries with Desertcart Plus membership. We can deliver the Anime 20 Figure products speedily without the hassle of shipping, customs or duties.

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# 15 Yahoo Auctions Japan

Yahoo Auctions has tens of thousands of auctions available on their platform. It is the most popular auction website in Japan and is the top place for Japanese users to sell their goods. Many resellers of rare items and collectables only sell through Yahoo Auctions so it is definitely one of the top places to check out.

# What Is Animate Online Shop Japan

Being the leading company in anime goods retail in Japan, Animate has its own dedicated online shop for fans that cannot make it out to one of their physical locations. The Animate Online Shop offers everything from keychains and can badges, to digital goods, and even jewelry and clothing. This online shop is especially popular for collectors and hardcore fans because they offer many exclusive bonuses as well as limited editions! Aside from these licensed goods, Animates online shop sells doujinshis as well.

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How To Distinguish A False Figure From An Authentic One

Although at first, it may seem complicated, distinguishing false figures from originals is quite simple. Following a few simple instructions, you can discover if you have been deceived or not.

First, the original figures are usually packaged in a quality box. It usually indicates that the content of the package is fragile. When you open the first box, you will find a second one. It is the original wrapping of the figure. They have beautiful designs and are highly valued by collectors. In it, you can see the brand of the figure, the number to which it belongs in the collection and its name. There are also several photos of the figure from different angles. Finally, it also has numerous texts on the back, always in Japanese.

Once the box of the figure is open, you will find that it is wrapped in bubble paper. Fully protected. Many of them also bring separately the arms or any part that can be especially fragile . In this way, you will have to put them together. In addition, if you look closely at the figure, you will verify that it is perfectly painted and does not show any errors.

Best Place To Buy Anime Figures

Where to buy anime figures – Authentic and cheap

This question probably been asked a lot but I wanna get started in collecting what are the best sites to buy

Im on my phone didnt think of that thanks

What type of anime figures are you planning to buy? Theres lots of types with different price ranges depending on the type of figure you want. Theres prize figures, trading figures, scale statues, posable figures, etc. Ami ami is good for preorders. Also their shipping is good and they take good care of your product when packing them. Amazon can be good if you look in the right places but sometimes they arent so kind with the packaging and youll receive a damaged box. Typical nerd/trendy stores like Hot Topic and GameStop have figures now too . Theyre limited and can be pricy, but they exist.

I hope this helps a little!!

TOM for their sales and point deals, especially if you plan on spending over $150 for free shipping.

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Anime Figures Store To Buy The Best Deals

Do you like Anime and Manga? Have you ever had dreamed about having all your shelves filled with tons of anime figures? If this is your case, you have arrived at the right place! In we are big fans of anime and manga, and we love to collect the best figurines of our favorite shows, movies, and comics. This is why we understand all your needs, and we work hard every day. We want to help you find that anime figure that you wish to have in your collection. In our website, you will find the best dolls and merchandising. All of them are authentic and provided by certified sellers. Also, we compare different shops for you in order to help you find the best price. Start now to complete your collection.

Changes To This Privacy Policy

We may update our Privacy Policy from time to time. We will notify you of any changes by posting the new Privacy Policy on this page.

We will let you know via email and/or a prominent notice on our Service, prior to the change becoming effective and update the “effective date” at the top of this Privacy Policy.

You are advised to review this Privacy Policy periodically for any changes. Changes to this Privacy Policy are effective when they are posted on this page.

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How To Buy From Animate Online Shop Japan

Animate is Japans largest retailer of anime, manga, and video games. There are over 100 physical store locations in Japan, with almost everything available for purchase in their online shop as well. For many anime and video game fans, the Animate online shop is the best place to purchase or preorder the newest merchandise of their favorite series.

Best Place To Buy Used Figures

Anime Merchandise Of The Week

I know mandarake and other sites sell used figures, but what’s the best place to buy figures from another person?

I would probably say MFC. You find the figure you want and see if anyone is selling it and contact them. You can also follow their posts on certain figures and they usually alert people when they find figures on sites like Mandarake and Amiami.

I also highly recommend using FigInStock to set up email alerts to tell you when a figure becomes available on Mandarake or Amiami

Mfc also emails you when a new item is put up by someone for sale on their site that you’ve got on your wish list.

Try Yahoo! Japan Auctions. You probably want to use a forwarding service like EAJ.

  • MFC. The people there are fellow collectors, which means they charge fair prices and their figures are in good condition .

  • I always buy pre-owned stuff because I’m a cheapskate who is also piss-poor, and my other suggestion would be to go on Picclick and to type “Japan anime figure” or “Japan manga figure” into the search bar. There are A LOT of Japanese sellers who auction off their pre-owned stuff for the fraction of the actual price. I mean, I got this Ginko figure from one of those sellers for $10 instead of the $60 it usually goes for. Warning though, the competition might be steep!

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    Best Site To Buy Anime Figures

    If you are someone who loves anime and manga, then its very likely you also love anime Figures, as well as merchandise.

    Here are the finest places to get quality anime figurines. Theyre all trustworthy and well-known among anime enthusiasts, so you can be confident that youll always receive legit figures from them.

    Anime figures can be purchased easily in Japan at local anime retailers, but not so easily outside of Japan.

    Many internet stores, however, sell anime figures and ship abroad! To make things easier for you, weve developed to make this post listing the best Site To Buy Anime Figures.

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    # Step : Search A Product

    You can use the two navigation methods we mentionned in the previous part to find Pokémon products that might interest you.

    # Search bar

    You can enter your keywords, and then search for products, using the search bar on the left of the site header. You’ll arrive on a search page listing the products that match your keywords.

    You can refine your search by clicking on the “” button. That will open a drop-down menu. There, you’ll find several parameters that will improve your search and reduce the number of results on the page. Here are translations of some of these settings:

    • : Search by Pokémon.
    • : Search a product by release date.
    • : Choose a product category.
    • : Your keywords.
    • : Price range.
    • : Other criteria.– : New products.– : Restocked products.– : Products in stock right now.– : Items that are only available online.– : Pre-order goodies.– : Original products only available on the Pokémon Center.– : Products that you can find in other shops. That doesn’t mean you can find them overseas.

    Once you have selected all the criteria of your choice, you’ll be able to click on the big gray button to lessen the size of the displayed items list. You just have to browse and choose the products that interest you by clicking on them. You’ll then arrive on their product page.

    # Main menu

    The main menu of the Pokemon Center site has five links:

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