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Where To Watch Blood+ Anime

What Is The Series About

Blood – Anime Club

Welcome to a world of ravenous monsters roaming the earth, feasting on humans. A girl named Saya is the only hope for humanitys survival.

The Blood franchise is an epic series comprising three different versions of realities. These realities take place inside the same universe in different time periods.

These realities all share the same dark themes, gory action and blood sequences, and a hardcore protagonist named Saya.

The animation throughout the story is quite different. However, regardless of the different animation styles, they are all eerily beautiful and haunting enough to send shivers down your spine.

This is an anime where a badass female lead hunts down blood-sucking creatures.

Are They All Connected

All series in this franchise take place in the same universe but at different times.

The movie that starts it all, Blood: The Last Vampire, takes place in 1996. Blood+ and Blood-C are the alternate versions of the film. Each movie can stand alone, and they significantly differ from one another.

The common link between the parts is the main character with the same name, Saya.

Sayas personality is different in these series. The characters share only the same deep black hair color and a similar hairstyle.

There are recurring characters in similar roles throughout the series. However, the stories are very different and they both have their own unique elements.

This is why it does not really matter which you watch first. Some may prefer the Blood+ Saya and her storyline, others may prefer the Blood-C Saya and her storyline.

Are All The Series In The Blood Franchise Connected

All the Series in the Blood franchise take place in the same universe at different times.

The movie, Blood: The Last Vampire took place in 1996. Blood+ and Blood C are the alternate versions of the film. The stories in each part are standalone and very different from each other.

The common link between all the parts is that they have a main character with the same name, Saya.

Their personalities are different, and the only thing they share is the same hair color and similar hairstyles.

There are other recurring characters in similar roles throughout the Series as well. Still, overall, the stories are quite different and have their own unique elements.

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About The Blood Franchise

Blood: The Last Vampire is where it all began. It happens in a world where beasts known as teropterids infest the world and kill humans to drink their blood.

Blood+ revolves around Saya Otonashi, who is a girl living a very normal life with her foster family. She doesnt remember much of her past life.

Saya is one of the very best teropterid slayers. She heads to a U.S. army base that is in danger due to these evil beasts.

Things kick into gear when she finds herself in a life-threatening situation. A blood-thirsty creature attacks Saya and a strange man named Haji saves her.

A strange turn of events leads to Saya joining an organization that aims to rid the world of these blood-thirsty creatures for good.

Blood-C is a story about Saya Kisaragi, a schoolgirl by day and a demon slayer by night . Her father gifts her a ceremonial sword and she goes on to defeat all the monsters that haunt her village.

She seems innocent and perfect aside from her demon-slaying, but something unusual is going on.

Saya starts to experience visions. These visions reveal the dark secrets of her seemingly peaceful village and an oath that she must never break.

It seems that Saya is the only one who can slay these Elder bairns. However, she finds faults in her reality. It turns out the reality that she knows is not what she thought it was. There is a disturbing truth about herself, her friends, her family, and the town she lives in.

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Throughout the passage of time and the shifts in backgrounds, a particular war continues to leave its mark on history, extending its influence into the modern world. There are two major groups involved in the ensuring war. The first group consists of monsters known as Chiropterans who can change their appearances into that of human beings. They are actually immortals who feed on the blood of the living. The second group is an organisation known as the “Red Shield”, formed to track down these monsters and exterminate them. Otonashi Saya is a high-school girl who lives a peaceful life with her family. The only problem is, she has no recollections of her life beyond that of the past year. However, her happy life will be destroyed by an event that will lead her to her destined fate.

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