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Why Is Anime So Good

Reason #: Attachment Issues

Why Is Anime So Good ?

Theres no better way to say it than this. Attachment issues mean all you could think of right now is resuming binge-reading or binge-watching that awesome manga or anime series you have discovered.

You dont want to get cliff-hanged again, so you decided to continue reading or watching it until you reach the end .

But midway through the volume or the episode, you found yourself wailing and crying tears of joy on climactic scenes. You couldnt help it. Its unexplainable why you cried then and there. You just do.

Other manga readers/anime viewers might not react like you. But in your opinion, thats how impactful the series is. You may have attachment issues to the characters whom you know full well could be one of your favorites, if not already.

You might not relate to their challenges one on one, but their adventures touch your heart and you sympathize with their dilemmas.

If youre overjoyed to see a satisfying conclusion to a story arc of a series, then, it only means you have gone to love those characters. Enough said.

You would go and hug them if you could only transport yourself inside the world of the manga . It might be your first time getting to know the characters involved in the series, but you already feel a strong emotional connection to them despite a short period of time.

Anime Action Is Limitless And Unbounded

In live-action movies and TV shows, action scenes and supernatural sequences are limited by real-world physics. The safety of actors and crew are of utmost importance, followed by the capabilities of the director and editing team as far as special effects.

And if the movie or TV show demands lasting physical consequencessuch as a character losing a limbit can be expensive to make those consequences look realistic and last for the remainder of the story .

In anime, everything is drawn. There are no limits as to what can be put on screen because the actors in an anime series arent bound by any physical limits or constraints.

Action scenes can break the laws of physics on a whim to emphasize abilities or produce dazzling effects. Supernatural sequences can be as outlandish and otherworldly as possible, without care for prosthetics or expensive CGI editing.

And a lot of body horror just doesnt work well when its done in live-action format. Consider the deadly morphing hand inParasyte: The Maxim or the distorted titans in Attack on Titan.

The freedom to depict anything in anime is the reason why so many anime series are so visually appealing and interestingand the reason why so many fall flat when live-action remakes come around.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba

The original light novel of the series was first published in 2016 in Japan and the series has expanded to anime production.

It is said that there exist creatures so strong, so dangerous, they cannot be killed by any human. They dominate the night and prey on humans as they please. But every once in a great while, an individual arises to challenge these demons a demonic slayer. One of those demonic slayers is known as Kimetsu no Yaiba.

The Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba anime tells the story of Tanjiro Kamado, a calm and collected samurai whose life is turned upside down after he experiences a brutal attack that costs him his family and leaves him with a powerful sword that has its own will. From that moment on, Tanjiro immediately embarks on a quest to slay demons. But as he is about to cross over into the world of darkness where he can face the demons, he meets his sister who wishes to talk him out of going.

Then he meets a new friend who tries to tell him about a powerful demon. Tanjiro refuses to listen and already begins to hear the voice of the sword as he enters the world of darkness. But what awaits him there is a cruel environment where other mystical creatures dwell with their own goals in mind

The original story of the novel is done in a historical setting, but the anime adaptation will incorporate it into a more own fictional world.

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Overrated: Get In The Eva Shinji

First off, Neon Genesis Evangelion is a fantastic anime. So why is it in the overrated category? It is because the ending is still talked about to the point that it spoils it for everyone who has not seen the show. Without spoiling it, the animation studio Gainax ran out of money and had to resort to recycled animation in order to complete the story.

Can we just move on from this show?

It has been over twenty years since the show ended, and it is crazy how an ending can affect the fans. When the movie The End of Evangelion came out, people were still not satisfied with how the show came to its conclusion. If it is how the writers envision the ending, then let it be and get over it.

Underrated: Suspenseful Cyberpunk World

Four Reasons Why the Oregairu Anime is So Good  J

Lack any suspense shows? Then Ergo Proxy is highly recommended! This anime is severely underrated and not a lot of people talk about it. Well, that is what we will do here! Ergo Proxy is a cyberpunk anime with a mixture of science fiction and mystery. The amazing visuals and themes Ergo Proxy bring makes it one of the best anime to ever come out in the 2000s.

There are also some interesting cultural references the show has brought.

When you look at the main protagonist Re-ls face, does it remind you of a certain album cover? There are also some movie and history references, making it a great hunt whenever you recognize something. It may look dreary and post-apocalyptic, but in the end, this show is worth the watch.

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Bad Example: Haibane Renmei

Around the same time as I watched Mononoke‘s first five episodes for a review, I also did one that involved watching Haibane Renmei.

Haibane Renmei is an anime many people think is good, and it may well have many of the things I consider to be good in anime. In fact, I thought it praise-worthy at the time. However, it suffers from Whogivesashit Syndrome, at least from my perspective. I didn’t fall in love with any of the characters that were introduced. The world introduced is mildly intriguing and mysterious, but overall the show lacked the buildup to real adventure or to any sort of interesting conflict I could see coming from the beginning episodes. Everything that happened was too dull and ordinary, even though the setting was supposed to be supernatural.

The characters were likable, but they were all more or less just ordinary children whose special talents and personalities didn’t really shine much in the beginning at least. They seemed too generically cute to be really interesting. None of them did or said too much that was unexpected or special.

The mysterious setting seems to make the viewer ask “What’s behind the curtain?”, but I also found myself asking, “Who cares what’s behind the curtain?”.

Serious Topics And Relatable Characters

Despite anime essentially being an animated cartoon, there are actually many anime series that explore mature themes with relatable characters. Its much like watching a serious western drama series with the exception that often taboo themes, such as depression and suicide, arent always ruled out. This is a far cry from cartoon series in the west which are generally comical, laid-back and far from anything resembling reality.

Whether its struggling to find a purpose in life or coping with mental illness and PTSD, there are some very mature themes hiding under the cutesy and colourful appearance of many anime series. Anime has a stereotype of being aimed towards children, but theres no recommended age for anime since it can vary from adolescent years to mature adults. The beauty of a quality anime series is that the storytelling is perfectly woven with its underlying messages. Without further inspection and deeper exploration, some messages might never be uncovered.

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Life Lessons That Run Deep

Do regular films have deep life lessons? Of course. But not in the context and style that anime

Using Hinamatsuri;as an example, this slice of life teaches you a lot of things.

But one of the most important lessons is: the day-to-day struggles of being homeless.

Homeless people are overlooked, ignored,; belittled, looked down on and treated like they deserve to die.

But what Hinamatsuri does is put homeless people under the microscope, and lets you experience the cruel, harsh lifestyle first-hand.

You get to see a completely different side to homelessness you never would have considered possible.

And the beautiful animation gives it something a regular film cant.

Whenever an anime highlights a set of life lessons, they almost always run deep and help you connect to the characters in ways regular films could never do.

How Friendship Is Portrayed

Why Does Food in Anime Look So Good – Why, Anime? | Get In The Robot

Friendship in anime is shown in ways no other entertainment can pull off. Because its purposely made to be so emotional, and every feeling is captured flawlessly.

Can the friendship trope be over exaggerated sometimes? Yep, but thats kind of the point.

  • Real friendship is rare in the real world. And anime highlights that fact in emotional ways.
  • Friendship is underrated in the real world, but anime

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A Deep And Rich History

Anime technically started over a century ago in 1917 with one of the first animated films being released in Japan. More recent anime tropes started around 1970 with the 1980s being known as the golden age of anime. This is where Japanese animation exploded with different genres. In the background, manga authors were still hard at work creating original series, but new blood was also being introduced after being inspired by works created during the 1970s.

This is just the tip of the history that surrounds Japanese animation. The history of Japanese animation is intriguing, deep and much of it can only be experienced by visiting Japan and surrounding yourself in its culture.

An Art Form With Many Applications

The term anime has evolved from its original definition that described an animated series. Nowadays, the term anime is attributed to almost anything that is created in the Japanese art style. People now use terms such as anime games, anime music and even anime aesthetic. As an art form, it has many applications which have helped it grow in popularity by infiltrating various different creative mediums.

Some popular anime games are created with source material from well-known series. This is seen in many Dragon Ball games. However, there are some anime games which are completely original works that could eventually lead to an anime series or even a franchise. This is how Pokémon, a beloved series worldwide, got its start. The franchise began in 1996 as the games Pokémon Red and Green and eventually led to an anime series in 1997. The series was then imported overseas to the United States with a dub in 1998.

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Why Is Anime So Popular Now

1. Anime Is Different

How did anime get so popular? The very first reason is its difference. Unlike any Western or American cartoons like Family guys or Marvel Avengers, anime builds up an incredible world that has psychological depth and the visuals to match. It is unique by the breadth of material, the ways stories are told and even the cultural nuances exhibited by the characters.

Americans had never seen anything like this before things that far from real life. It was pushing boundaries in a way US comics at the time were not. That was what professor Susan Napier said about Japanese cartoons in an interview. Giant robots, giggling magic users, and post-apocalyptic chaos are what people dont see much coming from Hollywood. Above all, anime reminds us of ourselves and gives people an escape from reality.

2. It Links With The Video Game Industry

We have witnessed an increase in the popularity of anime-inspired games since the beginning of the 20th century. While the overseas interest in anime is thanks to the success of movies like Studio Ghiblis Spirited Away and shows such as Sailor Moon, video games have also played a huge role in that growth.

Japan is also known for its major gaming scene and combined with anime, they are an unstoppable force

3. The Huge Waves

Dragon Ball Z The adventures of Earths martial arts defender Son Goku continue with a new family and the revelation of his alien origin

4. Anime Has Something For Just About Everyone

; ; ; ; ;SEE MORE:;

Top 10 Reasons Anime Is Better Than American Cartoons

Why Haikyuu is so GOOD! Haikyuu Anime Discussion (Haikyuu ...

1Great Characters

Yeah that is true anime characters are great with different personalities and different looks and they are realistic and relatable. Cartoon characters are mostly weird or cute nothing else they can’t be realistic or cool or dangerous. Anime characters make me feel like I’m a part of them too like when they are sad I’m sad when they are happy I’m happy too when they cry I cry when they laugh I laugh too. That’s why anime characters are way better than cartoon characters.

Look, I like anime and cartoons equally, but you guys saying all cartoons suck clearly haven’t watched the better ones. For instance, numerous adult cartoons, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Star vs The Forces of Evil, Adventure Time and Over the Garden Wall, and cartoons pilots like Infinity Train and Obituary. I get really tired of people just stereotyping cartoons because they’ve seen one episode of SpongeBob or something. Also, don’t harass someone because they like cartoons better, it’s their opinion, geez.Actually watch the good cartoons before you judge them all in general.

2Emotional Connection With Characters

American cartoons target younger audiences, so no one really dies and it’s just friendship and magic and everything is really happy and all.But with anime, it’s much more real and it chains you to the characters, so if someone dies it’s like you’re being dragged along with them.

3Better Story4Better Animation5Strong Female Characters6Great Fight Scenes7Great Romance

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Why The Sudden Rise In Isekai Culture

If you ask any devoted anime fan what their favorite isekai anime is, they will likely have prepared a long list in their head, including recommendations. Personally, mine is Re: ZERO Starting Life in Another World! Speaking of Re: ZERO, did you know that it was adapted from a light novel series? And its not the only one! Many light novel series were adapted into mangas, animes, spin-offs, and films thanks to Shsetsuka ni Nar , a website that fosters amateur novelists to professional writers by connecting them with devoted readers!

If you love writing fanfiction, you can go to Wattpad,, or so online users can read and comment on your published stories. But if you live in Japan, publishing your novels online at Nar will hone your writing experience after obtaining feedback from multiple online readers. After all, Shsetsuka ni Nar is the reason behind fans sudden interest in Isekai.

Launched in April 2004 by Yusuke Umezaki, Nar allows writers to publish their novels free of charge; it also does not charge its readers! With over 800,000 registered users and 400,000 online novels, Nar serves as a simulation platform for amateur novelists so they can attempt to make their big breaks in the literary world! In any case, the online platform is overflowing with hundreds of isekai stories, thereby, boosting the isekai genres popularity yet again! Just look at several popular light novel titles below that started in Nar:

Is Isekai A Trend That Will Die

With its surging popularity, the isekai genre is an effective way to grab the audiences attention because it initially puts readers and viewers perspectives into an array of disbelief! Then, it breaks us out of this disbelief for a moment, only to come back right at it yet again.

Even before the storys buildup, the viewers and readers are still in suspense mode! These are some of the reasons why its trending status will continue to dominate the entertainment sector, not just the Japanese manga and light novel markets! In other words, isekai is a trend that will not die soon. Furthermore, there are two powerful words that echo loudly to anime viewers and manga readers minds when they hear the word isekai: escapism and exploration.

When the main characters of several anime cross to fantasy lands or different timelines, its either escape or explore. After realizing they crossed a barrier to a dream-like land, the main characters themselves face a forked road. First, they must decide whether they will use the fantasy world before them to escape their harsh realities.

Second, they must decide whether they want to continue to live and explore said world for a longer period of time. In other words, they must choose whether they will stay forever in Wonderland with the characters they meet along their journeys or return to their modern-day homes where reality awaits them.

Fushigi Yûgi

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An Endearing Cast Of Characters

Any narrative needs to be populated with characters in their world that each are unique and enjoyable throughout. Thankfully,;Haikyuu!!;offers plenty of characters, each with their own endearing personalities, that make them distinct and lovable. Shoyo Hinata is the cheerful, determined, and ever-optimistic main protagonist, while Kageyama is the talented, serious, and driven one to a fault.

These are just a couple of the protagonists of the series that leave their mark, and there are more characters that each feel unique. Even;some of the side characters on other teams have noticeable character traits that make them stand out on their own.


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