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List Of A Certain Scientific Railgun Episodes

A Certain Scientific Railgun T | OFFICIAL TRAILER

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), Toaru Kagaku no Rrugan) is an anime series based on the manga of the same name, which in itself is a spin-off of Kazuma Kamachi‘s light novel, manga and anime series A Certain Magical Index. The manga is serialized in Dengeki Daioh and is written by Kazuma Kamachi and illustrated by Motoi Fukuyama. The anime series is set in Academy City before and during the events of A Certain Magical Index, in which the plot focuses on Mikoto Misaka, an electromaster who is the third strongest esper in Academy City, along with her friends: Kuroko Shirai, a teleporter and Mikoto’s roommate; Kazari Uiharu, Kuroko’s partner in Judgment, the city’s public safety committee; and Ruiko Saten, Kazari’s friend and classmate.

Where To Watch A Certain Magical Index

If youre interested in giving the series a shot, then there are thankfully a lot of options for you! Id certainly recommend it, even if there are some weaker parts. Heres a list of each series and where you can watch them.

  • A Certain Magical Index available on Crunchyroll with the Japanese dub and on Funimation with the Japanese and English dubs, although the latter typically requires a subscription. The movie is available as well on Funimation, but youll need a subscription to watch it with either dub.
  • A Certain Scientific Railgun available on Crunchyroll with the Japanese dub and on Funimation with the Japanese and English dubs, although the latter typically requires a subscription.
  • A Certain Scientific Accelerator available on Crunchyroll with the Japanese dub and on Funimation with the English dub.

Spark Announce Partnership With A Certain Scientific Railgun T Anime Series

No, that title is not an April fools joke: the Hangzhou Spark are officially an anime.

Team Spark are proud to announce that we are partnering with the Bilibili herself, Misaka Mikoto from A Certain Scientific Railgun T, who joins the squad as an Honorary Member with jersey #3. May the Railgun power help us to prevail in the Playoffs!#SPARKxRAILGUN#sparkbang

Hangzhou Spark

The team announced the collaboration with the A Certain Scientific Railgun T anime series late Thursday night on social media. The official announcement states that Misaka Mikoto, one of the prominent characters in the show, joins Hangzhou as an honorary member. The tweet shows the character fashioned with a Spark jersey and given the vacant number 3. The announcement also features the hashtag #SPARKxRAILGUN. While the announcement does not state any current perks with the partnership like a jersey patch for example, there may be much to come in the foreseeable future based on the storied history between both sides.

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A Certain Magical Index

Cover of the first volume featuring Index
A Certain Magical Index SS
  • Nobuhiro Nakayama
  • Satoshi Fujita
  • Kentarou Hattori
A Certain Magical Index: New Testament
A Certain Magical Index SP
A Certain Magical Index: Miracle of Endymion
A Certain Magical Index x Cyber Troopers Virtual-On: A Certain Magical Virtual-On
A Certain Magical Index x Cyber Troopers Virtual-On: A Certain Magical Virtual-On
A Certain Magical Index: Genesis Testament
A Certain Magical Index: Apocrypha Archive
  • A Certain Scientific Dark Matter
  • A Certain Scientific Mental Out
  • A Certain Magical Index , Hepburn: Toaru Majutsu no Indekkusu) is a Japanese light novel series written by Kazuma Kamachi and illustrated by Kiyotaka Haimura, which has been published by ASCII Media Works under their Dengeki Bunkoimprint since April 2004 in a total of three separate series. The first ran from April 2004 to October 2010, the second from March 2011 to July 2019, and the third from February 2020 to present.

    The plot is set in a world where supernatural abilities exist. The light novels focus on Toma Kamijo, a young high school student in Academy City with an unusual ability in his right hand as he encounters an English nun named Index. His ability, which allows him to cancel other powers by touching them, and relationship with Index prove dangerous to other sorcerers and espers who wanted to discover the secrets behind him and Index, as well as the city.

    A Certain Scientific Railgun S

    A Day Off With "A Certain Scientific Railgun ...
    Transcription: “Kuritikaru” Daisuke Takashima
    Transcription: “Redio Noizu Keikaku” Masahiro Sonoda
    Transcription: “Reberu Shikkusu Shifuto Keikaku” Daisuke Takashima
    “I… Can See All of You”Transcription: “Atashi… Minna no Koto Miete Irukara” Kazuhiko Ishii
    “I… I Want To Be of Help To You, Sister Dearest”Transcription: “Onee-sama no Chikara ni Naritai desu no” Kouhei Hatano
    Transcription: “Aitemu” Katsushi Sakurabi
    Transcription: “Ei Ai Emu Sutk” Naoyuki Konno
    Transcription: “Merutodaun” Takashi Ikehata
    Transcription: “Jid Hanbaiki” Kazuhiko Ishii
    Transcription: “Tsur Daiaguramu” Masahiro Sonoda
    Transcription: “Akuserarta” Kensuke Ishikawa
    Transcription: “Kamij Tma” Katsushi Sakurabi
    Transcription: “O Hikkoshi” Daisuke Takashima August;16,;2013;
    “Dawn of a Revolution “Transcription: “Kakumei Mimei” Takashi Ikehata

    These special episodes are released as extras on DVD and Blu-ray Disc volumes.

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    Countries And Dependent Territories

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  • Unless otherwise noted, land area figures are taken from “Demographic YearbookTable 3: Population by sex, rate of population increase, surface area and density”. United Nations Statistics Division. 2008. Retrieved 2010-10-14.Cite journal requires |journal=
  • Includes the of , which is distant from the North American landmass in the and therefore more commonly associated with the other territories of .
  • The History Behind The Spark And Railgun

    Just three hours after the launch of the poll, more than 6,000 players have participated in the poll, and the top three polls in the Bilibili community are Railgun,Barrage and Dimensions.


    Back when the team was founded 2018, the team held a fan vote for the teams name. Amongst the many names, Railgun was the name that prevailed. The name fit as Bilibili, the name of Hangzhous parent company, is named after the nickname given to Misaka Mikoto of said anime series.

    Based on the vote, the team created official marketing material, and even filed a trademark for the team name. In the end however, due to copyright pressure, BiliBili settled with the name Spark alongside a finger gun logo as a homage to the animes iconic set-piece.

    This entire saga comes full circle as the organization has now secured an official partnership with the anime from J.C. Staff studio. The anime is currently airing its third season on Funimation in the west. For the Spark, this brings in a new set of fans going into the 2020 playoffs.

    TGH will keep a close on how this may affect the teams unique marketing going forward.

    Tune in at on September 5 to see the Hangzhou Spark play their first series of the 2020 OWL postseason.

    Stay Connected

    Follow Jordan on Twitter:;for everything Hangzhou Spark and OWL-related!

    Featured Image Courtesy of the Hangzhou Spark and Funimation

    Follow The Game Haus for more sports and esports coverage.

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    Where A Certain Magical Index Gets A Little Confusing

    After the first season of the anime, an anime adaptation of its spin-off manga, A Certain Scientific Railgun, began. While the first season of that serves mostly as a prequel, events from later in the source material occur at the same time as its parent story. Possibly a little confusing, but nothing too much to worry about.

    Once the second season came out for each show, it became an exponential issue. The second season of Railgun was fully treading in the waters of the first season of Index, running parallel while also showing some events from different perspectives .;

    Newcomers to the series who were confused because of the differences between A Certain Magical Index and A Certain Scientific Railgun were only further confused about the order in which they should watch the series. The announcement of an anime-only movie and another manga spin-off called A Certain Scientific Accelerator only furthered the confusion.;

    What saved it was the massive break the animated series took after the second season of Railgun. From 2008 to 2011, there were two seasons of Index and one of Railgun that aired alternatively. Railgun S and A Certain Magical Index: The Movie The Miracle of Endymion aired in 2013. It would be seven years of fans asking Index Season 3 when after Index II finished that an anime adaptation would air.

    Lets take a step back and briefly explain each series before we get to watch orders.

    A Certain Scientific Railgun: 10 Amazing Esper Abilities That Would Suck In Real Life

    A Certain Scientific Railgun T Anime Review Announcement!

    Not all powers are created equal and we demonstrate that with 10 A Certain Scientific Railgun esper abilities that wouldn’t work in real life.

    Not all powers are created equal and that is entirely the point of giving levels to different esper abilities in the world of A Certain Magical Index and A Certain Scientific Railgun. But, even outside the confines of the anime,; some esper abilities are just better to have in the real world than others.

    RELATED: A Certain Scientific Railgun: The 10 Strongest Esper Powers That Are Below Level 5

    Some abilities would work well in real life.;Even when you include the fact that powers like Misaka’s electromagnetism are often applied loosely in the anime to make;the abilities strong and the fights fantastic, some of them can still be backed up by science. On the other hand, there are just some abilities that;science and logic say would be a hassle.

    Write for us!; Do you have proven online publishing experience? Click HERE and Join our Team!

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    Whatever The Heck Sugiita Gunha’s Ability Is

    Sigiita Gunha ability makes no sense. It makes and breaks the laws of physics on a whim and has an untold amount of applications that don’t make much sense when trying to confine it to a single type of power. Abilities like enhanced durability, explosion creation, voice amplification, air jumping, and a litany of others seem to mismatch their way into being his esper ability.

    So why wouldn’t being an all-powerful esper with a seemingly endless assortment of abilities be a problem? Because using a power that one doesn’t quite understand is the height of folly. Limitless power means limitless consequences. You may save the world or you might just destroy;it too.

    Series: A Certain Scientific Railgun

    Story & Art byMotoi FuyukawaKazuma KamachiGenre:Science FictionSupernatural

    Welcome to a world where mysticism and science collide, and supernatural powers are derived from either science or religion. At the heart of this world is Academy City, an advanced metropolis whose population is comprised mostly of students. The majority of students are enrolled in the citys Power Curriculum Program, where they must learn to master their latent psychic powers. Out of several million students, only seven are deemed powerful enough to have Level 5 status.

    Meet Mikoto Misaka, the third most powerful Level 5 esper in Academy City. Together with her best friend Kuroko Shirai and the other members of Judgment, a student-run law enforcement agency, Mikoto delves deep into the dark heart of the scientific sprawl she calls home, and uncovers secrets she wishes she hadnt!

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    Awesome Testament A Certain Scientific Railgun Spoiler Review

    So, A Certain Magical Index is the kind of series you dont expect a consensus on. Some people are going to hate that its the type of show you can turn your brain off for, others will love it. Some people are going to hate how much effort it goes through to explain every spell and power, others will enjoy the technobabble and mythical references. Some will love the main character as a comedy victim and appreciate his ability to be a badass despite also being kind of a moron, others will despise how he always gets into contrived situations and never understands anything. One thing that most people seem to agree on, though, is this: Mikoto Misaki, aka Railgun? She was pretty cool. Not only is she a spunky, sporty, tsundere middle-schooler with top-tier power , shes also got one of the best and deepest emotional arcs in all of Index with the Sisters arc. And, for her well-deserved popularity, she was granted her own spinoff: A Certain Scientific Railgun.

    We spend some more time focusing on the characters, with a swimsuit episode with the girls, and another where Saten and some of the other students who experienced the Level Upper are given a special training camp, hoping that their glimpse of power would let them develop their ability for real.

    On the other side, Febrie and her sister alike are rescued by Shinobu and, with the formula for the drug they need, are able to be taken in for medical care to stabilize their bodies, ending us on a fully happy note.

    In What Order To Watch The Anime Series

    Otaku Nuts: A Certain Scientific Railgun Anime Review

    Ive definitely seen people give watch order recommendations that splice episodes of different series together. Personally, I think thats way too complicated, and instead, Im going to recommend two well-known watch orders. The first of them is to simply follow the broadcast order:

    • A Certain Magical Index
    • A Certain Magical Index II
    • A Certain Scientific Railgun S
    • A Certain Magical Index: The Movie The Miracle of Endymion
    • A Certain Scientific Accelerator;
    • A Certain Magical Index: The Movie The Miracle of Endymion
    • A Certain Scientific Railgun T
    • A Certain Magical Index III

    Id argue that this is a pretty acceptable watch order as well. In a way, its a bit more of a chronological watch order, and thanks to the mostly self-contained stories of Railgun and Accelerator, it shouldnt ruin anything from its parent story. A real chronological order would be splicing episodes together from all around, so this is a lot easier for newcomers.

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    A Certain Scientific Railgun

    A Certain Scientific Railgun
    Cover of the first volume featuring Kuroko Shirai and Mikoto Misaka
    A Certain Scientific Railgun S
    A Certain Scientific Railgun T
    AT-X, BS11, MBS, Tokyo MX
    Original run

    A Certain Scientific Railgun , Hepburn: Toaru Kagaku no Chdenjih ) is a Japanese manga series written by Kazuma Kamachi and illustrated by Motoi Fuyukawa, which began serialization in the April 2007 issue of ASCII Media WorksDengeki Daioh magazine. The manga is a spin-off of Kamachi’s A Certain Magical Indexlight novel series, taking place before and during the events of the main story. Seven Seas Entertainment began publishing the series in North America in June 2011. An anime television series adaptation by J.C.Staff aired in Japan between October 2009 and March 2010, followed by an original video animation released in October 2010. A second season titled A Certain Scientific Railgun S aired between April and September 2013. A spin-off manga series titled A Certain Scientific Railgun: Astral Buddy began serialization in Dengeki Daioh from April 2017 to July 2020. A third season titled A Certain Scientific Railgun T aired between January and September 2020.

    A Certain Scientific Railgun Anime Review

    A Certain Scientific Railgun Anime Review

    Don’t let the image fool you, this isn’t exactly a girly show.

    A Certain Scientific RailgunA Certain Magical Index

    Giving one of the best characters in the series a show of her own was a good start.

    Railgun Index IndexIndexRailgunRailgun

    I hope that glass is wheelchair-proof.


    Plot vs ‘plot’.


    “Of course there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for this!”


    I don’t know what you have been looking at on your phone, but I want no part in it.


    For God’s sake, just kiss already!


    “Before you ask, I have no idea where your ice cream went.”


    For context, this guy has just seen a group of children get severely injured and fall into comas. And he’s;smiling.


    Why is this place not a real place?


    Still the best name for a cat I’ve ever heard.

    A Certain Magical IndexACertain Scientific Railgun

    Now, now. Perfectly symmetrical violence never solved anything.

    A Certain Scientific RailgunA Certain Magical IndexRailgunIndexIndexRailgunIndex IndexRailgun

    I’m not entirely sure I would trust her with a loaded gun…

    Good Things:

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