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A Dog Of Flanders Anime Watch Online

Patrasche A Dog Of Flanders

The Dog of Flanders (1997) English Dub

Didier Volckaert, An van Dienderen | Belgium, Japan 2008 | 85 Min. | OmeU

Every day Japanese tourists visit the Antwerp Cathedral in Flanders. In front of Rubens Descent from the Cross they start to cry. Nobody in Flanders has any idea that they are moved because of a tiny book written in 1872 by the British Louise de la Ramée. Today this book, A Dog of Flanders is taught in Japanese high schools, it is a forgotten classic in the UK and the States and has inspired numerous Hollywoodfilms in the States and a Japanese animated series in 1975 that influenced the Japanese culture intensely By contrast, the novel was translated into Dutch only in 1987. Despite this and some minor tourist attempts the people of Flanders are hardly interested in A Dog of Flanders.

Through the story of A Dog of Flanders and its many images, the film continuously flirts with imaginary, fictionalized and hilarious versions of Flanders. It is therefore clear that this documentary is not destined for Flemish viewers. Patrasche, a Dog of Flanders Made in Japan is a laboratory of the image. It is a prism, through which the viewer can experience how flu reality is and how a small book can stigmatize an entire culture.

World Masterpiece Theater Classic Anime Series Gets Lifestyle/fashion Line In Japan

Anime versions of Anne of Green Gables, Dog of Flanders, and more inspire stylish and adorable designs.

Usually when Japanese lifestyle brand Felissimo comes up with a new idea that catches our eye, its from their Neko-bu, or Cat Division, which specializes in apparel and knickknacks of a feline persuasion. Recently, though, Felissimo has unveiled a new line of items with anime appeal, and not from some flash-in-the-pan, otaku-only series.

No, Felissimos latest collaboration is with the granddaddy of venerated anime franchises, World Masterpiece Theater.

Debuting all the way back in 1969, World Masterpiece Theater, as its name implies, adapted dozens of international childrens literature classics into anime TV series format. Produced by animation studio Nippon Animation, several of the series benefited from the creative contributions of directors and eventual Studio Ghibli co-founders Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata, and World Masterpiece Theaters anime, such as Anne of Green Gables, A Dog of Flanders, and Rascal the Racoon remain among the beloved and widely recognized among mainstream audiences in Japan.

Speaking of Anne, Flanders, and Rascal, those are the three series represented in Felissimos collection of scene scarves.

Anne, as well as her friend Dianna, also show up in Felissimos Heroine Cameo Clip Broaches, along with Sarah of Princess Sarah, World Masterpiece Theaters adaptation of 1905 childrens novel A Little Princess.


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