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How Are Anime Figures Made

Want To Design Your Own Anime Figure And Have It Shipped To You Online Program Lets You Do Just That

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Pixiv-powered program turns otaku daydreams into on-your-desk-reality, and heres how it works.

Shopping for anime figures is one of our favorite ways to treat ourselves to something nice, but today were going a step further and designing one.

However, our boss isnt quite generous enough to spring for an entire figure-making factory for us. Thats OK, though, because thanks to a new online service called VRoid Studio you can design your figure, specifying all sorts of details, in the comfort of your own home and then have it produced and shipped to you.

After downloading the VRoid Studio software , the first step is to choose one of two body types/starting outfits.

This is just the very beginning, though, because VRoid allows for all sorts of customization by utilizing sliders and other onscreen controls to fine-tune your figures look.

We decided to sort out our figures clothing first, and the user interface is easy to navigate even for beginners without a background in 3-D modeling, with a number of apparel pieces to choose from.

Something especially cool happens when you fiddle with the texture pattern for a piece of clothing, like with the dress pictured below. If you use the on-screen eraser to rub out a section of the texture, VRoid doesnt just make that part of the garment clear, it also removes the wireframe for the part as well.

Next up: eyes, eyebrows, and hairstyling.

First things first, the pose was spot-on to how wed designed it!

Scaled Pvc Anime Figures

Theyre named this since theyre made with a material called Polyvinyl Chloride, abbreviated as PVC. Regularly, the parts of the figures are mass-created by factory machines and are assembled by hand. They are intended to be scaled to a particular size, normally straightforwardly corresponding to a real size character. The vast majority of these statues are scaled from 1/eighth to 1/fifth, yet not all. Some fighters scaled at 1/1 , or all the more ordinarily 1/4. There are also anime statues scaled at 1/tenth. The details of these figures are high to make them as real as possible. The costs go side by side with the size and detail of the figure, somewhere in the range of $70 up to $300. There are extraordinary events in which the costs might be higher or lower.

Cold Cast Its A Manufacturing Process

The name of Cold Cast comes from its manufacturing process. However, it is contrary with traditional casting that requires heat. As shared above, Polystone is a compound of Resin and powdered stone additives while Cold Cast is the mix of Resin and a metal powder. As a result, it has the same properties with Polystone and Resin but it gives out metallic-like surface. If Polystone is suitable for high quality figures, Cold Cast is the material covering the disadvantage of PVC. Since it has the similar good quality with Polystone and Resin.

The above sharing only roughly covered the 6 major materials of anime figure. Its material types should be broader and more complex. I am not familiar with Chemistry and not manufacturer but I do research the above to share with you all. It is because I believe one thing:

Passion against something drives curiosity of exploration. While, when knowledge of something being enriched, love & treasure on it becomes sublimated to different level!

If you really like anime figures, the above materials should be one of the knowledges you have to touch with. Thanks.


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Major Materials Of Anime Figure The Composition Of Our Collectibles

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When I was planning to write an article about materials of anime figure, I asked myself whether it is essential. In fact, the chemical composition of it is too technical to me. From another point of view, however, an Otaku should take in relevant knowledge to better handle our favorite collectibles. Hence, I wrote this article of 6 Major Materials of Anime Figure The Composition of our Collectibles to share with you all.

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Vinyl Is It Funko Pops

Lets try to visualize Vinyl before go into details. It is Funko Pops! I know this metaphor cannot totally represent Vinyl. However, Funko Pops! is really a popular Vinyl figure.

So, what is Vinyl?

Technically, Vinyl itself could not be named as a plastic it should be any compound that includes it instead. That means the plastics like PVC and ABS, which we have just discussed, are type of Vinyl.

You may therefore be aware immediately that Vinyl can carry different properties as long as it combines with other compounds. Regardless it is soft and malleable, tough and rigid, low resistance to heat, etc.

Even so, Vinyl stills have similarities with the most common plastics. Vinyl is inexpensive and is an environmental pollutant.

Keep An Open Mind When Browsing For Characters

The final, and perhaps most subjective point, is setting expectations for what anime characters to look for. Though the cost of a given animes license and high-quality production standards of premium manufacturers may result in the high retail price, its the characters popularity that determines its later market value, especially in the used-figure scene. High prices derived from this phenomenon can take two distinct forms: 1) popular anime characters sold by well-known brands demand a premium fee 2) fewer goods are produced for a less popular anime results in more proportional demand.

For example, here are a few listings from online shopping sites Mercari and Amazon for cost variance you can expect due to character premiums or downright scarcity.

The trick is to find a happy medium. Find a series or character you like that is popular enough to warrant a large production of those collectible goods to avoid bidding wars, but not so popular that it demands a premium. Youre likely to find entire lines of anime figures that fall into these categories, including classic titles like Lupin III. Be aware that youre more likely to come away with a steal if youre not looking for one particular character or series, and that keeping an open mind during your hunt is your best bet. Knowing is half the battle!

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Sourcing Guide For Action Figure:

Sourcing 2021 new Action Figure products of high quality from trustful suppliers in China. Buying Guide – Childhood for everyone is a treasure worth to be cherished. It’s a period of time that can’t be copied and full of happy memories. Toys always play an important role in everyone’s childhood when it comes to growing up and learning about the world around us. Children play toys to discover their identity, grow stronger, learn cause and effect, explore relationships, and practice skills they will need as adults. Here’s a large assortment of Action Figure available from credible Action Figure factory list to keep your kids or pets actively engaged and entertained for hours. Also find related top sale lists of including gift, plastic toys, toy from qualified Chinese manufacturers/suppliers at best prices on this page. The biggest goal of toys is to teach, inspire and encourage children all over the world to be creative, so just start to collect innocence, live better and then enjoy a happy and enjoy a happy and lucky sourcing time at

Easy Sourcing

Maintenance Of The Anime Poly Vinyl Chloride Figures:

Anime Figures That Made My 2015

As weve said in the previous sections, PVC is one of the cheapest and most delicate materials on the market. You have to be careful not to put your figure in the sun, as heat sources can destroy your collection piece. Make sure that your Figure doesnt accumulate dust, as it affects the paint and sticks to it. For you to have the best maintenance in your Anime PVC figure, in we show you the best cleaning and maintenance guides of Anime Figures.

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Website Design And Features

  • Is it easy to make a purchase?
  • Is the website secure?
  • Does the website protect your credit card and personal information?
  • Does the design of the website look modern or up to date?

Why is this information important?

Because if an Anime store cant take care of their website design or security, then how are they going to take care of you as a customer?

That kind of thing is important when shopping online. Especially when buying Anime merchandise .

If you have a request for something to make things more convenient for you, please share your thoughts with me!

Types Of Anime Figures According To The Design

It is not that easy to classify the figures taking into consideration the design, some figures can fall under certain characteristics that the majority will consider as a figure category but to this point that would just create type after type of figure, at the same time some figures lines are in themselves a type of figure here we have selected the most outstanding types of figures out there that the majority might agree and some of them might fall under a broader category but as said before are outstanding and deserve to be mention.

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What About Anime Figure Pose

In general, sculptors or illustrations that serve as models, choose living poses, see too much for some. There is, however, a practical side, where some movements are not ideal to see the figure. The Saber Extra from Kotobukiya is an example, with a pose that has class but prevents a clear view of the face of the heroine.

Point of view pure personal taste, I do not like versions with winks and I often spend my turn even if the rest of the figurine suits me.

It is also necessary to look at a minimum of how the figurine is maintained. Designers are not necessarily masters of the physical mechanics and this can simply break because of too hard constraints on certain parts. This is seen with the figures that have been out for some time, found on the used market and it is difficult to find a copy intact. This can be a fixation that has farted at the level of feet but also an accessory. In this case, if you still want to buy, it is recommended to study a minimum figurine at the reception and alleviate the famous constraints when possible.

Having seen the buying guide for anime figures. Lets see what are the best anime figures out there in the market

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How One Woman Turned A Passion For Anime Figures Into A Career

18+ Anime Figures from Japan

Just a corner of Frances’ apartment, featuring her considerable collection of anime figurines.

Step into Frances Delgados Los Angeles apartment and youll be immediately bombarded with miniatures as far as the eye can see. From the TV stand to the coffee table, every surface is adorned with bright-eyed, candy-haired, colorful anime figurines. Sometimes poseable, sometimes static, and sometimes in risque outfits, theyre based on the Japanese anime characters Delgado loves.

With her own galaxy-colored hair, Delgado, 29, looks almost like a part of the collection. Shes been collecting anime figures for more than ten years. Today, she is a professional in the anime and gaming industry. And it may never have happened if she hadnt started her blog.

Delgados ten-year-old blog, How A Girl Figures, was one of the first to narrate the world of anime figure collecting from a womans perspective. Eventually, it caught the attention of one of the most influential figures in the industryAki Takanori, the CEO of Good Smile Company, which produces many of the figures Delgado collects.

I sat down with Delgado to discuss her unique career trajectory that elevated her to the level of industry professionaland which all began thanks to her being a fan.

Delgado in her office.

Lauren Orsini: Why did you start your figure blog?

Orsini: Why do you think there were so few women collecting figures?

Orsini: What do you think about sexualized figures?

Delgado’s desk at home.

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Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene The Partner Of Pvc

Another material that can commonly be found in the market is Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene . It is one of the major synthetic resins in the world. ABS is made from the combination of acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene, which carries a wide range of advantages.

  • Acrylonitrile it makes ABS chemical resistance and heat stability
  • Butadiene it gives toughness and impact strength to ABS
  • Styrene it provides rigidity and processability to ABS

ABS is not easy to be painted that requires to be primed. Yet, it is good electrical insulator and has high degree of surface quality. Also, it can perform secondary processing like metallic spray, electroplating, hot pressing and bonding. It is a very good thermoplastic plastic.

With the above characteristics, ABS is suitable for using in automotive, home appliances, electronics, building & construction, transportation industries, etc. By the way, the shell of PlayStation is made by ABS. So, how about our favorite anime figures?

Recently, ABS should be the strongest plastic used for making anime figures. With its tough and rigid properties, it is usually used for the base or legs of an anime figure. It also composes the main body of an action figure. For other parts of an anime figure, PVC is commonly used. It is because its softy can handle more complex details or shapes.

This is why you always find the anime figure is partially made by PVC and ABS.

Decide What Quality Youre Looking For

Once you know where to look, it goes without saying that you need to know what to look for. Like enthusiasts of many hobbies, anime figure enthusiasts naturally have a greater concern for more minute details. These details I mention refer not only to the make of the figure but the quality of its preservation. Is it missing the original box? Does it have a few scuffs? Is it outright broken and in need of some glue? Each of these faults can have an exponential impact on the final selling price. While some may feel it is worth paying premium rates for a figure in mint condition, you need to decide how much these details mean to you.

Many casual collectors out there are only interested in displaying their figures, not in preserving or reselling them. I am certainly one of them, and wouldnt usually go out of my way to purchase a damaged figurine despite the significant price cuts they warrant. However, I would be more than happy to buy an anime figure without a box if it means spending less.

By opening up your search to figures that dont have their original packaging, you have more options to look at through the walls, racks, and bins of used models sold in bulk at stores like Book Off, as pictured above.

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Should I Buy Anime Figures

Figures are limited, look nice, and buying them does help support a series. I mostly buy scaled, but if you buy nendoroids or figmas you can play with them a bit more or set up some nice photo shoots or scenarios. Also some people have more disposable income than others I dont really see anything weird about it.

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How to Buy CHEAP Anime Figures ($50 Challenge!)

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Tips For Saving Money On Used Anime Figures

Collecting anime figures becomes a feasible hobby if you opt for the secondhand alternative, which provides a hugely accessible avenue for getting into the collecting scene. To pros, this tip may seem obvious, or even heretical to some. However, its worth noting for any aspiring collector, casual or not, that there are three specific ways you can adjust your searching habits while on the hunt for figures in Japan. While none of these are secrets, per se, keeping these three points in mind will help you balance your wants with your wallet.

Marketing Is Another Necessary Expense

Without any marketing, companies might as well not open or operate.

How will people buy an anime figure if they dont know it exists?

Good marketing allows the demographic a company is trying to appeal to know there is a product to buy and they should want it.

The marketing team will need to hire a photographer to take photos of the figurine.

The cost of marketing skyrockets when you consider doing it on an international level, as most anime merchandise has to be.

Different countries and their cultures have different types of marketing that work better for them.

This means that the marketing team has to do more research to figure out what kind of ad will work best for each target market.

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