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How Long Is Bleach Anime

The Bleach Manga & Thousand

How long to watch your favourite ANIME?

Of course, a truly dedicated Bleach fan wouldn’t be satisfied with just watching the filler-free run of the series, since they still have the Thousand-Year Blood War arc left to go, which is slated to get an anime adaptation in the near future. Based on that arc’s length in the manga and the current anime’s length, the Thousand-Year Blood War arc could easily take 50 to 75 episodes to animate, assuming no material from the original manga is cut or combined to shorten the runtime.

If that story arc ends up being 75 episodes long with no fillers, the entire filler-free Bleach run becomes 277 episodes, and someone watching the story of Bleach from the beginning to the very end would need 12 days and a partial 13th to view the entire story in daily eight-hour sequences. However, this is with a conservative 75-episode estimate — it’s possible the TYBW arc could end up being 100+ episodes without filler, meaning that watching the entire anime would be even more of a slog.

Bleach Season 17 Plot

In the 16th season of the anime, viewers saw that Ichigo Jurosaki had lost all his powers. Not only that, but he also struggled to regain them. Rukia Kuchiki was assisting Ichigo in getting his powers back. He barely managed to face off against Kugo Ginjo with the help of the members of the Soul Society.

Meanwhile, the hard-fought union is crushed when Hollows disappears mysteriously. No one had any clue about who is actually behind it. Ultimately, a new group of soldiers known as the Wanderreich launched an attack. The Wandenreich which translates as the invisible Empire is a confidential group of the Quincy. A thousand years back, the Quincy met a defeat in the war against the Shinigami. As a result, they escaped and built a hiding place, For all these years, they have been using their time to gradually gather their powers.


Currently, In Bleach Season 17, the fans will see Ichigo disappearing somewhere and the chaos breaking out. The Wanderichs secret group will finally launch their attack on the soul Society resulting in an all-out war between the Shinigami and the Quincy. Ichigo will undergo intense training in order to become stronger so that he can fight back and save the Soul Society.

Long Anime That Are Worth The Time

While most anime cannot buy a second season, others last forever. Which long-lasting anime series are worth the time?

A second season is quite an elusive beast in the world of anime, at least, when it comes to most series. While some cannot move past a single cour of 13 episodes, others seem to last for years on end, producing hundreds upon hundreds of chapters.

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Time is a valuable commodity, and quantity does not equate to quality. Even if these anime proved popular enough to warrant all of the episodes in the universe, that does not necessarily mean they justify their length. Here are five long anime worth watching, along with a few series that are not.

Disclaimer: To qualify, an anime must have at least 50 episodes.

Anime is a medium that never rests. With each season welcoming a few dozen new shows and a couple of continuations, audiences should nearly always be able to find something that suits their needs. While juggling multiple shows at once can be exhilarating, there is something especially appealing about starting an anime that spans years, especially when a conclusion happens to be in sight. As anime is always evolving, this list also needs to be updated so it can keep up with the industry.

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The Cast Of Bleach Season 17 Who Will Be Returning

The showrunners have not unveiled the potential cast of the series. However, from the trailer, we guess the following voice actors will return for the respective role.

  • Ichigo Kurosaki voiced by Masakazu Morita , and Johnny Young Bosch
  • Uryu Ishida voiced by Noriaki Sugiyama , and Derek Stephen Prince
  • Renji Abarai voiced by Kentaro Ito , and Wally Wingert
  • Rukia Kuchiki voiced by Fumiko Orikasa by Michelle Rough

We will see the following characters besides the main characters- Xcution, Hollows, Bounts, Wandenreich, and others. There might be the introduction of new characters as well.

The Release Date Of Bleach Season 17 When Will It Premiere


Though the creators have renewed the series, they have not announced the exact release date. There are rumors that season 17 will be released by the end of 2021 based on the trailer. However, the date shown in the trailer is not the release date. It is the date of the exhibition of the series. We would have got the show by 2021. But due to the global pandemic of Coronavirus, the production of the series gets delayed. Now, we guess that we will get the series somewhere in mid-2022.

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Gotei 13 Invading Army Arc

The Gotei 13 Invading Army arc is an anime-only arc which was created to allow Tite Kubo to publish more material. It forms the fifteenth season of Bleach and is directed by Noriyuki Abe and produced by TV Tokyo, Dentsu, and Studio Pierrot. The season began airing on April 12, 2011 in Japan on TV Tokyo. Viz Media’s English adaptation of the season began airing on Adult Swim’s Toonami programming block on October 6, 2013.

The episodes use three pieces of theme music: one opening theme and two closing themes. The opening theme is “BLUE” by ViViD from Episode 317 to Episode 342. The first ending theme is “Aoi Tori” by fumika from Episode 317 to Episode 329. The second ending theme is “Haruka Kanata” by UNLIMITS from Episode 330 to Episode 342.


Origin & Soul Society Arc

  • Start back at episodes 51-63
  • Skip episodes 64-109
  • Start back up at episodes 110-127
  • Skip over episodes 128-137
  • Pick up from episodes 138-167
  • Pass over episodes 168-189
  • Main Arc 3: Fake Karakura Town arc
  • Start at episodes 215-226
  • Pick up at episodes 267-286
  • Skip over episode 287
  • Don’t bother with episodes 298-299
  • Return for episodes 300-302
  • Start back with episodes 342-354
  • Skip episode 355
  • Complete anime from episode 356-366

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How Many Episodes Will Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Arc Have

After 8 tiresomely long years, the story is said to resurface for the fans. It can be estimated that the new season of Bleach will have 60-80 episodes since it has to cover hundreds of chapters of Manga in the finale season. The Thousand Year Blood War arc is anticipated to have several cours.

Season 17 of Bleach has been confirmed to pick up from where the anime ended in 2012. The makers are adapting the final manga arc that comes directly after the Fullbring arc.

Where Can I Watch Season 17 Of Bleach

How The Return Of Bleach Will Change Anime

Bleach Season 17 Thousand-Year Blood Arc release on Netflix confirmed. The English Dub of Bleach is available on the website of its official licensor Viz Media and also on Netflix,Amazo Prime Video, and Crunchyroll. Bleach season 16 English Dub is currently streaming Hulu, & Netflix. Once Bleach Season 17 Episode 1 gets released, fans might be able to see the series on Funimation & Crunchyroll.

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How To Watch Bleach Without Fillers

Long-running anime series, especially manga adaptations, have a tendency of adding so-called filler episodes or arcs during their initial run. Although fillers expand the story in some way , they arent related to the main narrative and prolong the main story, which is why fans usually dont like them. The chief reason, why manga-based anime use fillers, is because there is a delay in the publication of the manga or the anime has finished the until-then published manga storyline, so the animators use filler episodes until new material is available. This is why, in this article, we will let you know how to watch Bleach without fillers?

Bleach was, with its 366 episodes and running from 2004 to 2012, one of the longest and most popular anime franchises in history. The 366 episodes were divided into 16 narrative arcs, five of which were completely original. Since a lot of people want to avoid fillers, we have created a guide for watching Bleach without the fillers, so keep reading if youre interested!

Now that weve given you a brief introduction to the world of Bleach, let us focus on the main issue.

What Will Happen On Bleach: The Final Arc

Since the anime will be animating the last arc, fans can expect to see the plot of The Thousand-Year Blood War, which begins with Volume 55 and ends with Volume 74. The anime will feature the return of the Quincy army, led by Yhwach, who desires to absorb the Soul King and collapse the Human World, the Soul Society, and Hueco Mundo together. Uryu Ishida, previously known as the last Quincy, will join as Yhwach’s successor and cause a rift between him and his friends, particularly with Ichigo. As with previous arcs, there will be many intense battles, but this time, we will see Nanao Ise and Nemu Kurotsuchi getting their chance to shine as they protect their captains. Kubo has also provided more backstory regarding Ichigo’s and Uryu’s parents and their relationships with one another.

There will be a final battle against Yhwach and a 10-year time skip following the war in which Ichigo marries Orihime Inoue, Rukia marries Renji Abarai, Uryu becomes a doctor, and Yasutora ‘Chad’ Sado becomes a professional boxer. The series will most likely end as the manga did, with Ichigo’s son, Kazui, meeting Rukia’s daughter, Ichika.

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Arrancar: Decisive Battle Of Karakura Arc

The episodes of the twelfth season of Bleach. The 17-episode season is based on Tite Kubo’s Bleach manga series, covering chapters 316 through 340. They are directed by Noriyuki Abe and produced by TV Tokyo, Dentsu and Studio Pierrot. The plot continues shows the fight between Soul Society’s group of Shinigami against Ssuke Aizen’s army of Arrancar, with the former defending Karakura Town, and the latter planning to use Karakura to invade and destroy Soul Society. The season moves onto auto-conclusive stories beginning with episode 227. The season first aired from March 31, 2009 until July 21, 2009 on TV Tokyo in Japan. The English adaptation of the Bleach anime is licensed by Viz Media, which has yet to announce when the season will air.

The episodes use two pieces of theme music: one opening theme and one closing theme. The opening theme is “Shjo S” by Scandal. The ending theme is “Kimi wo Mamotte, Kimi wo Aishite” by Sambomaster.


Main article:Zanpakut Unknown Tales arc

The episodes use four pieces of theme music: two opening themes and three closing themes. The first opening theme is “Shjo S” by Scandal from episode 230-242. The second opening theme is “Anima Rossa” by Porno Graffitti from episode 243-265. The first ending theme is “Mad Surfer” by Kenichi Asai used for episode 230-242. The second ending theme is “Sakurabito” by SunSet Swish from episode 243-255. The third ending theme is “Tabidatsu Kimi e” by RSP from episode 256 – 265.


‘bleach’ Anime To Return In 2021 ‘burn The Witch’ Gets Serialization And Anime

Anime: Tite Kubo

After eight long years, the Bleach anime is returning!

In the recent issue of Jump Magazine in Japan, it was revealed that creator Tite Kubo’s popular Shonen series will return in 2021. The anime will cover the “Thousand-Year Blood War,” which begins in Chapter 480 of the manga to the end of the series in Chapter 686.

No further details on the anime adaptation was revealed.

Bleach fans were devastated when the anime was halted in 2012 after the completion of the “Fullbringer” arc. No official reason was given for the series’ cancellation, but many believe that the rising costs of production along with the anime catching up to the manga too quickly were major factors.

Fans can still read the Bleach manga on Shonen Jump. The first few chapters are free while the rest are available for paid subscribers.

Jump magazine also revealed that Burn the Witch, a one-shot from Kubo that debuted in Weekly Shonen Jump in June 2018, will be serialized starting this summer with an anime of its own beginning in the Fall.

The story of Burn the Witch takes place in the same world as Bleach but focuses on a group of Shinigami 12 years after the “Thousand-Year Blood War.” Also, instead of Japan, Burn the Witch takes place in London.

Studio Colorido is handling the production of Burn the Witch with Jump listing Tatsuro Kawano as the director with the two female leads being voiced by Yuina Yamada as Noel Niihashi and Asami Tano as Spangle Ninii.

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Bleach Manga Compared To The Bleach 2021 Anime

The anime is based on the Bleach manga series by artist and writer Tite Kubo. Published in Weekly Shonen Jump from 2001 through 2016, the Bleach manga ended Volume 74 with Bleach Chapter 686.

The official English translation of the Bleach manga was released by North American publisher VIZ Media. The English Bleach Volume 74 came out back in October 2018.

The anime followed the mangas story up until Episode 64 when multiple anime original story arcs were introduced in order to give Kubo more time to create new manga chapters. These filler episodes continued until Episode 110, but then the anime continued to rely on filler multiple times over the years.

Episodes 128 through 137 and Episodes 168 through 189 and Episodes 230 through 265 and Episode 311 through 342 were all filler. Needless to say, this amount of filler content is unusual for an anime series so reading the Bleach manga is like a different experience.

The Bleach Season 16 anime finished by adapting the Lost Substitute Shinigami arc, which was covered by manga chapters 424 through 479.

Bleach Season 17 anime will pick up with the Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War arc , which includes chapters 480 through 686. Presumably, the anime will not overly rely on filler episodes this time around.

The good news is that English-only manga readers can read ahead right now. The bad news is that Bleachs new season run will likely be the ending of the anime series unless a Bleach manga sequel is announced.

The Thousand Year Blood War Arc Spoilers

Bleach Season 17 plot will center around the anarchy followed by the sudden disappearance of Ichigo Hollow. The Soul Society is invaded by the secret group, Wandenreich. War is declared between the Quincy and the Shinigami. The period of the disappearance of Ichigo Hollow is explained by the rugged training he undergoes to fight against Wandenreich and save the Soul Society. The finale should answer all the abrupt questions the previous chapters left.

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Worth It: World Trigger

As a season 2 has been confirmed for World Trigger, this is the perfect time to start Toei Animation‘s anime. Based on a manga by Daisuke Ashihara, World Trigger envisions an alternate reality where a gate appears linking humanity to a world filled with monsters called “Neighbors.” The anime follows the National Defense Agency’s attempts to protect humanity while also trying to learn more about this strange world.

World Trigger has an infamously slow and unsatisfying start, as the anime takes a while to properly establish its characters and universe. However, things pick up significantly after approximately 20 episodes, specifically once the Large-Scale Invasion Arc commences. From there, World Trigger just gets better and better.

Boku No Hero Academia

Bleach Anime(s) 2020 EXPLAINED

This show is just hype as all hell.

Its so shounen that it just makes you want to get a cape and run around your room and punch a wall or something.

The anime plus superhero mix-up was just a genius choice. The hype the show has gained also amassed just shy of 90 episodes for now, as well as two movies and a manga spin-off.

Story-wise its not as gripping as some of the others on this list, except Bakugos transformation from tsundere into lovable tsundere. But the action scenes definitely make up for it.

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Bleach Season 17release Date

Bleach Season 17 release date is set in the first half of 2021 and the exact release date will be officially announced soon. The COVID-19 pandemic might have delayed the plans of Bleach anime but things are now back on track and the production has been postponed.

In case you havent heard, the Bleach anime is coming back! Read the Thousand-Year Blood Arc before its animated! It starts from Chapter 480! Members can read all of Bleach and much more in the Shonen Jump Digital Vault!

Shonen Jump

The legendary anime sired its last episode in March 2012, leaving fans across the world with their jaws dropped to the floor. IIn the years coming forth, anime lovers all over the world have demanded to air the next season as soon as possible.


According to the reports, Bleach season 17 is confirmed and this will probably be the last and final season of the series which will be the adaption of the Thousand-Year Blood War Arc from the manga series. It may be expected that the series will be released by late 2021 or early 2022 due to the COVID-19 pandemic else it may have been released earlier. Thus, this is going to be one huge season, comprising 20 volumes of content. Looking at the size of Bleach in 2021, It is sure worth the wait.


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