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What Is One Piece Anime Rated

First Aired: Feb 9 2003

Top 10 Best One Piece Games of ALL TIME [TGN Anime]

The Enies Lobby Arc is the sixteenth story arc in the manga and anime series, One Piece, and the third in the Water 7 Saga.The Straw Hats, Sogeking, the Franky Family, and the shipwrights of the Galley-La Company arrive at Enies Lobby aboard Rocket Man to rescue Nico Robin and Franky. Standing in their way, however, are the forces of the World Government, including its deadly assassin organization, CP9. A massive battle ensues between the two sides when Luffy declares war against the World Government by having its flag shot down by Sogeking.Enies Lobby is the eighth island that the Straw Hat Pirates encounter on the Grand Line. This arc also serves as a point of advancement for each of the Straw Hats, as almost all of them become stronger in some way. In this arc, the Straw Hats also say farewell to their beloved ship, the Going Merry.

Overlooked: The Big O

If you’re a fan of sci-fi, film noir, mechs and Batman, The Big O was tailor-made for you. Set in the retro-future Paradigm City, the show’s main protagonist, Roger Smith, is Japan’s answer to Bruce Wayne who pilots a giant robot: Big O.

Its reference points are clear, perhaps derivatively so, but it’s hard not to fall for Roger’s charm and get lost in the show’s smooth blend of melancholy and mystery. While its trippy conclusion didn’t sit well with some critics at the time, it’s since earned a reputation as a stylish, unmissable classic.

Is It Any Good

Even though One Piece is animated and has very cartoon-like humor, it’s a very well-rounded adventure show with as many serious bits as funny ones. While to some that might be a turn off, it does make the crew’s journey and struggles all the more realistic.

The characters are unique to the point of quirkiness and really bounce off each other well. It’s hard not to smile at some of the crew’s antics — and even harder not to cry for them when they go through a tough time. While One Piece is anything but a children’s show, older tweens and up can have a fun romp while watching this gem of a Japanese anime.

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Number 12 The Thriller Bark Arc:

Thriller Bark is one of the worst arcs. So, if you are new to One Piece its not important to watch it there are amazing arcs, even though this arc contains some good and funny moments.

However, one piece has 929 episodes so if you dont have time just skip those worst arcs that I am giving you.

The plot:

In this arc, Luffy was fighting Gecko Moria which becomes later a Shichibukai but the fight was bad.

Luffy uses Gear 2 on the other hand Gecko used everything he got to beat him he stole his power even.

But of course, as always Luffy is the winner in the end.

The special thing in this arc is that Luffy met the skeleton Brook who later joined his crew even if the members of the straw hat crew didnt want him because he scared them at the beginning .

One Piece: The 10 Best Episodes

One Piece

After 20 years, One Piece is still going strong, so heres a breakdown of the animes most pivotal episodes.

Eiichiro Odas One Piecehas become one of the most popular anime and manga series of all time. The series has been running for over two decades and accumulated a staggering amount of episodes that puts it nearly at 1,000-episodes. One Piece joyfully indulges in many of the aspects that make action shounen anime series so addictive and fun.

Despite the series influence on the rest of anime, its hard to maintain consistent quality after so much time. One Piece is notorious for exhaustive spans of filler, and the vast amount of content can easily intimidate some from ever checking out the series. Funimation recently announced that their dub of One Piece has resumed and so theres never been a better time to jump into the series. To help make the anime feel a little less impenetrable, here are some of the very best episodes that One Piece has to offer.

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Number 6 Marineford Arc:

Look if you didnt watch the war of Marineford you didnt watch One Piece why?

Well, because there are some of the most luxurious events such as the appearance of Yonko Shanks when he arrived at the Marineford and stopped this big war alone with his crew.

So, imagine one guy with his crew stopped a big war where you find The Marine fleet commander, Garb Akainu and other admirals, Luffy, Whitebeard, and his crew as well Blackbeard and his crew and more.

The battles between Blackbeard and Akainu vs the strongest man in the world Whitebeard which was really strong.

However,t because he is sick and old they killed him you must watch that show.

The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya

The slice-of-life anime The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is one of the best anime after 2000s. It is initially published as a light novel in 2003, which was adapted into anime in 2006. Before releasing the anime, there had been already a large number of fans of the light novel. The first season of the anime never bored them by broadcasting the stories out of order, which were not chronological.

The anime represent the daily life of SOS Brigade which is the school club established by the main heroine Haruhi Suzumiya. But, she is not just a human

Air Dates: 2006-2009Genre: Sekaikei, Slice of life, Comedy, Science Fiction, Time loopRecommended for Beginners/Anime Fans

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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba

The advent of a shockingly quality anime surprised anime fans all over the world in 2019. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is adapted into an anime from the manga by Koyoharu Gotoge, which was serialized on the Weekly Shonen Jump from 2016. The first season of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba with 26 episodes was welcomed by both fans of the manga and people who had not read it.

The anime is set in the Taisho period in Japan where demons exist with human beings. The main character Tanjiro Kamado finds his family is killed by the attack of demons and only his sister Nezuko is changed into a demon. He decides to become a demon slayer to restore her to a human.

This anime includes every important part for an excellent anime from the main characters purity and growing to friends with the spirit of brotherhood and respect for any characters. The battle scenes between demon slayers with swords and unique demon characters are intense, which is beautifully drawn. Each characters past and background including even demons is respectfully depicted in this anime.

It is followed by the sequel story Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Train released in October, 2020. This anime has not completed yet, but it is safe to say that Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba will grow to represent the best anime in Japan and around the world.

Air Dates: from 2019Genre: Drama, Action, Adventure, Dark FantasyRecommended for Beginners/Anime Fans

Boku No Hero Academia

Top 10 Epic One Piece Anime Fights

When the big shounen series finally end or lose their luster, you dont have to lose hope for the genre: Boku no Hero Academia is proudly carrying its flag for the new generation.

Sure, Boruto is still around.

But if theres one series to recommend to kids, its this one.

Boku no Hero Academia offers one of the most likable sets of characters of the past decade. And youve got All Might and Izuyu Midoriya two characters wholl keep you going when you want to give up.

Its never lacking in its funny and awe-inspiring moments, and it has valuable lessons for kids and kids at heart, especially on themes of being a good person, of being a hero in your own little way.

Season 5 is right around the corner, so get to it.

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Cast For One Piece Netflix Adaptation

No cast has been confirmed for One Piece yet although some names have been floated.

Emily Rudd is a name that has been on and off the IMDb page for a while but unfortunately, no confirmation and the added caveat that anyone can add IMDb updates.

Theres some excellent breakdown of what we could see from the casting in this video by Randy Troy .

Other Live-Action adaptations on Netflix

One Piece isnt the first live-action anime adaptation, and certainly wont be the last. At the time of writing Netflix is currently working on the live-action Cowboy Bebop series and The Last Airbender.

More live-action adaptations on Netflix are:

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken

What else is there to say to make you watch this?

Out of all the isekai series saturating the market ever since the debut of Sword Art Online, this has been a rare refreshing take on that whole genre.

Instead of being a generic male novice, this sees the main character live his new life as a slime a cute, small slime.

With a rich and vivid fantasy world, plus a lighthearted vibe that sometimes makes me think of KonoSuba, the anime is such a good relaxer after a long day.

Rimuru Tempest is one of the most lovable anime protagonists of the past decade, and I cant wait for the sadly delayed second season to arrive.

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First Aired: May 27 2001

The Skypiea Arc is the thirteenth story arc in the series, and the second and last of two in the Sky Island Saga of the manga and anime, One Piece.The Straw Hats arrive on the sky island Skypiea in search of gold, only to find out that the island is in danger of being destroyed by the cruel “god”, Enel.

Episode Of Sky Island

One Piece at 1,000: The Manga

The Sky Island Saga lasts for an overwhelming 52 episodes, with the Skypeia Arc making up the majority of it. While it is by no means bad, the anime adaptation drags in places and is one of the earliest examples of the show’s pacing venturing into too slow territory.

Episode of Sky Island, naturally, leaves a lot out, but it does cover the basics well enough to be worth recommending for fans who want to revisit this saga without sitting through the entire thing. However, newcomers should read the manga or watch the full anime version.

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Chopper’s Kingdom On The Island Of Strange Animals

It says a lot for the quality of One Piece‘s movies that even the lowest-rated of the bunch, Chopper’s Kingdom on the Island of Strange Animals, has a respectable rating. After arriving on a peculiar island filled with talkative animals, Chopper ends up separated from the Straw Hats. The doctor also becomes the island’s king.

Chopper’s Kingdom on the Island of Strange Animals earns points for pushing the Straw Hats’ resident reindeer to the forefront, a rare practice. The story takes a bit too long to build up any significant momentum, although things pick up somewhat in the final act.

Mega Mecha Solider Of Karakuri Castle

By 2006, Toei seemed to have realized that a good One Piece movie needs more than just large scale fight scenes and a few belly laughs. The seventh One Piece film, Mega Mecha Soldier of Karakuri Castle, contains both of those things, but the Straw Hats are also asked to use their brains a little by taking on puzzles and solving riddles. The film opens with Luffy and his crew plundering a sunken ship for treasure. They recover just a single chest, and when they open it, they find an old woman hiding inside turns out she dumped the treasure and hid in the chest to survive a crazy storm. Nami is far from pleased, but the crew quickly come around when the lady tells them about the legend of the Golden Crown.

With the promise of treasure and adventure ahead, the Straw Hats agree to transport the woman to her home on Mecha Island, which isn’t actually an island but a giant sleeping sea turtle that only wakes up every thousand years. The place is run by a mad inventor who plans to use his advanced knowledge of machinery to take over the world like an evil Tony Stark. Things get even more complex when the turtle wakes up to lay its eggs. This is a fun little adventure that proved to be a step in the right direction for the One Piece movies.

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Episode Of East Blue: Luffy And His Four Crewmates’ Great Adventure

Released in 2017, Episode of East Blue covers the formation of the Straw Hats and Luffy’s recruitment of Zoro, Usopp, Nami, and Sanji. Essentially, this is five segments squashed into a single special, making for a respectable cliff notes version of One Piece‘s earliest arcs.

As these stories are actually quite short in the manga and anime, Episode of East Blue does not feel all that necessary.

Filler Story Arc List

TOP 10 BEST MOMENTS in the One Piece Manga!

In a series that spans several decades, its no surprise that it has its fair share of anime-only filler episodes as producers wait for the manga to catch up to the series. These filler arcs are usually independent of the main plot and generally consist of less serious content and a lot more comedy.

  • Warship Island Arc AKA Apis Arc
  • Post-Alabasta Arc
  • Goat Island Arc
  • Ruluka Island Arc
  • G-8 Arc
  • Oceans Dream Arc
  • Foxys Return Arc
  • Ice Hunter Arc AKA Lovely Land Arc
  • Spa Island Arc
  • Little East Blue Arc
  • Zs Ambition Arc
  • Caesar Retrieval Arc
  • Silver Mine Arc
  • Cidre Guild Arc

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What Parents Need To Know

Parents need to know that One Piece, while cartoonish in its animation and humor, has many very serious and dramatic moments. As pirates, the Straw Hat crew are willing to put their lives on the line in order to achieve their goals. This leads to a lot of serious conflicts in which characters die or come close to death. There are currently two English dubs of this anime, one by 4Kids Entertainment and another by Funimation Studios. The Funimation dub includes more mature language , and some of the fight sequences include large amounts of blood . There can also be a bit of sexual humor, but it’s very mild.

Overrated: Dragon Ball Z

Yes, were going there. Dragon Ball Z initiated so many into the familiar story beats and epically staged fights that became hallmarks of shonen anime. As such, every similar series since walks in its footsteps.

This means it has a lot to be celebrated for and a lot to answer for. While hugely entertaining, over time Dragon Ball Z became a neverending superhero saga of power-ups on power-ups on power-ups, and characters trapped in developmental limbo.

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Stopping The Stampede: A Teamup Of Unprecedented Proportions

At the town, Bullet surveys the fleet surrounding him and reveals that he awakened his Devil Fruit power. He then spreads out the composition of his exoskeleton and covers the majority of the island, including the Marine’s fleet and the pirates’ ships’ with it, ripping it all apart and assimilating it into his creation, forming an enormous colossus. The Marines and pirates are left in extreme panic, and the Marine Vice Admirals attempt to charge the colossus, but are knocked out in one punch, which is so powerful it tears apart the island itself. Bullet then raises the coast into high walls, preventing people from escaping the island. Festa proclaims that Bullet’s power and their possession of the Eternal Pose to Laugh Tale have ended the era, and the new era would be defined by the people’s struggle to overthrow Bullet. He tells the Underworld Emperors that Bullet would kill all of them, and Bullet sets his sights on killing the Four Emperors. Meanwhile, Kizaru contacts Sakazuki about what happened and Sakazuki orders for a Buster Call to attack Bullet and Delta Island.

Overlooked: Eden Of The East

One Piece: The 10 Best Episodes

Despite its noted similarities to The Bourne Identity, 2009’s Eden of the East is an acclaimed series that deserves more mainstream attention. The story unfolds with college graduate Saki travelling to the US after a series of missiles hit Japan, where she discovers naked amnesiac, Takizawa outside of the White House.

Takizawa has no clue as to his real identity other than 8 billion yen in digital currency and the knowledge that he’s part of a group of 12 contestants tasked with saving Japan. What follows is a sweet and beautifully animated drama that stands apart from the grim and gritty fare of the survival genre.

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The Pirates Festival Begins: Uncovering Festa’s Plot

The Straw Hat Pirates arrive at Delta Island for the Pirates Festival, excited to fight for Roger’s treasure. After doing some shopping and enjoying some of the events, they decide to participate in the main event. Donald Moderate and Ann who were the MC’s of the event, reveal a cryptic clue for the location of the Pirate King’s treasure.

Elsewhere, an injured Law was running away from Buggy and his crew who were acting as security for the Expo. Law then noticed the Thousand Sunny and used his ability to board their ship in order to escape his pursuers. Suddenly a Knock Up Stream exploded in the central lake of the island, launching an island floating in a bubble, revealing itself to be the hiding spot of the treasure. The pirates sail up the Knock Up Stream, amongst them are crews from the Worst Generation , the Barto Club, Beautiful Pirates, Foxy Pirates, and the Bliking Pirates. The Straw Hats manage to overtake everyone on the Knock Up Stream by converting the Thousand Sunny into its Flying Model and using Coup de Burst, which also blasts away the Buggy and his crew who were pursuing them to capture Law.


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