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What Anime Is Kazuma From

Konosuba Factor : Source Material

[KAZUMA] ABA (Anime Battle Arena) Ranked #21

Most anime series are just variations of different source materials such as manga, mobile games, visual novels, or light novels. Konosuba is adapted from light novels. There are currently 17 volumes of Konosubas last one being published in May 2020.

;They also keep adding spin-offs such as Megumin and Yunyuns time as students two years before the main series to give it a new life and to maintain the interest of their viewers.

If we will go by the current status of light novels, we should say that there is a 1% chance that there will be no sequel as the light novels have already ended. But as only volume 1 and 2 was used for the first season, 3rd, and 4th in the second season and 5th volume was totally adapted in the movie, there are still strong chances of Season 3 coming out soon.

Who Does Kazuma End Up With

While Kazuma does not date anyone as the author ends the story openly, the short story succeeding it finally gave the fans a concrete answer.

As promised, the author published a spin-off about Kazuma and Megumin after the end of volume 17, where they entered into a relationship.

As for why the Konosuba novel ended in such a manner is because the author was probably trying to save the romance aspect for that short story so that Kazuma could have some time to learn the meaning behind love and become a strong-willed and dedicated person, after all, Megumin deserves the very best.

Anyways, Its official guys, Kazumin is endgame! It was worth following the series for years with such a satisfying end. All thats left now is the anime.

Konosuba Season 3 Officially Confirmed 2021 + Release Date And Visual

As part of an online event for the anime adaptation of KonoSuba , it was announced that a new anime project is currently in the works.

This anime series is full of so many fun characters and the voice acting is excellent and do not forget about the love tension between Kazuma and Megumin that is the life of the show.

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Erica Mendez Plays Megumin

Who is Megumin?;Megumin is a fourteen-year-old archwizard of the Crimson Demons race who are known for having dark brown hair, crimson eyes and powerful magic. However, Megumin only knows a single Explosion spell, which while extremely powerful also incapacitates her after a single use. She is the first person to join Kazumas party, eventually falling in love with him.

Where have I heard Erica Mendez before? Voice actress Erica Mendez has recently provided the voices of Sailor Uranus in the Viz Media dub of Sailor Moon, Gugu in To Your Eternity and Phil in videogame New Pokemon Snap.

The Whole Party Is Here

Kazuma Satou

The whole party is here – Kazuma’s party members dances with him to Opening 2 of Konosuba with the dance from Opening 2.

Gif of Kazuma using “Triple Snipe”

Triple Snipe: Kazuma pulls out his bow and then fires three arrows at the cursor.

Properties: Guardbreak | Damage: 45 | Cooldown: 10 Seconds | Aggressive, Multi-Hit, Knockback | Range: 50+ Studs | Projectile

Gif of Kazuma using “Megumin” far away

Gif of Kazuma using “Megumin” close up

MEGUMIN!: Kazuma summons Megumin, then she creates circle patterns in the air and then casts Explosion, blowing up everything in a massive radius.

Properties: Guardbreak | Damage: 80 | Cooldown: One-time-use | Aggressive, A.O.E, Combo Finisher | Range: Infinite | Summon

Gif of Kazuma using “AQUA!”

AQUA!: Kazuma summons Aqua who appears in front of him then dashes forward while using God Blow, knocking the enemy down when she hits them.

Properties: Guardbreak | Damage: 30 | Cooldown: 10 Seconds | Aggressive, Slam Down, Combo Extender, Combo Starter | Range: 10 Studs, Orange Range | Summon

Gif of Kazuma using “Drain Touch”

Drain Touch: Kazuma reaches out to grab a target, if successful, he drains their life force, damaging the enemy over a short duration and healing himself for the same amount.

Properties: Blockable | Damage: 30 | Cooldown: 12 Seconds | Aggressive, I-Frames, Multi-Hit, Healing, Combo Extender | Range: 0.5 Studs, Red Range | Grab

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Grimgar Of Fantasy And Ash

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash;has a RPG-setting, which may remind you of Sword Art Online. The story is based in the medieval town of Grimgar where survival takes precedence over all matters. There comes a day when a bunch of strangers wake up in this town.;For a living, they;are ordered to slay monsters that threaten peace. The ragtag team of strangers consists of Ranta, Yume, Shihoru, and Mogzo who have absolutely no idea as to what they are doing.

The monster defeating;plot of Grimgar;is similar to KonoSuba. Other than that, both the anime are bloody, and adventure-filled, one serious than the other, respectively.

In Another World With My Smartphone

A teenager is accidentally killed by God, with his resurrection in another world as a way of apology. He makes a wish to get his smartphone back, which gives him access to the human world’s information and helps him stand out and impress the ladies of his new environment.

Soon after the series begins, the story becomes more about the main character being a Casanova than about the fantastical elements. And yet, this is where the anime’s charms lie, as the protagonist’s ability to win anyone over is something that’s worth following.

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Arnie Pantoja Plays Kazuma Sat

Who is Kazuma?;The protagonist of the series, Kazuma was originally a Japanese student who routinely skipped school in order to play video games. However, after dying in a motor accident he is reincarnated in the Fantasy World, where the former gamer teams up with the Goddess of Water Aqua to defeat the Demon King and free all the people oppressed by his rule.

Where have I heard Arnie Pantoja before?;Accomplished voice actor Arnie Pantoja has appeared as Watchdog Man in fellow anime One Punch Man, Reno in videogame Final Fantasy VII Remake and of course Kazuma Satou in crossover Isekai Quartet.

Konosuba Season 3 Plot

Kazuma Did It Again! Kazuma Steal Megumin Pantsu! | Konosuba #35

KonoSuba follows Kazuma Sat, a young boy who dies from a heart attack after saving a girl from an incoming truck. However upon his death he is transported to a world similar to that of a role-playing game , and soon forms a dysfunctional party including goddess Aqua, magician Megumin, and knight Darkness.

Seeing as the first two seasons and film covered the first five volumes of the light novel series, KonoSuba season three will likely adapt volumes six and seven.

Possible spoilers from here on out but these volumes see Darkness leaving to marry a lord, possibly breaking up the misfit party of adventurers for good.

Kazuma is living comfortably with the reward money as news of his victories against the Devil King spread. This soon sparks interest from The Crown, with Princess Iris enlisting his help to capture The Chivalrous Thief Chris who has poached the empires wealth.

However a skirmish with the Devil Kings army ends in disaster, and Kazuma is exiled in disgrace and separated from his trusted party. The reincarnated former gamer will then have to clear his name and uncover a far-reaching royal conspiracy while hes at it

Season three will also likely develop the budding relationship between Kazuma and Megumin, which was a key focus of the 2019 movie.

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Konosuba: 10 Anime Characters Worse Than Kazuma

Kazuma is one of the worst characters in Konosuba but there are other anime characters who are even worse. Here are 10 such anime characters.

It’s no secret that Kazuma of Konosuba;is just a bad hero in general. Kazuma has a tendency to try and be promiscuous by recruiting succubi, throw his party members into danger, and ignore his quest to take down the demon king.

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Surprisingly though, there are a ton of anime characters out there that are much worse than Kazuma. The characters below all have some painfully obvious character flaws that fans have pointed out over the years. Most of them are even considered heroes, much like Kazuma is, which makes fans wonder just how they got that title in the first place.

How Does Kazuma Actually Die In The Beginning Of The Anime

In the beginning of episode 1 of the anime, Aqua makes fun of Kazuma for how he died. She then says that she has, “Well… I’ve vented enough stress for now,” before continuing her explanation of the choices that Kazuma has in the afterlife.

Is this a joke or did Kazuma really die from shock of possibly being run over by a truck?

I hope he died of shock.

  • 4We never have any information other than Aqua’s word, but given that she’s so amused by it it’s probably the truth.

Kazuma died because of heart attack.

Actually, the girl will survive even if Kazuma didn’t save her. The vehicle that was moving towards the girl was just a slow tractor. After he pushed the girl, Kazuma died because of heart attack, he thought it was a truck and he was scared to death.

My personal opinion, and this isn’t proven anywhere but: He did in fact see it correctly and attempted to save the girl but both of them died in the accident, and she didn’t want to tell Kazuma that his life ended in tragic failure and in vain. Thus the “getting out some stress” comment. Now while that is debunked by how bad a liar she is, at this point she was still a Goddess and had time to think it up, and her personality does change a bit after joining Kazuma in the alternate world.

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Konosuba Factor : Sales And Profit

Each and everything related to Konosuba makes a ton of money, be it their merchandise, movie, game, and even light novels. Although we have noticed a little drop in Blu-ray sales, but it really does not matter in 2020.

Konosuba compared to other one core anime series is very inexpensive and earns a lot of profit, there is no reason money-wise season 3 would not be aired.

The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K

Kazuma (Noragami)/#1669141

Comedy, school, Shonen, and supernatural are genres that define The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.;The plot deals with Saiki, a boy born with psychic, telepathic, x-ray vision and whatnot abilities. Saiki has everything but gratitude for his numerous abilities. He wants to keep his;talents to himself and lead a normal life. But obviously, people around him make it seemingly impossible to do so.

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Other than his parable of talents, Saiki talks to himself all the time, mostly;roasting;people and situations. There’s an endless gag commentary running inside his head that will have you dying of laughter. It finds a place in the list on account of its comedy.

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Konosuba Factor : Popularity

Konosubas popularity was at its peak in 2020s and it is still going super strong. It is evident by the number of searches for both its series and the movie that people are dying to watch the next season. Usually searches for the sequel are less than the first season but it is the exact opposite in this case.

Their social media is also overflowing with new followers. Their latest light volume 17 is still extremely popular and getting multiple downloads daily.

After their movie, Konosubas merchandise has also seen a great hike in the sales. They keep adding new products in their merchandise every month which also acts as a positive reason for their popularity.

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Problem Children Are Coming From Another World Aren’t They

Three children with incredible psychic powers are transported to a world known as Little Garden. After using their abilities to make small factions gain favor, they then decide to go up against the Demon Lords that continuously threaten Little Garden.

It’s the chemistry between the leads that serves as the hook for this series. Although the title might make it appear as if the characters are no-gooders, they’re actually pretty engaging protagonists who serve as the audience surrogate into this fantasy world.

Does Kazuma Love Anyone In Konosuba

Lord Kazuma Steal Compilation

Throughout the series, we have seen Kazuma express his desire to build a harem multiple times.

To that effect, whether he succeeded or not, it is a sure fact that he is surrounded by many women who have shown an interest in him, and vice versa.

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Who Does Kazuma End Up With In Konosuba

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Konosuba has spanned 17 light novels, and with every word, fans have become more and more invested in the characters lives. This is the main reason why they are bittersweet about the open manner in which the series concluded.

While the light novel started with Kazuma and Aqua, and it was only appropriate to end the volume with them, fans of the series are disappointed with the lack of closure regarding Kazumas relationships with other characters.

Thankfully, there is plenty of material to help determine Kazumas love interest and side stories to boost it further. Lets take a peek at his relationship with others before seeing who he ends up with.

How Not To Summon A Demon Lord

Takuma is a young man who’s mysteriously summoned to a virtual world by two girls who try to make him their slave and utilize his talent in the game. However, he turns the tables and becomes their master, following he attempts to keep his stats high to blend into the game.

The overarching narrative of this anime has to do with the protagonist bonding with his would-be captors and finding out the truth of why he was summoned. The series manages to bring a comedic element as well, which goes well with this outlandish premise.

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Konosuba Season 3 Release Date

News of more KonoSuba was announced via the animes Twitter page on 18th July 2021.

Translated into English, the tweet says: New animation production decision! A blessing to this wonderful world! The production of a new animation has been decided!

New animation announcement visual released! Please look forward to the follow-up report.

The announcement didnt confirm specifically whether this was a third season of KonoSuba or a related spin-off project such as a second feature film, with details set to be revealed in a follow-up post.

However, fans can rest easy knowing that KonoSuba is returning in some form but may be waiting a while as the announcement suggested that production was only just beginning.

Unless Studio Deen has secretly been working on a surprise release, the earliest well likely see KonoSuba season three is 2022 and perhaps even later than that if the project is indeed a feature film.

It will be the longest break in the series yet seasons one and two aired in Japan in January 2016 and January 2017 respectively, with film KonoSuba: Gods Blessing on this Wonderful World! Legend of Crimson releasing in August 2019.

Cristina Vee Plays Darkness

#1 Aki

Who is Darkness?;The ominously named Darkness is an 18-year-old crusader with powerful offence and defence stats counterbalanced by a lack of accuracy. She was eventually revealed as former noble Lalatina Dustiness Ford, who became a crusader against the wishes of her influential father. She becomes serious when it comes to defending her friends and also falls in love with Kazuma, trying and failing several times to win over the adventurer.

Where have I heard Cristina Vee before?;Actress and director Cristina Valenzuela known by her stage name of Cristina Vee provides voices of English dubs of anime, cartoons and videogames, and has voiced Young Donald Duck in DuckTales, Hestu in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity and Yuko Tani in several Godzilla anime films.

Visit our;Fantasy;hub for the latest news and features, or find something to watch with our;TV Guide.

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Daily Lives Of High School Boys

Whats’s not to like about Daily Lives of High School Boys? Satire, comedy, hilarity: Check. It is a comedic sketch of three high school friends, Hidenori, Yoshitake and Tadakuni. Every day they undertake certain unusual tasks, such as playing a crane game, visit their grandmother, eavesdrop on their friends, organize an event at school and so on.

Each episode is sort of segmented, the plot so random and hilarious, you will be anything but bored. Watch it for its entertainment value, there are no dull moments in this one.

Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon

This one’s full of adventure just like KonoSuba is. It is based on the light novel DanMachi;and is adapted into an anime by J.C. Staff. The story is fairly simplistic: Bell Cranel is a dungeon adventurer, besotted by a Sword princess Aiz Wallenstein.

This beautiful blond Princess apparently saves Bell’s life once and since then he can’t stop dreaming about her. Soon a goddess Hestia takes Bell under her wing. Together the two embark on more adventures; in parallel, Bell is in pursuit of Aiz, too.

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