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How To Draw Any Anime Character

How Do You Draw Anime Hair

How to Draw ANY Character From Comics, Cartoons, Manga, Anime, Etc

When you learn how to draw anime hair, you will begin by creating the basic outline and shape of your desired hairstyle. After this, you will start adding some layers to create more realistic hair. Just like the eyes, anime hair can be any color at all! But, do not forget to add elements of shadow and light, as shading is always needed when you draw hair.

Well done! You have now finished your manga drawing! We hope that this manga drawing tutorial has everything you need to be well on your way to creating many more awesome anime characters! Be creative and think out of the box, and most importantly, have fun!

Hanna Kirchner | «Hanapen»

From a very young age, Hanna Kirchner has loved to draw, where she would always be found in the art corner of her Kindergarten class. Since, she has graduated as a graphic designer. Hanna resides in the Karlsruhe area of Baden-Württemberg. Also from a very young age, Hanna enjoyed watching anime shows on TV. Among her childhood favorites were Yugi-Oh, Beyblade, and of course, the ever-popular;Pokémon! Hannas love for the Japanese artform was certainly encouraged by her older sister, who also adored manga. She recalls seeing one of her sisters German manga magazines, Daisuki, and knowing exactly what she wanted to do as a career. Now, Hanna is an accomplished graphic designer who still enjoys drawing anime part-time.

Understanding The Manga Art Style

Have a look online at different anime and manga animations to get a really good idea of what you are in for. You will notice the eyes immediately, but remember, you have full control of your characters eye size! You will notice the style used in our example images is quite childlike the characters all have the typical manga style elements, such as large heads, little noses, and massive eyes!

Remember, when using a computer program to draw, first make sure that you are familiar with it. Using a graphics tablet has so many fantastic advantages, especially for manga drawing! So, without further ado, let us learn how to draw manga!

Manga Girl Sketchy Style

Youve learned how to create clean, stylized manga artwork. You may not have mastered anything but youve got some ideas.

But did you know that manga can be sketchy too?

Grab some watercolors or colored pencils and get ready to paint outside the lines!

This video teaches valuable lessons about style and how to go about creating that classic romance manga look.

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Tidy Your Outlines And Ink Your Drawing

Create a very clean inking layer of your new outlines, the clothes, and the showing skin. Fine line details, such as major folds in the clothing, major facial details, and patterns. Anything in the foreground of the image should have a slightly thicker outline than those in the background. Similarly, use line width to draw the eye to the most important parts of the image. While you want to keep this final outline clean, make sure not to exclude any of the important details.

Drawing A Crazy Looking Anime Villain Character

Draw your favorite anime or manga character in any poses ...

To give the anime villain character that crazy or maniacal look they sometimes have draw the irises and pupils of the eyes very small so that there is a good bit of white space around them.

Draw the eyebrows somewhat lower in wave like shapes as the previous example but with their inner ends raised slightly back up again. Again dont add any shadows to the irises and draw only one set of reflections.

Draw the mouth with the teeth showing in a wide smile.

Eventually you should end up with crazy looking eyes and a grinning mouth. Prefect expression for a villain

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Corel Painter Paint Like Anime Tutorial Part 2

REIQ is among the top anime artists out there. So no figure, that a full character tutorial can be found from REIQs Youtube account. This two-part tutorial shows you a step-by-step process for drawing your very own anime character. One of the best qualities in REIQ is that he draws quality looking original characters. Something that not too many can draw so easily as he can.

Also, one thing to point out is that he also draws the background for his characters and that is something many character designers seem to leave out. If you are looking for a complete tutorial on character drawing and background drawing. REIQ can lead the way here.

Draw Manga: Where To Start

Welcome to drawing manga and welcome to drawing in general!

This is the beginning of a YouTube series where the artist takes you through the basics of drawing anime.

Starting at the very beginning, this is a quick where to start walkthrough that will cover the basics of learning to draw this unique Japanese art style. It sets a good foundation for the rest of your learning so be sure to give it a quick watch.

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Animating Your Anime Character

All of the above holds well enough for manga characters. But whilst manga is the still, page-based version of this most famous of Japanese artistic styles, anime requires some movement. It is animated after all.

For any of you that have tried to produce animations yourself in the past, this complicates things a little. Obviously.

Yet, youve chosen a great style with which to practise your animation. Because anime uses one of the simplest styles of animation around.

Back in the day, in the earliest moments of anime, animators such as Tezuka were looking for cheap and quick ways to animate their characters. This, apparently, was due to his working with a group of inexperienced staff on a tight schedule.

However, the animation technique stuck. And this, again, has become one of the most characteristic features of anime.

How To Draw Anime: 50+ Free Step

How to Draw an Anime Character

If you love anime & manga then of course youd wanna draw it.

Narutos storyline was terrific; One Piece has incredible fight scenes and Studio Ghibli tugs at your heartstrings harder than Hollywoods The Notebook.

Dont get confused by the terminology though.

Simply put, manga is the comic book and anime is the actual animated content. For artists looking to learn the style there is no major difference.

Manga characters have very unique features unlike any other cartoon.

The eyes and head are enlarged, the facial features are simplified, and the backgrounds are often highly detailed. If youve watched enough anime or read enough manga the style should be ingrained into your memory.

In the past we covered a series of tutorials on chibi drawing but this comprehensive list of videos will teach you how to draw in the manga art style from beginning to endeven if you have zero drawing experience.

To get the most out of each video I suggest watching it through once and then going back to the start and drawing along.

When it comes to drawing practice really does make perfect. So bookmark this page because you are going to need it later! It takes anywhere from a few days to a few years to master the anime art style so just keep practicing and never give up!

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Avachara Mega Anime Character Creator

Avachara is an interesting and simple web application wherein you can create your own anime characters ranging from Anime characters to wedding couple styles, baby cartoon or cartoonify your portrait etc.

Avachara is an amazing anime character creator online tool. You can select any of the categories , create your cartoon or anime avatar and on clicking the camera icon under the created avatar you get both the portrait and close up shots for downloading and save the avatar to your computer.

Such avatar portraits of human faces or full bodies are widely used all over the Internet community for 2D/ 3D visual chats, sharing over social media and much more. And avachara also offers you to have a look at the anime avatar character created by the other people!

Draw Anime: Manga Tutorials

Draw Anime: Manga Tutorials enjoy the best app to learn how to draw anime for free. Now you will become a professional in creating manga characters, comics and animals!

Learn to draw manga and anime, improve your artist skills, learn how to draw animals in an animated style. Everything is very easy here, follow the step-by-step instructions and memorize. If you love Japanese culture, then the application is created just for you.

The program will teach you to draw anime characters, manga, comics, and drawing various parts of the body. Watch amazing and simple videos, listen to the lessons in great detail, and enjoy the user-friendly interface. You have the opportunity to share your work with friends in all social networks.

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How To Draw Eyes From An Angle In Anime & Manga

Mikey shows you how to draw eyes even though not explaining so much on the structure of the eye as REIQ does. However, you can clearly see the difference in style and also how to draw younger-looking anime eyes.

So if you want to draw eyes fast and get those anime eyes for your drawing. This video is excellent for that. Showing you another way of approaching to draw the eyes.

How To Color Anime Eyes

Draw any character in anime or manga style by Krishunds ...

Here you can see the results from using different colors and blending modes. I used the Overlay mode for purple, Vivid Light for yellow, and Pin Light for the blue tones and the pink details. They blend great with the grey layer.

The key is to know where you want to place the grey gradients, the darker areas, and the highlights. Please go back to chapter 4. Styles and greyscale when in doubt.

Try different colors and see which ones are best for the effect youre trying to achieve. In this illustration, I chose two complimentary colors: purple and yellow with pink and blue tints.

Grayscale coloring steps:

In 1, I simply started with the previously created grayscale drawing.

In steps 2 and 3, choose any color you fancy purple, with some blue in my case and try a blending mode that blends well with the greyscale.

In steps 4 and 5, I add some yellow using the Vivid light blending mode.

In step 6, I usually soften the dots a bit,; by using the eraser or decreasing the layer opacity.

Finally, in step 7, I just add the finishing touches to emphasize volumes and textures.

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How To Draw Anime Characters Step By Step

With the new advancement and fictional ideas, anime characters have made a huge range of fans all around the globe! From Naruto to Doraemon, we got many of anime characters all day long. So, you too, are a huge fan of anime characters and want to do some boring-time-killing work? You might think of drawing and we got you! And therefore, lets get you some tips and instruction regarding how to draw anime characters step by step. But, before you move ahead, just take a look at the cartoon drawings and ideas.

Drawing Anime Environment And Backgrounds

As a cherry on top of the cake. Draw a background for your awesome character. What better way to showcase your character than with an environment supporting your beautiful anime character.

Even anime environments have that certain feel to them. The key being a semi-cel shade style that is present in the scenery.

Hard-edged shadows but also subtle transitions in color really do create a mesmerizing effect. Having these elements present in the scenery creates a very anime-like look and feel to an environment.

If you think about anime movies from the likes of Makoto Shinkai and Hayao Miyazaki which brought you the fantastic sceneries of The Garden of Words or My Neighbor Totoro. The immense beauty that those movies have inside is just staggering.

The colorful backdrops behind the characters only give you a sense of wonder and make it easy to dive into the world presented.

That kind of effect a background can have for your character. It really is something to consider of adding.

Hopefully, this article provided you with enough resources to keep your hand busy drawing. Anime and manga art is awesome and the simple aesthetics of the art style is something people tend to like. Simple eyes, curvy bodies, distinct facial features, yet you can easily go the realistic route and draw something very realistic looking and still keep the anime vibe intact.

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Got A Pencil Were Here To Teach You How To Draw Anime

Drawing isnt exactly an easy skill to pick up. It can be wildly frustrating trying to get eyes the same size and the fingers to not look like giant sausages. Some of us never develop the skill all of our art looks like a small child made it. So, we have a ton of respect for anyone who strives to be an artist and takes up drawing. And if you want to learn how to draw anime, more props to you! Its an incredibly cool and interesting art form that lets you have some fun and pay homage to Japanese culture.

A few things to note about anime before you begin your anime-drawing journey? Anime art has a very unique style with key points. To pull off anime, one should be able to master each of those specific features. For instance, most anime characters heads are slightly too big for their bodies, and their eyes are often much larger than normal. Their hair is also usually drawn in more distinctive styles and unnatural colors. While anime-style mouths are typically small with simple lines in roughly 90 percent of images, they are occasionally overdone, too. And, finally, anime characters emotional responses and reactions are often exaggerated. A funny anime character might go from a small upturned line of a mouth to a wide grin that takes up half their head. Similarly, their tears are often just as big as the eyes from which they fall.

So, how do you draw anime? Following a few simple rules will go a long way in helping you master the look.

Materials You Will Need To Draw Manga

ã?How To Draw Yourselfãas an Anime Character

Obviously, choosing to do your drawings on a digital platform is not the most affordable, especially in the beginning. That said, once you have made the initial purchase of a graphics tablet and the appropriate software, you will not need any other tools! In particular, there will be no purchasing of costly art supplies! You will also have the awesome advantage of being able to correct any silly errors or mistakes much more easily than if you were using a pen and paper.

Of course, using a drawing tablet takes practice, just like regular drawing does! So be patient and keep practicing.

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Anime Character Face Drawing Step By Step

To draw any of the characters in this tutorial you can use the steps in the above illustration.

  • Draw the basic shape of the head starting with a vertical line to help you make sure both halves are even
  • Positioned the facial features as described earlier including the parts that are hidden by the hair
  • Draw the hair
  • Erase the parts of the face hidden by the hair and if you like apply some shading or color
  • For an explanation of why you want to draw this way and other helpful drawing tips see:

    Drawing And Digital Painting Tutorials Online

    Launching Patreon for my channel and website. My name is Xia Taptara. I am here to make you art video tutorials. Well, if you frequent my website, you probably already know. More detail on my Patreon Page: Ive been creating art and concept art for mainly video games since 2002 (Winnie the Pooh, Monster

    Character Design Tutorial -Barbarian. Character Design Tutorial Barbarian concept art. Barbarian character design in fantasy setting. This was one of the most REQUEST from all the viewers on my blog and Youtube. Now! this TUTORIAL shows you how to start, develop your idea into visual design. From rough sketches, blocking in, refine painting and rendering

    How to draw from your imagination in 5 steps. This video tutorial shows you step by step how to draw from your imagination or draw from your mind. If you are having a difficult time coming up with your own design. It is most likely because you do not have enough asset in your visual

    Another Blood queen character concept digital painting tutorial. Finally done. This one takes me about four to five hours. Below are the one with directional lighting and without. Gif process below. This is a term 33, Level 3 Term 33 video tutorial

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    Final Illustration And Anime Eyes

    Here is a character illustration with anime eyes. Note how the colors and shapes work together.

    About the artist

    ;Raquel Arellano is a digital and traditional illustrator and concept artist from Barcelona. She has a background in teaching video games and currently works at a university as an art teacher in the subject. She works for indie role-playing game companies, creates commissions for individuals, and also writes tutorials for a number of companies. She shows her art processes on Twitch, and you can see more of her illustrations on Instagram, Twitter, or ArtStation.


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