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Is Bleach A Good Anime

Around What Episode Does Bleach Get Good

Joined: Jul 2013 Posts: 63 Many of my friends say that bleach is miles better than one piece, so I decided to watch it. So far I’ve seen the first 15 and….it doesn’t seem that way. Every episode so far is- Ichigo kills a hollow and that’s it, one piece is repetitive but at least you liked the characters and it was entertaining. Anyway, my friends say it gets amazing around the ‘soul society arc’. Is this true? And if it isn’t, then where does it be good exactly, I honestly don’t feel like watching another 200+ episode anime again unless I know it’s gonna be worth it.Thanks guys.
Everyone in the community is shit taste.
Joined: Oct 2011 Posts: 5593 Episode 15 is where the first 2 characters from Soul Society appear. Episode 20 is where the characters go to Soul Society, so things will start getting better from there on.;
20 – 65 IIRC is when it’s at it’s best.;This “new era” they talk about is a load of shit. The age where pirates dream is over!? THE DREAMS OF MEN… NEVER END! AM I RIGHT?!
yeah, the soul society arc is goodafter that, it’s mediocre after arrancar arc, it’s bullshit;
yeah, the soul society arc is goodafter that, it’s mediocre after arrancar arc, it’s bullshitAfter that it became good again in the current arc in the manga. Oh and the arc you called bullshit is the smallest arc in the series with 26 episodes only. Just saying.Oh and OP, try avoiding the fillers.;Modified by Kamka1, Sep 23, 2013 4:36 PM

The Manga Shows How Tite Kubo’s Art Style Evolves

Manga artists are known for gradually refining and honing their skills and style alike as they draw their series, and Tite Kubo is no different. The essence of Bleach‘s art style is consistent from volume 1 to volume 74, but the aesthetics change over time, and it’s fun to see Bleach‘s visuals evolve.

Volume 1 has a distinct look to it that many fans may like, and by volume 20, a more refined version of this style is clearly emerging, and by volume 40, this new, leaner style is very distinct. This style would persist for the remainder of the series.

Is Bleach Any Good

Sure. Just skip the filler, and you’re fine

Start Yu Yu Hakusho bro, shit is literally nostalgia incarnate

Just finish this arc and then quit if you want.

bleach kinda of gets bleh after the first story arc . its got some cool one of a kind moments that you probably wont see in other shonen past that but ALOT of really long pointless unessary fights. still doesnt beat dbz though with pointless fighting cuz at least when they get to the main baddie it doesnt take 1 fight that goes on for 20 something episodes.

i will say imo the first story arc is some of the greatest shonen storytelling of all time. theres a perfect beginning, middle, and end.

I watched about half of it and read the entire manga. I think the anime isn’t that great but the manga art is really good and the fights are really creative later on in the manga. However, late in the manga Kubo stops drawing detailed backgrounds and pretty much only draws characters interacting with eachother.

It is not that bleach gets trashy. The problem is that it kinda repeats the same “rescue a girl in a place full of captains” after they are done with the first one. The characters and fights are still cool if the only reason you are in for it are the fights but if you are in for a good story then it is not worthed

Dont listen to those people, it keeps getting better and that 1st arc is barly an introduction.

You didnt even get to the good part yet

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Reading The Manga Is A Quicker Experience

Most anime and manga fans know that long-running series tend to have filler episodes, or even entire filler arcs, to allow the manga and anime to stay on par with each other. Some series have notorious filler arcs, but even if the filler;isn’t counted, the Bleach manga is still a quicker experience than the anime.

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After all, a person can read words faster than those words can be spoken, and a manga reader can blitz through the Bleach manga while taking everything in. That’s a much leaner, more efficient way to consume the series than watching it, especially given how long Bleach is.

The Show’s Animation Is Brilliant At Times

Anyone know where I can find Bleach anime that looks this ...

As is the case with most great shonen shows, it’s only expected that Bleach‘s animation would be off the charts. However, the manner in which the animation absolutely shines in some scenes should definitely be commended. After all, Bleach isn’t exactly a recent show the show is almost two decades old, yet the animation doesn’t feel like it has aged bad in the slightest… with a few exceptions to the norm coming during scenes that don’t feature too much motion. Of course, the animators can’t be faulted for this no show is perfect, especially Bleach.

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Kubo’s art style might be great to witness in its own right, but props need to be given to the stellar work Pierrot has put into Bleach. It’s no easy task to clear stellar animation week in and week out, yet the studio has cut no corners in ensuring that the viewers of Bleach are thrilled at every step of the way.

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Watching Each Bankai In Their Full Animated Glory Is A Sight To Behold

It would be impossible to talk about Bleach without mentioning the amazing moves that each Shinigami can use. There are two forms that their Zanpakuto can achieve, with the second and final form being the legendary Bankai that everyone knows and loves. Watching these Bankai in the manga is great enough as is, but it’s the anime where these Bankai end up coming into a class of their own. The only bad part about the Bankai in the anime is that there are several final Zanpakuto forms that are yet to be revealed. Thankfully, with the announcement of a new Bleach anime, fans can rest assured that their favorite Shinigami will get their time in the limelight as they finally reveal their Bankai to the masses.

The Manga Volumes Can Create An Impressive Physical Collection

Some manga and anime fans simply want to access and enjoy a vast amount of content, while others want a physical collection to prove how far they’ve come. Both routes are perfectly viable, but collection-oriented Bleach fans may greatly enjoy collecting the manga over the anime.

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The Bleach series has an impressive 74 individual volumes to its name, and a dedicated collector can make room for all those volumes on their shelves and proudly show them off, which can be a lot of fun and quite rewarding. It will also cost a pretty penny, but that’s a different matter. Streamed episodes of the anime can’t be displayed so easily.

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Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings

Here’s an anime that takes a more direct approach towards adapting Sengoku Era Japan – to a fault, that is. Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings is an anime that’s based on a series of action games made by Capcom in the mid-2000s. Much like Inuyasha and Bleach, Samurai Kings features a cavalcade of crazy fight scenes and a massive cast of characters.

However, Samurai Kings differs by featuring versions of real-life samurai, shoguns, and ninja. Oda Nobunaga, Date Masamune, and Sanada Yukimura were all real people who became legends during Japan’s “Warring States” Period. We recommend watching this show for its coolness factor, not its historical accuracy.

Watch The Anime: Great Intro Videos

Is ‘Bleach’ the First Good Live-Action Anime?

This is a reason why many manga fans want their favorite franchises put on the small screen: the intro videos! The anime industry is known for making flashy, catchy, and all-around cool;opening credits videos, and Bleach is no different.

The first few opening credits videos for Bleach are beloved by the fans, and they use quirky, graffiti-like imagery to set the show’s vaguely urban and punkish tone while adding a good dose of the supernatural. You get a fair impression of the anime right away. The song selection is spot-on, too.

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Is There A Spin Off Of Bleach

Tite Kubo has returned after eight years following the finale of his international hit manga Bleach with a mini-series titled Burn the Witch. This title is an urban fantasy based on the premise that there is a hidden place called Reverse London where individuals called witches and wizards live with the purpose of

Watch The Anime: You Enjoy Filler Episodes

Many anime fans agree that they don’t like filler arcs, and that’s practically a general consensus by this point. But that’s just a matter of prefernce, not fact. Different fans have different interests, and if you really do enjoy filler episodes, that’s great!

This just means there’s more to love, and Bleach‘s filler arcs are cohesive stories, not just an anthology of goofy what-if scenarios. The Bounts are a whole new set of villains, and we bet that plenty of Bleach fans had fun with this anime-only bonus.

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Is Bleach A Good Anime It Deserves To Be Seen

Bleach is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Tite Kubo.

This series of Shonen action manga revolves around the main character Ichigo Kurosaki after obtaining the power of a Soul Reaper called Rukia Kuchiki.

The powers and duties of the Soul Reaper are in fact the personifications of death. Ichigos brand new powers force him to take on the task of protecting humans from evil spirits and guiding lost souls into the afterlife.

The anime was repeatedly recorded in the top ten of the Japanese TV hits.

The Manga Volumes Are Convenient To Carry Around

Hitsugaya Toushiro

It’s true that streaming services are available on portable electronics, such as smartphones and small tablets. But these items require electricity, and the viewer might not have headphones on hand for the audio. And expensive electronics are choice targets for theft. But manga volumes are a different story.

Some authors are known for always carrying books around for downtime, such as at airports or aboard buses, or even in a checkout line. A manga fan can do this too, and carry around one or two Bleach volumes to catch up on this series while taking the bus home or while in a long checkout line at the store.

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Got It Wrong: Every Other Arc In General

While The Soul Society Arc stands the test of time, most of the other;arcs of the show do;not bring anything to the table.;A notable mention would be The Bount Arc, a name that makes Bleach fans shiver.

With highly slow-paced plots to relatively one-dimensional characters to really questionable premises for entire arcs to begin with, fans could do well without these filler arcs. In fact, most fans just stick with the anime’s opening arc and call it a day.

Bleach: A Matter Of Focus

The core of Bleach’s story is terrific. It flows from plot point to plot point beautifully. When broken down, Bleach sounds epic, with Ichigo stumbling into one new conflict after another, each one building off the other.;When revisiting Bleach, it’s remarkable how well the first 60 episodes and 180 chapters hold up. The plot remains narrowed on Ichigo and his friends as they travel to;the Soul Society, learning about the culture while confronting and overcoming new challenges along the way.

The narrative works when it’s focused. Sadly,;Bleach loses;that focus right after this point, both in the anime and manga. In the anime, the Soul Society arc is shortly followed by the Bount Arc, a filler season that completely deflates the tension of the reveal before. By the time Aizen’s Arrancars show up to wreak havoc, audiences would’ve spent just as much time with the Bounts as they did in the retrieving Rukia arc.

Before this, every element of the series built naturally on top of the last. While the Bount arc is a fine enough arc in its own right, this kills the momentum in much the same way the 100 episodes of filler did in Naruto following the Sasuke Retrieval arc.

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Read The Manga: No Filler Arcs

We’re starting off with broad reasons to compare anime and manga, and when it comes to large franchises like the Big Three, this is a big deal. While the manga is still ongoing, the anime might catch up… and it needs to find new material to animate.

So, filler arcs step right in, and many shows, from Bleach to Naruto to Fairy Tail, do just that. True, Bleach‘s filler arcs do expand on the lore, but manga fans will get impatient and long for the real story to come along. If you read the manga, you get exactly that.

Got It Wrong: The Length Of The Fight Scenes

Why is Bleach Such a Good Anime ?

While the fight scenes were very legit, they weren’t exactly short. When compared to the fight scenes in the manga, the anime’s are much more drawn out and have a lot of unnecessary stare-offs and silent moments here and there.

It’s understandable to drag it a bit to;meet the episode’s running time, but what about the five-episode fight between Ulquiorra and Ichigo? Was that running time really necessary? No doubt, it was an extraordinary battle, probably the best in the show. But it could’ve been as amazing, if not better, in maybe two episodes.

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What Are Your Opinions On Bleach

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SavageBoy101 said:DUDE if you think bleach is a good anime. you MUST watch YU YU HAKUSHO. it’s like bleach, but a million times better. also the 2nd and 3rd arc of the series are some of the best arcs of all shounen

SavageBoy101 said:DUDE if you think bleach is a good anime. you MUST watch YU YU HAKUSHO. it’s like bleach, but a million times better. also the 2nd and 3rd arc of the series are some of the best arcs of all shounen

SavageBoy101 said:DUDE if you think bleach is a good anime. you MUST watch YU YU HAKUSHO. it’s like bleach, but a million times better. also the 2nd and 3rd arc of the series are some of the best arcs of all shounen

No it isn’t on netflix. Yu Yu is one of the best shounen there is though. The Final season of Yu Yu Hakusho was the weakest part of it the Final Episode was really good though. But the rest of the series was very good.

Watch The Anime: Great Dub

The world of anime has a reputation for iffy English voice acting, and the voice acting work in Pixar or Disney works nearly always outstrips that of dubbed Japanese animation. Some anime are known for their hilariously bad dubs.

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Good news: Bleach does better than that. Its English cast is spot-on, where each voice actor/actress sounds exactly like what you’d expect the characters to sound like, and they deliver fully developed emotional content. Dubbed or subbed, Bleach is a treat for the ears.

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Is Bleach A Bad Anime

No one in good faith will ever call Bleach a bad anime or manga. Tite Kubos sprawling saga is undeniably one of the most widely read series in Shonen Jumps long history. While those that label Bleach as the worst series ever are being hyperbolic, their criticisms are not without merit. Bleach has a ton of problems.

Got It Wrong: The Gore

Which good

It’s quite understandable why the animators decided to ease up on the gore in the anime compared to the manga. Considering the target demographic,this sounded like;the smartest thing to do;but was it? Well, it’s more 50/50 because arguably, most of the intensity of the battles was lost without the gore.

For example, during the fight with Yammy, Chad’s arm only suffers deep cuts in the anime. However, in the manga, a part of Chad’s arm is completely ripped off. Moreover, when Gin battles Hiyori, he slices her body in half in the manga. In contrast, this scene;was;completely censored in the anime, where Hiyori just suffered a mild gash across her waist.

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The Physical Manga Volumes Can Be Sold Later

It’s a fairly heavy investment to collect manga volumes, and a sizeable collection might represent hundreds or even a few thousand dollars. For collectors, this is certainly worth it, but if the collection needs trimming , it’s not too difficult to sell those volumes.

If someone enjoys manga more than anime, they can enjoy the Bleach series immensely, and years later, they may choose to sell their Bleach volumes. This can partially reimburse the collector and allow the buyer to begin their own Bleach journey at a discounted price. It’s a win-win.


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