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How To Do Anime Makeup

Print Of Anime Lips Drawing For Anime Makeup

how I do my makeup!! cosplay/anime aesthetic tutorial

Anime lips are defined by small cute lips which is what you should try to achieve if you are aiming to nail the basic anime makeup look. Once you have mastered that, we would invite you to venture beyond that and try out pop art and cartoon anime lips drawing.

Anime makeup will not be complete without the perfect anime lips. To get the true sense of anime beauty, there are a couple of points that you ought to remember for anime lips.

  • Exfoliation will enhance your anime lips beyond your imagination, buy or make a simple exfoliator specifically for your lips.
  • Always make sure that you use a foundation or concealer as a main step.
  • The trick is to bring attention to drawn in lines supported by the pop of color. The lines are what give the whole look depth and dimension.
  • Most anime makeup looks have washed out lips which is unappealing. Even if you want to stick true to the spirit of anime beauty, make sure to apply nude lipstick to make your lips noticeable.
  • Any animation makeup tutorial worth its while will tell you to avoid all glossy lipsticks. Stick to matte lipsticks and lipglosses.
  • A slightly contradictory tip that we will impart here is that you should never shy away from underemphasizing your lips. A minimalistic look for your anime lips can easily rival dark colored lips at any time.

Aesthetic Anime Makeup Brush Sets Perfect For Anime Fans

by DeLaDoll·September 4, 2021

A while back, I won a lovely set of Sailor Moon-themed makeup brushes in a cosplay makeup contest. Theyre so cute Im almost afraid to use them, but I know I willeventually. As someone with roughly 80 makeup brushes, I can set aside a few for purely aesthetic purposes. That said, it recently occurred to me that there are probably tons of anime-themed makeup brushes out there, and since Im currently obsessed with Demon Slayer, I took it upon myself to find some Demon Slayer-themed brushes. To my delight, not only did I find them quickly I stumbled upon an entire treasure trove of wonderfully weeby brush sets. Because Im so endlessly generous and wonderful and amazing, Ive decided to share some of my favorites! Yes, all images are clickable product links because Im sure youll want to snag some for yourself. Youre welcome.

Cartoon Anime Lips For Cosplay Events

You do not need makeup anime makeup skills to draw believable and alluring anime lips. The difference between these cartoon anime lips drawing and the above one is the choice of color. Pop art lips use the classic red whilst cartoon lips are all about sporting the color pink. The key points of these lips are the same, except that you will be switching out the red lipstick with a rich pink one.

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Black Clover: Vanessa Enoteca Has Taken To Makeup After Leaving The Cage

Vanessa grew up being locked in a cage by her mother, the Witch Queen, so now that she has her freedom, it just makes sense that she would explore new ways of expressing herself, and that includes donning makeup.

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She can often be seen wearing lipstick and occasionally has blush on her cheeks, but whether that’s makeup or she’s just getting emotional for a moment is up for debate. Her eyebrow game, on the other hand, seems to be natural, considering it’s not too far removed from how she had it in her cage days.

Pop Art Anime Lips For Halloween

Heres How You Can Use Makeup to Do Anime Eyes for Cosplaying

We celebrate innovation and change and in that spirit, we advise you not to stick to basic anime lips drawing. Stand out from the crowd by drawing the most elaborate pop artsy anime lips anyone has ever seen. Combine the soul of comics, pop art, and anime to draw 3D anime lips. The highlights of the anime lips drawing will be:

  • The main choice of lip color will be red.
  • The lip will be outlined in black color.
  • Dimensions will be created by tracing in black lines at the center of the lips.
  • To get that gleam of pop art, the glossiness of the lips will be brought out by drawing white horizontal lines to highlight the lips.

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Devilman: Lala Owes Her Entire Face To Makeup

This recurring, yet sympathetic villainess from the 1970s Devilman anime doesn’t seem to wear too much makeup at first glance, although she does have a prominent red shade of lipstick and noticeable eyelashes.

The twist, however, is that her entire face is actually made from makeup. Even her eyes are really beady in her true appearance. This becomes obvious when she cries or sneezes, messing up her makeup and showing her real face.

Achieving Other Anime Features

  • 1Change your eye color with contacts. Large “circle lenses” can achieve a more dramatic effect than makeup, especially if colored with an unnatural color. Always get your eyes measured by an optometrist first, and purchase the contacts from a reliable source. Poorly made or poorly fitting contacts can cause serious eye damage.
  • For an especially dramatic effect, try “sclera lenses,” which cover almost the entire visible eye.
  • Always put on contacts before applying mascara.
  • 2Use a light lipstick or lip gloss. Dark or bold lipstick will make your lips appear fuller and larger, which will detract attention from your eyes. On many face types, over-accentuated lips and eyes together can be overwhelming or chaotic. Consider a light pink lipstick or clear gloss instead.
  • You can, however, make an exaggerated heart-shaped bow on top of your lips, if you are imitating an anime character with this feature.
  • 3Add a pink blush. The innocent look of most female anime characters can be reinforced with a light pink blush on the cheekbones. For a uniquely anime look, cross the blush over the bridge of the nose from cheekbone to cheekbone.
  • 4Alter the look with colored eyeliner. Brightly colored purple, blue, green, or other eyeliners can achieve an even less realistic look. You may wish to use this instead of black eyeliner if you are imitating cyberpunk anime, or other unusual styles.
  • Wiping a gluestick over your natural eyebrows will flatten them out to make this more convincing.
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    The Best Anime Eye Makeup Cosplay And Tutorials

    Whether you’re looking for a way to perfect your anime cosplay, or just something to do on a day in, these anime eye makeup tutorial and cosplays are sure to inspire you.


    Have you ever wanted to look like your favorite anime character? Sure, you need the outfit. But just as important is doing the correct makeup . And since the eyes are the windows to the soul, you’ll want to check out these tutorials to get your makeup looking just right.

    Whether You Are Heading To A Cosplay Event Or Simply Getting Ready For An Instagram Reel Recreate These Anime Characters


    With a little bit of foundation, blusher, face colours and a few eyeshadows, you can transform into your favourite anime characters and live your fantasy. Just how a few products can change your appearance completely, you can use special techniques to look like an anime character in real life.

    Be it for cosplay events or a transformation video, anime-inspired makeup looks are in trends. If you have decided to turn into an anime character coming straight out of a book or a series then check out some makeup tutorials. And, don’t forget to click Instagram-worthy snaps.

    But before we head to the tutorials, let’s talk a bit about anime. They are hand-drawn or computer-generated animation originating from Japan. They take you instantly to a magical animated world and brings the fantasy alive. From giant robots to magic users, anime characters have no limitations.

    If you wish to break the internet with a makeup look inspired by your favourite anime character, keep scrolling!

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    Easy Diy Scented Candles For Your Cozy Vanity Corner

    Scented candles are makeup and perfume for your vanity. They add a touch of flair to your station and inject a rousing aroma in the air. Want your own? RELATED: 15 Bath Bomb Recipes That Are Easy To DIY | Makeup Tutorials Easy DIY Scented Candles You Can Make at Home 1. DIY Lavender Scented CandleContinue Reading

    How To Get Anime Eyes

    wikiHow is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, 79 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 500,690 times.Learn more…

    Huge, innocent anime eyes are popular among people of many subcultures. Colored contacts are one option, but these can be expensive and always require the advice of an optometrist to avoid eye damage. Carefully applied makeup can achieve an anime-like effect instead. Once you have the technique down, experiment with different products and styles to customize your look.

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    Kawaii Gothic Lolita Makeup

    If you’re really into the Gothic scene and you still want to incorporate the cuteness to your style, you can certainly do that. Just like pastel Goth, this is the on the same level but this is much simpler without all the pastels and bright colors going on. It’s still keeping the dark tones, but a little bit more simple and light so it actually maintains that kawaii look.

    Now Entering Uncanny Valley Territory

    5,083 Likes, 24 Comments

    Sometimes, a tutorial will go a bit too far in the direction of the anime look, and wind up with a hauntingly realistic result. These eyes look halfway between belonging to an anime character, and a human — resulting in a finished product that’s, well, kinda creepy.

    • In this video, YouTuber zWinnieYap doesn’t need to use any words to make her tutorial crystal clear. Within three minutes, Winnie transforms her right eye into something realistic but somewhat haunting, complete with stunning blue eyebrows. Thanks to a couple of makeup tricks, the eye is enlarged and pops out, making it look like an anime character just stepped out of the computer . Winnie has an entire collection of other makeup tutorials, for any character you might want to cosplay. Simple, but effective!

    • Christina Ushi uses similar tricks in this tutorial, which shows how to make your eye look like a large anime eye.

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    Occasions For Anime Lips Makeup

    Do you think that a person needs a special occasion to wear anime makeup? Some would say no. If we were to limit it to specific occasions, our list would include Halloween parties and cosplays.

    You cannot hope to be an anime beauty if you are not informed about how to draw anime lips. If you are a novice in anime lips drawing, we have selected one look each for a Halloween party and cosplay event.

    Enlarging Eyes With Makeup

  • 1Apply concealer and foundation. Use these products to conceal dark circles under your eyes, and to give you an even skin tone base to work with. Select a foundation lighter than your skin tone.
  • 2Add eye primer. Cover the area around your eyes with eye primer to keep your makeup in place and make the appearance more durable. Tap it on all the way up to your eyebrows, but not on top of them.
  • 3Use eyeshadow. Brush on eyeshadow around your eyes. While you may use any color, softer, lighter shades are recommended to accentuate the cute appearance of most female anime eyes. If you decide to use pale eyeshadow, blend in a tinge of brown over it to make it stand apart from the white eyeliner you’ll be applying later.
  • 4Accentuate with eye shimmer powder . For a glittery effect, add eye shimmer powder around the inner corners of your eyes. This step can be skipped if you dislike the flashy effect, or if you do not have this product.
  • 5Create a pale outline of the inner eye.Use white or pale eyeliner to draw a V shape through the tear duct area of your eyes, at the inner corner. Extend this outline slightly onto the waterline of each eye, but not more than 1/3 of the way across your eyelid. Paler outlines create the illusion of a larger object, and focusing on the inner corner makes your eyes appear closer together.
  • The waterline of an eyelid is the hairless area that touches the other eyelid when you close your eyes.
  • You may use an eyeliner pencil or liquid eyeliner.
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    Demon Slayer Makeup Brushes

    I found multiple sets of Demon Slayer makeup brushes, but I decided to go with the rose gold set because my personal aesthetic has become almost obnoxiously hyperfeminine. They practically called out for me to add them to my cart, and who I am to refuse them? Im probably going to buy the gold ones at some point anyway. The more, the merrier.

    The Most Amazing Cosplay Anime Eye Makeup

    Basic Anime Look Makeup Tutorial

    Sometimes, the difference between a great cosplay and an amazing one is all in the eyes. These cosplayers clearly put thought into their eye makeup, ending up with a final image that is absolutely stunning!

    Visit the for the full image: YayaCosplay on DeviantArt, as CC from Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch

    Visit the for the full image: HezaChan on DeviantArt, as Stocking from Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

    If you can take your eyes off the shimapan bikini for long enough, you’ll be draw into HezaChan’s humongous eyes. Enlarging contact lenses and some large eyelashes make her appropriately doll-like.

    Visit the for the full image: Yushi on World Cosplay, as Honoka Kousaka from Love Live! School Idol Project

    Honoka is pretty cute, but Yushi is even cuter in her cosplay of her. Just look at those incredible eyes! All it takes is a bit of eyeliner to get her looking the part simple yet effective.

    Visit the for the full image: Mon on World Cosplay, as Kotori Minami from Love Live! School Idol Project

    Cosplayer Mon uses the eye enlarging trick here, and in many of her other awesome cosplays.

    Visit the for the full image: Reika2011 on World Cosplay, as Joker from Black Butler: Book of Circus

    Did you think this would be a list of only cute girl cosplay? Check out the eyes on this one. This cosplay looks even better than the character it’s based on, using wispy makeup in a complementary color scheme.

    Wow. Just.. wow.

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    Draw Anime Lips From Scratch

    Anime lips drawing can be a childs play if you play your cards right with steps of animation makeup tutorial and the right anime makeup products. Here is a how-to-draw anime lips for all you queens and kings.

  • Apply concealer on your lips to create a blank canvas.
  • Grab a pink lipstick and take some of it on to your lip brush.
  • Apply the lip shade on the inner parts of your lips. Make sure to keep the brush strokes focused on the inner circle only.
  • To achieve a natural anime lips look, blot out the lipstick with your finger in the targeted region.
  • To draw the lines, apply the gel liner with your lip brush. Concentrate on the natural lines of your lips. Along a diagonal line from the top points of your cupid bow, draw two shaded lines from the center of your upper lip down to the end of the lip.
  • On your bottom lip, draw a shaded line in the center, following your natural lip line.
  • With your lips closed, start at the corners of your mouth and draw lines tracing them inwards, creating a shaded line.
  • Take your liquid liner and draw a defined line in the center of the areas where you drew shaded lines.
  • To give color to your lips, apply the pink lipstick to the plump areas of your lips with the help of your lip brush. Concentrate on the areas around the shaded parts of your lips specifically.
  • Take a small amount of red lip gloss on your lip brush and apply it to the areas around the shaded zones.
  • Level Up Your Cosplay Look With These 15 Must

    So youve got a great costume and the perfect wig, but does that mean youre all ready to strut your cosplay look? Well, anyone whos into cosplay wont deny the fact that make-up is the essential part of the cosplay art. It is the stuff that can either make or break your portrayal of a character. Set up your cosplay game to the professional standards with the right beauty picks.

    Without the right makeup, no matter how many conventions you go, and no matter how many pictures you pose for, youll still be appalled by the outcome. Bad makeup can wash out your whole face and make you look heavier as well. And the last thing you want at comic con is to look like a random person wearing a wig, rather than really resembling your character

    The solution to nailing the best ever cosplay makeup is picking out the right stuff to apply on your face. Yes, it does take a bit of work to get those anime eyes and flawless facial contours down-pat, thats why we have gathered some of the biggest make-up must-haves you should have in your cosplay kit in order to level-up your look for the next event!


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    How To Do Anime Lips Makeup

    Anime fans and makeup scouts, hear us! Anime lips are the epitome of anime beauty and dont let anybody tell you otherwise. How many times have you gone on Google to search up how to draw anime lips? So have we! And we have got the answer for you right here!

    With our animation makeup tutorial, you will be the knockout of every anime makeup contest, Halloween party, or cosplay. Dont just sit there, learn all about anime lips drawing, and give yourself the chance to marvel at your skills.


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