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How To Draw A Eye Anime

How To Draw Female Anime Eyes Tutorial


This step by step tutorial explains the specifics of drawing female anime and manga style eyes and provides detailed drawing examples for each step.

This tutorial focuses on drawing female anime eyes but there are many other eye drawing tutorials here on AnimeOutline as well. If youve already looked at those please be aware that there may be some overlapping information.

For the male eyes drawing tutorial you can check:

Indicate Dark Area At Top Of Iris

Make a line towards the upper half of the eye that will indicate the darker area partially created by the shadow and the eyelashes reflecting in the eyes.

You can erase the line overlapping the pupil in the next step. The reason for drawing it all the way though like that is to make sure that both sides match up and that you have a nice and smooth curve.

Expressions For Anime Eyes

In real life and in the manga/anime world, eyes are one of the most important features to express emotion. Remember that a series of facial muscles tighten or relax, depending on the expression you want to achieve.Lets take a look at the eyelids, the inner eye, and the eyebrows.

The emotions intended in these examples are easy to understand.

In example 1, the eyebrow is a bit tense, but the eye is relaxed and shining. This conveys a worried state or maybe missing someone or something.

In example 2, the eyebrow is arched vertically, and the eye is closed, so we can deduce that the character is happy.

In the next example , there is no shine to the eye, the iris is completely white, and the pupil is reduced significantly. This shows that the character is aggressive. Note that the eyebrow is arched in the opposite direction of the happy one in example 2, which also signifies anger.

Let us check all these expressions to deduce their meaning: 4 is suspicion, 5 is worry, 6 is neutral or observing, 7 is shock, 8 is sadness, and 9 is shock or madness, depending on the situation.

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By Step Instructions For Drawinganime Girl Eyes

1.Begin by drawing two curved lines. These will form the tops of the anime girl eyes.

2. Draw another curved line beneath each of those drawn in the first step. It should meet the first line in a point on the inside of each eye, open on the other end. Then, extend short, curved lines outward from the end of each line. Connect the lines using a short, straight line, enclosing the upper eye.

3. Allow some space beneath each eye, then draw a curved line. On one end of each line, to the outside of the eye, draw a pair of short lines.

4. Draw a thick, curved line above each eye. These lines represent the eyebrows.


How to Draw an Anime Girl Side View

8.Add detail to the iris of the eye. Draw a curved line connecting the pupil to the iris on each side. The resulting shape should resemble two mountains, with the pupil like a rising sun between them.

9. Draw a small oval beside each pupil to highlight the eye, and shade the upper portion of the eye.

10. Color your anime girl eyes. Common human eye colors include brown, amber, green, hazel, grey, blue, and even violet. Of course, your anime character can sport any eye color you may dream up. Don’t forget to be creative!

Want to learn more anime drawing tips? Check out our manga hair guide, as well as characters such as Goku, Naruto, Charizard, and Pikachu.

Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

How To Draw Anime Eyes Colored

Easy Anime Eyes To Draw Girl Anime Hair

The drawing tutorial is pretty simple but has some very cool tips, and its interesting to see the drawing process for a pair of eyes in an angle.

The coloring process especially is a joy to watch, and while there isnt a voice-over, the artist does show you some texts now and then to give you tips and tricks for different results.

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Degrees Of Realism And Stylization

In anime and manga, eyes are drawn in various degrees of stylization. Human anatomy in anime is stylized often to the point of being unrealistic, yet still very recognizable as the anime counterpart of the real world person the artwork is describing.

This is an important point. This means that if we are to draw anime, we must observe what we see in the world and put it through a stylizer machine before we output it on canvas as a more anime version of what we saw. Fortunately, we all have a stylizer machine called the brain!

In anime, there is a spectrum of on one end, very large anime looking eyes, and some on the other end, that are pretty realistic with some stylization flare. I tend to like something in the middle, although a lot depends on the artwork itself.

You can use this guide to draw eyes and stylize to your own comfort. Check out the image right below, anime eyes drawn on the left are more stylized and the ones toward the right are more realistic.

In anime, as we move away from realism, the shape of the eye is larger and more round, and the iris itself is drawn larger as well. More realistic anime eye drawings closer follow real human anatomy, with eye shape less rounded, although still styled.

With that said, here are seven common elements present in most anime drawings of eyes.

  • Highlights from at least 2 light sources
  • Drop shadow from the upper eyelid
  • Thicker lines on the upper eyelid, stylizing eyelashes
  • Indication of the upper eyelid crease
  • Enlarged Iris
  • How To Draw Eyes Human

    Equally important, practice makes perfect at the same time your imagination and creativity will enhance your drawing skills. There are very minute details to practice in drawing eyes as eyebrows, eyelashes, eyeballs these also distinct it as male eye and female eye.

    Take your paper, pen, and get ready to drawing eyes with these easy steps.

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    Tutorial How To Color Anime Hair

    Anime Hair How To Draw Dreads : Draw Manga Anime Portrait From Your Photo By Worthforcheap Fiverr /. Twists, locs brush, realistic braid brush, procreate hair brush, anime cartoon . · naschi 4 deviations featured: Download and use it for your personal or . Fantasting drawing hairstyles for characters ideas. Christina lorre shows and explain how to draw dreadlocks with graphite pencil.

    To divide the oval into 4 sections, start by drawing a anime hair to draw. · naschi 4 deviations featured:

    Twists, locs brush, realistic braid brush, procreate hair brush, anime cartoon . Anime female drawing boy, anime, black hair, manga png 700x607px 370.91kb . · naschi 4 deviations featured:

    Christina lorre shows and explain how to draw dreadlocks with graphite pencil. Twists, locs brush, realistic braid brush, procreate hair brush, anime cartoon . Dreadlocks reference sheet · :iconnaschi:

    To divide the oval into 4 sections, start by drawing a . Avoid making any harsh, straight lines since cartoon girls usually have rounder faces. Download and use it for your personal or .

    Drawing Anime & Manga Hair

    2 Easy Ways to Draw Anime Eyes | Step by Step Tutorial for Beginners

    Anime hair is often based on real hairstyles but tends to be drawn in clumps rather than individual strands. One good reason for this is that if you are drawing multiple frames of animation or multiple panels of a manga it will simply be too time consuming to draw anything overly detailed.

    A good approach to drawing anime hair is to split it into several different parts such as the front, sides and back/top .

    For drawing characters that can go along with these hairstyles see:

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    Draw The Pupil And Add Highlights

    Now, draw your pupil and add highlights within the eye. The pupil is formed in the center of the iris that you drew in step three, and as youre filling it in, be sure to leave a small, white circular space in the middle to create a highlight. You can also add more small circles to create highlights within the iris itself.

    How To Draw Eyes From Realistic To Anime

    Ok, I do have to admit that, Reinaldo Quintero is one of those damn right amazing artists out there. So its essential that I include his anime eye tutorial to the list.

    The tutorial is superb extensive, and REIQ truly shows you the very basics and also the fundamental of eye structure and how the eyelids work around the eyeball.

    I do have to admit that it might be a bit too overwhelming, as there is so much to know and learn about the anatomy of the eye, but I still think this video is worth your time.

    You might not be able to draw what he draws, but I would take this art tutorial as one of which you can learn from. Not necessarily practice from.

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    Female Anime Eye Specifics

    Anime eyes are almost always drawn bigger and wider than real eyes. This is especially so for female characters who often have larger and wider eyes than their male counterparts.

    One thing that really sets female anime eyes apart from male are more prominent eyelashes . This is not always the case but it does tend to be so.

    For different styles of anime eyes you can check:

    Be sure to make light lines for the line drawing part of the tutorial as you will need to do some erasing through the different steps. You can go over your drawing with a more solid line once you are done.

    Draw The Eye And Eyelid Shape

    Image result for female anime eyes

    Be sure to carefully consider the angles of the eyes in your reference photos and mimic them as you begin to form the curved lines of both the eyes and eyelids. Youll want to use a second curved line to draw the eyelids, being mindful of the thickness of this feature. It may not look like much just yet, but in a few more steps, the eyes will begin to appear more realistic and familiar!

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    How To Draw Anime Eyes An Easy Comprehensive Tutorial

    In this tutorial, I will show you how to draw Anime eyes in every style and form. You will learn how to draw Female and Male eyes and how to diversify the look of your eyes to make them unique! I will show you the Basics, a Step by Step approach and then I will give you some final Tipps.

    So let´s get started with drawing some Anime Eyes!

    Congratulations You Did It

    Now color your drawing as you can see it in the picture.

    Lets move to another example.

    This is another example of female anime eyes, because there are lots of various anime which make it difficult to draw anime eyes, every time you need to learn. But if you keep learning how to draw and you keep painting everyday you wont need to learn anything again.

    For this example, there are just 6 steps o follow and I think you can do it alone without helping you but if you want some help you can ask me in the comments and I will answer you.

    Lets move now to draw anime male eyes.

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    Draw The Hair Strands

    Next up are the pulled strands of hair. Staying with the 2H pencil. I use a short flicking motion from the root to the tip of the hair. Remember that the individual strands of hair converge as they meet the cornrow so do the same with your flicks. By doing this you will already start to get a feel for the edges of the plaits.

    I started by drawing my flicks in lightly to get a feel for them and to get myself into a rhythm. As I have many cornrows to go, I like to get myself into a rhythm. Things go quicker then.

    Drawing Anime Pony Tail /tied Back Hair

    How to Draw Eyes for Beginners | Anime Manga Drawing Tutorial

    Another fairly common anime hairstyle is the ponytail. You will notice that there is basically no side hair in this particular example . So the hair can pretty much just be splits into the front and back sections. The back consisting of the hair over the top of the head and the pony tail.

    Draw this type of hair as follows:

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    How To Draw Eyes For Beginners

    A very good tutorial on how to draw those beautiful anime and manga eyes, especially as the artist is showing you the guidelines to use when drawing those eyes.

    Its not always clear to aspiring artists, how the proportions work, and how to actually start the process of drawing those eyes. So I think this video serves that purpose rather well.

    The whole drawing process is nicely narrated, so its easy to follow through and get the same results by yourself.

    Need To Download Painter

    Something very characteristic of anime and manga eyes are the small circles added to represent light reflection and glare. These are typically drawn covering a portion of the pupil and iris, and are left uncolored.

    Now you should be left with something that looks like an eye. Finish up by adding appropriate shading, and then add whatever color youd like to the iris.

    But wait, theres something missing here. Eyebrows!

    Since this is a female character, eyebrows are typically done by drawing a thicker arched line above the eye, contouring to the overall shape of the top lid. Again, here is where you as an artist get to be creative with the type of emotion you want to display. Depending on angle and thickness, you can portray various emotions. Play around with some positioning to see what works best for you.

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    How To Draw Eyes Anime

    Every kid loves cartoons and animation therefore in this tutorial we will learn how to draw anime eye tutorial. If you have observed cartoon characters have different and very attractive kind of eyes. Eyes make them attractive, adorable, and special to us.

    Let start by following these simple steps given below:

    Step 1:

    Here Is My New Video On How To Do Dreadlocks For Both Men And Women

    How to Draw Eyes

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    Hello wonderful people of. Learn how to draw step by in a fun way.

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    How To Draw Dreadlocks Hair Drawing Tutorial

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    How To Draw Big Feminine Anime Eyes

    Step 1:

    Create the top and bottom of the eyes first. Draw an arch for the top of the eye and add a triangular point when nearing the edge. Keep your lines thick as this Is where the eyelashes would sit.

    For the bottom of the eye, draw a thin short curve.

    Step 2:

    Create an oval shape that would overlap both the top and bottom part of the eye you just drew to create the iris. Add a U shape in the middle of the oval you just drew for the eyes pupil.

    Step 3:

    Step 4:

    Add short lines around the U shape. Vary the length of the lines as you go along. This is an optional choice you can leave this part out if youd like.

    Step 5:

    Fill in half of the iris as well and the U shape. While doing so avoid the highlight parts.

    Step 6:

    Drag the color down and feather out the fill you just did to create a smooth transition.

    Step 7:

    To create eyelashes, start by flicking lines around the eyelash line. The lines need to curve and taper to a point.

    Step 8:

    Add a curved line to connect the end of each lash back to the eyelash line.

    Step 9:

    Finish the eyelashes by shading in the gaps.

    Step 10:

    The final step is to add a curved line just above the eyelash line for the eyelids.

    How To Draw Eyes 5 Ways

    Baylee Jay shows you five different ways you can draw anime and manga eyes. In this tutorial, Baylee will walk you through the way she draws those beautiful looking anime manga eyes.

    While there is some fan noise coming through the audio, I still think this video is full of quality material, while Baylee doesnt explain too much about the thought process or the rules behind her line choices. I think you can still learn a lot form this tutorial.

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    How To Draw Human Eyes For Beginners Step By Step

    In the initial stage maybe you are not so perfect but never let you down. above all, your practice and motivation towards being an expert will lead you to perfection,

    Step 1: Start drawing a curved line as an outline for the upper eye.

    Step 2: Below the upper one draw another curved line to form the outline of the lower eye join both lines at the right side as shown in the image.

    Step 3: For the upper eyelid draw a curved line.

    Step 4: Draw 2 circle for the iris and pupil as shown in image.

    Step 5 : At the edge of upper and lower eyelid draw eyelashes. In Case of female upper lashes must be longer and darker then lower lashes.

    Step 6: Its time to draw eyebrows to give it proper look, follow image given below for reference.

    Then to make it look more clear mark a small sharp curve for the nose.

    Step 8: For hair fill the eyebrows with short heavy strokes and give some shadow effect.


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