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Why Are Anime Figures So Expensive


Why Is Anime Merch So Expensive

Top 15 Most Expensive Anime Figures

Anime merch comes from a place that supports the show and the whole franchise. Even if the merch comes from third-party vendors, anime merch might still be expensive because it is very detailed.

The more details there are, the more expensive the product will turn out to be and thats the main case with anime merch.

But if youre a really big fan and youd like to support anime, getting a couple of merchandise products wont break the bank in the long run!

The 10 Most Expensive Anime Figures Of All

Anime collectors will spare no expense for the perfect figure, but these 10 pieces are far beyond just about anyone’s price range.

The anime industry is worth, on average, around 19 billion USD annually. A significant portion of this is generated by the world of figurine collectors. To many, figure collecting can be abstract and distant, a confusing realm full of inaccessible content. To most avid Anime fans, however, the chance to own a figure of their favorite character is perhaps the closest they will ever get to being a part of the worlds and stories they lovea chance too good to pass up on.

With price tags that will break the bank, let’s look at the 10 most expensive anime figures of all time.

Enjoy The Figures You Own

And finally, dont get so caught up in buying as many anime figures you can afford that you dont have time to enjoy the figures you already own.

Take them out of their boxes, display them nicely, re-do their displays often so they always look fresh, dust them regularly, keep them out of direct sunlight and excessive heat but most importantly love every figure you own, and look at them often.

Because, if all you are going to do is buy figure after figure after figure without paying any attention to the ones already in your collection, to me thats not a hobby you love. Its just an obsession. And obsessions rarely turn out to be a healthy thing.

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First Of Is The Concept Phase

In this Phase, the Animators will draw concepts to the characters.

They will do little test Animations and work out how the characters move. Then they will start to conceptualize the backgrounds, lighting, and style of Animation.

In this phase, they will also settle on an overall mood and color to match the story. This phase is the most creative and also the one phase where most Projects just straight out die.

Compare That To The Average Cost Of Anime Merchandise

Why Anime Figures Are Expensive

The average product costs more than the average Anime merch.

Even if we compared TVs by themselves, the average price is still much higher than Anime figurines .

And yet almost every one of us owns a TV, phone, computer, or even a gaming console.

Of course, there are rare exceptions when Anime costs £500-£1000. But thats not typical or the average cost either.

Now weve cleared that up, here are 6 possible reasons why Anime

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Locate Stores That Sell Low

First and foremost, you need to know where to look. There are numerous popular chains in Japan that either specializes in or are especially popular for their selection of used figures. Lashinbang has been my go-to store, but there are numerous large chains with a focus on otaku goods with reasonable prices, such as Mandarake, Sofmap, and Surugaya. While Tokyos Akihabara and Osakas Den Den Town are particularly well-known for both these sorts of chains and smaller mom-and-pop stores, you can find Lashinbang located all over Japan. All of these stores sell a variety of anime-related goods.

Knowing where to look for collectibles alone will be enough to get you started. But, as I mentioned in our article on collecting retro games in Japan, Japan also has no shortage of large, secondhand chains that sell items well beyond collectibles. Book Off and Hard Off are two such examples. Less-specialized stores like these, which sell a bit of anything and everything, can sometimes have the best, albeit most hidden, gems for those willing to do a bit of digging.

Most of these stores, specialized or not, have some sort of online storefront as well, and numerous other websites allow you to purchase directly from individual sellers, such as Yahoo Auctions and Mercari. However, while these can be the most economical choice, theyre not quite the most friendly option if youre a short-term visitor.

Okay, but after youve found the location, whats the next step?

First Reason: Ip License

After a new anime releases, products of the anime are released officially whether they are anime figures, wallpapers, blue-rays and more.

So there will never be a lack of dakimakura for weeb sake, thanks to new animes airing every season.

For example, Shingeki no Kyojin characters are popular so the prices of the characters anime body pillows can be higher.

Specially with the new attack on titan season and the end of the manga.

If you want to, you can find all kinds of anime dakimakura in Japan. The collection is endless.

And the amount of companies and retailers producing and selling dakimakuras are huge!

You can even find 90s animes dakimakuras or some lewd ones, with nude anime waifus.

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Where Theyre Coming From

Some of the best anime figures come straight from the home of anime itself, Japan.

Getting goods in and out of Japan has always been a struggle for everyone involved.

While being an island nation has many benefits and has kept Japan safe throughout history, that can also make it a struggle.

For a Japanese product to come to the United States, it needs to take at least an airplane, a boat, or both to get to you.

Thats not even considering the legal process the product and shipper must go through to commercially ship in and out of Japan.

Many requirements must be met in order to ship products from Japan out to the rest of the world.

Sellers must acquire the proper licensing and certifications for the product theyre shipping.

Japan has strict labeling requirements as well.

All of these things must be in proper order before the item is allowed to be shipped.

You can often see the same anime figures that cost anywhere from $50 to $100 US over in the United States inside Japanese claw machines.

Its not just that some claw machines in Japan have nicer things, but its because the cost of production is vastly lower when it is domestic.

Worldwide shipping is extremely costly.

Smaller production runs can ensure that companies dont waste money or resources.

Not all anime companies have large budgets for merchandise, so they dont get to make much of it.

The toy and merchandise companies that make anime figures often consider the uniqueness of a product when compiling prices.

Out Of The Box Out Of The Box

I Found The Most Expensive Anime Figures…(ft.CDawgVA and TheAnimeMan)
  • What is the overall shape of the box? How big?
  • What kind of material should the box be made of?
  • How big should the window be?
  • Does the design fit with the overall appearance of the figure?
  • What shape should the window be?
  • Will the design of the box make it stand out if it’s displayed in a store?

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Why Is Animation So Expensive To Make

Creating animations is expensive because there is a lot of work going into creating it. Even if it is a very Simple Animation it still needs a lot of work.

Anime already is one of the more cheaper variations of Animation, because it is comparably simple in style. Anime was invented because of the high Animation costs and was specially developed to cost less. If you want to know more about how Anime came to be, you can check out my article on the history and Origin of Anime here.

If you are worried about anime needing to be from japan then don´t be, there are actually non-japanese animes out there. So Animes can be made in American for example.

But let´s take a very rough and simplified look at how Animators work and how long it takes to only create 60 seconds of Animation.

Eren Vs Armored Titan 1/3 Scale Statue

Attack on Titan has had incredible commercial success, both in and out of Japan. It is most loved for its brutal action between giant titans and humans. There are also titans who fight titans, and all this detail and brutality has been put into this statue.

The statue could be pre-ordered for $1,899.99. However, as with most of these figures, it is sold out. That means re-sellers are on sites like eBay, making a profit for a higher price.

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Quick Caretaking And Cleaning Tips

Organization, storage, and cleanliness are important in maintaining your collection from damage. One of the most common problems that can plague your figures is dust. It devalues the worth of your figure and can be annoying to clean up if it sticks around for too long. Buying a glass case will protect your figures from the elements. However, dirt and dust can still creep in over time, so try to keep things tidy in there from time to time. To clean tight nooks and crannies, I suggest using a cotton swab dipped slightly in water. Otherwise, a dry or mildly moist cloth can easily wipe dust off of your figures base or wherever its apparent. If these dont work, you can use a small hairdryer or a can of compressed air to clean your figure up.

Avoid placing your figures near direct sunlight, if possible. On a short-term basis, theres no immediate harm however, long-lasting effects can include discoloration, which would gradually make your figure lose its painting and make them sticky, because of its plastic covering. Find a cozy corner for them and you should be good.

Keep your figures boxes intact. If youre planning to sell your figure in the future, a box in great condition increases your chances of selling it for a great price. If youre keeping them in your closet, make sure theyre stacked properly as you dont want to risk making a mess. Think of piling them like playing a game of Tetris. You can also buy a huge plastic container to organize all of them together.

What Kinds Of Figures Are We Talking About

Why Anime Figures Are Expensive

When I say figure, theres a certain stereotype that probably first comes to mind: a young woman wearing impossible clothing doing an acrobatic pose. Its effectively a mini statue . But there are actually many kinds of figures that make up the Japanese market, and were starting to see more of them here in the US, too. Heres a brief overview of the most common types.

Gashapons/Prizes/Blind BoxesThe cheapest anime figures can be found in vending machines anywhere and everywhere in Japan or in small boxes in toy sections or at register counters. Youve probably seen similar toys taking over the aisles lately at your local big box store. These figures are small, usually cost between ¥200 and ¥1000, and the figure in the capsule or box is randomly chosen from a set of 5 to 10. These kinds of figures are almost always made of PVC and around 1 to 3 tall, with some of the most expensive blind boxes containing figures as high as 6. Gashapons almost always come in pieces which you to fit together to create the figure.

Despite their small size, some of these gashapons have quite dynamic poses, with some sets recreating entire scenes. Because new sets are constantly being released, gashapons are usually the quickest way to get a toy depicting the most recent anime events or newest character outfits. Collecting these kinds of sets can be a lot of fun without breaking your budget.

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Why Are Action Figures So Expensive Now

Cotton, steel, and paper are just some materials that have increased in costs over the last three or four years. And those plastic action figures that we play with use steel for the molds and paper for the packaging, so every aspect of raw materials costs as they apply to action figures has increased in price.

Are Resin Statues Safe

Although, you can use appropriate paint or sealer to protect the outer layer of your resin statues. But, its safe to say that the best option is keeping the statues indoor whenever winter hits hard. Protect from water Resin is generally waterproof, but even too much water over time can harm your sculptures.

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Armored Huke Mk2 $113004

To raise funds for the relief efforts following the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, Mobauc and Niwango set up an auction. GSC contributed by putting some Nendoroids on the block, with the noteworthy set being a signed Puchitto Rock Shooter Cheerful Version and Armored Huke MK2 from renowned artist Huke of Black Rock Shooter and Steins Gate fame.

Unlike the cheerleading Puchitto who had a limited run where all proceeds went to the donation drive, the Armored Huke MK2 is the only one of its kind. The exclusive figure racked up a ¥118,000 price tag, making it the most expensive Nendoroid GSC ever sold. The Armored Huke MK2 is also based on Hukes costume when he appeared in a WonFes event.

Anime Figures Are Worth Their Price

Expensive Marvel Legends

Although the price of some anime figures may be steep, when considering all the factors that go into the development and delivery of the production, the high prices begin to make more sense.

Avid anime figure collectors see obtaining and maintaining the figures as their hobby.

Hobbies are always going to be pricey, especially as you get deeper into them.

Buying an anime figure can also be seen as an investment if you ever have any intention of reselling them.

Many people work to create these works of art for fans to collect and own.

Each of them deserves proper recognition and pay.

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Anime Figures Concept And Design Process

Before a single anime figure is made, someone has to design it.

The designer of the toy must decide how to create every detail of the anime figure.

These designers have to think about the size of the figure, the dimensions, whether or not itll be able to be posed, if it will need a stand or stand independently, which version of the character theyre going to create, and whether or not the figure will have additional accessories.

All of these decisions take time to think through.

If a figure is freestanding, then the figure designer has to consider where and how they will balance the weight properly.

Accessories also need to be carefully considered.

They need to fit onto the figure naturally without interrupting the characters design.

The average anime figure designer is making anywhere from $31,000 per year to $69,000 per year.

Their average hourly wage is $23 per hour.

Anime production companies and merchandise companies consider the designer or designers salary into how much they are charging for their products.

The designers are an extremely important part of the merchandise-creating process and deserve to be paid for their hard and mindful work.

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Why Are Anime Figures So Expensive Part : The Answer

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