Why You Need Headphones For Anime


    Censi Anime Headphone Cat Ear

    The Reason Why You Need Headphones To Watch Anime

    Cat eared anime headphones by Censi are something that will surely put a smile on your face. These stereo headsets are the best choice for you if you want to get the highest quality sound and a stylish look. The cat ears enhance the look, and the sound quality is just amazing! Having deep bass, this gaming headphone is easily compatible with many devices like iPhone, Android, laptop, and tablets. Lets have a look at the features.

    Image credit: Amazon


    • You can easily remove the cat ear accessories and make them suitable for both girls and boys, and also remove the age restrictions.
    • Ear blasting technology is the highlight of these headphones.
    • It is available for $65.99, which is quite suitable for these many features!

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    Riwbox Bluetooth Anime Headphones

    Riwbox is the leading company in the market, and Riwbox anime headphones for kids are the new obsession of the kids. Available in soft colors, these headphones are the best choice for you. These Bluetooth headphones are wireless, and are compatible with many devices like iPhone, iPad, androids, etc. built-in mic makes it best for attending calls while gaming. Lets have a look at the features of Riwbox BT05 Bluetooth headphones which are available for $25.87.

    Image credit: Amazon

    • Available in other soft color contrasts.
    • The flexible design is suitable for all sizes of heads.
    • These headphones are super comfortable, foldable, and adjustable.

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    Foldable Wireless Anime Headphones

    THIS Is Why YOU Need A Good Headset!

    In the angry black color, these cool headphones have 24 hours of playtime. It also has a deep bass microphone connected with it. This headphone is compatible with multiple gaming devices like ps4, Xbox, iPhone, Android, tablets, and iPads. These headphones are available in wired and wireless forms, which makes them the best to choose for your kids.

    Image credit: Amazon


    • The premium noise reduction technology makes it perfect to put on and cut off the unwanted noise around you.
    • It is available with seven variable colors of LED display.
    • HD sound, deep bass mic make it perfect for making calls while gaming.

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    Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop

    Soda Pop is a calm slice-of-life movie reminiscent of the work of Makoto Shinkai . Visually, its really bright and eye-catching, but what will really make you watch it till the end is the slowly developing affection between Cherry and Yuki. Cherry, nicknamed after his last name Sakura, Japanese for cherry blossom, is a shy teen who can only express himself using haiku. Yuki is a streamer popular for her smile, but she becomes massively insecure when she gets braces.

    A chance encounter between the two has them spend a summer together around a typical Japanese mall, and the more they get to know each other, the more each wants to bolster the others self-confidence. Its awkward and super-duper cute.

    Why You Need Headphones While Watching A

    :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:
    What I Like You need to be alone!
    Dislike That “Mom don’t open the DOOR

    5 Reasons – Why you should wear earphones while watching Anime.

    1. Voice Actors !!! Okay, we should blame the voice actors !!! For making it sound 10/10 hentai ! I know that’s their job but it is quite stressing for the viewers hearing such sounds. For the others they enjoying it in reality our instinct when it comes to this is 10/10 alertness.

    2. Fight Scenes !!!! For GIRL characters, fight scenes make it to a s*x sounded scenes. I know their pushing all out their powers and strength to get through that fight “support support lady strengths”

    3.Over Reacting!!! The overacting award of the HISTORY goes to Girl Characters! The sounds the gestures, and etc.

    4. Explaning Mode!!! When the character is on explaining mode or denying mode. I noticed that every characters who is uneasy, sounds so *hentai.

    5. Running!!! I hate it when that girl characters runs especially when it is in JOGGING MODE! It really sounds like you are watching in a wrong GENRE!

    P.S search in Youtube the Reason why you need headphones while watching Anime. It is a clip from LOVE LIVE for those who wants to asks questions.

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    Best Anime Headphones That You Should Know

    Here are 8 anime headphones and earbuds that you will like.

    Anime Headphones
    Check Price

    If you have kid gamers, or you are an anime fan, do you know what you would love to have for a gaming session? Yes, the best anime headphones! Anime headphone not only looks good, but their attraction appeals to you. There are many headphone types in the market. However, anime headphones definitely are the ones you will choose.

    As the names suggest, anime headphones are some cartoon characters inspired headphones, so that you can choose your favorite anime character headphone. If you are looking for getting some best headphones, we are here to list the 8 best headphones that you will love to have!

    Do You Usually Watch Anime With Headphones Or Speakers

    The reason why you need to wear headphones while watching anime
    Joined: Dec 2018 Posts: 1189 I find myself absorbing more of the music and dialogue if I am wearing headphones. I like dub more than sub because I am not a weeb.
    me too, i always watch anime with earphones
    Depends on the situation and where I am watching.
    Joined: Mar 2018 Posts: 854 I dont watch anime on my phone anymore because I developed astigmatism because of it. So neither
    Joined: Jul 2020 Posts: 59 I mostly watch with speaker but sometimes i watch with headphones to either absorb the episode or the anime im watching is really perverted
    Joined: Jul 2020 Posts: 9304 Always speakers since my earphone is crap and I always watch decent shows not some ecchi type anime so it’s no problem for me. DO NOT SLEEP ON OUSAMA RANKING:RANKING OF KINGSScordolo’s Recent Reviews
    Joined: Oct 2019 Posts: 79 I absolutely hate using ear/headphones, which is why I have a good surround sound system, for playing games, listening to music and watching movies and anime. And it goes perfectly with big screen TV.
    I use the usual earphones to watch anime in my mobile
    Joined: Apr 2015 Posts: 16 I wear headphones exclusively because I watch most anime at night when the GF is sleeping as to not wake here up. Only when we watch together do we use speakers for our TV.
    i never watch anime on speakers, always with headphones or something similar i guess cyborgs like myself have a tendency to be paranoid about our origins
    On speakers during day nd headphones during night

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    Anime On Netflix: 13 Great Shows You Can Stream Right Now

    Which anime should you watch on Netflix?

    Netflix has built its anime portfolio up substantially over the years, and now boasts some of the best anime around. The streamer even produces its own series and movies these days, working with both Japanese and Western studios to build out its library, and making it a serious competitor to Crunchyroll, Hulu and similar services.

    Whether youre new to anime, or you’re familiar with the subject and you simply want to see what’s on offer, this list is here to help you find some of the highlights on Netflix.

    Below, we’ve rounded up 13 different Netflix anime that you can watch right now in both the US and the UK. We’ll keep this updated with new entries as they come and go from the streamer.

    Hi I’m A Closeted Weeb

    I own a Crunchyroll Premium account instead of Netflix and would rather spend a day bingeing anime over doing some Disney+ and thrust. I’ve always enjoyed my weeb-tivities: watching my fave Oogui eater Yuka Kinoshita , losing myself in WebToon comics/mangas, and of course, streaming through an unacceptable amount of anime series. My initial spark of interest for anime dates all the way back to a time where dubbed Sailor Moon, One Piece, and Inuyasha first aired on TV. That was all I would watch during my childhood and my love for this culture has grown since!

    Recently, I came across this new found appreciation for the audio aspect of anime. While attending audio school, I had the opportunity to learn about sound for film and games. After that, my listening experience has evolved, and I’m rewatching some of my favourite animes with a fresh perspective! Allow me to explain.

    Ever wonder why you become super submersed in a particular scene or series? Somehow it just draws you in and ties you down right in that moment and it feels like you’re actually there with the characters. Music and sound play a major role in achieving that goal.

    My favourite example of this is in one of my all time faves: One Piece. I kid you not, I replayed this scene and cried like 8 times. The kicker here is that the melody is what evoked that emotion for me.

    When you put the two together , the entire anime magically comes to life.

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    Interestmake A Fashion Statement With Led Cat Ear Headphones

    posted on 2014-10-13 21:10 EDT

    Say what you want about vinyl versus CDs, mp4s versus mp3s, or Beats by Dre versus the headphones your smartphone came with, sometimes you just want to look awesome while you listen to your music. And now, if you have $150 to throw down on some headphones , you can get light-up headphones with cat ear external speakers.

    Created by Wenqing Yan and Victoria Hu, these Axent Wear headphones are currently being crowdfunded on Indiegogo, and after less than a week, it’s already a success. The project has raised over $800,000, more than three times that of its original $250,000 goal.

    Check out the campaign page for more details.

    Do You Use Headphones Or Speakers While Watching Anime

    5 reasons why you need to buy the Anime Stars Bundle ...
    I use headphones, because of privacy.
    Joined: Dec 2012 Posts: 2740 Definitely headphones, have you heard anime? Turn off the screen and it already sounds like a H-scene from a VN.For some odd reason they moan and groan a lot in anime.
    Definitely headphones, have you heard anime? Turn off the screen and it already sounds like a H-scene from a VN.For some odd reason they moan and groan a lot in anime.Exactly this, yeah :pFor this reason alone I don’t understand people who watch anime with speakers. Unless they live alone.
    Joined: Feb 2012 Posts: 3747 Obviously speakers. Also they can’t know I’m playing a h-scene in a VN if it sounds like normal anime. Perfect camouflage.
    Only use Headphones if im using my phone.
    Obviously speakers. Also they can’t know I’m playing a h-scene in a VN if it sounds like normal anime. Perfect camouflage.Haha, what a story, mecharobot. Anyway, how is your sex life?
    Joined: Apr 2014 Posts: 1300 I use headphones for everything simply because I am used to them. I don’t even have speakers right now.I would probably use speakers for anime if I had them but I am living alone so it doesn’t matter anyway. If I would still live with my parents I doubt I’d use speakers.
    Joined: Apr 2017 Posts: 257 I watch anime on TV unless it is ecchi/contains girls moaning then I watch it on PC with headphones.
    Joined: May 2016 Posts: 968 I used to use headphones, but lately I use speakers. Dunno, I enjoy it more that way.
    Headphones since laptop speakers suck.

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    Urbun Elf Earbuds Headphones

    If you are looking for something girlish, Urbun elf earbuds headphones are the best choice for you. Available in the ear shape, these earbuds like headphones are the best for your fairy. It is embellished with so many features that make it the perfect option for your little fairy. They look adorable when your girl puts them on, and enjoy her favorite music or game. Lets have a look at the features that Urbun elf earbuds have to offer you!

    Image credit: Amazon


    • The best sound quality with an elegant design would put a smile on your girls faces.
    • These soft earbuds suit the best with your ears, and you dont feel heavy. These earbuds are lightweight but give you the perfect amplification of sound.
    • It is compatible with multiple devices like iPhone, Android, laptops, and tablets, etc.

    Best Anime Girls With Headphones That Only Otakus Will Know

    A mega-list of female anime characters that wear headphones

    Dear anime fans, are you looking for a female anime character who wears a pair of headphones but struggle to remember the name? Fret not! We have compiled a mega-list of 24 best anime girls that wore headphones! Read on and be enlightened.

    Sakura-sou No Pet Na Kanojo, which is based on a light novel series written by Hajime Kamoshida, centers on Sorata Kanda, a student at Suiko, and his life in the Sakura Dormitory, where he stayed after being kicked out from the regular dorm for keeping a stray cat. The anime focuses on the daily life of Sorata, who is forced to take care of Mashiro Shiina, a world-famous artist who cant fend for herself.

    Saori Himemiya is a third-year student at Soratas school. This anime girl with headphones is a student of Music and is the go-to person for anything audio-related of Misaki Kamigusa, a resident of the dormitory. Saori is also dating Soichirou Tatebayashi, former president of the Student Council.

    Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou or Day Break Illusion tells the story of Akari Taiyou, an apprentice fortune-teller, who finds out she has her mothers power of The Sun tarot card. The anime tells of Akaris adventures as she tries to save the world from Daemonia, or people who have been possessed.

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  • Pokemon Pikachu Anime Headphone

    Why You Should Watch ANIME

    It is another Pokémon headphone on the list by eKids. The company is known for making the best stereo headphones, and their anime headphones are the best for you. With stereo sound and a 3.5m jack, this headphone is an excellent option for your gamer. Although these are wired headphones, their tangle-free feature makes them easy to handle. Quickly volume control makes it safe to put on without being worried about the unbearably high volume.

    Image credit: Amazon


    • Having a 3.5m aux port, you can connect it with multiple devices including iPhone, Android, tablets, and laptops.
    • The highest quality stereo sound with adjustable ear cushions makes it suitable.
    • It is available on Amazon, gift your kids, and see a precious smile on their faces!

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