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How To Draw A Anime Side Face


How To Draw Anime Male Facial Expressions Side View

How to Draw Anime Face PROFILE SIDE VIEW | Manga Drawing Tutorial

This tutorial shows how to draw anime male facial expressions and different mouth states from the side view. It provides examples of how the facial features shift based on each expression along with tips on drawing them.

This tutorial gives some quick recommendations on the proportions for drawing an anime male face. For a more detailed step by step breakdown of drawing one you may want to see:

How To Draw A Simple Anime Face From 3 Sides Front/side/profile With Guidelines

Okay, I think Mikey Mega Mega is one of those teachers that are just plain good. I mean, the teaching style is very clear, consistent, and you can easily follow his guidance.

This video shows you how to draw the anime head from the front, side, and profile. As you can notice from the video, drawing the head and face is not about being super perfect. Its about getting the elements around the right place. The better you can place nose, ear, eye in the head. The better the results.

But its not about being perfect. Its about being close enough.

At the end of the video, there is a speed up process on finalizing the head and face to completion.

Draw The Face And Neck

Working on an anime boy drawing is very similar to creating a girl character. Your first steps should be to draw the outline for the face and neck before you can add the fun facial features.

Lightly sketch a freehand circle with a vertical guideline going straight down the middle. Youll want this to extend past the bottom of the circle as far as youd like the chin to be. Then draw a slightly curved line down each side of the circle, sloping in more toward the bottom of the vertical line. Where these meet will be the bottom of the face.

Underneath the face, draw two vertical lines for the neck and a line off each side for the top of the shoulders.

Using guidelines helps to position all of your characters features correctly.

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Draw The Face Features

In fashion design sketches the face features are a little exaggerated but we still need to stay true to reality to make the face look attractive.Draw the right eye as usual . The left eyes inner corner is covered by the nose and the outer corner is not visible because of the view angle. This will make it appear smaller. Make sure you have the same pupils and iris size as the other eye!

Divide the mouth ellipse guide into two halves: upper and lower lip. Use the New Centerline to guide you. In How to draw sexy lips tutorial and Drawing the lips Friday tip you will find more tips and tricks.

Pay attention to the shape of the mouth. The right half of it appears shorter because it is in perspective. Use the new Centerline to find the middle point of the mouth.

How To Draw Anime Heads And Faces

Side View Face Sketch at PaintingValley.com

The anime style was created to make animated characters both expressive and easy to animate. This means that many elements of the face have been extremely simplifiedand this means they are easy to draw, too. However, if you want to draw anime characters from imagination, you must know certain;rules.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to draw an anime head in various views, step by step. I’ll also show you how to draw manga eyes, nose, lips, and ears, explaining their “anatomy” and styles. You’ll learn how to draw deformed faces as well, and how to create a distinction between males and females. After this tutorial, you’ll be able to draw your own anime heads from scratch!

This is the second tutorial in our series, How to Draw Anime. You may also want to take a look at the first one, to learn how to draw anime bodies:

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Second Tutorial: How To Draw An Anime Face 3/4 View

For the second tutorial, we are going to just focus on drawing an anime face from a 3/4 view


You should start by drawing the;Jaw and left side of the face. First, draw a curved convex line for the forehead, next a concave line for the side of the face . After you should draw another convex line towards the center and another one after to the right. The pointy end will be the chin.


The cross should be drawn as to curved lines, one vertical, connecting the center of the chin with the top of the forehead. The other line should be horizontal and should be drawn across the face.


The neck will be drawn as to curved lines, one coming from under the jaw and the other one paralleling it that will connect the ear we will draw next with the upper part of the torso.


The ear will be drawn as a curved line align with the horizontal line. The interior of the ear will be drawn also as curved lines.


The;eyes;will be drawn aligned with the top of the ears.


The;nose;will be the next step. You should draw it aligned with the bottom of the;ear.


As shown in the image above, directly under the;nose, draw a short horizontal line. Both sides of the;mouth;will be aligned with the center of the eyes.


On top of the eyes, the;eyebrows;will be drawn as two curved lines.


Construction Of Anime Girl Head

We need a solid method of construction of the human head before we can understand how to draw an Anime/Magna head or face.

Trust me when I tell you that all, yes all great Manga artists know how to draw a realistic human head. Whats more, they know how to draw it really, really well. Do not skip learning anatomy and construction of the face and try not to dive right into drawing in the Anime style, before understanding the basics of construction.

Luckily, there is an incredibly powerful method for the construction of the face that we can learn and practice developed by Andrew Loomis. I published a detailed tutorial on the Loomis method and you can find it at this link.

Basically, the method evolves drawing a sphere to represent the top portion of the head, then drawing in the jaw and other features based on predetermined landmarks and proportions. It is a great starting point for drawing the face. Check out the tutorial above.

Later on this page, I will walk you step-by-step through how I use the method to draw an Anime girl face.

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First Tutorial: How To Draw An Anime Face


You should start by drawing the;Jaw. Draw;two diagonal lines;for the jaw and connect them.;These 2 lines will be the chin. We will draw also two almost vertical lines for the sides of the face.


We will draw a cross in center of the face. We will draw the different facial features along the arms of the cross.


The ears will be drawn as two curved lines align with the horizontal line. The interior of the ear will be drawn also as curved lines.


The neck will be quite easy to draw. Just draw to curved parallel lines coming from under the jaw.


The;nose;will be the next step. You should draw it aligned with the bottom of the;ears.



The;eyes;will be drawn aligned with the top of the ears.


On top of the eyes, the;eyebrows;will be drawn as two curved lines.


The top part of the hair will be drawn as long tufts of hair coming down covering the top parts of the ears and part of the eyebrows.

The bottom part will be surrounding the neck and laying on top of the shoulders.


Finally, we will draw the final;lineart;on top of our dummies drawing. Also, we will add some shading under the;jaw and inside the eyes, Also, we will proceed in thickening the bottom lines under the nose, jaw, eyes, and ears.

Drawing The Details & Finishing The Line Drawing

How To Draw Anime Face (SIDE VIEW)

Erase the parts of the head hidden by the hair and add the smaller details of the eyes such as the pupils and highlights. Afterwards you can also go over your drawing with darker lines and add black fill or pencil shading to parts of the eyes and eyebrows.

For the full step by step breakdown of drawing male anime eyes see:

After you finish this step you should have a clean line drawing of the face. You can leave it at this stage or move on to the next step if you want to add shading.

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How To Draw A Face : Step By Step Guide

If you are searching for drawing a face, that means you have completed the amateur stage. Congratulations you are no longer an amateur. So lets begin the intermediate level without any delay. Drawing a face is not an easy task for novices. But dont get disheartened as I will be sharing as many possible simple tricks to help you out. First of all, before going to draw a face, we will try to draw a normal human figure for kids as practice. Drawing a face requires a lot of patience, skills and confidence among yourself which is a key factor. We need to take care of each and every feature of the face. Hence, before drawing a face please practice each and every body part individually to make it more realistic.

So without any delay grab your pencil and a blank sheet of paper and follow my steps.

Drawing A Sad/tired Male Side View Face

For a tired and/or slightly sad expression draw the eyebrow with slightly less of a wave/curve than normal. Draw the eye with the top eyelid lowered and the mouth with a tiny bit of an upside down curve.

You can see the shift in the facial features of the sad/tired side view face in comparison to the normal expression above.

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Male And Female Anime Faces

Although manga style faces are pretty feminine to begin with, there are certain ways to make the face look more masculine:

  • The eyebrows are placed low above the eyes.
  • The eyebrows may be thicker and less curved.
  • The eyes are narrower.
  • The eyelashes are minimal and less prominent.
  • The pupil is small and circular.
  • The lips are even less pronounced.
  • The jawline is more pronounced.
  • The neck is thicker.
  • The nose is more pronounced.

Of course, not all of these methods must be applied. Sometimes, the sex difference is shown only by the clothes and the hairstyle!

How To Draw Anime Boy Face

Anime Face Side View Tutorial ((c)MANGAACADEMY)

A very simple and straightforward video on how to draw boys face in anime style starting by drawing the circle and adding the needed lines for the jaw and eyes.;

As you might have seen, the basics are always the same. Draw a circle and then add lines. Its that simple, yet it isnt when you want to draw a beautiful face. Its all about proportions and how things are placed in the head.

The video has a narration that makes it easy to follow through and learn at the same time. Its also nice to see the hand movements from the artist and the thought process behind the lines.

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How To Draw Anime Mouths Final Thoughts

We went over many drawings of many anime lips and mouths. We also discussed how understanding the expression you want to draw is important to drawing anime mouths. We also talked about understanding perspective, angles at which you are drawing, and also understanding the different planes of the lips you have to know the shape of something before you can draw it convincingly.

Drawing facial features, especially the mouth is difficult. My advice is to draw many from good reference. Draw many, then take a pause and try to analyze various repeating elements from one drawing to another, similar to how we analyzed elements of each drawing in this tutorial.

After you complete a round of reflecting on what you have drawn already, get back to drawing more samples from reference with new found knowledge.

Repeating this practice will vastly improve your drawings of anime lips and mouths over time. It will also help significantly if you continue the practice of drawing daily. Something like drawing anime mouths and lips is best learned by producing a large volume of drawing. Make hundreds of drawings and you will see improvement.

This tutorial is part of an ongoing series of anime tutorials on gvaat.com, for more tutorials of the anime and manga sort, follow this link.

How To Draw Anime Faces Tutorial

The video focuses on drawing feminine anime face and head, and what I like about this video is that the artist is pretty thorough with explaining how things work.;

Explaining things like which eye draw first and how to draw eyes, etc. makes the video feel complete and entertaining.

If you struggle drawing anime and manga head from an angle, this is one of those videos that covers just that.

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Drawing An Content Male Side View Face

For a content expression draw eyebrow raised with the eye completely closed. Draw the mouth just a tiny bit wider with a bit more of a curve like a light smile.

One thing to note about drawing the eye in this type of an expression is that it will be somewhat squinted. This means that you position it slightly higher up than if it was closed in a more relaxed state.

For more on drawing closed and squinted eyes see:

You can see how the facial features shift in a content expression when compared to the normal one in the example above.

Drawing A Upset Male Side View Face


For an upset expression draw the eyebrow in a slight upside down curve with the front end slightly raised.

Draw the eye squinted with the bottom eyebrow in reverse of its normal curve and draw the mouth with a light upside down curve as well.

You can see the positioning of the facial features for the upset expression in the example above.

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How To Draw Anime Or Cartoon Face

Step 1 Draw a circle and divide the circle by a vertical line extending it beyond the circle.

Step 2 Draw a diameter to mark the centre.

Step 3 Draw 3 parallel lines parallel to each other below the diameter as shown.

Step 4 Draw a pair of tilted line from the 2nd line starting at the intersection point to the third line for the jaws and cheeks. Continue that line till they meet in the 3rd horizontal line.

Step 5 Draw the eyes between the first and second line and eyebrows above the first line.

Step 6 Draw the nose below the 2nd line and the mouth on the 3rd line.

Step 7 Draw the ears beside the eye.

Step 8 Give finishing touches by drawing the hair and shading it lightly.

Drawing A Relaxed Male Side View Face

For a relaxed face draw the eyebrow in its natural state with the eye closed. Draw the mouth slightly shorter and with almost no curve.

Its important to note that for the closed/relaxed state of the eye you should draw it all the way down to where the bottom eyelid was when it was open.

In this particular example you can see that the main change in this expression is the eye.

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Use A Swimming Cap For Head Angles

Drawing a swimming cap can help you to determine the angle of the head. Visualise a swimming cap with a seam in the middle and put that on your character. By covering all your characters hair and ears, you can now focus on drawing the facial features. Furthermore, you can use the caps edge as the hairline, and because swimming caps cover the ears, I can draw the ears behind this edge with confidence, thus placing them in the right position.

How To Draw Anime Hands

Sideways Face Drawing at GetDrawings

Start with a semi-circled shape and an open triangle on top.

Insert two rectangles at the ends and a larger one in between . The two smaller ones are Thumb and Pinkie, the other three are going to be kept closer, so thats why were not separating them into different shapes.

Draw small circles where the main joints should be. Its a simple trick that will help you with the anatomy part.

After that, start drawing the fingers. Try to make two separated lines between the joints, this will bring fluidity to your drawing in an easier way than continuous ones.

To finish the sketch: lengthen the lines for the wrist.

There are a couple of tricky lines that you should pay attention to, so use the arrows to guide them.

Outline all the important traces of the sketch.

Clean the sketch keeping the main lines .

Add details such as lines and wrinkles. You can use your own hand to observe where they are and their shapes.

For better results add shadows. There are many different kinds of shadows when drawing anime/manga, you can use the one you prefer. In this case, we are using lines as a shadow method.

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