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How To Do Anime Eyes

How To Draw Eyes From An Angle In Anime Manga

How to draw Anime eyes – 4 different styles [Voice-over Tutorial]

Another great art tutorial from Mikey Mega Mega. While I would say that this tutorial is a bit more geared toward advanced artists, beginner artists can still learn from this.

Mikey shows you how to draw the eye from different angles, and while its not easy to understand all the rules and reasons behind every decision, I think this tutorial is still valuable and gives a lot of insight into the drawing process.

The Best Anime Eye Makeup Cosplay And Tutorials

Whether you’re looking for a way to perfect your anime cosplay, or just something to do on a day in, these anime eye makeup tutorial and cosplays are sure to inspire you.


Have you ever wanted to look like your favorite anime character? Sure, you need the outfit. But just as important is doing the correct makeup . And since the eyes are the windows to the soul, you’ll want to check out these tutorials to get your makeup looking just right.

How To Draw Anime Eyes Better

The only way to get better at anything is with practice. And a lot of it. It doesnt matter if its drawing, cooking, playing sports, or a musical instrument. Youll never get better at anything, unless you practice whatever it is you want to get good at.

So, if you want to get really good at drawing anime eyes, draw as many of them as possible. Fill pages of your sketchbook, like discussed in the 100 drawing challenge.

Draw as many anime or manga eyes that you can. Try drawing them with different types of pens and pencils. Use a brush pen or dip pen for your line work. Try capturing different types of emotion.

Just draw anime eyes. If you want to get better at drawing anime eyes. Just draw them.

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How To Make Eyes Look Unique

So here is a problem a lot of artists run in to after some time. I struggled with this as well, when I was starting out to draw. How can I make my characters all look unique? Or better yet, how can I make their eyes all look unique?

Well, the answer is probably way easier than you may think. Just change little but defining thinks of how you draw their eyes. For example, slightly tilt the eyes in a direction to make them look a little dimwitted or to make them look sharper. Make the eyes extremely round or insanely slim. Give them no reflections in their eyes to make them almost appear dead or evil. Or give them a lot of reflections to make them look innocent or happy.

Just play around with these little defining changes and you will be surprised how many different eyes you will be able to draw! Just take a look at these Sketches I did.

Achieving Other Anime Features

Step By Step
  • 1Change your eye color with contacts. Large “circle lenses” can achieve a more dramatic effect than makeup, especially if colored with an unnatural color. Always get your eyes measured by an optometrist first, and purchase the contacts from a reliable source. Poorly made or poorly fitting contacts can cause serious eye damage.
  • For an especially dramatic effect, try “sclera lenses,” which cover almost the entire visible eye.
  • Always put on contacts before applying mascara.
  • 2Use a light lipstick or lip gloss. Dark or bold lipstick will make your lips appear fuller and larger, which will detract attention from your eyes. On many face types, over-accentuated lips and eyes together can be overwhelming or chaotic. Consider a light pink lipstick or clear gloss instead.
  • You can, however, make an exaggerated heart-shaped bow on top of your lips, if you are imitating an anime character with this feature.
  • 3Add a pink blush. The innocent look of most female anime characters can be reinforced with a light pink blush on the cheekbones. For a uniquely anime look, cross the blush over the bridge of the nose from cheekbone to cheekbone.
  • 4Alter the look with colored eyeliner. Brightly colored purple, blue, green, or other eyeliners can achieve an even less realistic look. You may wish to use this instead of black eyeliner if you are imitating cyberpunk anime, or other unusual styles.
  • Wiping a gluestick over your natural eyebrows will flatten them out to make this more convincing.
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    Giro Giro No Mi Enabled The User To Attack Enemies Directly

    Oda’s Devil Fruit system has granted countless One Piece characters completely unique abilities. Giro Giro no Mi is possibly one of the most underrated support devil fruits in One Piece. The fruit offers its users an array of abilities that all revolve around the eyes.

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    After eating this Devil Fruit, Viola gained the ability to observe faraway objects, as well as some telepathic tendencies, and even the ability to attack an enemy directly using her eyes alone. As usual, the only limit to her abilities seem to be Oda’s imagination.

    Expressions For Anime Eyes

    In real life and in the manga/anime world, eyes are one of the most important features to express emotion. Remember that a series of facial muscles tighten or relax, depending on the expression you want to achieve.Lets take a look at the eyelids, the inner eye, and the eyebrows.

    The emotions intended in these examples are easy to understand.

    In example 1, the eyebrow is a bit tense, but the eye is relaxed and shining. This conveys a worried state or maybe missing someone or something.

    In example 2, the eyebrow is arched vertically, and the eye is closed, so we can deduce that the character is happy.

    In the next example , there is no shine to the eye, the iris is completely white, and the pupil is reduced significantly. This shows that the character is aggressive. Note that the eyebrow is arched in the opposite direction of the happy one in example 2, which also signifies anger.

    Let us check all these expressions to deduce their meaning: 4 is suspicion, 5 is worry, 6 is neutral or observing, 7 is shock, 8 is sadness, and 9 is shock or madness, depending on the situation.

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    How To Get Anime Eyes

    wikiHow is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, 82 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 510,467 times.Learn more…

    Huge, innocent anime eyes are popular among people of many subcultures. Colored contacts are one option, but these can be expensive and always require the advice of an optometrist to avoid eye damage. Carefully applied makeup can achieve an anime-like effect instead. Once you have the technique down, experiment with different products and styles to customize your look.

    Its Easy To Not Think About Caring For Our Eyes Until Something Goes Wrong With Them

    How to Draw Manga Eyes! Step by Step, Slow Tutorial for Beginners!

    208 1 1 if youre looking on how to draw anime eyes then you can take these steps. Your precious kittens eyes always appear to glow green in pictures. The family dog cant get his picture taken without bright white eyes s. Eye infections can happen for a number of reasons, including wearing dirty contact lenses, touching your eyes with unclean hands or even having certain medical conditions. The vector home robot is he. For this, you will need:1 sheet of paper1 pencil with eraser 1 pen, black, for inkingcolored pencils! Try telling them that offshoring is a good thing in the long run. What do you do when you have a problem w. After a successful kickstarter campaign from anki, we no longer have to dream. Sometimes, you might mistake an eye infection for an allergy or cold. Next draw a slightly curved line at the top of both circle. 253 for this, you will need: Pets with green eye in their picture are the same as red eye in humans, and it is easy to prevent. As the saying goes, eyes are the window to the soul, so it is important to keep them as sharp and clear as possible. These may be minor conditions that clear up on their own or serious conditions that lead to permanent loss of sight.

    Cartoon Panda Graphics Vector Art & Graphics | from

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    Draw The Lower Eyelashes

    The next step is to draw your characters lower eyelashes. Draw short, upward swooping lines from the bottom corner of your eye, where it meets the guideline for the characters cheek. You can include as many lower lashes as you like since cartoon characters are known for having exaggerated features.

    Anime Eyes Tutorial By Kamikaze777

    Heres a tut I made today about drawing different anime eyes styles. The problem with most tuts Ive seen is that they just show you the eyes but not how to draw them since the basic geometric shape. I chose eyes from different animes, new ones and old ones. I hope you like it and helps anyone who wants to start practicing them. This is an easy anime drawing step by step that youll like.

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    Learn How To Color Anime Drawings

    Effective use of color is quite simple, really: simply apply what you know about the color wheel.

    Warm colors, cool colors, contrasting colorsexperiment with them to get the effects you want. Warm colors convey heat, danger, and passion. They tend to be very dramatic.

    Cool colors are calmer and often used for water or ice. However, depending on whats around them, the feeling can change.

    Contrasting colors, for instance, always draw the eye. Always be mindful of anyone who might be viewing your art and what mood or action you want to convey.

    How To Draw Anime Eyes Male For Beginners

    How to draw anime eyes

    Male manga and anime eyes look quite a bit different from female eyes. They are narrower, and lack the extra eyelashes. However, the process is very much the same.

    Begin with a circle for the eyeball. Then add in the upper and lower eyelids. For the male anime eyes, draw the eyelids so they overlap your eyeball. This will make them more narrow.

    Finish drawing your male anime eye using the same steps that you used for the female eye. Then use your black pen or marker to ink your drawing.

    Add an eyebrow as well. And color your eye drawing the same way as described in the female eye drawing process.

    Just like with the female anime eyes, the male eyes can be drawn in many different ways as well. Experiment with different ways to draw the male eyes, and see what style you like most.

    Experiment with using different colors for your eyes as well. Dont feel like they always have to be blue or green. They can be purple, pink, brown, or any other color you want to use.

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    Stone Eyes Can Petrify People

    The power system of Fairy Tail is far from interesting and the show deserves the frequent criticism it receives. Even so, there’s no arguing that magic within the Fairy Tail universe is versatile, and can usually be used without fear of repercussion for the characters.

    Evergreens magic is called Stone Eyes. As the name suggests, her eyes were in all likelihood inspired by Medusa of lores petrification ability. The petrification effects, however, arent as absolute as an opponent might fear. After all, they can be bypassed simply by wearing protective glasses.

    How To Draw Eyes: Realistic Anime Cartoon And More

    Learn how to draw a variety of eyes with this step-by-step tutorial created by an artist for beginners.

    Whether youre creating a portrait or working on a comic strip, every artist needs to know how to draw eyes. Since there are so many styles and options for eye drawing, well cover how to draw realistic eyes, anime eyes, and cartoon eyes.

    Ready to get started? Youll need the following materials:

    • Drawing paper or a sketchbook
    • Drawing pencils
    • A reference photo of realistic eyes

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    How To Draw Anime Eye

    To draw anime eyes is not a complicated thing at all. It is actually just an easy step-by-step process that anyone can do. However, many people struggle when it comes to learning how to draw Anime eyes because they just dont know how to start. Many people think that to draw Anime eyes correctly it requires a great deal of technical knowledge and years of training in the art form. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    How to draw Anime eyes doesnt require years of training or knowledge of anatomy. The knowledge to understand how to draw Anime eyes simply comes from a basic understanding of how the eye functions. Learning common anatomical components that create most human eyes to look like anime glasses is an important step to understand how to draw Anime eyes properly. A step by step approach to drawing Anime eyes while still applying these common components.

    Anime eyes are probably the first thing people see when looking at you so you want them to look as good as possible. You can get better at drawing Anime eyes by having a good knowledge of how to draw different colors. Many people tend to use only one color for their Anime eyes but this can lead to incorrect coloring and shading. If you are looking at how to draw Anime eyes, take the time to learn how to use a variety of colors.

    Sketching Male Anime Eyes

    How to Draw ANIME EYES: Female and Male in Pencil – Drawing Tutorial (step by step)
  • 1Sketch the upper and lower lash lines. First, draw a horizontal line with a slight curve. Then, draw a line with a slight upward curve coming down off one end of the first line at a 45-degree angle. Make this line about 1/3 the length of the first line you drew. At this point, the upper lash line will have a C-shape, and youll be able to see the outer corner of the eye. To draw the lower lash line, draw a short, horizontal line with a slight curve centered under the upper lash line.XResearch source
  • Male anime eyes are usually smaller and narrower than female anime eyes. The curves on the upper and lower lash lines should be slight so the eye doesnt look too round.
  • Draw the eyes about 1/8th the height of the head and 1/4th the width of the head, if youre drawing one.
  • 2Draw an oval between the lash lines. Center the oval and make the top and bottom overlap with the lash lines so only part of the oval is visible. Make the width of the widest part of the oval about the same as the length of the lower lash line.XResearch source
  • This will be the iris.
  • 3Add a small circle near the top of the oval. Draw the circle on the left or right side of the oval, near the top. It doesnt matter which side, but place the circle on the same side in the second eye if you’re drawing one. Make the circle about 1/10th the size of the iris.XResearch source
  • Youll leave this circle white later on so it looks like light is reflecting off of the eye.
  • Leave the small circles you drew white.
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    Great Drawing Ideas And Easy Drawing Tutorials

    How to draw anime & manga mouths tutorial. It can be difficult to get a good blend with pencils. Weheartit use a blending stump. Go to chibi drawing secton, which includes topics like anime, manga, animals, toys, based on popular movies as saylor moon, narutto, chibi anime. Select from one of 30+ prompts and randomly generate a drawing idea to inspire your art. Find detailed instructions inside on how to draw: How to draw anime & manga mouths on the head anime mouth on head placement. Helpful 0 not helpful 0. For more inspirational ideas start watching anime, draw your favourite characters and then draw your very own original anime characters. Learn how to draw anime with step by step guides. Anime manga chibi anime eyes anime hair anime girls anime boys manga girls and many more! If you like chibi, you have to know all details of drawing chibi anime! Anime thug male character face drawing. 4.8.2021 · to draw a wolf, start by drawing an oval for the body and circles for each of the leg joints. To go the extra step, consider coloring in your drawn eyes.

    Learn How to Draw Umaru Doma from Himouto! Umaru-chan from

    A Thick Curved Line Is Perfect And Though You Can Use Your Drawing Pencil Pens And Markers Are Appropriate As Well

    How to draw anime eyes. For startled anime eyes from the side view draw the iris slightly smaller than normal. Taper the lines as you draw the lower part of the eye. In anime, the eyes are the most important part of the character, the main means of expression, especially in manga, when the artist embodies the main idea with a static picture.

    Allow some space beneath each eye, then draw a curved line. It should meet the first line in a point on the inside of each eye, open on the other end. The artist shows you four different styles of anime eyes for you to try and draw.

    Therefore, first, we determine the approximate location of the eyes and draw a horizontal line in this place. Draw a downward curving line. This is just my way of coloring eyes you can find your own way.

    A thick, curved line is perfect and, though you can use your drawing pencil, pens and markers are appropriate, as well. You can erase the area of the pupil and shadow that is overlapped by the reflection. How to draw female anime eyes step 1:

    Draw the top eyelid raised so that it just barely touches the top of the iris. Good orientation for drawing anime eyes but also for realistic eyes is the sketching of three horizontally arranged squares. We are drawing anime eyes, not conducting eye surgery, so dont worry about the optic nerve or musculus ciliaris or other obscure parts of the human eye.

    How to draw anime eyes paint tool sai. How to draw anime eyes. The eyes should be on the same plane.

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